How much does a one-day trip to Lijiang cost? Yunnan Lijiang travel prices

Guide: How much does a one-day trip to Lijiang cost? Yunnan Lijiang travel prices. Better routes for a one-day trip to Lijiang. How much does a one-day trip to Lijiang cost? Yunnan Lijiang travel prices. Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Blue Moon Valley one-day trip. Detailed guide to Lijiang Ninglang. Recommended one-day scenic spots and better travel routes to Lijiang, Yunnan. What are the must-visit attractions when visiting Lijiang and how to avoid pitfalls?

Better routes for a day trip to Lijiang

The recommended one-day tour route in Lijiang is as follows: Lijiang Old Town (2 hours) – Lion Rock (1 hour) – Mufu (1 hour) – Lijiang Sifang Street (3 hours). Lion Rock Park on the west side of the ancient city is a better place to enjoy the panoramic view of the ancient city. In addition to the Wangu Tower on the top of the mountain, there are many points in the park where you can see the ancient city and the snow-capped mountains. One day is enough to easily explore the ancient city of Lijiang, stop and go, and experience this city of romance. You can have three meals a day in the ancient city, any combination of snacks and hot pot, and you can also taste Lijiang’s specialty salmon.


Lijiang Old Town is located in the Gucheng District of Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, also known as Dayan Town. It is located in the middle of Lijiang Dam. It was built at the end of the Song Dynasty and the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty (late 13th century AD). It is located on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and covers an area of ​​7.279 square kilometers. The streets in Lijiang Old Town are built along mountains and rivers, paved with red breccia, including Sifang Street, Mufu, Wufeng Tower, Black Dragon Pond, Wenchang Palace, Wang Pizhen Memorial Hall, Xueshan Academy, Wangjiazhuang Christian Church, Fang Guoyu’s former residence, etc. Attractions.

Lion Rock

Lion Rock Park is located in the center of Lijiang City. It is an important part of the World Cultural Heritage Lijiang Old Town and a major attraction in the national scenic spot. It is named because the mountain resembles a sleeping lion. The ancient city buildings follow the mountain and surround the foot of Lion Mountain. It is a better place to enjoy the panoramic view of Lijiang Ancient City.


Mu Fu Mansion (English: Mu Fu Mansion) is the common name of Lijiang Mu’s Tusi Yamen. It is located at the foot of Lion Mountain in Lijiang Ancient City and is the “Grand View Garden” of Lijiang Ancient City culture. The entire building complex faces east and west and is a brilliant garden of architectural art. The residence of the chieftain Mu of Lijiang in the past dynasties, its architecture combines the architectural style of the Central Plains of the Ming Dynasty and the craftsmanship of the Bai and Naxi people. It is a landmark of the ancient city.

Lijiang Sifang Street

Sifang Street is located in the center of Lijiang Ancient City, with convenient transportation and quiet alleys around it. It is said that it was built according to the shape of the seal of Chief Mu in the Ming Dynasty. This is the most important hub station on the Tea Horse Road. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, merchants from all over the world have gathered here, and the cultures of various ethnic groups have intersected and thrived here, making it the center of Lijiang’s economic and cultural exchanges.

How much does a trip to Lijiang cost? Travel prices in Lijiang, Yunnan

The scenic spots in Lijiang are super beautiful today. Today I will introduce to you how to charge for traveling in Lijiang. In fact, the cost of traveling to Lijiang is not very high, so it can be considered a budget and does not require too much. High tourist city.

Transportation in Lijiang

Lijiang can be said to be the transportation hub in the northwest of the town. The airport, railway and road transportation are relatively complete. When traveling to Lijiang, you can choose direct flights. There are direct flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chongqing, Hangzhou and other cities. For the route, you can also transfer in Kunming. It will be cheaper to book the air tickets in advance. Ticket price reference:

① Direct flight: about 800-2500 yuan, depending on which city the direct flight is from (if you depart from Shanghai and other places, buying air tickets in advance will be cheaper than high-speed rail tickets. Buying special air tickets in advance is cheaper than high-speed rail tickets)

② Generally, direct flights from other cities to Kunming are cheaper than direct flights. You can take the high-speed train from Kunming to Lijiang, which is more affordable. The ticket price is 220 yuan.

Local transportation costs

1. Transportation cost from Lijiang Airport to Lijiang Old Town:

① Airport bus: 20 yuan. It cannot go directly to the ancient city. To the Blue Sky Hotel, you can take a taxi to the ancient city for 7 yuan.

② Taxi: reference price is 80 yuan, no meter;

③Blue minivan: reference price is 80 yuan/car, which can generally seat 7 people;

④ Didi Taxi: Reference price is 80 yuan.

2. Cost from Lijiang Old Town to Lijiang Railway Station:

①Bus: No. 16, 1 yuan;

②Taxi: about 40 yuan, no meter;

③Van: 10 yuan/person;

④ Didi Taxi: About 24 yuan.

3. Cost from Kunming Railway Station to Kunming Changshui Airport:

① Airport bus: 25 yuan;

②Taxi: about 110 yuan;

③ Didi taxi: about 93 yuan.

Lijiang’s approximate consumption level

Things in Lijiang Old Town are relatively expensive, but consumption in the new urban areas outside the ancient city is relatively low. The cost of restaurants in Lijiang Old Town is about 100 yuan per person, and the cost of accommodation in the off-season is about 200 yuan. In the peak season, the price is even 5% higher than usual. About 10%.

1. Accommodation costs in Lijiang

The accommodation conditions in Lijiang Old Town are pretty good, and there are many choices. There are cheap youth hostels, B&Bs priced at RMB 200 to RMB 300, and resort hotels priced at RMB 600-800. However, the most unique accommodation in Lijiang is the inn. Many tourists also choose to stay in inns.

2. Catering expenses in Lijiang

The most famous delicacies in Lijiang are hot pot and snacks. The more popular hot pots include cured pork ribs hot pot, potato chicken hot pot, black goat hot pot, fungus hot pot, and yak beef hot pot. The more popular snacks include chickpea jelly, Naxi grilled fish, and daddy. , Dongba barbecue, etc. Snacks are not expensive, 10,000 meters of chicken bean jelly is about 8 yuan, and 10,000 meters of noodles is still about 10 yuan. It will be cheaper in places further away from the center of the ancient city. There are many restaurants in Lijiang, including salmon (rainbow trout) restaurant, potato chicken hot pot, tilapia hot pot, wild mushroom hot pot, cured pork ribs hot pot, etc. The cost is 60-100 yuan.

Different gameplay, different budgets

In fact, there are different ways to go to Lijiang depending on the consumption, so friends can choose the appropriate scenic spots according to the scenic spots they want to go to.

1. Recommended if the budget is within 500

Play time: 2 days

Recommended destinations: Lijiang Ancient Town (1 day), Lashihai and Songcheng Eternal Love (1 day)

1. Lijiang Old Town

The scenery of Lijiang Old Town is good. You can go to see the scenery and take photos here, or try local specialties. Of course, Lijiang’s bars are indispensable. Lijiang’s bars are very famous and are divided into Naoba, Jingba and Huotang Bar. , as for the cost, it is probably about 100 yuan.

Tips: When traveling in Lijiang, you have to pay a city wall maintenance fee of 80 yuan. Some hotels charge it. Sometimes when you go to a certain scenic spot, you only need to pay it once. Remember to keep the receipt with you on time.

2. Lashihai

You can see different scenery in this scenic spot at different times according to the masonry union. In spring and summer, you can go to enjoy the flowers. In autumn, you can see a large number of cosmos. In winter, you can see a large number of migratory birds inhabiting the place for the winter. You can also go boating in Lashihai. It costs about three to four hundred yuan, and the price for a one-day tour is 160 yuan. One-day trip cost: about 160 yuan.

3. Songcheng

If you are interested in promoting Lijiang’s ethnic minority culture, you can go to see a performance of Songcheng’s Eternal Love. This performance is very shocking. In addition to the performance, Songcheng also has thrilling amusement facilities such as the big pendulum and free fall, as well as shocking The cost of real-life theaters and interactive performances such as Lieyan and Mufu Recruiting a Son-in-law is about 240 yuan.

Tips: The total cost of a 2-day trip to Lijiang: direct flight ticket (about 1800-2500) + accommodation (about 200) + catering (about 150) + airport fare to Lijiang Old Town (about 20) = 2170-2870, Lijiang Old Town (1 day: 100 yuan) + Lashihai (1 day: 319 yuan) ancient city maintenance fee (80) = 499 yuan

Total: about 2669-3369 yuan

How to save money on transportation, accommodation, and meals

When traveling, transportation and accommodation expenses generally account for a relatively high proportion. If you want to save transportation expenses, it is best to have enough time so that you can transfer in surrounding cities, such as going from Beijing to Lijiang. You can take a bus to Tianjin first, and then take off directly to Lijiang, which can save about 300 yuan.

Detailed guide to Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Blue Moon Valley one-day tour

Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Blue Moon Valley can actually be played together in a row. After all, they are very close to each other and are also well-known scenic spots in the same area. These places are one of the most famous tourist attractions in Yunnan, attracting a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists. Tourists come here for sightseeing. Here is a detailed one-day tour guide for you.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

1. These two scenic spots are together. Blue Moon Valley is at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. You can take a bus directly from the two scenic spots. You can play whichever one you play first, and the experience will be the same.

2. Price: What you must buy in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a ropeway ticket. There are three types of ropeways: large ropeway, medium ropeway, and small ropeway. As the name suggests, the big ropeway goes to a higher place, and so on, but the big ropeway, every day** *Supply, we registered directly online for the tour group, 520 yuan/person, including the performance of Impression Lijiang. The performance alone is 200 yuan+, which is equivalent to 300+ yuan for our trip to the snow mountain. It is very cost-effective. Book online in advance , it can be arranged.

3. Sign up for a group tour: I signed up for a group tour, which included tickets to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the Big Ropeway and the Blue Moon Valley. There is also a lunch, be sure not to book it from the innkeeper. There are several types of group tours. The most expensive one is the one that 100% has a ticket for the big ropeway. The second most expensive one is by grabbing, maybe there are people traveling with you. Grab some or not. It’s just embarrassing.

4. Cold-proof clothing is included in the tour. I personally feel that as long as you are not particularly afraid of the cold, you do not need cold-proof clothing, because if you want to reach the top of the mountain, you need to climb a certain distance and it will be very hot.

5. Oxygen. I personally haven’t used up a single can. Many people have brought many cans and haven’t used them up. It’s also provided in small groups, so you don’t have to be so afraid. Basically no one will suffer from severe hypersensitivity. As long as you don’t If you do strenuous exercise and don’t rush when climbing mountains, you’ll be fine. Also, don’t be pushy.

Blue Moon Valley

If there is paradise on earth, it must be Blue Moon Valley.

Browsing cars cost 50 per person.

If you have enough time but not enough energy, you can take a tour bus! The Blue Moon Valley is particularly beautiful to take pictures. You can take pictures while walking and play more. In the afternoon, the small group tour guide will return you to the ancient city of Lijiang in a commercial vehicle.

Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Blue Moon Valley one-day tour cost and guide

I am the one who signed up for the group tour. The one-day tour group that I reported to *** in advance is 440 yuan/person. The specific itinerary is as follows:

1. The driver picked us up at our place of residence at six o’clock in the morning. We lived next to Lijiang Old Town, which was quite easy to find. There were originally eight people in the car, including the two of us, but one couple seemed to be feeling unwell and didn’t come. However, we could get a full refund if we didn’t go.

2. The next step is to grab tickets. For the free group we signed up for, you have to grab the tickets for the big ropeway by yourself. Only the big ropeway can reach higher places, and other ropeways cannot. But you don’t have to pay for it yourself, it’s already included. Note: It’s hard to get tickets during holidays, so whether you’re going alone or in a group, you have to get them in advance, usually at seven in the morning.

3. After successfully purchasing the ticket, the master will give each person an oxygen bottle and a down jacket. The down jacket is red as shown in the picture above. It is quite warm and waterproof.

4. After arriving at the attraction, start queuing up to enter the station. You need to bring your ID card to enter the station, but if you forget to bring it, it doesn’t matter. You can enter your ID number to enter, and a bus will take you directly to the ropeway. Then the ropeway reaches a height of 4506 meters. To reach a higher point, you need to hike more than 100 meters.

5. When you arrive, it’s up to you how to climb and have fun. Anyway, there is no tour guide to follow you. Wear a down jacket and bring an oxygen bottle to climb up. If you feel uncomfortable, take your time. My boyfriend and I both Fortunately, one bottle of oxygen was not used up.

6. After checking in, you will arrive at Blue Moon Valley. There will also be a bus going directly to Blue Moon Valley after coming down from the ropeway. The bus will stop at two stops in total. Just remember that the final stop is Blue Moon Valley.

7. Because the package includes a lunch, the tour guide was afraid that we would be hungry at first, so he arranged to eat after visiting Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. But in the end, we ate after visiting Blue Moon Valley. Overall, it was quite tiring and it was raining. , so I visited the lower reaches of Blue Moon Valley, but did not go upstream on the road. I thought that the lake should be almost gone. The lake is really beautiful. It is the first time I have seen such a blue lake.

8. Let’s talk about the delicious lunch. The cured pork ribs and native chicken hot pot is very filling and the soup is delicious. There are six of us at a table. We are very happy with the meal. We can also refill for free, so I think it is a great value. After eating, take a rest. After a while, the driver took us back, and the trip ended around 3 o’clock.

The tour fee of 440 yuan includes the following:

Entry fee: 100 yuan/person for National People’s Congress Ropeway + sightseeing ticket: 140 yuan/person

One lunch, a down jacket, an oxygen bottle, and free pick-up and drop-off service.

If you don’t sign up for a group tour, the total would probably be more than 7,788, so I personally suggest that it’s really worry-free to join a group tour.

Lijiang Ninglang one-day tour beautiful scenery recommendation

The scenery in Ninglang, Lijiang, is unique. There are mountains, rivers and cruise ships. It is a good choice for self-driving tours. The tourism resources are very rich and the ethnic customs are gorgeous. Let’s take a look at the attractions here that are worth visiting. Bar!

lugu lake

There are not many entertainment projects in Lugu Lake. In the evening, there are bonfire parties in Daluoshui, Xiaoluoshui, Zhudi, and Zhishuang. There are bars and barbecues by the lake, and there is nothing to do. There are several typical attractions that you must visit when traveling around the lake: 1. Daluoshui Pier to Sanjiacun Lakeside Plank Road 2. Lige Observation Deck to Lige Peninsula 3. Caohai Walking Wedding Bridge. Several other areas with high playability can be selectively played: 1. Take the ropeway from Xiaoluoshui to Gemu Goddess Mountain 2. Hiking the Goddess Bay Plank Road and rowing to Princess Island 3. One of the viewing platforms of Lugu Lake in Lijiang Looking over Lugu Lake


Yaoshan is named after the prolific production of Chinese herbal medicines in the mountains. It governs the four townships of Ningli, Hongqiao, Cuiyi, and Jinmian. There are lakes, mysterious stone forests, plateau meadows, wild yaks, thousand-year-old trees, and thousands of acres of rhododendrons in the mountains. The beautiful natural scenery such as the sea of ​​flowers is isolated from the rest of the world and rarely known to anyone.

Jiyi Cave Scenic Area

Jiyi Cave has rich and strange landscapes. The cave is spacious and lined with stalactites. It is so spectacular that it can be called an underground maze. The scenery is so beautiful, so beautiful. Some of them are green-brown, some are golden, and resplendent. Most of them are three-dimensional stone pillars, stalagmites, and stone flowers that grow at the bottom of the cave or hang upside down in the air.

Asha’s Valley

Located at the intersection of Sanjia Village, it is quiet and far-reaching. It takes about an hour to go up the mountain. The road is slightly bumpy. In order not to leave too many regrets, I went to the Axia Valley in Yunnan alone. It is generally quiet here, and every inch of land has magical charm… This used to be a holy place for Mosuo people to offer sacrifices and pray for blessings.

Yongning Hot Spring

The authentic and original hot spring at the foot of Yongning Mountain. There is a spring water with a good temperature on the roadside. It is very clear. Relatively speaking, the hardware is a bit weak. It is in the hot spring village and costs 5 to 10 yuan! It is also the starting point for hiking in Daocheng Yading! Not many people go here, and it is relatively remote. Most people go back to Lijiang after walking through Lugu Lake. I read that there is hydrogen sulfide in the water here, which is good for the human body. If you have time, you might as well give it a try.

Zamei Temple

It is a very old temple with a sense of history. There are usually fewer people unless it is a major festival. What you can feel after entering is not the monks’ eagerness for quick success, but a simple and gentle blessing and sharing. A typical Tibetan Buddhist style temple. The murals in the temple are wonderful and artistic. They contain various religious themes and are full of rich Indo-Tibetan style.

Needless to say, the scenery here is also simple, and the culture here is also simple. When visiting here, you should immerse yourself in nature!

Better travel routes to Lijiang, Yunnan

Better travel routes to Lijiang, Yunnan

Introduction: Everyone who has been to Yunnanyi knows that there is a street paved with bluestones. On this street, officials once lived, troops were stationed, and caravans rested. It was once bustling with traffic, people coming and going, and it was very lively. . Let’s take a look at the content of better travel routes in Lijiang, Yunnan that I have compiled for you below.

1. Kunming-Xishuangbanna-China and Myanmar

Xishuangbanna is the only remaining oasis on the Tropic of Cancer in the world and the only preserved tropical forest area in China. She is beautiful, rich and magical, like a bright pearl embedded in the southwestern border of the motherland. It is a national key scenic spot! National culture, ethnic customs, tropical rain forests, ornamental plants, wild animals and other natural and cultural landscapes are integrated into one.

Attractions along the route:

Xishuangbanna: Dai Morning Market, Dai Village, Menglun Botanical Garden, Banna Primeval Forest Park, Dai Water Splashing, Dai Song and Dance Performance

China and Myanmar: Dalok Forest, Jingzhen Octagonal Pavilion, Border Trade Market, National Gate, Boundary Monument, outbound tour of Wat Pho, Peace Pagoda, Shwedagon Pagoda, drug rehabilitation exhibition, transvestite performance

2. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain—Shangri-La—Tiger Leaping Gorge

one day

One-day trip to Lijiang, departure at 9 am, a very leisurely day. On the way to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, I accidentally walked into Yuhu Village at the foot of the mountain and started chatting with local villager Chen Minglin. He said that the snow line of Yulong Snow Mountain has been rising, and there is not much snow anymore. The snow-covered peaks are at the eighth and ninth peaks, and tourists can only see a few from a distance by taking the cable car. So I followed Chen Minglin to the meadow by the village and had a meal of Naxi farm food at his house for noon. In the afternoon, we went to Shuhe Ancient Street and visited the Ancient Town Museum. I have to say that Shuhe is much quieter than Lijiang and does not have such a strong commercial atmosphere, making it suitable for vacation.

the next day

Lijiang to Shangri-La, departure at 10:30 in the morning and arriving in Shangri-La at 6:30 in the afternoon. I basically drove on the road today, passing through a bend of the Yangtze River, the Upper Tiger Leaping Gorge, the Shangri-La Grand Canyon and plateau meadows. A full day’s driving distance of 200 kilometers. After getting off the car, we went for a walk to Tiger Leaping Gorge. It takes about three days to hike the entire Upper Tiger Leaping, Middle Tiger Leaping and Lower Tiger Leaping Gorge. We joined a local guided tour. The tour guide was a Tibetan guy who was very experienced. He took us on a hiking route that was not very dangerous and allowed us to see the majesty of Tiger Leaping Gorge. Tickets for Tiger Leaping Gorge are 58 yuan on normal days, with discounts available on holidays.

3. Kunming-Dali-Lijiang Shangri-La

This is a relatively classic route among Yunnan tourist routes. The traffic on this route is very developed, and the tourist information is very open. If you ask any local, they will be good information providers and guides. The natural scenery and folk customs are integrated, fully demonstrating the magic and beauty of Yunnan.

Attractions along the route:

Dali: Erhai Lake, Nanzhao Customs Island, Xiao Putuo, Guanyin Pavilion, Cangshan Mountain, Qingbi Stream, Dali Ancient City, Foreigner Street

Lijiang: Ancient City Sifang Street, Black Dragon Pond, Yunshanping, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Shuhe, Baisha Village

Shangri-La: One Bay of the Yangtze River, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Zhongdian Pudacuo National Forest Park and Buddhist Holy Land-Songzanlin Temple

Scenic spot tickets:

Lijiang: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain package + Impression Lijiang live performance 270 yuan, Yunshanping Cableway 77 yuan, Glacier Park Cableway 180 yuan, environmentally friendly vehicle in the scenic area 20 yuan, Lijiang Old Town maintenance fee 80 yuan, Tiger Leaping Gorge Scenic Area 65 yuan, Impression Lijiang live performance Performance 190 yuan, Lugu Lake Scenic Area 100 yuan

Diqing: Pudacuo National Park 258 yuan, Shika Snow Mountain package 270 yuan, Gadan Songzan Forest Scenic Area 115 yuan, Meili Snow Mountain Feilai Temple package 150 yuan, Meili Snow Mountain Mingyong Glacier package 228 yuan, Yubeng Package ticket 230 yuan

Dali: Chongsheng Temple Three Pagodas 121 yuan, Erhai Lake Cruise 142 yuan, Butterfly Spring 60 yuan, Tianlong

Babu Film and Television City is 52 yuan, Jizu Mountain is 215 yuan, Dali Ancient City maintenance fee is 30 yuan

Reference price quotation for route cost for a group of more than 16 people (excluding air tickets within and outside the province):

Lijiang Snow Mountain Glacier Cableway One-Day Tour: Regular season price 555 yuan/person Spring Festival price 570 yuan/person (includes Jade Dragon Snow Mountain package + Impression Lijiang live performance, glacier cableway, scenic environmentally friendly vehicle, meals, transportation, and comprehensive fees)

Lijiang Snow Mountain Yunshanping Cableway One-day Tour: Regular season price 452 yuan/person Spring Festival price 467 yuan/person (including Jade Dragon Snow Mountain package + Impression Lijiang live performance, Yunshanping Cableway, scenic environmentally friendly car, meals, transportation, Comprehensive fee)


1. The above prices will rise accordingly according to market supply and demand during the period from June 20th to August 20th, the Spring Festival Golden Week, the National Day Golden Week and various national festivals.

2. For teams with less than 16 people, the price will rise accordingly based on the actual number of people.

3. The above cost price provides 2-star hotel accommodation, air-conditioned tourist buses, meals for the tourist group, and certified tour guide services.


What are the must-visit attractions in Lijiang and how to avoid them?

Lijiang is a famous tourist city with many must-see attractions. We recommend Yunnan Jade Dragon Snow Mountain not to be missed. Here, there are many unique natural landscapes. Two years ago, I visited Jade Dragon Snow Mountain once with a group. My biggest impression was: the fresh air, beautiful scenery, and towering peaks are worth visiting. Next, come with me and take a look~

Yunnan Jade Dragon Snow Mountain


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a group of snow mountains in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, bounded by Lijiang Ming Highway in the east, Tiger Leaping Gorge in the west, Yuhu Lake in the south, and the entrance of Dajuxia Tiger Leaping Gorge in the north. The 13 peaks of the mountain are arranged vertically from south to north, which is very spectacular.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is an important distribution area of ​​biodiversity in northwest Yunnan. It is also one of the important transition areas connecting the vegetation distribution between northwest Yunnan and central Yunnan. It can be divided into 4 community types, namely: Yunnan pine forest community, Lijiang spruce forest community, large-fruited redwood forest community and fir forest community.

[Attraction Location] Within the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain National Scenic Area, 15 kilometers away from Yulong Naxi Autonomous County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province

[Tickets] Adult ticket 100 yuan/person

【Traffic routes】

Traffic in the city:

The transportation in the scenic area is more convenient. You can choose to charter a car or take a special bus or bus to go there. The shuttle bus from Lijiang to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain takes bus No. 7 near Red Sun Square and costs 15 yuan per person.

Scenic area transportation:

Environmentally friendly vehicles in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area cost 20 yuan per person and can reach the Glacier Park, Blue Moon Valley, Yunshanping, and Maoniuping scenic spots in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Departure time from Maoniuping is: 8:30-15:00, every 30 minutes.

[Recommended tour items]

(1) Ganhaizi

Ganhaizi is located at the east foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It was originally an alpine ice-eroded lake. Later, due to the rising snow line, the water accumulation decreased and even dried up. It is known as “Ganhaizi”. Ganhaizi is a plateau meadow surrounded by mountains on three sides. It allows you to have a panoramic view of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The entire large meadow is about 4 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide, and is covered with dense pasture and low shrubs. It has the longest fairway in the world, the highest altitude in Asia, and the only golf course at the foot of a snow-capped mountain.

(2) Impression of Lijiang

Impression Lijiang Theater is located in Ganhaizi, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, with the majestic peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain as its natural background. Impression of Lijiang is an original daytime live-action performance co-directed by directors Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge, and Fan Yue. The whole play is divided into “Ancient Road Caravan”, “Drinking Snow Mountain”, “Heaven and Earth”, “Dance Song”, ” There are six parts: “Inspiring to Worship Heaven” and “Prayer Ceremony”.

(3) Yunshanping

Yunshanping is an alpine meadow halfway up the main peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It is called “Youwu Pavilion” in native dialect, which means “the place where love dies.” A holy place in the hearts of the Naxi people. Yunshanping is called “Wulu Youcui Pavilion” in Naxi language.

(4) Blue Moon Valley

Blue Moon Valley Scenic Area is the former “Baishui River” Scenic Area, located in the valley to the north of Ganhaizi at the eastern foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and south of Yunshanping. After the eternal ice and snow from the snow-capped mountains and glaciers melted, they flowed down the cliffs and continuously gathered into mountain streams and streams. Finally, a crystal clear and extremely sweet river was formed in the deep valley upstream of the Blue Moon Valley because the river bed is made of white limestone. , making the entire river appear white and extremely pure, hence the name “White Water River”. The reason why it is called “Blue Moon Valley” is because on a sunny day, the color of the water is blue, and the valley is crescent-shaped. From a distance, it looks like a blue moon embedded at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, so it is called Blue Moon. valley.

[Recommended travel routes]

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Lijiang – Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Ganhaizi) – Glacier Park – Blue Moon Valley – Yunshanping – Impression of Lijiang.

Snowy waterscape tour: Glacier Park-Blue Moon Valley-Yushui Village

【Avoid pits***】

1. Never rent down jackets, there is no need to spend extra money. It’s enough to bring a cotton-padded jacket or down jacket, and it won’t be too cold, because the weather changes quickly, and it may be cold and hot.

2. Never buy an oxygen tank. It is not recommended for men aged 20 to 40 years old. If you really need it, one for 3 to 5 people is enough. Also, there is no difference between 15 yuan and 60 yuan for oxygen, so don’t waste your money.