What are the nearest fun places around Meishan? What are the nearest fun places around Meishan?

Introduction: What are the recent fun places around Meishan? What are the recent fun places around Meishan? 1. What are the recent fun places around Meishan? 2. What are the fun places near Meishan? 3. What fun places are recommended around Meishan? 4. What are the recent fun places around Meishan? 5. What are the recent fun places around Meishan? 6. What fun places are there in Meishan? 7. What fun places are there around Meishan City? 8. More fun places in Meishan

1. What are the most interesting places to visit in Meishan?

First of all, whether it is worth it or not, you have to go to the Three Su Temple to experience Dongpo culture. After all, this is the business card of Meishan. Although it is essentially a big house, it has a good environment and a strong cultural atmosphere. It is best to listen to the heavenly music of the tour guide, which can help you better understand historical information and folk anecdotes.

Then you can go to Dongpo Island and visit the Wetland Park and Water Street (a new internet celebrity check-in spot in the future). When you are tired, you can go to the teahouse in Yuanjing Building to make a pot of tea, overlooking the beautiful scenery of the entire Dongpo Lake, and enjoy the breeze rippling the lake and the egrets singing in the flowing water. After that, you can also enjoy Dongpo cuisine in the nearby Riverside Food Street. There is also a musical fountain in the wetland park at night, which is another kind of scenery.

Then there are almost all the attractions in the city. If you are interested, you can also go to Kimchi City and Sakura Expo Park.

The first recommended tourist attractions in the surrounding counties and districts are Liujiang Ancient Town and Wawu Mountain in Hongya County. The two places are very close. Liujiang Ancient Town is a very distinctive ancient town with a good development level. The combination of ancient and modern is very natural. I haven’t been to Wawu Mountain since it was closed for maintenance and reopened. However, as a tourist card of Hongya, I believe it should be more beautiful. Secondly, you can go to Heilongtan Reservoir in Renshou, Pengzu Mountain in Pengshan, Zhongyan Temple in Qingshen, and Daya Hall in Danleng.

2. What are the fun places near Meishan?

Meishan has Shuitianhuayue, Sansu Temple Park, Hongya’s Liujiang Ancient Town, Lao’e Mountain, the recuperation Wawu Mountain, Renshou’s Heilongtan, Pengshan’s Pengzu Mountain, and Qingshen Bamboo Weaving.

Three Su Culture Tour:

Visit the Three Su Temple to comprehend the life path of the literary giant, go to Lian’ao Mountain to feel the boldness of Su Dongpo, go to Sansu Lake to explore the wonders of the thousand underwater Buddhas, climb Zhongyan Temple to experience the fun of Su Dongpo calling on fish to marry, and go to Sufen Mountain to pay homage to the spirits of the three Su brothers in heaven.

One-day tour: Mayi Temple – Sufen Mountain – Sansu Temple – Sansu Lake – Lianao Mountain

Two-day tour: Mayi Temple – Sufen Mountain – Su Temple – Su Lake – Lianao Mountain – Zhongyan Temple

Folk Customs Ancient Town Tour:

Enter the Zeng Family Courtyard, explore the customs of the Qing Dynasty, admire the hundreds of ancient banyan trees, taste the subtle fragrance of orchids, listen to the gurgling water, and marvel at the beautiful scenery of Liujiang River.

One-day tour: Hongya Liujiang Ancient Town – Hongya Gaomiao Ancient Town

Pastoral Ecological Tour:

Admire the colorful azaleas at Wawu Mountain, see the Thousand Islands at Heilongtan, go through the Alsophila canyon at Caoyutan, taste the bamboo shoot feast at Zhoushanpo, pick the golden loquats at Renshou Wengong, enter the plant “kingdom” at Danleng Yixingyuan, buy the treasures of Qingshen bamboo weaving art, and tour the “heavenly” Jiulong Mountain at Danleng.

One-day tour: Renshou Wengong Palace – Heilongtan

One-day tour: Zhoushanpo Ecological Park-Qingshen China Bamboo Art City

Two-day tour: Danleng Yixing Garden – Jiulong Mountain

Two-day tour: Renshou Wengong or Heilongtan – Zhoushanpo Ecological Park – Qingshen Chinese Bamboo Art City

Two-day tour: Caoyu Beach – Wawu Mountain

Three-day tour: Zhoushanpo Ecological Park, Danleng Yixing Garden, Jiulong Mountain, Caoyu Beach, Wawu Mountain

Three-day tour: Heilongtan – Zhoushanpo Ecological Park – Caoyutan – Wawushan

Four-day tour: Heilongtan – Zhoushanpo Ecological Park – Qingshen China Bamboo Art City – Jiulongshan – Caoyutan – Wawushan

Longevity Experience Tour:

View the Han Dynasty cliff tombs, climb the longevity ladder, visit Peng Zu’s tomb, step into the Tai Chi field, enter the health preservation hall, worship the twin Buddhas of Qishan, walk around the Nine-Bend Forest Corridor, appreciate the beauty of fairies, learn about Huiguang Buddhism, taste longevity delicacies, stay in a rural cottage, and marvel at the spectacular development of the scenic area.

One-day tour: Jiangkou Han Cliff Tomb – Jiangkou Ancient Town – Pengtan Mountain

Two-day tour: Jiangkou Han Cliff Tomb – Jiangkou Ancient Town – Pengzu Mountain – Fairy Lake

3. What are some fun places to visit around Meishan?

Osmanthus Lake is more fun, you can go there to have fun

4. What are the most interesting places and scenic spots around Meishan?

The tourist attraction Kuixing Pavilion is located in the center of Renshou County, belonging to the first section of Kuixing Street. It was first built in the first year of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1736), and was later destroyed by war. It was rebuilt in the second year of Tongzhi (1863). In 1988, the ancient pavilion was renovated and revived. The double stone archway is located in Paifang Village, Zhonghua Township, Hejia District, more than 50 kilometers southeast of Renshou County, 200 meters east of Paifang Village Primary School, north-south, with two archways arranged up and down, and a north-south stone road running through it. The Renshou Giant Buddha is located on Niujiaozhai Mountain in Yingtou Village, Gaojia Town, 35 kilometers north of the county, on the eastern edge of the middle section of Longquan Mountain Range, with an altitude of 760 meters. Niujiaozhai Niujiaozhai is a strategically located place that must be fought for by military strategists. The strange rocks in the mountains have their own names: Wangxiang Stone, Xianglu Stone, Panhai Stone, Duck Stone, Grandma Stone, etc., each with its own magical legend. Heilongtan Scenic Area is located in the south-central part of the Sichuan Basin, 64 kilometers north of Chengdu, a modern international metropolis in the southwest, 83 kilometers south of Leshan Dajie and Mount Emei, which are listed as World Natural and Cultural Heritage, and 30 kilometers west of Mount Mei, the hometown of the three Su brothers. It is located in the best location in the middle of the western Sichuan tourism hotline.

5. What are the most interesting places and attractions around Meishan?

Watch performances, eat special snacks and visit the ancient town

6. What are the fun places in Meishan?

In Sichuan, there is a saying that “Emei Mountain is the most beautiful in the world, and Qingcheng Mountain is the most secluded in the world”. Emei Mountain and Qingcheng Mountain are also one of the most famous scenic spots in Sichuan. It takes only 3 hours to reach Emei Station by train from Chengdu. There are many scenic spots in Emei Mountain, such as watching the sunrise, worshipping temples, and seeing the Self-Sacrificing Cliff (don’t jump, it is much higher than the main building). In addition, there are many monkeys on Emei Mountain, so be sure to pay attention to your wallet and delicious food.

You can walk to Mount Emei or take a sightseeing bus, but walking is recommended. Mount Emei has a unique “sliding pole”, which is actually a sedan chair, but the price is not high.

When you go down Emei Mountain, you can bring some local bacon with you to honor your parents when you return home (this is also a famous dish in the Meishan area).

After getting off Mount Emei, it’s just one train stop to Meishan, where there are some historical sites, most of which are related to Su Dongpo. Of course, there are also some delicious things here, such as Dongpo cuttlefish and Dongpo pork elbow, which are both delicious specialties.

7. What are the fun places around Meishan City?

Fengming Flower Valley Scenic Area, Pengshan District, Meishan City.

The romantic colorful Gesang flowers here reflect a beautiful picture. The villagers who come from the surrounding areas to work use the flower-transplanting scenery and upgraded renovations to create beautiful chrysanthemum-viewing spots, the dreamy wisteria corridor, the Internet-famous scarecrow, the Jurassic Dinosaur World and other tourist spots, providing a good place for local residents during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays.

8. Interesting places in Meishan

Meishan Wetland Park is full of lights at night, with lights of various colors. In addition, there is a musical fountain. It is a major feature of Meishan’s night view. It is a must-see when you come to Meishan. Shopping is also very good. Meishan is a night view city with lights on the roadside. It is very warm and fun. As a college student who has stayed in Meishan for three years, I will take my friends here every time they come here to play.