Xujiahuiyuan Scenic Area (Official website of Xujiahuiyuan Scenic Area)

Introduction: Xujiahuiyuan Scenic Area (official website of Xujiahuiyuan Scenic Area) Where is Xujiahuiyuan (rated as a 4A scenic spot)? What are the free attractions for Shanghai tourists on May Day? Xuhui District Attractions Shanghai Xujiahui One-day Tour Guide Shanghai’s latest free attractions Strategy

Where is Xujiahuiyuan (rated as a 4A scenic spot)?

1. Overview of the main attractions in Xujiahuiyuan Xujiahui Catholic Cathedral in Shanghai, with its Gothic twin towers, is known as “one of the cathedrals in the Far East”. Xujiahui Observatory, built in 1872, is one of the observatories along the coast of China. Meteorological observations have never been interrupted for 140 years.

2. The 88th-floor observation hall of Jin Mao Tower is located in Shanghai, China. It is 340.1 meters high and covers an area of ​​1,520 square meters. It is currently the largest observation hall in China. It is among the first batch of 4A tourist attractions in the country.

3. A: Shanghai Langxia Country Park Scenic Area Shanghai Langxia Country Park Scenic Area is known as one of the seven largest country parks in Shanghai. It includes Langxia Ecological Park, 6,000 acres of conservation forest, 800 acres of sweet-scented osmanthus forest, 10,000 acres of grain fields, redbud forests, characteristic villages, etc.

What are the free attractions for tourists in Shanghai during May Day?

The Bund The Bund is a famous attraction in Shanghai and the most shining gem on the Shanghai coast. From here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Yangtze River foreshore, and overlook the spectacular high-rise buildings such as the Oriental Pearl Tower and Jin Mao Tower. Every weekend night, the Bund also holds a super fireworks show, attracting thousands of tourists to watch.

The Bund The Bund is one of the more representative tourist attractions in Shanghai, attracting a large number of tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery both during the day and at night.

It is one of the must-visit attractions in Shanghai. Tickets: Free Opening hours: All day Address: Huangpu District, Shanghai, about 5 kilometers from Waibaidu Bridge in the north to Jinling East Road in the south. The Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the tallest towers in Asia and one of the landmark buildings in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Museum has a rich collection and is suitable for those who like history. The China Art Palace was born after the World Expo, and its collection can be regarded as the top of the Chinese art world.

Xuhui District Attractions

1. When visiting Xuhui District, we recommend scenic spots such as Xujiahuiyuan Scenic Area, Shanghai Soong Ching Ling’s Former Residence, and Longhua Martyrs Cemetery. Other scenic spots such as Wukang Road, Xu Guangqi’s Tomb, and Guilin Park are also worth visiting.

2. By protecting and utilizing historical buildings, Xujiahui Park not only absorbs the essence of international gardens, but also inherits the style of classical Chinese gardens; its main attractions include the Old Town, New Generation, Memorial Chimney, Fountain of Hope, Landscape Overpass and Alongside Hengshan Road Garden, etc.

3. Address: Dong’an Park, No. 1008, Huaihai Middle Road, Xuhui District. The winter scenery spreads slowly in Dong’an Park. Visitors’ faces are filled with relaxed and comfortable smiles. Children play to their heart’s content in the children’s paradise, including the clear-water Cuizhu Lake, fish pond, and mountain spring. Streams, wall springs and other scenic spots are distributed in various courtyards, forming beautiful three-dimensional pictures.

4. Longhua Pagoda: Located in Xuhui District, Shanghai, Longhua Pagoda, known as the “Crown of Pagodas” in Shanghai, is established opposite Longhua Temple. It is said that the Longhua Pagoda was built in the 10th year of Chiwu Year (247) in the Eastern Wu Dynasty. It was built by Wu Sunquan, who was awarded “Longhua” and used the five-color Buddha relics invited by Zhu Kangju Monk Association.

5. Shanghai Oil Tank Park Shanghai Oil Tank Park is a scenic spot that is very suitable for taking pictures. It is located at the intersection of Longyao Road and Longteng Avenue in Xuhui District, Shanghai. There are large reed fields here and this one The black and white round oil tank building is very artistic in autumn, when the autumn wind rustles and the reeds sway.

6. Next, the editor will recommend to you those scenic spots hidden in the city.

One-day tour guide to Xujiahui, Shanghai

The eight classic routes focus on shopping Xujiahui-Huaihai Road – a one-day tour of boutique shopping in Shanghai. The must-visit places are: Xujiahui, Xujiahui Catholic Church, and Huaihai Road (east, middle and west).

Xujiahui Catholic Church – the largest European-style church in Shanghai. Next, go to Xujiahui Catholic Church (take Metro Line 1, Huangpi South Road Station → Xujiahui Station). With red brick walls and two towering bell towers, this Gothic building is in The bustling Xujiahui business district is very eye-catching.

Go east to the New Bund, take photos, and play. Then walk back along Nanjing Road to Henan Middle Road, take Metro Line 2 toward Pudong, get off at Lujiazui, and go up to the Oriental Pearl Exit to visit the Oriental Pearl Tower on the ground. Tower, take photos, and have lunch at the Zhengda Plaza near the Oriental Pearl Tower.

First of all, it is recommended to arrive in Shanghai the night before and settle down near Xujiahui, have a good night’s rest, and then a fulfilling and interesting day is about to begin. The first planned attractions to visit include Longhua Temple, Old Town God’s Temple, Yu Garden, Shanghai Museum, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, The Bund, and the Oriental Pearl Tower.

A complete guide to Shanghai’s newest free attractions

1. City God’s Temple City God’s Temple is a temple and one of the most famous tourist attractions in Shanghai. It not only has the antique charm of wall tiles and wood carvings, but also has many delicacies and handicrafts, which is very suitable for cultural and artistic tours.

2. Auto Expo Park Shanghai Auto Expo Park is located in Shanghai Automobile City, Anting, Jiading District, Shanghai. Take Metro Line 11 to Shanghai Automobile City, which is within walking distance. In addition to the pleasant scenery, the Shanghai Automobile Museum and Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center are also located in the park.

3. Free attractions in Shanghai include Shanghai History Museum, Sinan Mansion, Disney Town, The Bund, etc. Sinan Mansion is one of the few projects in the center of Shanghai that aims to preserve and protect a large number of garden houses. With 51 historic garden houses, it is a concentration of modern residential buildings in Shanghai.

4. Zhujiajiao Ancient Town (tickets are free, some attractions inside are charged) Wu Nong Ruanyu, waterside pavilions, carved beams and painted buildings. The fireworks and leisure preserved in the ancient town for 1,700 years are the most suitable for relaxing. As the most well-preserved ancient water town in Shanghai, Zhujiajiao attracts visitors from all over the world.