Group purchase of Hong Kong one-day tour. I saw group purchase of Hong Kong one-day tour route on the website of China Youth International Travel Service. Is it trustworthy?

Introduction: Group purchase of Hong Kong one-day tour. I saw group purchase of Hong Kong one-day tour route on the website of China Youth International Travel Service. Is it trustworthy? A one-day trip to Hong Kong. This group purchase costs 15 yuan. Is there any group purchase for a one-day trip to Hong Kong? I heard from, the originator of group buying in the United States, that I saw group buying of Hong Kong one-day tour routes on the website of National Youth International Travel Service. Is it credible? How many days are suitable for traveling to Hong Kong? What are the fun things to do in Hong Kong? Regarding Hong Kong tour group buying, is it good to travel to Hong Kong? How much does it cost to travel to Hong Kong? It is the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China. Where can I find the cheaper Hong Kong tour group buying?

A one-day trip to Hong Kong. This group purchase costs 15 yuan. Is there any group purchase for a one-day trip to Hong Kong? It’s from Gaopeng. I heard it’s the mainland company that originated the group buying in the United States.

I heard that Gaopeng is pretty good. Gaopeng is quite famous now…

But fifteen yuan is too unreliable. Last time we went, it seemed that the tip was one hundred plus fifty.

It is recommended that you choose one like this. It is too cheap and it will not be worthwhile to have fun at that time. It doesn’t cost much anyway.

I saw a group purchase of a one-day trip to Hong Kong on the website of National Youth and International Travel Service. Is it trustworthy?

This company is very good for Hong Kong tours. I can trust them. I have taken their tours to Hong Kong and Macau! hehe!

How many days are suitable for traveling to Hong Kong? What is there to do in Hong Kong?

To travel to Hong Kong, you need to apply for a Hong Kong and Macau pass. You can only stay in Hong Kong for 7 days. Top ten tourist attractions in Hong Kong (1): Victoria Peak

Hong Kong’s urban landscape is extremely unique. Hong Kong may be the city with the highest concentration of high-rise buildings in the world. When looking for the most ideal place to view the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, located on the higher point of Hong Kong Island, may be the most worthy of recommendation. Because there are millions of people living under the Peak, after nightfall, the lights of millions of homes can be seen, just like tens of thousands of Christmas trees hung with light bulbs. Such a dazzling night scene, no other place can compare with it.

Hong Kong’s top ten tourist attractions (2): Avenue of Stars

The Avenue of Stars is located between the Space Museum and the InterContinental Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. Under the reflection of the lights of the high-rise buildings on both sides of the Victoria Harbor, the goddess of the Hong Kong Film Awards witnesses the shining stars. The Avenue of Stars, which symbolizes Hong Kong as the Hollywood of the East, is definitely not to be missed. Hong Kong tourist attractions. At night, this is also a good place for Symphony of Lights and laser water curtain shows.

Hong Kong’s top ten tourist attractions (3): Repulse Bay


Repulse Bay not only has charming sunshine, sea and sandy beaches, but also colonial-style houses and elegant and unique residential areas. As the sun sets in the west, you can peacefully experience the intoxicating dusk in the busy city.

Hong Kong’s top ten tourist attractions (4): Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park does not have the world’s largest aquarium, nor is it the world’s largest amusement park, but Hong Kong Ocean Park may be the happiest ocean-themed amusement park in the world in everyone’s eyes. In addition to the interesting dolphin and sea lion performances, there is also a marine exhibition hall with more than 250 species and more than 2,000 fish. Friends who like ***, the mobile game built on the winding mountain and the sea will definitely be exciting before you play it.

Hong Kong’s top ten tourist attractions (5): Open-air market

There are many open-air markets in cities around the world, but there are some open-air markets in Hong Kong that are not found elsewhere, such as Bird Garden (specializing in pet birds), Flower Market (specializing in potted flowers), Goldfish Street (specializing in aquatic pets), and Jade Market (specializes in jade), Temple Street (an evening hawker market with fortune tellers and Cantonese opera performances), Ladies Market (specializes in popular fashionable clothes and accessories. Especially the types of female accessories, which are not found in many open-air markets), Stanley Market (An open-air market near the beach full of leisure and Eastern and Western cultural atmosphere)

Top ten tourist attractions in Hong Kong (6): Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple may be the most religious temple in Hong Kong. Its appearance with red columns, golden roof, blue lintels and yellow grids can be regarded as a typical example of traditional Chinese temple architecture.

Top ten tourist attractions in Hong Kong (7): Aberdeen

Aberdeen is where Hong Kong’s fishing boats gather. The traditional fishing boats and the modern high-rise buildings that line the nearby mountainside form a strong contrast. Coupled with the traditional Chinese-style painted boat “Jumbo Seafood Boat”, the beautiful Chinese The fishing port is right in front of you.

Top ten tourist attractions in Hong Kong (8): Lantau Giant Buddha and Po Lin Temple

The Lantau Giant Buddha and Po Lin Temple are the largest outdoor metal Buddha statues in the world. They are also located on the top of the mountain. Only by experiencing them in person can you understand the grandeur.

Top ten tourist attractions in Hong Kong (9): Star Ferry

Victoria Harbor is one of the three most beautiful night views in the world, and the cheaper way to see Victoria Harbor 360** is to take the Star Ferry to travel between Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island.

Star Ferry fare (upper deck): HK$2.2

Recommended routes: Tsim Sha Tsui <–> Central and Tsim Sha Tsui <–> Wan Chai

Top ten tourist attractions (10): Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland, where Mandarin can be spoken, is the newest Disneyland in the world. Disney is certainly one of the top ten tourist attractions in Hong Kong.

About Hong Kong tour group buying

Hong Kong *** has issued many travel announcements to mainland residents, and travel agencies with less than 4,000 should consider it carefully.

Many travel agencies in the Mainland, in cooperation with Hong Kong’s shady travel agencies, specialize in compulsory shopping with zero group fees and low group fees. This has been repeated for a long time. Think about it for yourself.

Is the Hong Kong tour a group purchase good?

I advise you not to go. You can watch a newer Hong Kong drama called “How are you, Biao?” The situation in this tour is exactly the same as in it. You can take a look at the scenic spots. One place can be visited in ten minutes and a quarter, and you can eat there. The so-called six vegetables and one soup, five vegetables and one soup, are Chinese cabbage + cabbage + small meatballs + small salted fish that are too salty to eat + tomato scrambled eggs, etc. + a soup for washing the pot. I went with my mother once because she wanted to go, but I couldn’t bear to leave the group and go on my own! I really regret not taking a photo! I really should have filmed it to show everyone the horror!

The focus of this kind of tour is to take you shopping in the places designated by the tour group. Pay attention! It’s not Harbor City, it’s not Sogo in Causeway Bay, it’s not Landmark in Central, it’s not Citygate in Tung Chung, it’s not all big shopping malls, small shopping malls, discount stores, famous stores, big stores and small shops! They are so-called travel sponsors such as jewelry stores, watch stores, and chocolate stores. They sponsor you to eat, sleep, and travel on tour buses. So whether your stay at night is good or not depends on how much you buy. The more you buy, the better the stay. If you don’t have enough to buy, then stay at a teahouse! (I have to say it again, I really regret not taking a photo of the tour guide’s disgusting face and disgusting words.) Then I want to talk about this so-called jewelry store. I have never seen any colored jewelry and diamonds imported from Italy. I’ve never heard of a brand that I can’t even search on Baidu. As for the price, let me give you an example. I looked at a pair of the smallest rose gold earrings (maybe 18k or 14K, which are basically 750 or even (Lower) After the discount, it costs RMB 1,380. I called a friend, but he said it was too expensive and wouldn’t buy it. As a result, after I left the group, I found a pair of the same size in a Luk Fook store on Nathan Road. The almost identical love-shaped rose gold earrings are equivalent to RMB 384, a fraction of that! Moreover, there was no way to find the exit when entering this store. The exit was not the place to enter. Finally, I found the exit in a small corner on the second floor and managed to escape! I felt better after going shopping for a while, so I thought I might as well buy some, because if I didn’t buy it, the tour guide and the salesperson would keep scolding me, “I’ve never seen such a good thing before, so I’m so good at it.” ..I’ve never seen such a bad thing…” (This bunch of rubbish, I’ve never seen such rubbish, rubbish among rubbish, I’ve never seen such a bad thing…) I don’t remember so much, I thought I spoke Cantonese. We don’t understand… The people of HK are really embarrassed by these tour guides. Back to the topic, I later bought a crystal bracelet, which cost more than 800 yuan. I also bought citrine for daily wear, but it was not worth the price for this size. But after thinking about it, I bought it. Who would have known? When we got back to the car, the tour guide from Heilongjiang said to Ming Dafang, “Isn’t it shameful to buy something worth a few hundred yuan? If you want to be shameless, no one will buy at least 51,000 yuan…”…Then the tour guide looked fierce. Where to scold, please refer to the episode of “Old Biao, Hello Wild” for details.

I feel in a mess. It’s not that I have no money and no one can buy 51,000 yuan. The problem is that I have never been to HK. It’s not that I don’t know where to buy things. It’s not that I don’t know what I want to buy!

Continue talking, and then there are watches. The tour guide asked the driver to drive around in To Kwa Wan next to Kowloon City Road or next to Kowloon City Road in To Kwa Wan… just to tell us about her Italian gold watch. How about this, and how the chocolate below can lower blood pressure and nourish the brain… blah blah, I didn’t hear anything about it later anyway.

When I entered the watch store, I calmed down my anger just now and thought about buying some if possible, but. . . . The scene just started again. After entering, there are some brands, such as Longines, OMEGA… and so on. But you have to take a look. There are very few series and few styles. I just recommend the ones he has. The “Fortunate Time” watch… I went crazy, and then I saw sunglasses on the counter next to me. I thought I could buy this, so I went to check it out, and the result was. . . Chanel, D&G, Gucci, Balabala, all kinds of brands, there are less than 20 pairs in total, and they strongly recommended me to buy their “Shi Lai Lun Lun” brand sunglasses… Ask about the few big-name sunglasses left that I don’t know whether they are authentic or fake. The price is more than HKD 4,000, which is more than 3k in RMB. I would not buy a new model in Hang Lung for more than 3k and enjoy the comfortable service of the sales staff! I want to come to this hellish place like yours and be imprisoned and slaughtered! (Sure enough, I am quite knowledgeable about the market. On the day I left the group, I put away my luggage and wandered around the Miramar Shopping Center in Tsim Sha Tsui when I came across an optical shop. I can’t remember the name. All the big-name autumn and winter models in it were folded in half, such as DoubleC, Dior, etc. It’s only over a thousand Hong Kong dollars! Why should I?)

In this store, I was rushed back and forth by the tour guides again. I couldn’t stand listening to their various remarks, so I asked my friends in China to help me check the hotel information and the route back to Shenzhen online. It was about A few dozen minutes later, when I called the hotel I wanted to book to confirm the reservation information, as well as the route to cross the border on my own, etc., I swaggered to the tour guide and returned the pass to leave the group. (By the way, the tour guide kept holding our passes and refused to give them to us). In the next two and a half days, I changed my group tour to a self-guided tour, which wasted a lot of time, energy and money, and the most important thing was that I was very angry!

In that vivid TV series, I heard them call this “gueren group”, which means “robbing group of customers”. Qianwa, stop being taken advantage of!

Attached is a picture of the travel voucher and the itinerary, please refer to it yourself.

The domestic one is Kanghui Travel Agency, the Hong Kong one is called Leyao Travel Agency, the Northeastern female tour guide is called Zhao Min, and the private tour guide is called Lei Xiaohong. Tour guide number is TG-07471.

How much does it cost to travel to Hong Kong?

It depends on how long you live, how good the place is, etc., and whether you are shopping or playing?

Generally speaking, this is the case. The round trip fare based on departure from Shanghai is around 1,500-3,000. It usually takes 2-4 days to go. The visa is issued and taken with you, which is very convenient. If you want to go to attractions (Disney, etc.) It would cost about 1,000 yuan per attraction. (It’s not expensive to go to a small island)

It seems that the price of air tickets has increased now. It is estimated that it will be a little expensive to go. Add in the expenses of buying specialties there, etc., and it will cost about 10,000 yuan to go to Hong Kong.

Buying luxury goods and other items is extra.

If you want specific prices, you can ask the travel company.

The above are all prices in June, as well as group purchase prices from travel companies.

On the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, where is the cheapest Hong Kong travel group purchase? often launches related activities according to various festivals. In the past two days, they are holding activities to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return. On the Gaopeng Travel Channel Hong Kong page, all Hong Kong local group buying products are on sale, and you can get 1 for even lower prices.

50% off. Another thing that attracts netizens is that if you spend more than 100 yuan on a Hong Kong tour, you will also have the opportunity to get a free ticket from VIPs.

There are all kinds of local group buying products for food, accommodation and entertainment. Go and see for yourself, there is enough for you to choose from.