Is it easy to apply for Kenya electronic visa for children in Kenya?

Introduction: Is it easy to apply for a Kenyan electronic visa for children? 1. Is it easy to apply for a Kenyan visa? 2. Is it easy to apply for a Kenyan visa? 3. Kenyan visa application process 4. Why is it difficult to apply for a Kenyan work visa? 5. Visa to Kenya 6. Is it easy to apply for a Kenyan visa? How much does it cost?

1. Is it easy to apply for a Kenya visa?

To go to work, you need to apply for a work visa. Visa on arrival is only for tourism. A work visa needs to be applied for in China, and a lot of certificates need to be issued.

2. Is it easy to apply for a visa in Kenya?

The regulations of each country are different, and the time for applying for a visa will also be different. The Kenya visa processing time is generally about 10 working days, which is not very long for most applicants. They only need to apply half a month in advance. , just wait patiently for the visa to be issued, but only if the applicant’s documents meet the requirements of the embassy can the visa be issued on time.

3. Kenya visa application process

To apply for a visa to Nairobi, Africa, you need to go to the consulate in Nairobi, Beijing.

4. Why is it difficult to apply for a Kenyan work visa?

First of all, we need to aim at the fact that a passport is a global passport. The passport is the first one, followed by the visa. What you are probably asking is whether it is easy to apply for a visa to Africa. A passport can be obtained in advance in China. The current price is that passports can be obtained from all over the country and can be obtained for 130 yuan. It does not apply in the place where household registration is required.

The second point is about visas to Africa. This mainly depends on the country you are going to. For example, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritius, and Seychelles are all visa-free for us, while Egypt requires a visa on arrival. Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia in East Africa all require electronic visas. It mainly depends on which country you are going to decide what kind of visa to apply for.

5. Visa to Kenya

Kenya work visa can be issued in seven to fifteen working days.

Documents required for Kenya work visa:

1. Passport: The passport is valid for more than 6 months, and a copy of the passport home page and a copy of the signature page are required. (If it is replaced, the old passport must be provided, and if it is lost, a certification letter from the public security agency is required)

2. Photo: recent (within 6 months) passport photo, clear and good quality, color photo with white background, size 2 inches;

3. Foreign invitation information: invitation letter from Kenya (in English), including: name, gender, passport number, position of the invitee, date of stay abroad, purpose of going to the country, and why you need to apply for a multiple-six-month visa. , (clear faxes are sufficient).

4. Original dispatch letter in English from the Chinese side: The original dispatch letter must have the name of the unit, official seal, and signature of the person in charge; it must have an address and telephone number for the consulate to inquire. The content of the dispatch letter includes: the position of the applicant (name, passport number) in the company, the time when he joined the company, the purpose of the trip, the number of days of stay and itinerary, a description of who will bear the expenses, and a guarantee to return to China on time in compliance with local laws. (Written in English on company letterhead)

5. Chinese company qualification certificate: A. 1 copy of business license or unit legal person code book with official seal.

6. Power of attorney: Three blank letterheads with company seal and signature of the person in charge are provided for our company to print.

7. Form: Fill in the form truthfully.

6. Is it easy to apply for a Kenya visa? How much does it cost?

application process:

1. The visa applicant determines the purpose of visiting Kenya and the itinerary plan;

2. Log in to the official website of the Kenyan Embassy in China, browse relevant visa information, download the visa application form and the list of materials required for visa application;

3. Prepare visa application materials;

4. Visa applicants should go to the Kenyan Embassy in China to handle visa procedures;

5. The working days required for visa processing: 5-7 working days; 1. To apply for a business visa as a group, the unit needs to issue a letter of authorization and entrust an applicant to submit the information. The personal letter of authorization is invalid; 2. Passport (validity period At least 6 months, no less than 3 blank visa pages); 3. One recent 3.5*4.5CM color photo; 4. Visa application form; 5. Invitation letter and copy of the inviting party’s business license;

6. Dispatch letter from the unit and copy of the company’s business license;

7. Round-trip air tickets;

8. The required information must be submitted at the same time and translated into English. Extended information: Kenyan passport holders can travel to 58 countries visa-free or visa-on-arrival, mainly in Africa (22 countries, but visas are required for South Africa and Egypt), and the Americas (13 countries, mainly members of the Caribbean Commonwealth) countries, but all the American continents require visas), Asia (11 countries, mainly Southeast Asian and South Asian countries, but South Korea, Japan, Turkey and Middle East countries require visas), Oceania (10), 22 in Europe, are Kosovo and Armenia).