Dandong Tourist Attractions and Hotels’ Eleven Quotations, Dandong Travel Guide, Must-Go Attractions and Fees

Introduction: Dandong tourist attractions hotel eleven quotations Dandong travel guide must-see attractions and fees 1. Dandong travel guide must-see attractions and fees 2. Dandong travel guide 3. Dandong city travel guide must-see attractions 4. Dandong travel guide recommended attractions 5. Ticket prices for Dandong tourist attractions 6. Free attractions in Dandong 7. Tickets for Dandong tourist attractions 8. Dandong one-day travel guide

1. Dandong travel guide, must-see attractions and expenses

Go directly to Broken Bridge, then along the river road to Hushan Great Wall and Hekou, rush to Dongtang Hot Spring in the evening, and return to Fenghuang Mountain in the afternoon. It is not tiring and comprehensive. If you travel by car, the maximum cost is 2,000

2. Dandong travel guide




Method/Step 1:

Choose to take the highway.

Dandong is located in the east of Liaoning, and Dalian is in the south of Liaoning. Therefore, Dalian and Dandong can be connected by expressways. Take the Shenhai Expressway and then transfer to the Danda Expressway. Since there are only two rows of roads, you must pay attention to your speed and keep a distance between vehicles.

Method/Step 2:

You can stop at Zhuanghe on the way.

Zhuanghe also has many beautiful scenery to try, so if we have time, we should be able to go to Zhuanghe, such as Bingyu Valley, Buyun Mountain and other famous tourist attractions, and then go to Dandong. .

Method/Step 3:

Choose to go in spring or autumn.

Dandong and Dalian are both northern cities, with hotter winters and colder summers. Therefore, it is best to visit Dandong in spring or autumn when the weather is suitable. In autumn, you can also eat more Dandong seafood, so it is also a good choice.

Method/Step 4:

Choose a hotel by the river.

If you choose to travel by car, it is also difficult to return on the same day. Therefore, you should arrange a two-day trip and book a riverside hotel in advance. This way, it will not be too far after the trip. Especially during the peak tourist season, you must be prepared in advance. .

Method/Step 5:

Yalu River Park Scenic Area.

In fact, when we go to Dandong, the most important scenic spot we should visit is the Yalu River Scenic Area, where there are broken bridges, the China-Korea Friendship Bridge, and riverside parks. Here, you can learn about the construction of bridges at that time and the subsequent historical events of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea.

Method/Step 6:

Go to Jinjiangshan Park to play.

There is a very large mountain park in Dandong that is also open to the public free of charge. It is Jinjiang Mountain Park. There are many adults and children playing together here. You can see various small animals and climb mountains. It not only exercises your body but also broadens your horizons.

Method/Step 7:

Visit the Hushan Great Wall Scenic Area.

There is also a section of the Great Wall in Dandong, and it is a very famous Great Wall, called the Hushan Great Wall. This is the easternmost end of the Great Wall. It has beautiful scenery and majestic momentum. You can reach this place by walking eastward along the river to reach the Great Wall. At the top, you can enjoy the view of North Korea.

3. Must-visit tourist attractions in Dandong

Dandong, the most beautiful border city in China

Attractions: China’s famous adventure mountain – Phoenix Mountain; the place where peach blossoms bloom – Hekou; the fairyland on earth – Qingshangou; the most beautiful mountain – Tianhua Mountain; the resort for millions of migratory birds – Yalu River Wetland; Shangri-La in the north – Green River Village; Buddhism Famous temple – Wulong Mountain; green water out of the flat lake – Taiping Bay; volcanic relics – Huangyi Mountain; the first village in Liaodong – Dali Shu; Oriental Hawaii – Dalu Island; the starting point of the eastern end of the Ming Great Wall – Hushan Great Wall ;China-North Korea Friendship Bridge–Yalu River Bridge; China-North Korea Boundary River Pearl–Moon Island

The first of eight scenic spots in Northeast China–Jinjiang Mountain

Of course, if you want to visit all the beautiful places in Dandong, you won’t be able to see them all in less than five or six days.

4. Dandong travel guide and recommended attractions

1. In Dandong City, you can go to the Broken Bridge on the Yalu River, the Yalu River Cruise, the Memorial Hall to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, and Wulongbei Hot Spring (super comfortable)

2. You can go back and forth from Dandong in one day: Hushan Great Wall (the eastern starting point of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty, spanning Dandong and North Korea in one step), Hekou (Korean Custom Village), Wulong Mountain (the largest temple in the three northeastern provinces), Phoenix Mountain (national tourist area) ) Tianhua Mountain (super beautiful, national AAAA tourist area), Huangyi Mountain (the best place for rafting), Dalishu Scenic Area

3. It takes two days: Qingshangou (one of the top ten pollution-free places suitable for human habitation in the world, the scenery is particularly beautiful), Dalu Island (the location of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894, seaside), Zhangdao (a beautiful seaside island), Tianqiaogou

5. Ticket prices for Dandong tourist attractions

Tickets for Sun Island: 30 yuan

Adult fare: 30 yuan; Child fare: 15 yuan; Student fare: 15 yuan;

Half price for seniors over 60 years old with valid ID;

Seniors over 70 years old are free of charge with valid ID.

6. Free attractions in Dandong

Nowadays, beauty salons are recruiting apprentices, so just go to the beauty salon to sign up!

7. Dandong tourist attraction tickets

Tickets to the Dandong Memorial Hall to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea are free

8. Dandong one-day travel guide

A one-day trip to North Korea costs 750 yuan, and the one that costs more than 100 yuan takes you on a cruise in Dandong, but you cannot go to North Korea at all. Prices for three or four-day tours vary depending on the itinerary you take and the hotel you stay in. But when going to North Korea, you must go with a tour group.