Recommended tourist attractions that must be visited in Dandong – Recommended tourist attractions in Dandong travel guide

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1. Dandong travel guide and recommended attractions

Sights worth seeing include the Broken Bridge, Hushan Great Wall, and the Memorial Hall to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea (it is unknown whether it has been renovated). The nearby natural scenery includes Fenghuang Mountain, Tianqiaogou, Tianhua Mountain, and Huangyi Mountain. These scenic spots are scattered and not very outstanding, so it’s okay not to go there. It is a good choice to visit North Korea.

2. Dandong tourist attractions guide

1. In Dandong City, you can go to the Broken Bridge on the Yalu River, the Yalu River Cruise, the Memorial Hall to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, and Wulongbei Hot Spring (super comfortable)

2. You can go back and forth from Dandong in one day: Hushan Great Wall (the eastern starting point of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty, spanning Dandong and North Korea in one step), Hekou (Korean Custom Village), Wulong Mountain (the largest temple in the three northeastern provinces), Phoenix Mountain (national tourist area) ) Tianhua Mountain (super beautiful, national AAAA tourist area), Huangyi Mountain (the best place for rafting), Dalishu Scenic Area

3. It takes two days: Qingshangou (one of the top ten pollution-free places suitable for human habitation in the world, the scenery is particularly beautiful), Dalu Island (the location of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894, seaside), Zhangdao (a beautiful seaside island), Tianqiaogou

3. Dandong travel guide and recommended one-day tours of attractions

Can. Many travel agencies in Dandong offer one-day tours to Sinuiju, North Korea. The cost is about 750 per person and no passport is required. Bian Toutiao Lai

4. Reasons for recommending Dandong tourist attractions

Jinsha Valley Scenic Area is located in the Dayang River chessboard area of ​​Heigou Town, Donggang City, Dandong Province, Liaoning Province. It is located at the intersection of Donggang, Fengcheng and Xiuyan counties. It is 110 kilometers away from Dandong City, 90 kilometers away from Zhuanghe City, and 75 kilometers away from Donggang City. , 70 kilometers away from Xiuyan County; the total area is 3 square kilometers, including more than 500 acres of land area, more than 1,000 acres of water area, and 10,000 acres of mountains. The majestic Shihu Mountain overlooks the curling smoke and thousands of meters of golden sand; the beautiful Sinv Mountain, where you can watch the sunrise and listen to the gurgling stream; the Dayang River runs through the north and south, and you can raft up and enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides. Jinsha Valley is a place where mountains, water, and flying are all combined. It is a unique natural oxygen bar integrating waterfalls and beaches, and its comprehensive resources are unique in the country.

5. Must-visit attractions in Dandong

Dandong is a good place with beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery. There are many tourist attractions in Dandong Scenic Area: such as Dandong Jinjiang Mountain Park, Dandong Yalu River Scenic Area, Dandong Memorial Hall to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, Dandong Hekou Tourist Area, Dandong Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area, Dandong Dagushan Scenic Area District, Dandong Dalu Island Tourist Area, Dandong Tianqiaogou Tourist Area, Dandong Huangyi Mountain Tourist Area, Dandong Yuanbaoshan Park, etc. Dandong is a good place for tourism, and everyone is welcome to visit.

6. Must-visit tourist attractions in Dandong

Dandong, the most beautiful border city in China

Attractions: China’s famous adventure mountain – Phoenix Mountain; the place where peach blossoms bloom – Hekou; the fairyland on earth – Qingshangou; the most beautiful mountain – Tianhua Mountain; the resort for millions of migratory birds – Yalu River Wetland; Shangri-La in the north – Green River Village; Buddhism Famous temple – Wulong Mountain; green water out of the flat lake – Taiping Bay; volcanic relics – Huangyi Mountain; the first village in Liaodong – Dali Shu; Oriental Hawaii – Dalu Island; the starting point of the eastern end of the Ming Great Wall – Hushan Great Wall ;China-North Korea Friendship Bridge–Yalu River Bridge; China-North Korea Boundary River Pearl–Moon Island

The first of eight scenic spots in Northeast China–Jinjiang Mountain

Of course, if you want to visit all the beautiful places in Dandong, you won’t be able to see them all in less than five or six days.

7. Must-visit tourist attractions in Dandong

1. Phoenix Mountain

Phoenix Mountain is a place with very beautiful scenery and a very pleasant environment. The highest peak is more than 800 meters above sea level. There are many mountains on the mountainside.

The temples are full of local incense candles every year. If you are planning to enjoy the natural scenery, it is recommended to go there in mid-to-late October.

2. Broken Bridge of Yalu River

The Broken Bridge on the Yalu River is a landmark check-in point in Dandong. If you don’t go there, you will regret it. It once confirmed the historical period of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea. When you go around, you can feel the vicissitudes of history. It is very Worth remembering.

3. Memorial Hall to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea

The Memorial Hall to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea was built in 1985. It is divided into exhibition halls, painting galleries, memorial towers and other areas. It shows the history of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea in a very comprehensive way. There are more than a thousand related exhibitions in the exhibition hall. Products, and all can be photographed as souvenirs!

4. Hushan Great Wall

The Hushan Great Wall is the easternmost end of the Ming Great Wall. The tourist attraction borders North Korea. If you stand at the highest point, you can have a panoramic view of the entire Hushan Mountain. However, you should pay attention to the ancient beacon towers coming out of the mountain. The terrain of the suspended plank road is very steep, please remember the safety tips when going to play!

5. Wulong Mountain

The highest altitude of Wulong Mountain is more than 700 meters, which is not too high. The rolling mountains and beautiful natural scenery are very comfortable when you see them. There is also a temple with a strong incense in the scenic area, which is very worth visiting!

6. Tianqiaogou Wetland Park

Tianqiaogou Wetland Park is a very suitable place for vacation, but transportation may not be very convenient. The scenic scenery is very beautiful, especially in October when the red maple leaves bloom, it is so beautiful!

7. Hekou Scenic Area

The Hekou Scenic Area is a very interesting place in the local area, and there is no shortage of super beautiful natural scenery. Therefore, many Chinese movies and TV series have its shadow, and there are various water parks and other new projects to play in. Coming out is also very exciting.

8. Dalishu Ecological Tourism Area

Dalishu Eco-tourism Area is the first area in my country to be included in the agricultural tourism pilot area. The scenic area is divided into three parts, with a variety of delicacies and farmhouse food for everyone to choose from, as well as many special activities. It is also very popular.

9. Qingshangou

Qingshan Valley can be said to be a scenic spot with excellent scenery. The relatively large area is particularly suitable for self-driving travel. The clear water and green mountains make it very relaxing to be close to it.

10. Wulongbei Hot Spring

Remember to go to Wulongbei Hot Spring. The tickets are not expensive and the hot spring is very cost-effective. It will make people want to go there again. Moreover, the various project facilities in the hot spring scenic area are also very well constructed. !

8. Recommended tourist attractions in Dandong

There are many large and small scenic spots in Dandong. The most famous ones that foreign tourists should visit are the Yalu River, Dandong Memorial Hall to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, Jinjiang Mountain Park, Dandong Phoenix Mountain, Yuanbaoshan Park, Daludao Scenic Area, Qingshangou, and Yalu River Wetland Bird Watching Park, Tianhua Mountain, Dagushan, Dandong Wulong Mountain, Hekou Scenic Area, Jinsha Valley, Tianqiaogou National Forest Park, Hushan Great Wall, Zhangdao, etc. Dandong is really a good place with pleasant scenery. Welcome everyone to Dandong .