What are the attractions in Haikou People’s Park? What are the attractions in Haikou People’s Park?

Introduction: What are the attractions in Haikou People’s Park? 1. What are the attractions in Haikou People’s Park? 2. What are the parks in Haikou? 3. Where is Haikou Park? 4. Introduction to Haikou People’s Park 5. What is Haikou People’s Park? District 6. Map of Haikou People’s Park attractions 7. What are the names of Haikou People’s Park attractions 8. What are the free attractions in Haikou People’s Park 9. What is fun in Haikou People’s Park 10. What are the attractions in Haikou People’s Park 11. Haikou where is peoples park

1. What are the attractions in Haikou People’s Park?

In Haikou tourism, the top ten tourist attractions are:

(1) Haikou Qilou Old Street is located on Changti Road, Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan Province.

(2) Mission Hills Huayi Feng Xiaogang Film Company is located at No. 19, Yangshan Avenue, the extension line of Longkun South Road, Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan Province.

(3) Wanlv Garden is located at No. 38 Binhai Avenue, Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan Province.

(4) Leiqiong Haikou Volcanic Group World Geopark is located at No. 89, Scenery Road, Shishan Town, Xiuying District, Haikou City, Hainan Province.

(5) Holiday Beach is located on Binhai Avenue, Xiuying District, Haikou City, Hainan Province.

(6) Baishamen Park is located at the intersection of Haidian Liudong Road and Renmin Avenue, Meilan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province.

(7) Haikou Bell Tower is located at No. 20 Changdi Road, Longhua District, Meilan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province (near People’s Bridge).

(8) Haikou Wugong Temple is located at No. 169 Haifu Road, Qiongshan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province.

(9) Hainan Provincial Museum, located at No. 68 Guoxing Avenue, Qiongshan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province.

(10) Hainan University, located at No. 58 Renmin Avenue, Meilan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province.

2. What are the parks in Haikou City?

The best park in Sanya is Lincun Park. The air above is quite good.

3. Where is Haikou Park?

Haikou Century Park is a municipal comprehensive sports, leisure and cultural park with the theme of public leisure and fitness activities. It covers an area of ​​approximately 71.78 hectares. With the Century Bridge running through the north and south as the spatial axis, it has cultural sightseeing, water sports entertainment, sports fitness, public Nine functional areas, including services, youth outdoor activities, large-scale leisure and fitness, cultural sculpture garden, style bar street and leisure and commerce, form a functional layout of “one axis and nine areas”, making it a good place for citizens to exercise and relax.

4. Introduction to Haikou People’s Park

The number one park in Haikou City, Hainan Province should be Wanlu! Because Wanlv Garden covers a large area, there are various green plants, including coconut trees, palm trees, banana trees, etc. There are also a variety of flowers, and the sea is to the north of Wanlvyuan Park. There are also various entertainment venues, including many single-person bicycles and tandem bicycles. In short, Wanlvyuan has everything you need to eat, drink, play, and shop.

5. Which district is Haikou People’s Park?

The famous tourist attractions in Haikou include the Crater Geopark, located in Shishan Town, Xiuying District. It has not erupted for ten thousand years, so it is probably an extinct volcano. beautiful landscape.

The Wugong Temple is where five famous officials of the Tang and Song Dynasties were demoted and are commemorated by future generations. However, the buildings are all new and there are no historical monuments.

Hai Rui’s tomb. Hai Rui, a famous minister in the Ming Dynasty, was from Hainan. The story of his dismissal from office has been interpreted into a classic legend by later generations.

Xixiu Beach, a tourist beach in Haikou, with coconut trees and sea breeze, makes you feel relaxed while strolling there.

Jinniuling Park is located in the center of Haikou. It has many tropical plants and fresh air. Walking inside, the heat dissipates, making it a rare place to visit.

6. Haikou People’s Park Attractions Map

The “Hainan Self-Driving Middle Line” is the smallest of the three self-driving routes in Hainan Island, but it is also the closest route connecting Haikou and Sanya. “Being on an island without looking at the sea” is the central theme of this route. From this line, go deep into the hinterland of the island and feel the tropical atmosphere.

【Cities via】Haikou, Tunchang, Qiongzhong, Wuzhishan, Sanya.

[Estimated travel time] 5 to 7 days.

【Total mileage】350km.

Starting point: Haikou, the provincial capital city

This is one of the cities with the freshest air in China, so it’s perfect for those of you who have lived in the city for a long time to come here to “refresh your lungs”. As the capital of Hainan Province, it not only has the same sunshine, sea, beaches, and coconut groves as Sanya, but also has ancient arcade streets with rich heritage and a rich variety of Hainanese food.

[Estimated travel time] 2 days

【Recommend you to go】


·Go to Qilou Old Street to experience the most authentic island life, and then walk to visit Haikou’s landmark clock tower.

·In the afternoon, go to Mission Hills Huayi Feng Xiaogang Film Commune and travel back to the Republic of China era. After having fun and taking pictures, go to Holiday Beach to experience the most beautiful sunset on the sea.

·Go to the “Hainan University Nanmen Night Market” in the evening to taste cheap and authentic Hainanese snacks.


· Wake up naturally, or go to the holiday beach to watch the sunrise over the sea.

·Go to the Leiqiong Volcanic Group Global Geopark and take aerial photos of the spectacular tropical volcanoes.

·Go to Tunchang in the afternoon.

Second stop: Tunchang

[Driving route] Starting from Haikou, drive about 90 kilometers on the Three Coastal Highways and reach Tunchang in 70 minutes. The expressway is very close to Tunchang City and the road condition is good.

【Estimated tour】half day

【Recommend you to go】

Tunchang has a short history and its scenery is slightly inferior to that of coastal areas. You are more suitable to come here to relax than to watch the scenery. 14 rivers, large and small, run through it, making it a lung-washing resort. Stroll around the Oil Painting Pedestrian Street here (free), and try the famous local vanilla duck, and a wonderful afternoon is completed.

The third stop: Qiongzhong, Wuzhishan

The famous Wuzhishan is here! (The one that suppressed Sun Wukong). Qiongzhong is the homeland where the Li and Miao people of China have lived for generations. Here, you can experience the most authentic Li and Miao customs.

[On the way] Drive 60 kilometers from Tunchang Coastal Highway 3 to Qiongzhong County, and then drive 76 kilometers south on Coastal Highway 3 to reach Wuzhishan City. The whole journey is on high speed and the road conditions are good.

[Estimated travel time] 1.5 days


Arrive at “Yinggen Town” in Qiongzhong County in the afternoon and check in and take photos at the “March 3rd Square (free)” in the north of the county and the “Baihua Corridor Bridge (free)” in the south of the county. These are new landmarks in the county in recent years. . In the evening, go to Wuzhishan, the “Roof of Hainan”, and stay.


The next day we headed to Wuzhishan Tourist Area. The Wuzhishan tourist area is divided into “Wuzhishan Protected Area (07:30-16:00, ticket 50 yuan only in cash)” and “Wuzhishan Tropical Rainforest Scenic Area (08:30-13:00, ticket + battery car 35 yuan)”. Because the environment of Wuzhishan Nature Reserve is relatively primitive and it mainly focuses on mountain climbing, it will be a bit difficult for ordinary tourists to walk. The latter has paved plank roads for tourists, and at the same time, they can enjoy the panoramic view of Wuzhishan.

*Special experience

If you have enough time, you must experience rafting on Wuzhishan Mountain. Wuzhishan Red Canyon Rafting (about 168 yuan, 09:00-18:00) is one of the most classic rafting places in the area. It is a 3.8-kilometer rafting trip with a maximum drop of 80 meters. You will never imagine the excitement and joy it brings.

End point: Arrive in Sanya

[Driving on the road] Drive 110 kilometers along County Road 590, Haiyu Middle Line, and you can reach Sanya in about 2 hours.

7. What are the names of the attractions in Haikou People’s Park?

From Haikou East Station to Haidian Island (Haikou) Municipal People’s Hospital, you can take bus K4; it is 15.08 kilometers and has 7 stops. . .

(You can also take bus No. 11; No. 21; No. 44; No. 8 to Haidian Island (Haikou) Municipal People’s Hospital)

8. What are the free attractions in Haikou People’s Park?

1. Wuhai People’s Park. The greening area of ​​People’s Park is 56,000 square meters, with 6,546 trees of various types planted; the protective forest land in Nanhecao City has a greening area of ​​210,000 square meters, and more than 1,000 juniper, ailanthus, and poplar trees have been transplanted. It is an excellent place for people to have leisure, entertainment and outings.

2. Botanical Garden. A 2A-level tourist attraction, it was formerly the Wuhai City Garden Department Forestry Nursery. It is an open urban garden integrating afforestation, viewing, leisure and entertainment.

3. Qingshan Hanmo Garden. Founded in 1989, it is planned and positioned as a tourist and leisure place that highlights the cultural heritage of Wuhai City, increases the cultural atmosphere of Wuhai City, promotes the culture of Wuhai City, and integrates calligraphy, ecology, and landscape functions.

4. Yellow River Westbound Inn. It consists of two natural villages, namely Farm Ranch and Toudaokan, Saihanwusu Village, Xizhuozishan Sub-district Office, Hainan District. The lush green fields and well-proportioned farmyards paint a peaceful, comfortable and vivid picture, like a “paradise”.

5. Wuhai City Museum. A national third-level museum, the Wuhai Municipal Museum combines historical relics reflecting local characteristics and a large number of charts on geological evolution, and vividly and truly tells the geological changes, historical evolution and folk culture of the Wuhai area in a jumping-bead-style exhibition. It is a comprehensive museum that integrates cultural relics collection, cultural relics protection, cultural relics exhibition, social education, and cultural exchanges.

6. Wuhai Lake Leisure and Resort Tourism Area. National 4A tourist attraction. Wuhai Lake is a 118-square-kilometer soothing water surface and surrounding lake area formed after the completion of the Yellow River Haibowan Water Conservancy Project. It crosses the north and south of Wuhai City. As the water level in the reservoir area of ​​the water conservancy project rises, the Yellow River water flows into Ulanbu. and desert, forming hundreds of sand islands with different characteristics, presenting a spectacular scene of sand and water corresponding to each other and mountains and rivers connected. In the scenic area, the desert, flat lakes, reeds, birds, sand mountains, swimming fish, starry sky and other scenery sources are organically combined, and the natural resources are rich. A unique natural landscape integrating lakes, islands, deserts and wetlands is formed on both sides of the Yellow River. .

9. What is there to do in Haikou People’s Park?

If you want to take a bus from Haikou People’s Park to Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center, take bus No. 28. Bus No. 28 runs from Meishe River to Haikou Railway Station and passes Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center on the way. Remember to go to Haikou People’s Park and get on the bus near Mingzhu Square Station. Bus No. 28 to Haikou Railway Station is charged across sections. If you get on the bus from Mingzhu Square Station next to Haikou Park and go to Hainan Convention and Exhibition Center, the fare is estimated to be 5 yuan.

10. What are the attractions in Haikou People’s Park?

Experienced players have a “fixed focus” during major festivals – mainly living in a small house, supplementing with delicious food, and at most going around for a while.

  The advantage is that the family does not have to be bored on the highway, does not have to spend a lot of money to crowd in the scenic spots, and does not have to compete for seats in expensive and dirty restaurants… I won’t say more, I will shed tears if I say too much, what is going on in the world? What could be more frustrating than paying for the pain?

  This article is specially prepared for real players. It has collected seven beautiful scenery around Kunming for everyone. When you have had enough sleep, bring your family and friends and go to the Wetland Park in a relaxed way.

  1. Haidong Wetland Park: This Haidong is not the other Haidong. This is the Haidong of Kunming (the east coast of Dianchi Lake), not the Haidong (the east coast of Erhai Lake) that Dali people call. This Haidong is on the east coast of Dianchi Lake and the east coast of Kunming. Huanhu East Road.

  Haidong Wetland is a favorite landmark park for Kunming people.

  This wetland is connected to Dianchi Lake. There are small bridges, flowing water, and winding paths in the park. Many aquatic and terrestrial plants and flowers create a beautiful scene at every step. Many citizens are attracted by its charming scenery and come here to see, admire and take pictures of flowers.

  Quietness amidst the bustle is the main feature of Haidong Wetland Park. The environment is beautiful and peaceful. You can overlook the Sleeping Beauty of the Western Hills in the distance and hear the sound of the waves of Dianchi Lake up close.


  1. By car: Go along Guangfu Road towards Huanhu East Road for 9 kilometers. Navigable, keywords: Kunming Haidong Wetland Park

  2. Bus: No. 199, No. 169, get off at Baofeng Station and walk 50 meters.

  As a reminder, it is estimated that there will be more people than usual there on May Day. Compatriots who drive there should be careful to find a parking space.

  2. Jinning Dongdahe Wetland Park or South Dianchi Lake National Beach Park: The same place, in Jinning, is the wetland park with the best water quality and the richest content in Kunming, 54 kilometers away from Kunming.

  Dongdahe Wetland Park is more beautiful, with small bridges, flowing water, and long grass and flying orioles. Because it is close to the sea outside Dianchi Lake, the pollution is not that serious and the air is fresher. Climbing high and looking into the distance of Dianchi Lake, you will see blue sky and clear water, wild geese and clouds flying together, and mountains surrounding the sea, which is very spectacular.

  The beautiful scenery not only attracts more than 20 species of birds to settle here. The clear and translucent lake water, the winding river, the tall and jagged trees, and the egrets leisurely foraging for food are like a harmonious and beautiful ink painting, full of vitality.

  It is said that this park is on the largest migration channel for migratory birds in western China, but I didn’t see many birds? There aren’t even many “birdmen”…hehe, just kidding.

  This wetland ecosystem is relatively well preserved and rich in biodiversity. It is the kidney of our Dianchi Lake! It plays an important role in maintaining the water ecological security and biodiversity conservation of Dianchi Lake. It has extremely high protection value and scientific research value. It is also the largest beach theme park around Kunming.

  Don’t you feel awkward? The beach theme park is actually a necessary place for migratory birds to pass through. Where do the birds rest? Drying bird feathers on the beach? I just got drunk.

  However, in such an important place, you should pay attention to protecting the environment, don’t litter, don’t make loud noises – don’t scare the birds away!

  Transportation: Take Kunyu Expressway→Huanhu South Road, or Hangrui Expressway→Gaohai Expressway→Huanhu South Road to reach it. You can search for “Jinning East River Wetland” in the navigation.

  The bus is temporarily unavailable, which is a pity.

  3. Laoyuhe Wetland Park: It is also related to Huanhu East Road, but it is more remote.

  On Huanhu East Road, heading toward Chenggong, there is the Laoyu River Wetland with unique scenery.

  Fishing in the river, the water is clear and there are many fish! With a quiet environment and rich vegetation, it is a rare quiet wetland in Kunming.

  The government has paved asphalt roads and built wooden planks in the wetland park. Except for a few families living near the wetland, there are basically few tourists. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can get close to Dianchi Lake and fish for crayfish on the shore with your children (pay attention to your safety). It is very pleasant! !

  Transportation: Drive along Huanhu East Road in the direction of Jinning. You will see a “Chenggong Zhicheng Ruifeng Leisure Ecological Park” billboard on the side of the road. Turn into the small road and you will arrive.

  4. Baiyuhe Estuary Wetland: Located in Shangsuan Town, Jinning County, on the south bank of Dianchi Lake, it is two different things from the Baiyukou Resort and Spa in Haikou.

  Baiyu River Estuary Wetland Park is the park with the richest plant species and the most lush vegetation in Kunming, and the designers are unique in that there are wooden planks in the wetland built deep into the vegetation, allowing visitors to experience the flowers, plants, fish and insects in the wetland intimately! Along the long wooden plank road, walk in the wetland with lush vegetation, listen to the chirping of birds and insects, have close contact with nature, and cleanse your lungs and heart! !

  There is a nearly 100-meter-long viewing platform in the wetland that has just been built. It is the most relaxing place and should not be missed by tourists.

  Transportation: Located on both sides of the mouth of the Baiyu River on the southeast bank of Dianchi Lake in Xiahaigeng Village, Shizhai Village Committee, Shangsuan Town, Jinning County, drive to Xiahaigeng Village, Shizhai Village Committee, Shangsuan Town, and follow the road signs. The navigation is not easy to use and it is easy to go the wrong way.

  The bus service is temporarily unavailable, and it is expected that it will not be available for a long time.

  5. Ancient Dian Wetland Park: It is still in Jinning, and it is on the same road as Laoyu River Park. You can visit Laoyu River first and then visit Ancient Dian Wetland Park. Jinning is great, with so many wetland parks! !

  Jinning Ancient Dian Wetland Park is located on the south bank of Dian Lake and on the west side of Changyao Mountain. It is the latest newly built wetland in Jinning. The park covers an area of ​​more than 1,100 acres, expanding the wetland water surface area from about 200 acres to more than 800 acres, and has also built a 5.6-kilometer slow walking trail around Yunnan. In addition to walking around the wetland, tourists can also take a hand-operated boat to explore the depths of the wetland. The boat is slowly sailing, and the beautiful scenery of misty rain in the stream, fishing on the ancient bridge, dancing reeds, colorful clouds reflected in the clear water, and leisurely flowers are all at your fingertips. It is a rare wetland park where the whole family can have fun, but there are not too many people there now.

  Travel guide: The Wetland Park has a number of flower-sea cycling trails, where you can ride for sightseeing, stroll, get close to nature, and enjoy a good time. Visitors can bring their own bicycles or rent bicycles. Rental price: 40 yuan/1 car for 4 people, 30 yuan/1 car for 3 people. Ticket purchase point for boating on the lake: Ticket Office of Ancient Dian Wharf. Price: The ancient Yunnan battleship sightseeing ticket is 88 yuan/person, and the hand rowing boat is 180 yuan/boat. I don’t know if there are any new ways to play now, please add it to the experts!

  Transportation: 1. The main city of Kunming – Kunyu Expressway, after exiting the “Fufu” toll station, take the old Kunluo Highway towards Chenggong – Niuguang Highway – Huanhu Highway – Colorful Yunnan·Famous Ancient Dian City

  2. The main city of Kunming – Huanhu East Road – Huanhu South Road – Colorful Yunnan·Famous Ancient Dian City; navigation is available and accurate.

  The bus K31 departs from Dianchi Dam.

  6. Xihua Wetland Park: The most convenient and delicious wetland park in Xishi District. I highly recommend it. On the road leading to Xihua Wetland Park and at the foot of the West Mountain, there are numerous specialty gourmet shops, farmhouses, bullfrog shops, and fish farms. Oh my, is this a wetland park made up of greedy mouths? Maybe! !

  Kunming people call Xihua Wetland Park the back garden of Xishan, and it is also the West Garden of Kunming. The wetland park preserves the original environment to the greatest extent and retains the simple style of nature. Just like the people in the western urban area, they are relatively simple and kind-hearted ( Haha)… Walking along the wooden plank road, tall reeds on both sides, continuous patches of wild ricegrass, cattails, and windmills swayed in the wind; the water lilies covering the water surface were like delicate carpets rippling with the waves. Your heart is still not drunk with this place and this scene, and the people of Xishi District will not agree.

  Transportation: Take Dianchi Road by car – Gaohai Expressway auxiliary road – Xihua Street toll station exit to reach Xihua Wetland Park.

  There seems to be no buses, but the suburban buses leading to Baiyukou, Traffic Sanatorium, and Haikou No. 200 all pass by here. It may be a bit long to walk after getting off the bus, so young people can take the opportunity to exercise.

  7. Baofeng Wetland Park: This park is no longer in Jinning, but on the way from Kunming to Jinning, on Huanhu East Road, it is the closest wetland park to Kunming, just past the new convention and exhibition center.

  Too close means there are too many people, right?

  It’s annoying when there are many people, isn’t it?

  This park is suitable for people who don’t want to walk far or who take the bus to visit. Of course, it is also especially suitable for fitness enthusiasts and people who sleep in and get up late… When you walk into Baofeng Wetland, you can see the tranquil and far-reaching beauty. The view in the wetland is wide, the vegetation in the wetland is dense, and the large reeds are lush. Here, you can have a panoramic view of the Dianchi Lake and the Sleeping Beauty in the distance (it would be better not to meet each other if we meet each other)!

  If there is no beauty to accompany you, you have no choice but to ride under the shade of the trees and experience the fun of fitness!

  Transportation: 1. Driving: Drive along Huanhu East Road to the entrance of Xinbaoxiang River into the lake;

  2. Bus: No. 199, No. 169, get off at Baofeng Station, get off the bus, get off as soon as you get off…

11. Where is Haikou People’s Park?

Haikou People’s Park is located in Daying Mountain in the urban area, with an altitude of 20 meters and an area of ​​350 acres. At the main entrance of the park, there is the Hainan Liberation Monument, which was built in April 1954. The monument has an inscription written by Comrade Zhu De. The park is divided into East and West Lake Tourist Area, Martyrs Memorial Area, Tropical Plant Specimen Area, Orchid Garden, etc. according to functional areas. Address: Near the Star Building, No. 3 Gongyuan Road, Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan Province