What is the closest attraction to Baofeng in Luoyang? What is the closest attraction to Baofeng in Luoyang?

Introduction: What is the closest attraction to Baofeng in Luoyang? Which is the closest attraction to Baofeng in Luoyang 1. Which is the closest attraction to Baofeng in Luoyang 2. Which city is the closest attraction to Baofeng in Luoyang 3. What is the closest attraction to Baofeng in Luoyang Which scenic spot is it? 4. Baofeng County to Luoyang 5. What are the scenic spots close to Luoyang 6. Where to take the bus from Baofeng to Luoyang 7. Which scenic spot is the closest to Baofeng in Luoyang 8. What is the most convenient way to get from Baofeng to Luoyang 9 . How far is it from Luoyang to Baofeng 10. Where are the nearest attractions in Luoyang?

1. Which tourist attraction is closest to Baofeng in Luoyang?

1. Go to the Yiyun Bus Station southeast of the train station, southeast of the big clock, and take the suburban minibus to Yichuan County. There are many buses and they are fast.

2. The taxi fare is about 80 yuan, not more than 100 yuan.

3. Take bus No. 62 to Guozhai, then go to Yichuan Bus Station and take No. 3. There are few buses and you need to wait patiently. You can also take the black minibus, which is also three yuan. There are more buses.

2. Which city is the closest tourist attraction to Baofeng in Luoyang?

Pingdingshan City.

Baofeng County, affiliated to Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, is located in the central and western part of Henan Province, with a total area of ​​722 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 9 towns, 3 townships, 1 office and 1 forest station. The county government is located in Chengguan Town. According to the seventh census data, as of 0:00 on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Baofeng County was 498,157.

In the second year of Xuanhe (1120), Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty, the county was named “Baofeng County” because there were liquor brewing, Ruguan porcelain firing, iron smelting workshops, etc. in the county at that time. It was rich in treasures and goods were prosperous. In 1983, Baofeng County was under the jurisdiction of Pingdingshan City. Baofeng County is located in the center of Zheng (Zhengzhou), Luo (Luoyang), Wan (Nanyang), and Luo (Luohe). The Jiao-Zhi Railway, Luo-Bao Railway, and the South-to-North Water Diversion Middle Line Canal pass through it. Baofeng County has been awarded the honorary title of national county-level civilized city nomination, garden county, national advanced county in cultural construction, and basically balanced compulsory education development county. It has honorary titles such as the National Sustainable Development Experimental Zone and the National Rap Culture (Baofeng) Ecological Protection Experimental Zone. Within the county, there are many red cultural relics and other tourist attractions such as the former site of Liu and Deng’s “Baofeng Conference” and the founding site of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.

In 2018, Baofeng County’s regional GDP reached 32.06 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.5%. Among them, the added value of the primary industry was 2.04 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.1%; the secondary industry’s added value was 17.21 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase. 3.8%, of which the industrial added value was 16.32 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.6%; the tertiary industry added value was 12.81 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.5%. The three industrial structures are 6.4:53.7:39.9.

3. Which scenic spot is closest to Baofeng in Luoyang?

The starting point of the Jiaozhi Railway is Yueshan Station in the west of Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. The line passes through Jiyuan, Luoyang, Baofeng, Nanyang, Henan Province, Xiangfan, Jingmen and other cities and counties in Hubei Province, and ends at Zhicheng Town, Yidu City, Hubei Province. The line intersects with Longhai, Xiangyu, Handan and other main railway lines, and crosses the Yellow River and Yangtze River. The total length of the line is 753 kilometers. Construction started in 1969 and was opened to traffic in July 1975.

4. Baofeng County to Luoyang

Dengfeng entry traffic

  1. Starting from Zhengzhou, you can go directly to Dengfeng along the Zhengshao Expressway or Henan 03 Line;

  2. Starting from Luoyang, you can reach Dengfeng along Shaoluo Expressway or National Highway 207;

  3. Starting from Pingdingshan, turn along the Xupingnan Expressway to Yongdeng High Speed ​​​​to reach Dengfeng;

  4. Starting from Xuchang, you can reach Dengfeng along the Yongdeng Expressway.

  Transportation from Dengfeng to various scenic spots

  1. Shaolin Temple Scenic Area: Dengfeng West Bus Station can be reached by taking the Dengfeng-Shaolin shuttle bus or westbound along National Highway 207;

  2. Zhongyue Temple Scenic Area: Take bus No. 2 from Dengfeng City and get off at Zhongyue Temple;

  3. Star Observation Deck Scenic Area: Take the Gaocheng shuttle bus from the south of Yangcheng Road to reach the scenic area;

  4. Songyang Academy Scenic Area: Take bus No. 2 in the city to the terminal, Songyang Academy;

  5. Luya Waterfall Scenic Area: Take bus No. 2 in the city to Hancun Station, and take a taxi to reach the scenic area;

  6. Taishi Mountain Scenic Area: Take bus No. 2 in the city to the terminal station Songyang Academy, take a taxi to the Taishi Mountain parking lot, and go up the mountain along the hiking trail;

  7. Shaoshi Mountain Scenic Area: Take bus No. 3 in the city or along National Highway 207 to Gengzhuang. You can reach the scenic area along the tourist highway;

  8. Fawang Temple Scenic Area: Take bus No. 2 in the city to the terminal station, Songyang Academy, and take a taxi to reach it;

  Transportation from Dengfeng to Tianji Farm

  1. Self-driving: Yongdeng Expressway → Zhengshaoluo Expressway → Dengfeng West (Ruzhou direction) exit → Drive high to the west end of Gengzhuang Bridge (you need to cross the river) → Sanhuangzhai Scenic Area Highway Entrance → Sanwangzhuang Village Square Big Stone Stele At the intersection (three forks) → turn left for 10 meters → turn right for 200 meters to the west → Tianji Farm. (There are only three expressways to Dengfeng: Zheng Shao, Luo Shao, and Yongdeng)

  2. Public transportation: Xinzheng Airport→Zhengzhou Civil Aviation Hotel (15 yuan by airport bus)→Zhengzhou Railway Station→Zhengzhou Passenger Transport Center Station (directly opposite the train station square)→Take the “Zhengzhou-Dengfeng” express bus (note: buy a ticket Don’t buy a ticket to the Shaolin Temple, but a ticket to Dengfeng. You can’t take the “Zhengzhou-Shaolin” minibus. You won’t be able to get to the Shaolin Temple by taking the 8:30 bus at noon) → Dengfeng Passenger Terminal → Tianji Private car transfer to the farm (call the farm 0371-62803166) → Tianfu Farm.

  Tourists all know: Visit Songshan and live in Tianji!

  Tianfu Garden is a large-scale manor that is the first brand of original ecological farmhouse in Songshan.

  Food, accommodation, picking, entertainment, etc., as well as exquisite gift purchases.

  The accommodation in Tianfu Garden is very affordable, especially during the Chinese New Year in 2011, it was discounted to 100 yuan, which is almost a four-star standard.

  Loyal and kind farmers, farmers, farming fun, farming fun!

5. What are the scenic spots close to Luoyang?

Visit Chongdu Water Town, see the waterfalls, green bamboos, taste the mountain and wild flavor, and stay in a farmhouse. The Chongdugou Scenic Area is located in the southwest of Tantou Town, Luanchuan County, and is located in the southwest of Tantou Town, Luanchuan County. It is 150 kilometers away from Luoyang City and 50 kilometers away from Luanchuan County. , Jiulongshan Hot Spring is 18 kilometers away. It is composed of Jinji River, Dicui River, Water Curtain Palace and other scenic spots. There are more than 200 scenic spots and a tourist area of ​​30 square kilometers. In the scenic area, there are lush forests and abundant grass, pheasants flying and deer roaring, flowers and fruits thick, and wild interest abounds.

There are strange trees and steep rocks, secluded caves and quiet pools, waterfalls and flowing springs, slanting rainbows around the mist, and hanging planks and ladders, all in an ancient style.

Jinji River and Dicui River are two perennial rivers with a minimum flow of 0.5 cubic meters per second. Even if the drought continues, the scorching summer is thousands of miles away, or the snow is covered with snow and the dripping water turns into ice in the middle of winter, the blue waves are still rolling in the scenic area, and the sound of the waterfall is loud. There are thousands of acres of bamboo forests in the scenic area, mostly growing along rivers and roads. The green bamboos are intertwined with the clear water, and the fat ducks and geese are playing. It has a curved water town scenery that is unique in the Central Plains. It was praised by the famous writer Zhang Yigong as “the high gorge with flying waterfalls hides secluded paths, and the green water and beautiful bamboos evoke the ancient sentiments”. “Look at the mountains and rivers vertically and the bamboos horizontally, and listen to the birds singing from above and the spring from below.”

6. Where does the bus from Baofeng to Luoyang sit?

Regular train.

The official name of z126 is Xiamen North to Lanzhou 126 direct express train. Therefore, z126 is a normal-speed train, while EMU trains and high-speed trains are named with d (dongche) g (gaotie) respectively.

z126 runs from Xiamen North Station (departs at 07:25) to Lanzhou Station (arrives at 12:08 the next day), stopping at Putian, Sanming North, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Wuchang, Xinyang, Luohe, Baofeng, Luoyang, Xi’an, and Baoji , Tianshui, Longxi and other stations.

7. Which tourist attraction is closest to Baofeng in Luoyang?

K237 is an express passenger train from Taiyuan Station to Shenzhen West Railway Station. It departs from Taiyuan Station at 23:19 and arrives at Shenzhen Station at 13.01 on the third day. The entire journey takes 37 hours and 42 minutes.

Passing through Taiyuan Station, Yuci Station, Pingyao Station, Jiexiu Station, Huozhou Station, Linfen Station, Houma Station, Yuncheng Station, Yongji Station, Fenglingdu Station, Mengyuan Station, Mianchi County, Yima Station, Luoyang Station, Baofeng Station, Pingdingshan Station, Luohe Station, Zhumadian Queshan Station, Xinyang Station Guangshui Xiaogan Wuchang Xianning Chibi Changsha Hengyang Chenzhou Shaoguan east Guangzhou Shenzhen west.

8. What is the most convenient way to get from Baofeng to Luoyang?

After you get off the train, first ask the Pingdingshanxi staff if there are still trains to Pingdingshan, because the train from Baofeng Station to Pingdingshan leaves around 5:30, and this section is often delayed. If not, you can take the 2 yuan train. It’s your turn to wait for the bus at the intersection on the west side of the bus station roundabout. (You can tell Sanlun the intersection to Pingdingshan.) Since there seems to be no shuttle bus from Baofeng to Pingdingshan at 6pm, you can only take Ruzhou or Luoyang back. There are no buses at Pingdingshan. Baofeng is about 30 kilometers away from Pingdingshan. The usual fare is about 6 yuan. Some drivers may ask you for 10 yuan at night. Don’t take the expressway. There are usually buses around eight o’clock. If there are really no buses, start from The taxi fare from Baofeng is only about 60 yuan. Or if you wait a little longer, there will be another train to Pingdingshan at 11:50 pm.

9. How far is it from Luoyang to Baofeng?

Driving route: The total distance is about 47.2 kilometers. Starting point: Lushan County 1. Start from the starting point in the east direction, drive along Laocheng Street for 390 meters, turn left into Mo Highway 2. Drive along Mo Highway for 880 meters, turn right into Renmin Road 3 .Drive along Renmin Road for 1.6 kilometers, go straight into Renmin Road 4. Drive along Renmin Road for 300 meters, at the 3rd exit, toward Baofeng, go straight into S2315. Drive along S231 for 2.3 kilometers, turn left 6. Drive for 1.7 kilometers, Towards Zhengzhou, turn slightly right and enter Lushan Overpass 7. Drive along Lushan Overpass for 330 meters and go straight into Zhengyao Expressway 8. Drive along Zhengyao Expressway for 17.5 kilometers towards Luoyang/G36/Luohe/Baofeng. Turn slightly right onto ramp 9. Drive along the ramp for 1.1 kilometers and go straight onto Ningluo Expressway. 10. Drive along Ningluo Expressway for 9.7 kilometers. At the exit of Pingdingshan New Town/Xiangshan Temple/Yaoshan Scenic Area/Jianshe Road, turn slightly right On the ramp 11. Drive along the ramp for 1.6 kilometers, turn right and enter Chang’an Avenue 12. Drive along Chang’an Avenue for 140 meters, turn slightly right into Jianshe Road 13. Drive along Jianshe Road for 8.3 kilometers, turn right into Zhongxing Road 14. Follow Zhongxing Road Drive 1.4 kilometers and reach the end point: Passenger Transport Center Station (new station)

10. Where are the nearest attractions in Luoyang?

1. In ancient times, there was a saying in Mangshan that someone was born in Suzhou and Hangzhou and was buried in Beimang. It is famous throughout the country.

2. Laojun Mountain, Laojun Mountain is a national 5A tourist attraction.

Scenic spot address: East of Luanchuan County, Luoyang City

Scenic spot tickets: 100 yuan/person (including Laojun Mountain, Dream Chaser Valley, and Zhaigou)

3. Baiyun Mountain

Scenic spot address: Tonghe Village, Checun Town, Song County, Luoyang City

4. Muzha Ridge

Scenic spot address: Longwang Village, Checun Town, Song County, Luoyang City

5. Tianchi Mountain

Scenic spot address: Wangmangzhai Forest Farm, Deting Town, Song County, Luoyang City


Scenic spot address: Pailu Village, Fudian Town, Ruyang County, Luoyang City

7.Damei Mountain

Address: Shijing Town, Xin’an County, Luoyang City

8. Qingyao Mountain

Scenic spot address: Qingyaoshan Town, Xin’an County, Luoyang City

9. Shen Shen Zhai

Sanguanmiao Forest Farm, Jiankou Township, Luoning County, Luoyang City

10. Wan’an Mountain

Scenic spot address: 6 kilometers south of Gepan Road, Pangou Village, Zhuge Town, Yibin District, Luoyang City