What are the requirements for applying for a Malaysian visa with a baby?

Introduction: What are the requirements for applying for a Malaysian visa with a baby? 1. What are the requirements for applying for a Malaysian visa with a baby? 2. Do I need a visa to go to Malaysia? 3. What documents are required for applying for a Malaysian visa with a baby? 4. What procedures are required for applying for a Malaysian visa with a baby? 5. How to apply for a Malaysian visa? 6. Do I need a visa for Malaysia? 7. What materials are required for a Malaysian passport? 8. What materials are required for a Malaysian visa? 9. How to apply for a Malaysian family visa? 10. What are the conditions for applying for a Malaysian visa with a baby? 11. What materials are required for applying for a Malaysian tourist visa?

1. What do I need to apply for a Malaysian visa with a baby?

Consultation (online, telephone or face-to-face) can be completed on the same day and a cooperation intention can be reached.

Once a client submits (or mails) their visa application materials (see above), it will take about two working days for them to be received by express mail.

Verify the client’s visa documents. If the documents are incomplete, we will contact the client within one hour of receiving the documents and provide supplements in time. If the documents are complete, we will complete the process within four hours.

Visa fees (including visa fees and service fees) can be paid in cash, online or by transfer.

After the applicant submits the complete visa information, the visa specialist of the visa center will be responsible for sorting out the application materials, supplementing and translating the visa forms required for the visa and submitting them to the consulate in a timely manner within the designated working day. (Some countries’ consulates require the applicant to submit the visa information in person and conduct an interview. We will assist you in completing the submission of information and visa interview.)

After the applicant’s visa information is accepted by the consulate, it will be obtained on the working day specified by the embassy, ​​but the visa can also be expedited depending on the circumstances.

2. Do I need a visa to visit Malaysia?

Chinese citizens traveling to Malaysia should obtain a visa abroad. Individual Chinese tourists entering Malaysia from Thailand or Singapore without a visa can apply for a port visa at the port of entry. Chinese tour groups traveling to Malaysia can apply for a port group visa, but the Malaysian travel agency receiving the group must obtain authorization from the Malaysian Immigration Department in advance and have it on record. To encourage tourism, passengers arriving at Tioman Island in Pahang, Malaysia via a third country can apply for a visa on arrival if they can show a valid return ticket. The main types of Malaysian visas are:

  (I) Ordinary visa (social visa). Issued to Chinese citizens for the purpose of tourism, visiting relatives and friends, and business activities. Valid for three months and stay for 30 days. Ordinary visa cannot be extended, unless you cannot return to China in time due to health reasons or flight problems. You can extend your visa at the Immigration Bureau with a letter of certification issued by the relevant hospital and airline.

  (ii) Work and student visas. To work or study in Malaysia, the Malaysian company or school must first apply to the Immigration Department. After approval, the Malaysian Immigration Department will notify the embassy or consulate in the applicant’s area to issue an ordinary visa. After arriving in Malaysia, the relevant personnel will go to the Immigration Department to exchange for the corresponding type of long-term visa. For those who are studying in Malaysian universities, their long-term visas are usually applied for by the school at the Immigration Department headquarters. For those who are studying in high schools and below, they can apply for it by themselves at the Immigration Department of their state.

  (III) Family visit visa. The maximum stay for family visit visa is 6 months. Generally, relatives who work, study or live in Malaysia should apply to the Malaysian Immigration Department in advance. They can also change to family visit visa after arriving in Malaysia with ordinary visa. There are many documents required to apply for this type of visa, such as proof of family relationship, proof of work, study and income in Malaysia, etc.

3. What documents are required to apply for a Malaysian visa with a baby?

Chinese citizens applying for a tourist visa to visit relatives in Malaysia should submit the following materials:

(1) Two copies of IM·47 application form and three photos per person;

(2) First, a relative living in Malaysia should issue a letter of guarantee and guarantee that the applicant will leave Malaysia on time after entering the country;

(3) A guarantee of RM1,500 and a copy of the return ticket issued by the Kuala Lumpur Immigration Department;

(4) Letter of approval from the Kuala Lumpur Immigration Department (original);

(5) Passport;

(6) Copy of passport.

Those who apply for a family visit visa must be visiting a direct relative or sibling, and must be sponsored by their relative in Malaysia.

4. What are the procedures for applying for a Malaysian visa with a baby?

Passports are processed at the Exit and Entry Administration Office of the local Public Security Bureau.

It’s very simple, you need your household registration booklet and original ID card. The photo should be taken at a place they specify (they will keep it), about 200 RMB, 15 days.

After getting your passport, you can apply for a visa to Malaysia. You can go to the Malaysian Consulate in China to apply for it yourself, which costs 80.00 yuan and takes 3 working days. If you entrust a local travel agency to apply for it, it costs about 120 yuan and takes 7 days. The latter is more convenient.

5. How to apply for a Malaysian visa

Signing of entrustment agreement;

2) Apply for preparation and submit required materials;

3) The applicant lands for the first time, applies for a 10-year long-term visa in Malaysia and records fingerprints. After 1 to 2 days, the 10-year long-term visa is obtained, and then applies for a Malaysian red card (PR) and records fingerprints;

4) The applicant logs in for the second time, receives a red card and records fingerprints. After 1 to 2 days, the applicant will receive a red card and then apply for a Malaysian blue card and record fingerprints (citizen card);

5) The applicant logs in for the third time to receive the blue card and passport and have his/her fingerprints taken.

6. Do I need a visa to enter Malaysia?

When applying for a Malaysian visa, you need to provide an approval document, that is, apply for a Malaysian approval visa. If you cannot provide an approval document, you can apply for a Malaysian business visa on an agent.

  The requirements for applying for a Malaysian visa are the same as those for a normal Malaysian visa. Applicants are required to prepare relevant materials. When applying for a Malaysian visa, applicants should prepare:

  Original passport, color photo, ID card, electronic approval document and entry letter.

  Currently, those holding official passports can also apply for a Malaysian visa. The required materials are the same as those for ordinary passports.

7. What documents are needed to apply for a Malaysian passport?

A Malaysian passport cannot be applied for online. The applicant must go to the Public Security Bureau in person with a photo of his ID card to apply for it.

8. What documents are required for a visa to Malaysia?

Applicants should go to the Exit and Entry Administration Office of the Public Security Bureau with their resident ID card or household registration booklet to obtain one copy of the “Application Approval Form for Chinese Citizens to Travel Abroad for Private Purposes”, fill it out truthfully, and the unit or police station where they work should issue an opinion and affix an official seal as required.

The applicant submits the application in person to the Exit and Entry Administration Department of the Public Security Bureau;

2. Submit two recent 2-inch straight-edge, front-facing, barehead, color half-length ID photos (see the instructions for photos for details). One of them should be pasted by the applicant in the photo column of the application form, and the other should be given to the receptionist when submitting the application;

3. Submit a copy of your household registration book and resident ID card (the original copy must be checked);

4. Individuals traveling abroad must submit proof of travel expenses, such as a time deposit certificate with a deposit period of more than 3 months (the amount must not be less than 4,000 US dollars or equivalent international currency or 50,000 RMB); if the deposit certificate is less than 3 months, a deposit certificate issued by the bank must also be submitted. The public security agency retains a copy; * The deposit certificate and deposit certificate must be issued by the five major banks in the city (Bank of China, Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, and Bank of Communications).

5. Copies of all application materials submitted must be in B5 paper size.

9. How to apply for a Malaysian family visa

1. Malaysia’s Second Home Program, which allows a 10-year visa. The Second Home Program is open to all foreign citizens recognized by Malaysia regardless of race, religion, gender and age. It is a ten-year and extendable program for families or individuals who wish to live in Malaysia for a long time, and a special visa that allows multiple entries and exits. This program does not limit the length of time that applicants must stay in Malaysia. After a successful application, the applicant can live in Malaysia for ten years, or just live there for one day within ten years, without any residence time requirements. In addition, successful applicants can also enter and exit Malaysia unlimited times within ten years. Application conditions: 1. Must provide proof of offshore income of RM10,000 or more per month (retirees must provide proof of government-approved pension of RM10,000 per month) 2. Must provide proof of liquid assets of RM500,000 (RM350,000 for those over 50 years old) or more 3. Approved applicants must deposit RM300,000 (RM150,000 for those over 50 years old) in a fixed deposit in any bank in Malaysia 4. A maximum of RM150,000 (RM50,000 for those over 50 years old) can be withdrawn after one year for the purchase of a house, a vehicle, children’s education in Malaysia and medical purposes; from the second year onwards, a fixed deposit of at least RM150,000 (RM100,000 for those over 50 years old) must be maintained 2. Studying abroad for a long time 3. Investing there 4. Marrying a Malaysian

10. What are the requirements for applying for a Malaysian visa with a baby?

1. Visa applicants confirm the purpose of their visit to Malaysia and their travel plans.

2. Visit the official website of the Malaysian Embassy in China to learn about visa application information and the list of required documents.

3. Prepare the required documents (visa application forms can be downloaded from the website of the Immigration Bureau or obtained from the Chinese embassy or consulate in China).

4. Go to the visa office of the Malaysian Embassy or Consulate in China to complete the visa formalities and pay the visa fee.

5. Wait for the embassy or consulate to review your application.

6. After obtaining the visa, you should carefully check whether the information on the visa is correct, especially whether the start and end time of the visa validity period and the number of days of stay are consistent with those applied for, and whether the personal information on the visa, such as the spelling of your name, is correct. If you find any errors, you should contact the visa office of the embassy or consulate in time.

11. What documents are needed to apply for a Malaysian tourist visa?

Generally speaking, you need to get a full offer before applying for a visa to study in Malaysia. So how long does it take? Let’s answer this question and talk about some related precautions.

1. The study visa must be reviewed by the Malaysian Immigration Department. In addition to submitting basic information, you must also provide school certification materials, physical examination materials, etc.

2. It takes about 7 days to review the school’s offer.

3. It takes about 7 days to review the basic materials and the visa progress is 15%.

4. Review of physical examination materials, notarized transcripts of domestic colleges and universities, graduation certificates, photos, etc. The progress is 30%, and the time is 14 to 30 days.

5. The materials are sent to the Immigration Bureau for qualification review. At this time, the progress is between 60% and 75%, and the time is 14 to 30 days.

6. Verify the information, return the visa, and issue a return visa letter. The progress will be 80~90% in about 14 days.

7. Return to the Chinese Embassy and start the visa application stage.

Please note that the above time and material submission time are closely related to the application time, so the visa period in Malaysia is 1 to 3 months.

You can check the visa progress 14 days after submitting the visa materials. When the progress reaches 80%, it means the visa has been approved. At this time, you need to download the counter-application letter and submit it to the Immigration Bureau together with your passport. You can get the visa after 3 to 5 days.


1. The visa processing time is 3 working days. Try to avoid Malaysian holidays (the embassy is closed according to Malaysian holidays).

2. Personal visas must be submitted and collected in person.

3. When booking air tickets, you must inform the school of the specific date, flight number and arrival time of your trip to Malaysia 7 days in advance. The Malaysian Immigration Department requires that students entering the country for the first time must be picked up by the school before they can leave the airport.

4. Temporary visitors to Malaysia need to carry at least RM500 in cash, which is usually exchanged at the airport first.

5. You need to apply for a student visa renewal in Malaysia one month in advance, and the fee is approximately US$25.

6. The amount of Malaysian Ringgit that foreigners can carry when leaving the country shall not exceed 5,000 Malaysian Ringgit.

7. Students should ensure that all documents are prepared during the interview and be fully familiar with the contents of the documents to facilitate the visa officer’s review.

8. Stay confident and smile, and be polite and generous in your words and deeds. Applicants can prove that they are a real student and that their family has the financial ability to support their studies by answering the visa officer’s questions.

9. The visa method in Malaysia is different from that in other countries. It is a counter-visa. After students receive the offer from the school, the Immigration Bureau will send a visa approval letter after approval. The applicant can go to the local embassy within 3 working days with the visa approval letter to exchange for a single social visa.

10. When the applicant arrives in Malaysia, the school will collect the student’s passport and apply to the Immigration Department to exchange it for a long-term visa of the corresponding period. The student can inform the school whether it is a single round trip or multiple round trips.