To Cixi Tourist Attractions Cixi Tourist Attractions Ranked Top 10

Introduction: To Cixi tourist attractions, the top ten tourist attractions in Cixi 1. The top ten tourist attractions in Cixi 2. The top ten tourist attractions in Cixi 3. The top ten tourist attractions in Cixi 4. The top ten tourist attractions in Cixi 5. The tourist attractions in Cicheng Ranking 6. Which attractions are recommended in Cixi Scenic Area?

1. Cixi’s top ten tourist attractions

In Cixi, there is a good place to soak in hot springs. The water temperature is moderate and the water quality is clear, which can directly reach the level of drinking water. It is called Dapengshan Hot Spring. In Cixi, there is a kind of fruit that can be eaten without washing. The sour and sweet taste is like first love. It’s called Cixi Yangmei; in Cixi, there is an ancient health-preserving town, where you can walk through winding alleys and high-walled courtyards, drink a cup of health-preserving tea, and spend the Spring Festival with a traditional Chinese New Year flavor. It is called Minghe Ancient Town; in Cixi, There is a city tree that is lush all year round, showing endless vitality and vitality, called the camphor tree; in Cixi, there is an ancient kiln site with a history of thousands of years, nestled in the embrace of the mountains, and is a national key cultural relic protection unit called Shanglin Lake Yue Kiln Ruins; Cixi is most famous for its small seafood and small lake fresh food. Even picky foodies will be impressed by the abundant small seafood brought by the tidal flats, such as clams, sea melon seeds, sand crabs, razor clams, etc., which is called the taste of Cixi .

Minghe Ancient Town, feel “poetry and distance”

Unlike other ancient towns built on rivers, Minghe Ancient Town was built on a lake and became a town because of rivers. The horse-head wall with green bricks and black tiles, the sparkling Duhu Lake, the moss-covered stone road, the cries mixed with the smell of rice cakes… I heard that the most lively place in Whooping Crane is the long stall in front of the temple. The vendors of mouse candy balls, rice cakes, and candy figures continue into the ancient town. It has a unique style and rich historical and cultural atmosphere.

Utopia Fangjiahetou

Fangjiahedou is the only well-preserved ancient village with thousands of years of history and culture in Cixi City. Surrounded by green mountains and green waters, the charm of the ancient village still remains. If a village has a few old trees, a few well-preserved old houses from the Ming and Qing dynasties, and one or two historic sites, it can already be called the blessing of history. Hetou Village seems to be uniquely endowed with more than 90 ancient trees that are over a hundred years old, as well as three ancient roads, countless well-preserved old houses, ancient streets, old wells, and historical and cultural relics everywhere. to the point

Millennium Yue kiln, celadon Cixi

Yue kiln is the most famous celadon kiln series in ancient my country. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world’s earliest mature porcelain was successfully fired in the Long Kiln of Yue Kiln. This was a milestone in the history of human civilization. Cixi, Zhejiang is the central production area of ​​Yue kiln celadon and one of the starting points of the Maritime Ceramics Road. The kilns in Shanglin Lake and its surrounding areas created all the splendor of Yue kiln during the Tang and Song Dynasties. It can be called the porcelain capital of the Tang and Song Dynasties and ranks first in the world. There are many miracles left in the history of ceramics. Dapeng Mountain Hot Spring Hotel

There is a hot spring hotel at the foot of Dapeng Mountain in Cixi, where you can watch the stars and take a private bath. The excellent location and the comfort of not being crowded are really exciting. Dapeng Mountain is located in the middle of many geological fault zones. The geothermal and hydrothermal activities are strong, the water temperature is moderate, and the water quality is clear. Dapengshan Hot Spring has a Chinese classical garden style, which is exquisite and unique. When you step into the hot spring area, you will see that the hot spring area uses dense flowers and trees as a cover, cleverly borrowed streets and corridors to create a deep, harmonious, hidden and not noisy “secret soup” hot spring pool group garden private villa. Located in the south of Dapeng Mountain Tourist Resort, facing the lake, there are old Ming and Qing style private villas and retreat-style wooden houses on the mountain with excellent privacy. Each pavilion has its own unique charm, unique style and white walls. Red windows, bright and beautiful, black tiles and red rafters, simple and elegant, various carved windows, moon-shaped door openings, dian railing galleries, wood and stone bridges, closely connected, the space in the garden is transparent, and the scenery changes with each step. , in various shapes, the Dapeng landscape is in front of the floor. Make a pot of tea, sit outside, and spend a wonderful afternoon.

2. Ranking of Cixi Attractions

For big attractions, you can consider going to Putuo Mountain, which is more than an hour’s drive away.

If you just go around Cixi City, there are Hangzhou Bay Wetland National Park, Minghe Ancient Town, Wulei Mountain Scenic Area, Fangjiahetou Village, Jiulong Lake Tourist Area and other niche attractions. These attractions also have their own characteristics, and there is no strong one. Business atmosphere.

Farther away are the Hemudu ruins in Yuyao, Danshan Chishui in Siming Mountain, etc.

3. What are the top ten tourist attractions in Cixi?

1. Hangzhou Bay Haipi Island Scenic Area is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Haipi Island Scenic Area is located on the south bank of the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge in Hangzhou Bay Century City. The scenic area has two major theme parks, land and water – Haipi Island Happy World and Water World, which are shared spaces integrating “leisure, amusement, health care and vacation”.

Second, Ningbo Fantawild Oriental Divine Painting is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. Ningbo Fantawild Oriental Divine Painting is located on the south bank of the cross-sea bridge in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New District.

Third, Minghe Ancient Town is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. Minghe Ancient Town is located in the southeast of Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang. It was built in the Kaiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty and has a history of more than 1,200 years. It is one of the ancient market towns in the Sanbei area and the only remaining ancient town in Cixi City with the style of a typical Jiangnan ancient town. Gao’s scenery is as good as Suzhou’s.

4. Ningbo Daqiao Ecological Farm is a national AAAA tourist attraction. Ningbo Bridge Ecological Farm Tourist Area is located one kilometer west of Cixi Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge, with convenient transportation. The farm covers an area of ​​2,000 acres, including 1,500 acres of land and 500 acres of water. Ningbo Daqiao Ecological Farm is a modern agricultural sightseeing estate integrating agricultural customs, planting culture, popular science education, leisure and entertainment, etc. It is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction.

4. Ranking of interesting attractions in Cixi

1. Minghe Ancient Town 2. Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge 3. Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park 4. Dapeng Mountain Lake Paradise 5. Shanglin Lake Yue Kiln Ruins 6. Fangjiahetou Village 7. Fantawild Oriental Divine Painting 8 , Cixi Zhishan Park 9. Ningbo Daqiao Ecological Farm Tourist Area Recommended reasons: An ecological farm with complete facilities, where you can not only fish but also experience farmhouse entertainment 10. Wulei Mountain Scenic Area

5. Cicheng tourist attractions ranking list

Cicheng Ancient Town is the scenic spot of Cicheng Ancient County in Ningbo. The ticket price includes: 145 yuan for an adult ticket for seven attractions combined, 75 yuan for an adult ticket for the Confucius Temple + County Government + Academician’s Hall + Qingdao Temple. Tickets for each attraction are sold separately. 20-50 yuan; children’s tickets: free of charge for children under 1.2 meters, half ticket for those between 1.2-1.5 meters with proof of purchase; free tickets for seniors over 70 years old and retired cadres with valid certificates, disabled people, active military personnel, journalists, tour guides, and travel agency managers , Travel agency drivers with valid certificates are free of charge; senior citizens aged 60-69 buy half-price tickets with their certificates.

6. Which attractions are recommended in Cixi Scenic Area?

Minghe Ancient Town Scenic Area is located in Guanhaiwei Town, Cixi City. It is a famous historical and cultural town in China, a national AAAA-level scenic spot, a tourist style town in Zhejiang Province, and a provincial traditional Chinese medicine culture and health tourism demonstration base. It is known as “Hegao Scenic Spots rival Suzhou” .

The ancient town is very lively at night, with people coming and going, bustling with people, showing a picture of whooping cranes “going up the river”. The ancient town has three long streets, which have witnessed and carried the prosperity of the ancient town for thousands of years. In particular, the 1,500-meter-long Middle Street from Doutang Bridge on the edge of Duhu Pond to Shatan Bridge was once a prosperous place for shops and an important distribution center for agricultural and sideline products in the history of the Three Norths. It is a street lined with rivers and lined with shops. There are also sheds that are more than a mile long along the street, so you don’t have to worry about being exposed to the sun or rain while walking on the street.

As night falls, the old streets become quiet and gentle under the night sky. The light at night outlines the outline of the entire ancient town like a paintbrush. The mottled old walls and exquisite lattice windows are reflected in the river, and the stars are dotted and beautiful. Republican-style cafes and classical Chinese teahouses are waiting for you to sit there quietly.

highly recommended