What is the phone number of Yishan tourist attraction? What is the phone number of Yishan scenic spot?

Introduction: What is the phone number of Yishan tourist attraction? Phone number of Yishan Scenic Area 1. Phone number of Yishan Scenic Area 2. Phone number of Yishan Scenic Area Management Committee 3. Phone number of Yishan Scenic Area 4. Phone number of Yimeng Mountain Tourist Area 5. Yishan Scenery District ticket phone number 6. Linyi Mengshan Scenic Area phone number 7. Yishan Scenic Area phone number inquiry 8. Yimeng Mountain tourist attraction phone number

1. Yishan Scenic Area phone number

As a human geography concept, Yimeng Mountain refers to the “Yimeng Mountain Area”, which is a geographical area with the Mengshan Mountain System and the Yimeng River Basin as geological coordinates [1]. Historically, it belongs to the Dongyi civilization and is an important part of the Haidai culture of ancient Qingzhou.

As a tourism concept, Yimeng Mountain refers to the “Yimeng Mountain Tourist Area”. It consists of three scenic areas: Yishan Scenic Area, Mengshan Guimeng Scenic Area, and Mengshan Yunmeng Scenic Area located in Linyi and Weifang, Shandong Province. There are peaks such as Yishan Mountain and Mengshan Mountain. The main peak, Guimengding, with an altitude of 1156 meters, is located in Mengshan Mountain. It is the largest mountain and the second highest mountain in Shandong Province [2]. [3] It is the site of the World Cultural Heritage Qi Great Wall and a world-famous holy place for health and longevity. It is now a national 5A tourist attraction. [4]

Yimeng Mountain as a geopark concept refers to the management of the Yimeng Mountain Global Geopark Management Bureau, an agency dispatched by the Linyi Municipal People’s Government.[5] The Diamond Park and Dai Park are mainly located in Linyi, Shandong, and are distributed along the Yishu Fault Zone. The “Yimeng Mountain National Geopark” [6] and the “Yimeng Mountain World Geopark” are composed of Gu Park, Mengliang Gu Park and Yunmeng Lake Park. [7]

2. Phone number of Yishan Scenic Area Management Committee

Guangrao County, Dongying City, Shandong Province.

Guangrao County is a county under the jurisdiction of Dongying City, Shandong Province. It is located in the north of central Shandong Province and south of Dongying City. It is located in the overlapping area of ​​the piedmont alluvial plain and the Yellow River alluvial plain at the northern foot of Taiyi Mountain. The terrain tilts from southwest to northeast. The highest elevation in the southwest is 28 meters and the lowest is 2 meters in the northeast. The ground elevation in most areas is between 3.5 and 3.5 meters. between 15 meters.

3. Yishan Scenic Area phone number

The entrance fee to Yishan Scenic Area on the first day of the first lunar month is 120 yuan.

Yishan Scenic Area is located in Linqu County, Weifang City, Shandong Province. Yishan Scenic Area, also known as Yishan, was called Haidai and Haiyue in ancient times. It is the first mountain inland from the East China Sea. It is said to be “the first mountain from the east of the sea”. It has always been known as “Mount Tai is the highest among the five mountains. Yishan is famous as the first of the five towns. In ancient times, 16 emperors from ten dynasties were enthroned here, leaving behind the “Dongzhen Forest of Steles” that will go down in history. The number of remaining imperial steles is the largest in the world.

4. Yimeng Mountain Tourist Area Telephone Number

Mengshan Yunmeng Scenic Area

Yishui Tianshangwangcheng Scenic Area

Yimeng Yunpu Dongtian Tourist Area

Yimeng Mountain Guimeng Scenic Area

Linyi Science and Technology Museum

Linyi Tianma Island Tourist Area

Yishui Underground Fluorescent Lake

Tancheng Chinese Ginkgo Ecological Tourism Zone

Zhisheng Tangquan Tourist Resort

Huangshan Dongyi Cultural Leisure and Tourism Area

Linyi’s top ten tourist attractions

1. Mengshan Yunmeng Scenic Area

Mengshan National Forest Park is known as a “natural oxygen bar” and “super clean area”. The content of negative oxygen ions in the air of the dense pine forest is 8,541.67 million per cubic centimeter, 195 times that of Beijing, ranking first in the country. The beautiful forest scenery and clean air quality are undoubtedly the best choice for tourists for outdoor exercise, sports and leisure. From a medical point of view, mountain climbing has direct benefits for people’s vision, cardiopulmonary function, limb coordination, consumption of excess fat in the body, and delayed aging. Walking in the primeval forests in the mountains is of great benefit to improving lung ventilation, increasing lung capacity, and improving lung function. Alpine yoga activities in dense forests can absorb the aura of heaven and earth, and absorb the essence of the sun and moon. It can promote most of the metabolism in the human body to anaerobic metabolism and consume a large amount of adipose tissue accumulated in the human body, especially the adipose tissue in the waist and abdomen. . Walking in the Mengshan forest can effectively discharge harmful free radicals in the blood, delay the aging of the human body, and maintain youthful vitality forever; when you climb to the top of Mengshan, you can see the stunning scenery and the greenery in your chest, which can relax your eye muscles and is a great way to relieve eye problems. An effective way to relieve mental fatigue; enjoying a nap in Mengshan can relax people’s psychological pressure, regulate human body tension, and improve physiological and psychological conditions. According to statistics, people around Mengshan are over 100 years old…

2. Yishui Tianshangwangcheng Scenic Area

The Tianshang Royal City Scenic Area is located 40 kilometers northwest of Yishui County, at the intersection of Yishui, Yiyuan and Mengyin counties in the hinterland of Yimeng Mountain. Jiwang Gu, the main scenic spot, is surrounded by more than 60 mountains and is known as the first of the seventy-two Gu in Yimeng. Jiwanggu Valley is 577.2 meters above sea level and covers an area of ​​4 square kilometers. It runs north-south and is several kilometers long. The surrounding cliffs are 20 to 30 meters high. The landform is unique, the mountains are steep and majestic. It is very dangerous and has been a battleground for military strategists of all ages. � ��, it is also the mountain valley with the largest number of residents among the seventy-two valleys. According to the “Yishui County Chronicles·Yudi” recorded in the seventh year of Daoguang reign of the Qing Dynasty: “It is said that Ji Zi, the king of Ji, lived here after leaving his country, hence the name.” In 690 BC, the Ji State, a vassal state located in today’s Shouguang City, was attacked by the Qi Dynasty. After the invasion of the country, King Ji fled to this high mountain and built the second capital, King Ji City, which is the Tianshang King City Scenic Area we are going to visit. In the Tianshang Wangcheng Scenic Area, ancient city ruins are spread all over the top of the valley, and there are numerous ancient cultural relics. The ecological vegetation is well developed, and the trees above and below the valley are luxuriant. The cultural landscape and the natural landscape are integrated. It is an emerging tourist attraction integrating tourism, leisure and entertainment, folk tours, outdoor vacations, popular science education, and business meetings. The entire scenic spot includes 5 major functions…

3. Yimeng Cloud Waterfall Cave Tourist Area

The finger-moving stone is located at the foot of Tashan Mountain in the Tianmeng Scenic Area of ​​Mengshan Mountain. It is naturally made, 7 meters long, 5 meters wide, and weighs one hundred tons. When a person stands under the stone, with the force of one finger, it can make the top and bottom tremble, so it is called “finger-moving stone”. stone”. Visitors can experience the mystery of “four ounces moving a thousand catties” here. Yimeng Cloud Waterfall Cave Sky Scenic Area is surrounded by mountains and rivers. There are many huge rocks in the mountains. The most famous one is the hundred-ton stone that can be moved with one finger. It is 7 meters long, 5 meters wide and weighs one hundred tons. Such a huge stone , but it can vibrate up and down with the force of a visitor’s finger. Faced with such a spectacle, photographers also stepped forward one after another to feel the wonderful feeling of the hundreds of tons of boulders shaking slightly under their fingers. There is another peculiar thing about the fingering stone, that is, there is a map of China at the bottom of it. The northwest, the three eastern provinces, and the treasure island of Taiwan are all vividly visible, so the fingering stone has another heroic name – – “Guide the country”. There are other exquisite scenic spots in Yimeng Cloud Waterfall Cave Sky Scenic Area, such as Stonehenge, One Line of Sky, Immortal Finger, Tiangu, Tianmeng Lake, Lotus Mountain, etc. The scenery changes as you move, making you forget to leave. A beautiful water surrounds a Strange mountains, with green pines and strange rocks, waterfalls and springs, cruise ships on the water, and winding bridges. The Drunk Stone Forest is located among the mountains and rivers. You can see huge rocks: towering walls, connected to the cave and sky; or standing like pillars, As steep as a sword peak…

4. Yimeng Mountain Guimeng Scenic Area

Mengshan Mountain, known as Dongmeng and Dongshan in ancient times, is located in Pingyi County, Shandong Province, with a total area of ​​1,257 square kilometers and a stretch of 49 kilometers from east to west. It is a national forest park and a world-famous tourist destination for health and longevity. Mengshan Mountain has rugged peaks, green mountains, dense forests and beautiful scenery. It is famous for its majesty and magnificence. It is known as “the giant town in Kyushu and the majestic view”. The main peak, Guimengding, is 1,156 meters above sea level. It stands out from the clouds and towers into the sky. It is named because it looks like a divine turtle lying on the clouds. It is the second highest peak in Shandong and faces Mount Tai in the distance. It is known as “the Asia of Daizong”. . The Guimeng Scenic Area of ​​the Yimeng Mountain Tourist Area is now a national AAAA tourist area, a national forest park, a national geological park, a provincial scenic spot, and a world-famous holy land for health and longevity. It enjoys many honors such as the top ten most beautiful places in Shandong and the National Youth Civilization Award. This year, Mengshan Scenic Area has been selected into the “China’s Famous Summer Mountains List”, ranked ninth among the “China’s Most Beautiful Geological Parks”, won the “Top 30 National Forest Parks”, and the top six online searches in Shandong Tourism Ranking. The main peak is Guimengding. (so named because it looks like a giant turtle) is 1,156 meters above sea level; it has dense forests and an average vegetation coverage rate of more than 90%. It is an ultra-clean area and is known as a “natural oxygen warehouse”; Mengshan has a developed water system and is surrounded by large, medium and small… …

5. Linyi Science and Technology Museum

Linyi City is located in Linyi City, Shandong Province. It is one of the landmark projects for the construction of scientific and cultural facilities in Linyi City established by the Linyi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. The Science and Technology Museum takes “Nature, Technology, and Society” as its theme and “experiences science, inspires innovation, serves Yimeng, and promotes harmony” as its concept. It has 6 functional areas including permanent exhibition hall, children’s science park, 4D cinema, youth science studio, temporary exhibition hall, and academic lecture hall. There are more than 110 exhibits of various types in the museum, covering natural sciences, information sciences, environmental sciences and other multi-disciplinary fields. Build an organic connection between the exhibition area and exhibit content through story lines, knowledge chains, etc. The special exhibition hall of Linyi Science and Technology Museum held a total of 25 exhibitions including “Antarctic Special Exhibition”, “Human and Health Exhibition”, “Psychology and Health”, “Approaching Science – Ancient and Modern Animal Story Popular Science Exhibition”, and “Fairy Tale Science”; it has been held successively There have been more than 600 scientific and technological practice activities, including the “Science Popularization Tour of Ten Thousands of Yimeng Students”, “The Second China Linyi Model Aircraft Invitational Competition”, “Sunshine Campus-Science and Technology Museum Lecture Hall”, and “Science Forum”. Customer service phone: 0539-8605667 Address: No. 8 Fuyou Road, Beicheng New District, Linyi City Business hours: 9:00-16:30, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays Tour time: about 6 hours Scenic spot website…

6. Linyi Tianma Island Tourist Area

Tianma Island is composed of two major parts: Malu Mountain and Tianhu Lake. Mawei Mountain, with an area of ​​26 square kilometers and a main altitude of 662.2 meters, is the crown of the mountains in southeastern Shandong. Because its shape resembles a horse’s hair, it is named Mawei Mountain. It is recorded in “History of the Song Dynasty”, “Qi Cheng”, “Qidong Ye Yu” and many other Famous mountain for ancient books. Tianhu has a total area of ​​28 square kilometers and a total storage capacity of 290 million cubic meters. It is the seventh largest reservoir in Shandong Province. Malu Mountain rises toweringly from the ground, majestic and magnificent. It is surrounded by blue waves of Tianhu, which is larger than the three West Lakes, and the mountains are beautiful. Melted into the light of the lake, the mist is shimmering, like a fairyland fantasy… Junan County is rich in products and has a unique food culture. There are various snacks that can satisfy people’s tastes. Donkey meat: “Dragon meat in the sky, donkey meat on the ground”. Junan donkeys are fed pure grass and other pollution-free green plants, and drink the natural mineral water of Tianhu and Shiquan Lake. Their meat is delicious and nutritious. It is famous throughout the country as “Ju” “Nan Lao Local Donkey Meat Shop” uses unique craftsmanship to prepare fragrant donkey meat, served with a clear yellow soup, and supplemented with fragrant, salty and spicy condiments. It has good color, aroma, taste and shape, making it a great tonic. , which makes people never tire of eating it. Together with Linyi Eight Treasures Tempeh and Mengyin Single Chicken, it is listed as the three famous foods in Yimeng. Wangji Dog Meat: The long-famous Wangji Dog Meat is an ancestral craft with fine workmanship, unique ingredients, and fresh and mellow taste…

7. Yishui Underground Fluorescent Lake

The Glowworm Water Cave Tourist Area (formerly Yishui Underground Fluorescent Lake Scenic Area) is located at the foot of Shimi Mountain, 19 kilometers south of Yishui County. It is a famous mysterious world of underground glowworm caves. The cave was formed about 65 million to 230 million years ago, with a total length of 1,200 meters. The cave not only has a large number of stalactites, strange rocks and other landscapes, but also lives a kind of firefly, which only lives in damp caves. Living in sojourn, the roof of the cave is like twinkling stars in a clear night sky. There are thousands of stars, forming a wonderful landscape. The tourist area is a comprehensive tourism project integrating leisure, recreation, entertainment, vacation, and firefly viewing in caves. Visitors enter the dark cave and get on a small boat pulled by a rope. When they break through the water, the front suddenly opens up, and the sky is full of stars twinkling and shining, as if they have entered a fairy tale world. Thousands of fireflies are attached to the walls of the stalactite cave, like countless twinkling stars twinkling between the domes, densely packed into a brilliant and fluffy interstellar. The fireflies above the head are like a gorgeous diamond necklace and the four seasons. The ever-changing mysterious starry sky forms a unique natural wonder of Yimeng. When you are in it, you will marvel at its magic and forget about the coldness of the waterway. This tourist area is comparable to New Zealand’s…

8. Tancheng Chinese Ginkgo Ecological Tourism Area

Xincun Township is rich in natural treasures and outstanding people, and is famous overseas for its abundant Ginkgo biloba. This place is adjacent to the surging Yi River in the west and has many historical sites. The “Hongya Ancient Plum Blossom” is one of the “Eight Scenic Spots of the Tang Dynasty” in Tan State. Its legend has been around for thousands of years and has never faded. Tancheng Xincun Ginkgo Garden Tourist Area is located in the Xincun Township Government Residence, less than 20 kilometers northeast of Tancheng County. The garden was built in 1992 and named “Ginkgo Ancient Plum Garden”. The name of the garden was inscribed by Song Fatang, the former deputy secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee. Later, the ancient plum garden was renamed “Ginkgo Garden” based on the biggest highlight in the scenic area – the Ginkgo King. The ancient ginkgo king, pine, ancient locust tree, Hongya ancient plum, Guanzhu Temple, etc. in the scenic area are all high-grade tourism resources. It should be based on the ancient ginkgo king, ancient locust tree, ancient plum, ancient temple, ancient ginkgo tree and other ecological and cultural landscapes with strong ancient charm. The rational layout and the establishment of a high-end tourist area began to take shape by the end of 2000. The park is divided into six major scenic spots: Qianmen, Ancient Ginkgo, Children’s Paradise, Sculpture Group, Bagua Ancient Formation and Guanzhu Temple. There is a towering ancient ginkgo tree inside, 37 meters high, covering more than acres of shade, with roots stretching for miles. It is known as the “King of Trees”. According to research, this tree was planted during the Yongguang period of the Western Han Dynasty, which is 3,000 years old. , majestic and rare. The renovated Guanzhu Temple has simple and elegant architecture, unique style, lingering incense, and bells…

9. Zhisheng Tangquan Tourist Resort

Shandong Zhisheng Hot Spring Tourist Resort covers an area of ​​370 acres and has a construction area of ​​55,000 square meters. It is carefully built according to the national AAAA-level tourist attraction standards. It integrates hot spring bathing, leisure and health care, and ecological tourism. It is a first-class hot spring tourism resort in China. Scenic spots. The resort is located in Yinan County, Shandong Province, only half a mile away from famous domestic scenic spots such as Mengshan National Forest Park, Menglianggu National Forest Park, Shandong Underground Grand Canyon, Yishui Natural Underground Gallery, Yinan Bamboo Spring Tourist Area, and Zhuge Liang Cultural Tourist Area. It is about 20 kilometers away from the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Ridong Expressway, Jiaoxin Railway, National Highway 205 and 206, and the transportation is very convenient. The resort is divided into five major themes: guest room reception center, catering center, conference center, hot spring center and hot spring theater. Among them, the guest room center has nearly 200 high-end guest rooms and 24 (98 rooms) high-end business villas with different scenery and exotic atmosphere, which can accommodate more than 500 people at the same time. The catering center has a large multi-functional restaurant that can accommodate more than 200 people and 14 high-end banquet halls, which can accommodate more than 500 people for dining at the same time. The conference center has 13 large, medium and small conference rooms that can accommodate 1,500 people at the same time, and can accommodate 30 people, 60 people, 100 people…

10. Huangshan Dongyi Cultural Leisure and Tourism Area

Huangshan Dongyi Cultural Park is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction located in the northwest of Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone, on the bank of Yi River. The scenic spot is mainly built on Huangshan Mountain, a provincial key cultural relic protection unit. The prehistoric ancient village ruins unearthed in Huangshan date back more than 5,000 years. The entire scenic spot planning relies on the superior geographical location, historical culture and green ecological resources, with Dongyi culture as the theme, fully demonstrating the profound cultural heritage, and creating an urban tourist destination that integrates cultural and artistic experience and green recreational space. The scenic area has now built Huangshan Pavilion, Yuxiu Pavilion, Commander’s Pavilion, Jiuyi Zun Square, Fuxi Square, Dongyi Celebrity Sculpture Group, Dongyi Primitive Life Sculpture Area and other attractions, aiming to create a scenic spot based on Dongyi culture. Relying on the city leisure business card. The tourist area is based on the history and culture of Dongyi. In the form of situational experience, it sets up a large-scale theme cultural park that combines static viewing projects and experiential amusement projects under the artistic conception of Dongyi culture. Using Dongyi culture as a link, it reproduces the historical and cultural landscape and interprets Dongyi myths and stories in an all-round way. When visitors enter the park, they feel as if they have traveled through time and space and entered a moving historical picture. Customer service hotline: 0539-6018601 Address: Middle section of Binhe East Road, Hedong District, Linyi City Business hours: 8:30-……[

5. Yishan Scenic Area Ticket Telephone Number

Traveling to tourist attractions across the country with a disability certificate is basically free, but it does not exclude some small privately contracted attractions and some scenic spots.

6. Phone number of Linyi Mengshan Scenic Area

70 yuan/person, half price discount to 35 yuan/person from June 1 to September 30, 2022. Caimeng Mountain Scenic Area, also known as Wucai DL, is one of the top ten landscapes in Linyi City. It is located in Shuanghou Town, Yinan County, at the east end of the Mengshan Mountains. The total area of ​​the scenic spot is 21 square kilometers, with gentle sunny slopes, steep shady slopes, overlapping peaks, and criss-crossing ravines, with beautiful scenery of spring cherry blossoms, autumn chestnuts, summer waterfalls, and winter snow. There are more than 20 scenic spots in the scenic area: there are mountain scenery such as Baimalan, Phoenix Cliff, Shengxianming, Baibuliang, Nomangou, etc., as well as Golden Mountain Stream, Laolong Bend, Datianchi, Xiaotianchi, Three Pools Falls, etc. Among the water features, there are forest scenes such as Nanping Green Wind, Heavenly Carpet Liubin, Bagyu Cherry Pearls, and Kankan Cutaneous Sandalwood. There are stone scenes such as Golden Toad Welcome Guests, Immortal Pucheng, Fairy Drying Clothes, Cart Stone, and Sedan Stone. There are cave scenes such as Chaoyang Cave and Shenlong Cave.

7. Phone number inquiry of Yishan Scenic Area

Yimeng Mountain Tourist Area is located in the central and southern part of Shandong Province, including Yishan Scenic Area, Mengshan Yunmeng Scenic Area and Guimeng Scenic Area. The core scenic area covers an area of ​​148 square kilometers. It is the site of the World Cultural Heritage Qi Great Wall and a world-famous health and longevity sanctuary.

Yimeng Mountain is distributed in several counties and cities, Yimeng Mountain and Mengshan Mountain become Yimeng Mountain. This does not mean that all the area is mountainous. Mountains, hills, and plains each account for almost one-third of the entire Yimeng Old District. Its broad scope refers to the vast area centered on Linyi City, Shandong Province. Yimeng was once under the same administrative division (Yizhou Prefecture, Langya Road, Linyi District, Linyi District, etc.). Later, the administrative divisions changed, but The concept of Yimeng has not changed, and it roughly includes 3 districts and 9 counties in Linyi City (including Lanshan District, Luozhuang District, Hedong District, Yinan County, Yishui County, Tancheng County, Fei County, Pingyi County, Lanling County, Junan County, Mengyin County, Linshu County, etc.), Linqu County of Weifang City, Yiyuan County of Zibo City, all areas of Rizhao City, as well as Xintai, Sishui, Zaozhuang Shanting District, Shizhong District, Yicheng District, Lianyungang and Pizhou of Jiangsu Province , Xinyi, Ganyu, Donghai and other parts of the country.

8. Phone number of Yimeng Mountain tourist attractions

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Guimeng Scenic Area, known as Dongmeng and Dongshan in ancient times, is located in the northwest of Linyi City. It is now a national 5A tourist attraction, China’s first ecologically famous mountain, a national forest park, a national geological park, China’s most beautiful geological park, a provincial scenic spot, and a world health and longevity Holy place.

Guimeng Scenic Area is the location of the main peak of Yimeng Mountain Tourist Area. The main peak, Guimeng Peak, is 1,156 meters above sea level. It is the second highest peak in Yimeng Mountain in Shandong Province and the second in Shandong Province. The area has dense vegetation and extremely high negative oxygen ion content, and is known as the “natural oxygen warehouse.” There are more than 100 natural and cultural landscapes here, including the world’s largest mountain sculpture – Mengshan Shouxian, the longest plank road in Jiangbei – Mengshan Cliff Plank Road, Linyi’s landmark tourist attraction for external publicity – Yingfeng Wonders, and the largest Taoist temple in Jiangbei – Wanshou Palace. The unique natural conditions of beautiful mountains, beautiful waters, secluded forests, and fresh air have given birth to a famous holy place for health and longevity and a leisure resort.