How to take selfies at tourist attractions How to take selfies at tourist attractions

Introduction: How to take selfies at tourist attractions How to take photos at tourist attractions 1. How to take photos at tourist attractions 2. How to take good photos at tourist attractions 3. How to take photos at tourist attractions 4. How to take photos at tourist attractions 5. How to take photos at tourist attractions 6. How to take photos at tourist attractions 7 . Postures for taking photos at tourist attractions 8. How to take photos when traveling 9. How to take photos at tourist attractions

1. How to take photos at tourist attractions

Ha ha! Many friends came up and posted their own photos, and all of them were more beautiful than peacocks – it blew up the screen!

Nowadays, if you don’t take some photos and post them on Moments when traveling, would that still be called traveling? But when it comes to photography, this technology and that technology! Most people really don’t. Some photos were taken by passers-by, and some took selfies with selfie sticks. If you can photograph yourself like a blockbuster, then you must be a photography master!

For people like us, take a look at the photos you took and be satisfied if they look good and the light is not too dark! No big deal! It would be great to take more photos while you are still walking around at this young age! To put it bluntly, time is like water… If one day you are in a wheelchair or bedridden, you can still look at these photos with trembling trembling and recall your past youth!

2. How to take good photos of scenic spots

Let’s talk about a better case, in Huangshan Scenic Area,

Arrange staff to set up booths at some better locations, take photos for free, develop the photos, and make a keychain photo pendant for free. If you need to take away the photos, you will have to pay 10 yuan or 20 yuan each! Of course, if others don’t want it, the pendant will still be sent. In addition, if others don’t want the photos to stay with you, you have to destroy them on the spot.

3. How to take photos at scenic spots


Huangguoshu Waterfall should be the most spectacular waterfall discovered in my country? If everyone here knows, there is a water curtain cave corridor under Huangguoshu Falls. People walk around inside and water flies outside. The scenery is beautiful and spectacular. You can take pictures here.

You can also stay slightly away from the waterfall and take photos of the entire Huangguoshu Waterfall from a distance of forty or fifty meters.

4. How to take photos at tourist attractions

In fact, there are many reasons why photography is prohibited in scenic spots. The first one is to protect some special cultural relics, such as the Dunhuang murals in China and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. If you take pictures in these scenic spots, the strong light from the flash on the camera will react chemically with the murals on the walls, causing the murals to peel off faster. So if photography was not prohibited, it is likely that these murals would be easily destroyed.

The second point is to show respect for some scenic spots, such as the Taj Mahal in Thailand and Lenin’s Tomb in Russia. These places are open to tourists, but tourists are only prohibited from taking photos. Because these places are actually the tombs of someone, so for this reason, in order to show respect for the deceased, tourists are prohibited from taking photos.

5. How to take photos when going to scenic spots

Stand at the entrance of the scenic spot, take pictures of the name and background of the scenic spot, and pose in various poses

6. How to take photos of tourist attractions

Photo size is usually in inches, 1 inch ≈ 2.54 cm. An X-inch photo means that the longer side of the photo is X-inch. For example, the length of a 5-inch photo is 2.54×5=12.7cm; the length of a 12-inch photo is 2.54×12=30.5cm. Commonly used photo sizes: 1. The size of a 1-inch photo is 2.5cm*3.5cm, which is often used for ID photos. 2. The size of 2-inch photos is 3.5cm*5.3cm, which is commonly used for standard 2-inch photos. 3. The size of the large 1-inch photo is 3.3cm*4.8cm, which is commonly used for Chinese passports/visas. 4. The 5-inch/3R photo size is 12.7cm*8.9cm, which is the most common photo size. 5. The size of 6-inch/4R photos is 15.2cm*10.2cm, which is a relatively common photo size in the world. 6. The size of 7-inch/5R photos is 17.8cm*12.7cm. 7. The size of 8-inch photos is 15.2cm*20.3cm, which is about half the size of A4 printing paper. 8. The size of the small 12-inch photo is 20.3cm*30.5cm, which is about A4 size. 9. The size of 12-inch photos is 25.4cm*30.5cm.

7. Photo poses at tourist attractions

I think the most beautiful thing about travel photography is the natural side of the person being photographed. You stand at different angles to find her most beautiful side and integrate it with the scenery. What you take at this time is the most beautiful pose. In other words, the natural expression of abnormal postures is the best. I am also a newbie in photography, and I often look at the various poses that teachers on the Internet pose for models in various environments. I learned a lot of photography skills from it. But when someone poses for a photo, it often looks different because the temperament, body shape, and environment of the person being photographed are all different. Sometimes it feels unnatural when photographed in this way, which is why what we need to learn is the essence of photography rather than the style. ���This will allow us to better utilize our shooting skills. 1. I also just started learning to take photos, using a mobile phone. In the past, when taking photos, people always stood in front of the scenery and posed for a group photo. The photos left behind basically became labeled photos of the trip.

2. We are not taking photos with models, we are traveling and the people being photographed are not professional models. Let him show himself freely in the scenery and let her move. The films produced at this time are the best and most beautiful.

3. Photograph the person behind her or in front of him, and capture the most beautiful side of her when she is having fun when she is not expecting it.

4. Shoot from different angles. The photos taken during this shoot are very beautiful. In the past, I often stood and photographed people. This time we went on a trip. I changed different angles. Shot from above or from below, the film looks very nice. In short, there is no single pose that looks best when photographed. And some of it is just when he shows her beauty and blends it into the environment at that time, this is the best time to look at it. I am in the process of constantly training my eyes to discover beauty, beautiful composition, continuous learning, and continuous improvement.

8. How to take photos when traveling

How to take portrait and landscape photos?

Let’s first analyze the topic. Portrait landscape photos are actually what we usually call environmental portraits. The picture in the photo should contain both characters and landscape elements. It’s the so-called portrait landscape photo.

So how do you take good-looking portraits and landscape photos? Today we will talk about this issue.

1. Since it is a portrait and landscape photo, it must show the scenery.

When taking portrait landscape photos, you need to express the scenery. The golden Populus euphratica forest, the beautiful sky, the lavender fields in Xinjiang, and the reeds in autumn are all beautiful scenery that attracts people. You should let your figure be fixed in this beautiful scenery.

For portrait landscape photos, we need to capture some clarity and detail in the landscape, so we can use a small aperture to express a large depth of field. If we use a large aperture excessively to blur the background, it will feel like taking a headshot, and we will lose the portrait. The meaning of landscape photos.

2. Since it is a portrait and landscape photo, we can make the environment larger when shooting to express a kind of artistic conception.

The scenery we encounter during travel or outdoor photography is so beautiful. Then we try to take as many full-body photos as possible when shooting. Make the scene of the environment bigger and show the aura and artistic conception of different environments.

3. Since it is a portrait and landscape photo, you must choose clothes that match the scenery.

The scenery is so beautiful, and as characters in the scenery, we must also be beautiful. If you choose the right clothes and the right color of the clothes, half the battle for landscape portraits will be achieved.

Relatively speaking, generally elegant skirts are more suitable for taking photos in outdoor scenery. The fluttering feeling of clothes can create a beautiful and unrestrained feeling in photos. When matching clothing, pay attention not to too many colors, and solid colors are preferred.

The above are some practical tips on taking good portraits and landscape photos. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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9. How to take photos of tourist attractions

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