Introduction to attractions in Jun’an Town, Shunde. Where is the busiest place in Jun’an, Shunde?

Introduction: Introduction to the attractions in Jun’an Town, Shunde. Where is the busiest place in Jun’an, Shunde 1. Where is the busiest place in Jun’an, Shunde 2. Which place is closer to Jun’an, Shunde 3. Where is the busiest place in Jun’an, Shunde 4. Travel guide to Jun’an, Shunde 5. Which is the liveliest street in Jun’an, Shunde? 6. Is Jun’an, Shunde remote? 7. Where is the most prosperous place in Jun’an, Shunde? 8. What are the attractions in Jun’an, Shunde? 9. What are the busiest and most interesting places in Jun’an, Shunde 10. What are the fun places to have in Jun’an, Shunde

1. Where is the busiest place in Jun’an, Shunde?

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Guanhai Green Island is located in the central area of ​​the East China Sea Gold Coast Tourist Resort. Buses No. 7, 12 and 10 lead directly to the park, and the Binhai Sightseeing Avenue runs through the park. Guanhai Green Island is less than 500 meters away from the sea, close to the sea but not close to it. You can fully enjoy coastal life while being protected from the erosion of the sea wind. It has a total of 1,995 households and a greening rate of 43.6%. Surrounded by golf on three sides, it is located in the core area of ​​the golf course. On both sides is the Yongwen River landscape belt built by Nanshan Group at a cost of 30 million. After completion, it will become the coastal river landscape and prosperous commercial center in the central area, which will definitely bring elegance to customers. The enjoyment of coastal living and the quality of comfortable life and leisure.

2. Where is Shunde Junan closest to?

Driving route to Jun’an Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province 144 kilometers – approximately 1 hour 59 minutes Recommended route Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province 1. Head west from Fuzhong 3rd Road to Yitian Road for 500 meters 2. Turn left at Mintian Road 240 3. Turn right at intersection 1 and walk 160 meters towards Shennan Avenue 4. Turn left and walk 3.0 kilometers along Shennan Avenue 5. Turn slightly right and continue along Shennan Avenue for 450 meters 6. Turn slightly towards Nonglin Road Turn right for 53 meters 7. Make a U-turn for 110 meters 8. Go up the ramp and take the toll section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway for 51.6 kilometers 9. Get off the Humen Bridge/Humen/Zhongshan/Zhuhai exit on the left and take the toll section of the Humen Expressway for 18.8 kilometers 10. Keep going , take the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway toll section for 30.6 kilometers 11. Get off at the exit and take the Zhongjiang Expressway toll section for 11.8 kilometers 12. Get off at the Tanbei/Xiaolan/Dongsheng/G105 exit and go to the partial toll section of Kwai Hing Avenue for 850 meters 13. Continue at the intersection Go right in the direction pointing to Kwai Hing Avenue and take Kwai Hing Avenue for 3.8 kilometers 14. Continue straight onto Yue Man Avenue for 3.0 kilometers 15. Continue forward and take Siu Lam Avenue South for 1.4 kilometers 16. Continue forward and take Siu Lam Avenue Central 1.3 kilometers 17. Turn left on Jucheng Avenue East for 2.0 kilometers 18. Keep going, take Champagne East Road and pass a roundabout 4.3 kilometers 19. Take the ramp to Dong’an Middle Road for 400 meters 20. Keep going, take Dong’an North Road 5.6 kilometers 21. Continue forward and go up Bai’an South Road 3.7 kilometers 22. Turn left at Jian’an Road for 180 meters 23. Turn left at intersection 1 and go toward Lane 4 of Jian’an Road for 90 meters 24. Turn right at intersection 150 Meter 25. Turn right for 200 meters to Jun’an Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

3. Which is the busiest place in Jun’an, Shunde?

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4. Travel guide to Jun’an, Shunde

There are no buses, so taking a taxi is faster! Take Jun’an at the bus station to Jiangmen Bus Terminal. After arriving at Hetang, ask the driver if you can get off. If not, just take the bus directly to Jiangmen Bus Terminal and take 107 at the terminal!

5. Which is the busiest street in Jun’an, Shunde?

Shunde is a local name and it is very famous. It is now Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, located in the middle of the Pearl River Delta Plain, covering an area of ​​more than 800 square kilometers. In Daliang Street, where the district government is located, Shunde’s manufacturing industry is very strong, including Lunjiao’s woodworking machinery town, Chencun’s flower and stone viewing, Lecong’s furniture and plastic trade, Longjiang’s furniture manufacturing and coatings, Jun’an’s denim clothing, and Beicheng. Jiao is very famous for its home appliance manufacturing.

6. Is Shunde Junan remote?

The last number is 1 or 6 – Juntangwei, Enchengwei (the markets in Henan and Xiaodao will be more lively); the last number is 2 or 7 – Niujiangwei, Junanwei, Yixingwei; the last number is 3 or 8 – —Jiangzhouwei; ending in 4 or 9—Liangxiwei (a relatively remote town, commonly known as “Shanweilaowei”); ending in 5 or 0—Shengtangwei, Shahuwei

7. Where is the most prosperous place in Jun’an, Shunde?

In Daliang Town. The urban area of ​​Shunde is in Daliang Street, and the new urban area is over Desheng Square, which is also under the jurisdiction of Daliang. According to the definition in the master plan of Foshan Shunde Central City, Foshan Shunde Central City includes three streets: Daliang Street Office, Ronggui Street Office, and Lunjiao Street Office. Shunde District is one of the five administrative districts of Foshan City. Shunde District governs 4 subdistricts (Daliang, Ronggui, Lunjiao, and Leliu), 6 towns (Chencun, Jun’an, Xingtan, Longjiang, Lecong, and Beijiao), 108 administrative villages, and 92 residential areas. .

8. What attractions are there in Junan, Shunde?

Famous attractions: Bruce Lee Paradise, Bruce Lee Memorial Hall

9. Where is the most lively and fun place in Jun’an, Shunde?

Shunde Jun’an Ecological Park

Shunde Ecological Park is located in Jun’an Town, Shunde, a provincial tourist resort in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta.

Covering an area of ​​nearly 3,000 acres, approximately 2 million square meters, it is a tourist resort with the theme of protecting the ecological environment. It is the Guangdong Province Environmental Education Base, the Guangdong Ecological Science Popularization Education Base, and the Guangdong Province Tourism Ecological Base. Rated as one of the ten scenic spots in Shunde – “Wild Fun in Paradise”, there are many ponds in the paradise, 22 large and small peaks, lakes and mountains with dense green shade, and the natural scenery is beautiful and picturesque.

10. What are the fun places to visit in Jun’an, Shunde?

The Four Little Dragons are local folk customs in Shunde – dragon dance, dragon boat, dragon boat rap and the famous movie star Bruce Lee. Shunde Dragon Boat Festival is well-known in China and has won countless awards. Like most places across the country, Shunde dragon boats are divided into two types: “dragon racing” and “dragon racing”: “dragon racing” is called “taking advantage of the scene”, and the “Dazhou dragon boat” is mainly used for performance and viewing; “dragon racing” is called “dragon racing” Dragon Boat” for competition use. The ancestral home of Bruce Lee, who is famous at home and abroad, is in Shangcun Township, Jun’an, Shunde. A tall ancestral hall at the entrance of Shangcun is the Li family ancestral hall. The main hall enshrines the spiritual tablets of Li’s ancestors. The entire ancestral hall is also decorated with many photos of Bruce Lee’s life. Bruce Lee’s ancestral home has welcomed Chinese and foreign tourists from all over with its celebrity effect.