Weifang Beach Bathing Spot Route Weifang Binhai Happy Valley Bathing Beach

Introduction: Weifang Beach Attractions and Route Weifang Binhai Happy Valley Beach 1. Weifang Binhai Happy Valley Beach 2. Which Weifang tourist beaches are there 3. Weifang Binhai Happy Valley Beach Price 4. How is Weifang Binhai Happy Valley Beach 5. Weifang Golden Beach Beach 6. Which floor is Weifang Binhai Happy Valley Beach on 7. Weifang Binhai Beach 8. Is Weifang Binhai Happy Valley Beach open 9. Weifang Binhai Happy Valley Beach Phone 10. Weifang Beach 11. Does Weifang Binhai Beach Cost Money

1. Weifang Binhai Happy Valley Bathing Beach

Shengjing Hot Spring Water World Address: Dongchang Lake Water Park in Jiangbei Water City Resort and Tourism Zone, Zhulaozhuang Town, Dongchangfu District Address: Beach Bathing Beach, Dongchang Lake Tourist Scenic Area, Dongchangfu District Caribbean Fantasy Water Park Address: Northwest corner of the intersection of Heilongjiang Road and East Outer Ring Road, Development Zone (west of the Development Zone Expressway Exit) Zhangqiu Town Happy Valley Water Park Address: South of Central Primary School, Zhangqiu Town, Yanggu County Health Water Park Address: Qingping Forest Park, Qingping Town, Gaotang County Guan County Large Animation Water Park Address: Near No. 59, Heping Road, Guan County

2. Which are the tourist bathing beaches in Weifang?

Weifang Beihai Port: Go north along Beihai Road and enter the port area. It is 3.6 kilometers away. The beach now charges only 10 yuan per car for parking. There are many people there, especially on weekends. You can swim there. Just wear sunscreen. It is about 20 miles away from Yangzi.

3. Weifang Binhai Happy Valley Beach Price

There are many fun places in Shenzhen. There are Dameisha, Xiaomeisha and Dapeng Bay by the sea, where you can take your friends to play with sand, play games, surf, etc. In Shenzhen, there are Splendid China, Window of the World, Nationalities Village, Underwater World, etc. Splendid China is a scaled-down version of famous places and historical sites from all over my country, and Nationalities Village shows the different styles of the 56 ethnic groups of the Chinese nation. Needless to say, everyone knows what Window of the World is, and if you want to go hiking, go to Phoenix Mountain.

4. How is Weifang Binhai Happy Valley Beach?

There is a Tianzhi Hotel in the community opposite. It costs 10 yuan by taxi. It provides accommodation, bathing and free internet access. It costs 80 yuan per night.

5. Weifang Golden Beach Bathing Beach

The cheapest way is to take the slow train to Qingdao for only 17 yuan. After arriving at Qingdao Sifang Station, take bus No. 8. The end of the station is Qingdao Ferry Station. It takes about 30 minutes and only costs 1 yuan. Then take the ferry to Huangdao, which takes about 30 minutes and only costs 7 yuan, or take the express boat for about 15 minutes and only costs 9 yuan. After arriving at Huangdao, take bus No. 18. The end of the station is Jinshatan, which takes about 30 minutes and costs 3 yuan. This route includes railway, waterway and land transportation, which is economical. At the same time, you can visit the two major cities of Qingdao and Huangdao, which is really killing two birds with one stone! As for snacks, the grilled squid is very addictive. Don’t go to the roadside restaurant on Jinshatan, go to the big restaurant in the development zone.

6. Which floor is Weifang Binhai Happy Valley Beach located on?

Scenic spot address

Ninghewan 3-1, Modern Industrial Park, Ninghe District, Tianjin


Xiyuan Hot Spring is located in Ninghe Bay, a modern industrial circle in Ninghe District, Tianjin, adjacent to Tianjin Happy Valley, across the Jinning Expressway, Ningjing Expressway, and Beijing-Tianjin Expressway, and echoes with the Dongli Development Zone, becoming another beautiful landscape in Ninghe District. The company is affiliated to Tianjin “Qimengyuan Hot Spring Hotel Management Co., Ltd.” and was built and put into use in 2018. The company has a business area of ​​10,000 square meters. It is a pure green large-scale hot spring hotel integrating healthy bathing and swimming, high-end guest rooms, exquisite buffets, luxurious leisure and entertainment rooms, Korean sweat steaming, classic massage, children’s water play, etc.

7. Weifang City Binhai Bathing Beach

Tourists are not allowed to enter Weifang Happy Sea at night because of the tidal phenomenon in Happy Sea at night, which may cause some unsafe factors for tourists playing in the water at the beach. For the personal safety of tourists, the Happy Sea management department stipulates that tourists can go up the mountain to Happy Sea at 8:30 am every day. For the safety of tourists, people playing in the evening must evacuate the Happy Sea bathing beach.

8. Is Weifang Binhai Happy Valley Beach open?

I went to travel along the Qinghai-Gansu Grand Loop during my annual break.

This is a travel route that attracts the most attention, spanning the Qinghai Plateau, the Northwest Desert, lakes, Gobi, ancient cities, magical springs, flying apsaras, murals, the most beautiful Danxia landforms, and a splendid visual feast.

【Ta’er Monastery】One of the six major monasteries of the Yellow Sect of Tibetan Buddhism

[Qinghai Lake] The first of the “Five Most Beautiful Lakes in China” selected by National Geographic China, and the largest saltwater lake in China

[Heima River] The best place to take sunset photos at Qinghai Lake

【Chaka Salt Lake】Rated as one of the “55 Places You Must Visit in Your Lifetime” by National Geographic Magazine, an important stop on the ancient Silk Road

[Water Yadan] A magical natural maze with a stunning sunset. Water Yadan is more worth looking forward to than land Yadan.

Mogao Caves are the nation key Cultural relic preservation organ, is the most valuable culture to discover in the 20th century, was situated in Dunhuang on the west end of Gansu Corridor, and became famous in the world by the fine murals and statues.

[Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Lake] A miracle in the desert, a pearl on the ancient Silk Road.

Jiayu Pass is the first pass at the western end of the Ming Great Wall and a key transportation hub on the ancient “Silk Road”.

【Zhangye】A famous historical and cultural city and an important town on the ancient Silk Road.

[Colorful Danxia] The most beautiful Danxia landform selected by National Geographic China, a gorgeous visual feast

Qilian: Known as the Little Switzerland of the East, it is a holy land

【Menyuan Flower Sea】The most spectacular rapeseed flower sea in China.

Classic 7-day Grand Loop Tour:

Day 1: Xining, Ta’er Temple, Laji Mountain, Riyue Mountain, Daotang River, Qinghai Lake, Heima River (stay overnight);

Day 2: Black Horse River, Rubber Mountain, Chaka Salt Lake, Delingha, Emerald Lake, Qaidam Basin, Dachaidan (stay overnight);

Day 3 Dachaidan_Nanbaxian Yadan Ghost City_Dangjin Mountain_Aksai Desert Town_Yangguan_Dunhuang (stay overnight);

Day 4: Mogao Grottoes, Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Lake, Dunhuang Shazhou Night Market (overnight);

Day 5: Dunhuang_Guazhou (hometown of Hami melon)_Jiayuguan Great Wall_Linze (hometown of Elaeagnus angustifolia)_Colorful Danxia_Zhangye (stay overnight);

Day 6 Zhangye_Mati Mountain (1700 years of history)_The most beautiful road_Ice Valley Forest_Qilian (stay overnight);

Day 7 Zhuoer Mountain_Qilian Grassland_Menyuan_Daban Mountain Observation Deck_Heiquan Reservoir_Xining

9. Weifang Binhai Happy Valley Bathing Beach Telephone Number

The first place to go in Weifang Binhai is the Happy Valley Beach Bathing Beach, and the second is the Bohai Eye Ferris Wheel, a super large Ferris wheel for you to watch. You can climb the Bohai Eye to overlook the sea and sky scenery of the Binhai New Area. The wetland scenery in the Bailang River Scenic Area will give you a different feeling, and the Dubai International Hotel is available for you to stay and rest.

10. Weifang’s bathing beach

From Yangzi Bus Station to the beach, it is almost straight north.

20 minutes, 13.3 kilometers, 7 traffic lights, taxi ride about 31 yuan

11. Does Weifang Binhai Beach cost money?

There are 4 bathing beaches in Rizhao: Rizhao No. 1 Bathing Beach (Rizhao Lighthouse Square is free), Rizhao No. 2 Bathing Beach (Rizhao Wanpingkou is free), Rizhao No. 3 Bathing Beach (Rizhao Wangjiazao is free), Rizhao No. 4 Bathing Beach (Rizhao Seaside Forest Park charges), and Jinsha Island Bathing Beach in Liujiawan.

Here we would like to remind everyone not to go to “wild bathing beaches”. In fact, the so-called “wild bathing beaches” are all beaches under local management, not sea bathing beaches. They do not have any bathing beach supporting facilities, life-saving rescue personnel, and medical support staff. For the sake of their own safety and that of their families, we hope that tourists do not go swimming in such so-called bathing beaches.