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1. Hezhou tourist attractions ranking Wuzhou

Hezhou and Wuzhou are not the same place. Hezhou used to be subordinate to Wuzhou, but now they are separated and are two independent prefecture-level cities. The correct addresses of Guangxi Province, Wuzhou City, Babu County, Zhongshan Town, Niumiao Township, and Yalian Village should be: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Hezhou City, Zhongshan County, Zhongshan Town, Niumiao Township, and Yalian Village

2. A complete list of tourist attractions in Hezhou

Hezhou City, a municipality under the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is located in the northeastern part of Guangxi, at the junction of the three provinces (autonomous regions) of Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi. As of this year, it governs Babu District, Pinggui District, Zhongshan County, Zhaoping County, Fuchuan Yao Nationality An autonomous county with a permanent population of more than 2 million.

There are many tourist attractions in Hezhou, including Gupo Mountain, Huangyao Ancient Town, Jade Stone Forest, and Shibashui. There are also hot springs in Nanxiang, Lisong, Luhua and other places, attracting tourists from all over the country. Mainly from Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi. Mainly tourists from Hong Kong and other places. There are also many delicacies. There is a saying in Hezhou that there is no food without vegetables, such as Hejie melon flower stuffing, tofu stuffing, eggplant, bitter melon, gourd, etc. There are about 100 kinds of stuffing. There are famous specialties from various places in the jurisdiction: Etang rice, chestnut lotus root, Daning tofu, Xindu three-yellow chicken, Zhongshan camellia, Gonghui Niuchang sour and so on.

Hezhou is rich in water sources. Its mother river is Hejiang and there are many hydropower stations. Annual rainfall is also relatively high

Hezhou is also one of the cities closest to Guilin. It tends to develop in terms of tourism, with relatively few industries. The forest coverage rate is more than 90%, with more stone mountains and earth mountains and few plains. Hezhou City has also been rated as the World Longevity City in the past two years.

3. Famous tourist attractions in Hezhou

Ranking of the top ten scenic spots in Zhongshan, Hezhou

1. Baili Ink Gallery

Zhongshan Baili Ink Painting Gallery is located in Zhongshan County, Hezhou City. It has Guilin-like mountains and clear skies, but there is no hustle and bustle, and it is as quiet as a paradise. Baili Ink Painting Gallery is known as the “Little Guilin Landscape”. The beauty of the water here lies in its vast misty waves, which are as clear as water, with shadows floating in the water, and the waves are illusive; in the swaying aquatic plants, fish swimming among them, and the tranquility…

2. Yingjia’s Red Journey

Yingjia Red Tour is located in Yingjia Village, Qingtang Town, more than 30 kilometers southwest of Zhongshan County. It is built according to the standards of a 3A-level scenic spot. It relies on the resources of the Guangxi Provincial Working Committee History Museum and the provincial patriotism education base Yingjia Guangdong Guild Hall to receive traditional patriotism education and ideal and belief education, and explore classic humanistic experience travel in traditional villages, ancient towns, Yingjia, and ecological villages. During the Tianbao period of the Tang Dynasty (…

3. Tianlong Canyon

Tianlong Canyon Scenic Area is located in Dacun, Tonggu Town, Zhongshan County, 30 kilometers away from the county seat, with convenient transportation. The scenic spot is built according to the standard of a 4-star rural tourist attraction, covering an area of ​​more than 400 acres. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with dense forests, and has unique advantages in forest resources and water resources. The scenic area is constructed with canyon rafting, sea of ​​flowers, swimming pools, fishing, farmhouse restaurants, barbecue corridors, activity performance areas, and stations…

4. Yew Forest Health Care Town

Yew Forest Health Care Town is located deep in the mountains of Huashan Yao Township, Zhongshan County, 45 kilometers away from the county seat. The town is built according to the 4A-level scenic spot construction standards. It is a unique health cultural tourism brand in Zhongshan County, the “Hometown of Longevity in China”. It also actively promotes the development of tourism poverty alleviation in Zhongshan. The yew species in Kangyang Town belong to Southern yew, which is a national first-level protected wild plant with important…

5.Mo’s Manor

Mo’s Manor, covering a total area of ​​about 3,000 acres, is located in Xijiang Bridge, Huilong Town, Zhongshan County, Hezhou City. It is located at the intersection of the Zhongshan exit of Guanghe Expressway and Yonghe Expressway. It has convenient transportation, surrounded by mountains and fresh air. Pleasant, with superior geographical resources and location, close to mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery and natural atmosphere. Mo’s Manor Sakura Valley Ecological Complex, Master Mo’s Horseback Riding…

6. Longyan Village

Longyan Village is located in the north of Coral Town. It is one of the newly built ecological civilization demonstration villages in Zhongshan County. The village is surrounded by mountains and rivers and has rich ecological resources. Mountains, waters, forests, streams and caves are spread throughout the territory, integrating It is dangerous, strange, secluded and beautiful. It also has a natural, deep and spacious cave where wine can be cellared for many years. Walking into this place, towering ancient trees block out the sky and sun, streams and pools are surrounded by layers of clear water, and you can enjoy the mellow wine…

7.Huashan Reservoir

Huashan Reservoir, located in Huashan Yao Township, Zhongshan, is formed by intercepting the Dahua River, a tributary of the Siqin River. It has a rainwater collection area of ​​76 square kilometers and a total storage capacity of 4,450 cubic meters. It was built in 1984, forming a wide water surface island landscape, which is in line with the release of water. The sluice tower, Dadu Cao, and Daguan Tower complement each other, forming a landscape of mountains and rivers with graceful shadows. Huashan Reservoir and the surrounding Longkou Hot Spring, Lotus Ancient Opera…

8. Datian Ancient Village

Datian Ancient Village is located in Datian Village, Gongan Town, Zhongshan County, Hezhou City, 10 kilometers away from the county seat. It is built according to the standards of a 3A-level scenic spot. It was first built in the Ming Dynasty and reached its full scale in the Republic of China. There are 105 residential buildings and 2 gate towers in the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. The village as a whole faces east to west, with mountains on its back and fields on its back. In front of the village, a stream passes around the village from north to south, covering an area of ​​30,750 square meters. The traditional building is separated by a pond…

9. Tanggong Hot Spring

Tanggong Hot Spring is located in Tanggong Village, Honghua Town, Zhongshan County. It is built according to the standards of a 3-star rural tourist area and is 20 kilometers away from the county seat. The hot spring is a deep shale fountain-style hot spring with a constant temperature of about 38 degrees. It contains a variety of trace elements, which can eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, maintain youthfulness, and reduce symptoms such as aches and pains. The calcium in the hot spring interacts with appropriate ultraviolet rays. Effect, on…

10.Liaowu Ancient Village

Liaowu Ancient Village, named after its surname, is now located in Liaowu Village, Gongan Town. In the 14th year of Hongwu’s reign in the Ming Dynasty, he moved from Zhuji Lane, Shandong to Rongjin Village, Zhangjia Town, Pingle County, and later moved to Longmengchong (now Kangping Village, Qingtang Town, Zhongshan County). He liked the fertile land, beautiful mountains and rivers, and elegant scenery. The beautiful Liao house lives in Dingcun. The whole village covers an area of ​​about six square kilometers. Mainly based on planting and breeding industries. Village with the same clan and surname…

4. Ranking of tourist attractions in Hezhou, Guangxi

1. Huangyao Ancient Town

  Geographical location: Zhaoping County, Hezhou City, Guangxi Province

  Huangyao Ancient Town is located in Zhaoping County, Hezhou City, Guangxi Province. It is a national 4A-level tourist attraction. The ancient town preserves many buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, including temples, temples, pavilions and pavilions, which have high historical value and artistic aesthetic value.

2. Xingping Ancient Town

  Geographical location: Yangshuo County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province

  Xingping Ancient Town is located in the northeast of Yangshuo County, Guilin City. It is considered to be the most beautiful ancient town along the Li River. The ancient town has 8 major scenic spots including Jiuma Painting Mountain, Luosi Mountain, Lianhua Rock, Tianshui Village, and Lingbao Pavilion. It is also the site of US President Clinton. Places I’ve visited.

3. Dawei Ancient Town

  Geographical location: Lingchuan County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province

  Dawei Ancient Town is one of the “Four Great Wei Towns” in ancient Guangxi and is also a national historical and cultural town. The ancient town was built in the early Northern Song Dynasty and has a history of thousands of years. It has famous attractions such as the Gaozu Temple, the Mosque, and the Gudong Waterfall. It is also one of the filming locations for the movie “Liu Sanjie”.

4. Yangmei Ancient Town

  Geographical location: Jiangnan District, Nanning City, Guangxi Province

  Yangmei Ancient Town is located in the southwest of Nanning City. It is the place with the most complete preservation of ancient buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Nanning. It is famous for its ancient town, old streets, strange rocks, and strange trees. It has famous Qing Dynasty Street, Kuixing Tower, and Huang Manor. Attractions.

5. Xing’an Ancient Town

  Geographical location: Xing’an County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province

  Xing’an Ancient Town has a profound historical and cultural heritage. Qin Shihuang unified Lingnan from here, and it was also the route of the Red Army’s Long March. The ancient bridges, flowing water, and deep ancient alleys here make every scene full of charm.

6. Zhongdu Ancient Town

  Geographical location: Luzhai County, Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province

  Zhongdu Ancient Town is located in Luzhai County, Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province. It is the birthplace of Luzhai Civilization. It has a long history and profound cultural heritage. It has natural scenery such as Jiulong Cave, Xiangshui Falls, and Yingshan, as well as historical relics such as Zhong Xiujie’s former residence and Zhongdu Martial Temple.

5. Ranking of Hezhou’s main attractions

Huangyao Ancient Town, Dailong Bridge, Gupo Mountain National Forest Park.

Huangyao Ancient Town: Huangyao Ancient Town has a radius of 3.6 kilometers and is a karst landform. It originated during the Song Dynasty and has a history of nearly 1,000 years. The natural landscape has eight major sceneries and 24 minor sceneries; there are more than 20 temples, temples, and more than 10 pavilions and pavilions preserved, most of which were built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Famous scenic spots include the former site of the Guangxi Provincial Working Committee, the ancient stage, Anle Temple, etc.

Dailong Bridge: Dailong Bridge is located in Huangyao Town and is one of the eight scenic spots in ancient Huangyao. Dailong Bridge is made of bluestone slabs and consists of two bridge arches. It is the largest stepped stone arch bridge in the ancient town. The arch bridge is in a half-moon shape across the Little Pearl River to the east of Xinxing Street.

Gupo Mountain National Forest Park: Gupo Mountain with an area of ​​80 kilometers is a natural kingdom of plants and animals. There are 25 peaks above 1,000 meters above sea level. The highest peak is 1,844 meters above sea level, which is the highest peak in eastern Guangxi. There are ravines here and streams gurgling all year round. Due to the special terrain structure, there are many cliffs in the territory, forming a unique scene of waterfalls in all ditches and waterfalls. Among them, the colorful Wayao Chongbenma Waterfall, Xiangu Waterfall, Luohan Waterfall, Galaxy Luojiutian Waterfall, “Ermm” Waterfall, Mother and Child Waterfall, and Yuanyang Waterfall are particularly famous.

6. The top ten most famous tourist attractions in Hezhou, Guangxi

Hezhou is located in the eastern part of Guangxi, at the junction of the three provinces of Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi. It was known as the “thorough thoroughfare of the three provinces” in history. Like many cities in Guangxi, it also has mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery, simple folk customs, a gathering of ethnic minorities, and rich customs. The special history and culture have created many cultural landscapes and historical sites in Hezhou. Let’s take a look at six must-visit tourist attractions in Hezhou!

1. Huangyao Ancient Town

Huangyao Ancient Town is located in the northeast of Zhaoping County, Hezhou City. It has a history of nearly a thousand years. It was founded in the Song Dynasty. Since most of the people in the town have the surnames Huang and Yao, it is named “Huangyao”. Like many small towns in the south of the Yangtze River, Huangyao also has small bridges, flowing water, houses, exquisitely carved murals on eaves and beams, and ancient houses with poetry and murals on the eaves. The stone street is still the same as it was hundreds of years ago. The houses with blue brick roofs are connected into a large area, which looks long and deep.

Huangyao Ancient Town has attractions such as the ancient stage, Baozhu Temple, Dragon Claw Banyan Tree, Dailong Bridge, Nongqu Garden, and Wu Ancestral Hall. It was not a well-known place before. It was not until the two hit dramas “Tea Is Hometown” and “Wine Is Hometown” and the movie “The Veil” were filmed here that Huangyao Ancient Town came into people’s sight. Fortunately, it is still not over-developed and is still a peaceful and peaceful place.

2. Gupo Mountain

Gupo Mountain Scenic Area is located at the southern end of Mengzhu Ridge at the junction of Guangxi, Guangdong and Hunan provinces, 16 kilometers away from Hezhou City. The scenic area is dominated by beautiful mountains, clear waterfalls, rivers and ancient dense forest scenery. It is a natural oxygen bar with a beautiful environment. This is the filming location for many TV series. The Fangjia Tea Garden in “Tea Is Hometown”, the Jiupuxiang Winery in “Wine Is Hometown”, and the Jiangnan water town Jinxiu Village in “Spring Silkworms Weave Dreams” are all vaguely seen here. visible.

Gupo Mountain Scenic Area is relatively large. Most of the scenic spots in the scenic area are concentrated on the mountainside of Gupo Mountain and below. You can see waterfalls, tea fields, characteristic folk architecture and other exquisite scenic spots here. Among them, the Fangjia Tea Garden has a fresh scenery and the Fairy Gupo Mountain. The waterfall is beautiful and majestic and is the best place to take pictures; Jinxiu Village is an elegant small village where you can also take a stroll. If you want to climb to the top, there are two peaks, Gupoding and Tiantangding. There are also rafting activities in the scenic area in summer.

3. Jade Forest

The Jade Forest is located in Huangtian Town, Pinggui District, Hezhou City, about 18 kilometers away from the urban area of ​​Hezhou. It is a “jade forest” composed of Han jade stone pillars and stalagmites. It was formed in the Jurassic period more than 100 million years ago. This jade forest stands gracefully in the mountains surrounded by limestone. It has exposed stone buds, abrupt peaks, stalagmites, pillars, geosynclinal funnels and dense slits. It is praised by tourists as a “fairyland on earth” and is called a geological miracle by geological experts.

Most of the stone peaks in the scenic area are gray-white. Famous landscapes include the “Millennium Camel”, “Air Corridor”, “Line of Sky”, etc., as well as the “Snowfield Jade Pillar” landscape as white as jade, all of which are masterpieces of nature’s uncanny craftsmanship. Amazing. The best time to visit the Jade Stone Forest Scenic Area is in the morning. At this time, it is easy to encounter cloudy weather. The strange stone peak forest is looming in the clouds and mist, like a fairyland. In addition, the landscape in the sun and in the rain has its own beauty.

4. Shibasuwon Ecological Scenic Area

The Shibashui Original Ecological Scenic Area is located in Luhuashan District, 20 kilometers away from the northern suburbs of Hezhou City, adjacent to the Gupo Mountain Scenic Area. It is named “Shibashui” because there are ten waterfalls and eighteen water bays in the scenic area. It is the most beautiful place in Hezhou City. One of the famous attractions. The scenic area has beautiful natural scenery and is famous for its many high-drop and large-scale waterfalls. It is an excellent place to watch waterfalls.

The Shishishui Scenic Area is mainly divided into two parts: the lake area and the waterfall area. The area refers to the vicinity of Xiangsi Lake at the foot of the mountain after entering the scenic area. Xiangsi Lake was originally a natural lake. There are some antique buildings and garden landscapes around the lake, and there is also a swimming and splashing area on one side of the lake. The waterfall area is the core area in the mountains. There are more than a dozen waterfalls here, with rapid and clear water flow, all of which are very beautiful. Among them, Huangsi Waterfall, Shenlong Waterfall, Fairy Waterfall and Big Buddha Waterfall are the most famous.

5. Hezhou Ziyun Cave

Hezhou Ziyun Cave, also known as Ziyun Wonderland, is located 4 kilometers southwest of downtown Hezhou. It was formed in the Jurassic period. In winter, the warm air in the cave spurts out from the entrance of the cave, forming a mist that lingers at the entrance of the cave, like a misty fairyland. Hence the name. The various stalactites, stalagmites, and stone pillars in the cave are all mind-blowing. In particular, the water curtain waterfall and natural landscapes such as Tianshi, Tiangu and Jade Rabbit are breathtaking.

Ziyun Cave has developed more than 30 scenic spots, each of which is different. With its exquisiteness and splendor, it shows visitors the beauty of nature. There are 18 branch holes of various sizes in the cave, some are wide and accessible, some are narrow and smooth. The cave is characterized by suspended stalactites, including suspended towers and stone pillars weighing dozens of tons and more than 6 meters high, standing on suspended stone slabs only 6 centimeters thick, which makes people feel heartbroken.

6. Zhongshan Baili Ink Painting Gallery

Zhongshan Baili Ink Painting Gallery, formerly known as Zhongshan Shili Gallery, is located in the northwest of Zhongshan County, Hezhou City, along the highway from Hezhou to Yangshuo. It is known as the most beautiful self-driving route in China. The scenic spot stretches for more than ten miles and is dominated by karst lava landforms. The scenery is picturesque, hence its name. The main landscapes include Lotus Pond Peaks, Shuangyuan Peaks, Gongpo Mountain, Yangyuan Stone, Guanyin Mountain, Pagoda Mountain, etc.

The mountains here are surrounded by continuous stretches of lotus ponds, rice fields and vegetable fields. During summer and autumn, the lotuses blooming in the lotus ponds and the majestic and handsome peaks complement each other, forming a gorgeous landscape painting that stretches for hundreds of miles. . Walking or riding there, accompanied by the faint fragrance of lotus, wandering among the charming mountains and rivers, is really refreshing and unforgettable.

7. A complete list of tourist attractions in Hezhou City, Guangxi

My country’s big data research institution, Maidian Research Institute, released the “Top 500 4A Scenic Area Brands List in September 2020”, and Huangyao Ancient Town in Hezhou City ranked 11th. At the same time, the operation index of Huangyao Ancient Town ranked 10th in the list. Research from this organization believes that China’s first hundreds of family-themed tourism performance “Looking for Roots in Huangyao” was staged at the end of September, which significantly improved the competitiveness of Huangyao Ancient Town among similar types of scenic spots.

From the perspective of scenic spot types, cultural landscape scenic spots accounted for the majority in September, with historical site type and popular science scenic spots at the forefront of its subdivision types; among other subdivision types, landscape type (11.8%) and mountain type (10.8%) scenic spots Outstanding performance, theme park-type scenic spots (9.6%) perform brilliantly; among new scenic spots, natural landscape scenic spots have the largest number on the list. Specifically, tourists like Shanghai Zoo and Huangyao Ancient Town highly.

8. What are the tourist attractions in Hezhou, Guangxi?

Linhe ancient city

Fushan Scenic Area

Hejiang Scenery Tour

Huangdongyuewan Tea Garden Scenic Area

Bishuiyan Scenic Area

Xiushui Scenic Area

Yao Nationality Museum

Shenxian Lake Ecological Scenic Area

Guijiang Ecological Scenic Area