How to take good-looking photos of food?

There are many foods that look good in photos. The exquisite use of light by commercial photographers may make you want to eat more. To take photos like them, search patiently, Baidu and Taobao, you can always find the strategy you want.

But today I want to recommend a special set of “Food”. I believe that as long as you are attentive, everyone can take such stylish food photos.

This set of photos was taken by Nankai University teacher Zhang Shunan with her mobile phone when she was processing fruits and vegetables. In her daily life, Zhang likes to go to the vegetable market and is particularly sensitive to the shape, color and feeling of food during the process of making, cutting and eating. Her background in traditional Chinese painting gives her a strong control over color. The food in the picture is elegant and clear, with distinct textures and full of beauty.

In addition to the natural texture, the author’s selection and placement of food also add a lot of points. Through these foods, it seems that you can feel the author’s gentle and beautiful expectations and love for food and life itself behind the picture.

In private, Teacher Zhang is a very cute and friendly young female teacher who is deeply loved by her classmates. Everyone likes to call her Popcorn Teacher. You can follow her WeChat Account: Popcorn Time. This is her and her photography students’ little world, full of creativity and imagination.

As a photographer, you should be good at discovering the unusual in ordinary life. Life is complicated, and photography can be expressed in many ways. “It is very interesting to try various possibilities with a relaxed attitude and express from different perspectives. I hope to maintain my sensitivity to life and use images to convey the real feelings of life.” This is Teacher Popcorn’s attitude towards images. I hope it can help you.

First of all, thank you very much for answering this question for you here. Let me lead you into this issue. Now let’s discuss it together.

1: Generally speaking, no matter what the subject is, the rational use of light is very important. Especially when photographing food, sufficient light can make the food look more tempting and the colors more vivid. Most restaurants have chandeliers above the dining table, and some restaurants may have dim lights to create an atmosphere. In this case, the effect of photographing food may be greatly reduced. You can use the flashlight function of your mobile phone to illuminate it.

2: Under the condition of sufficient light, the exquisiteness of the food provided by the restaurant and the environment of the restaurant actually determine half of the final effect of the photo. For example, the food in a Japanese restaurant is exquisite enough, and enough effort is put into the plating and store layout. When taking pictures, you only need to make use of it a little to get the effect.

3: Next, let’s talk about shooting techniques. Generally speaking, when shooting food, you should pay attention to highlighting the subject. You don’t have to put the subject in the middle of the picture, but you must make people understand what the subject is at a glance. The layout should not be too casual. You can make full use of the existing plating to make the picture more compact and the content richer. If the overall rich and exquisite food, you can shoot a panoramic view, and if the environment is slightly unsatisfactory, you can shoot a close-up.

4: If the tableware itself is distinctive or can be well integrated with the environment, you can include the tableware in the photo. If the tableware itself is ordinary, you can consider moving the tableware aside and not including it in the picture.

5: If there are distinctive decorations in the restaurant, you can also include them in the picture as the foreground or decoration, which can increase the layering and richness of the picture. After taking the photo, you can do some simple photo editing, such as adjusting the brightness, contrast and other parameters with VSCO or other software, or adding filters, etc., which can all have the effect of icing on the cake.

The answers to this question shared above are all personal opinions and suggestions. I hope that the answers I shared can help everyone.

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Finally, I would like to wish you all to work happily and live happily every day, live a healthy life every day, have a harmonious family, make a fortune every year, and have a booming business. Thank you!