What do you think of the current and future development of Jiaozhou, Qingdao City?

Qingdao Jiaozhou is now developing rapidly. Qingdao will be integrated into Qingdao in the future and has broad development prospects.

Jiaozhou is developing rapidly now. Jiaodong International Airport is accelerating its construction and will be completed, delivered and put into use in 2019. Jiaodong International Airport has very high standards, comparable to Capital International Airport. Its opening will greatly promote the development of aviation-related industries in Jiaozhou and even Qingdao.

The construction of Metro Line 8 is also accelerating, and there are other planned metro lines in Jiaozhou that will connect Jiaozhou and Qingdao urban areas, further improving Jiaozhou’s transportation convenience.

Qingdao University has planned a new campus in Jiaozhou Economic Development Zone. The arrival of Qingdao University will further promote the development of education, real estate and other related industries in Jiaozhou.

Jimo has been divided into districts, and Jiaozhou is part of Jiaozhou Bay. If Jiaozhou is divided into districts, the urban areas of Qingdao will be connected together and develop better together. The possibility of Jiaozhou being divided into districts is still relatively high.

According to the development plan of Qingdao’s Three Bays and Three Cities, Qingdao will focus on developing three key urban regional centers: Jiaozhou Bay, Lingshan Bay, and Aoshan Bay. Jiaozhou is part of the urban regional development of Jiaozhou Bay and is also a closed loop of the development of Jiaozhou Bay. The future development of Jiaozhou will be along with the development of Jiaozhou Bay and has broad prospects.

The average housing price in Jiaozhou now ranges from more than 9,000 to more than 10,000. Compared with before 2017, housing prices have more than doubled, and housing prices are already very high.

Jiaozhou currently has few sea areas, airports, and economic development zones. It has many houses and few supporting facilities, but its housing prices are very high. There are many new houses sold in Jiaozhou, but the transaction volume of second-hand houses in Jiaozhou is very low, and it is difficult to sell second-hand houses. Therefore, the time cost of investing in buying a house in Jiaozhou is very high, and the risks of investing in buying a house are also very high.

Since there is no purchase restriction in Jiaozhou now, there is a lot of demand for investment and housing in Jiaozhou from other places, and housing prices are likely to rise. However, while the demand for investment in buying houses has increased housing prices in Jiaozhou, it has also increased the risks of buying houses in Jiaozhou. If Jiaozhou restricts home purchases, housing prices are likely to drop.

Therefore, Jiaozhou is developing rapidly now and its future development prospects are also very broad. Jiaozhou is developing now and in the future, but the current investment risk in buying a house in Jiaozhou is very high. Please be cautious when investing in buying a house.

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