Big review: What specialties should I buy when traveling to Hainan?

When traveling to Hainan for vacation, of course you should bring some local handicrafts and specialties. Hainan’s handicrafts mainly include shells, coconuts, pearls, and crystals. There are many varieties of shellfish, and you may not be able to put them down when you first see them, but don’t buy them on impulse. Remember the purchasing principles: prices at hotels and store counters are very expensive, so you must learn to bargain with vendors and not be soft-hearted (this applies to all specialty crafts). There is a shell museum in Yalong Bay Plaza with many kinds of shells, but the prices are relatively expensive. There are many in the ends of the earth, and the handicrafts sold at fixed stalls are cheaper than those in Yalong Bay. In addition, there are many vendors in various scenic spots. They are patient and will keep nagging you, and if you have no intention of purchasing, it is best to say no at first and then ignore them. But if you have something you like, be sure to bargain hard. You can start with one-tenth of the vendor’s asking price, but the transaction price should never be more than a quarter of their asking price. One more thing to remind you: do not buy coral-like things, which are prohibited from sale by the country, so you will not be able to bring them on the plane. Coconut handicrafts are generally available at fixed stalls. If you have time, you can buy them at small shops in urban areas such as Haikou and Sanya, which will be cheaper. Beware of counterfeits when it comes to pearl and crystal handicrafts. But if you just want to look beautiful for a while, you can buy some fake ones for fun. Buying from vendors is very cheap, but don’t forget to bargain. Coconut food: mainly various coconut candies, coconut shreds, coconut flowers, coconut candy corners, coconut cakes, coconut jam, etc. Coffee: Hainan’s coffee is very famous. Hainan’s geographical conditions are most suitable for the production of high-end coffee beans. International manufacturers of famous brand coffee also purchase coffee beans in Hainan. There are many coffee processing manufacturers in Hainan, and processing technology is improving day by day. Instant coffee has created a famous brand – Lishen Coffee. In addition, roasted coffee has a strong aroma and coconut milk coffee has a unique taste, each showing its unique abilities among Hainan coffee beverage products. Roasted coffee (you need to brew it when you go home), instant coffee, and coconut milk coffee provide tourists with a variety of choices. Cashew nuts sold in the market include bagged, bulk raw cashew nuts and bagged ready-to-eat cooked cashew nuts. Cashew nuts, also known as tree peanuts, are a tropical crop with high economic value. Cashew nuts are one of the four largest dried nuts in the world. The most suitable areas for growing cashew nuts in Hainan are Basuo and Gancheng in Dongfang County, Foluo and Jiusuo in Ledong County, Yacheng in Sanya City, and the coastal plains and terraces from Sanya to Lingshui. In addition, part of the land in Wanning and Changjiang can also be planted. Cashews can be stir-fried, fried, or fried with chicken or pork, both of which are crispy and delicious. Pepper: When purchasing pepper in Hainan, there are white pepper, black pepper and wild pepper. Wild peppercorns are smaller than cultivated peppercorns and are light brown in color. Most people think that wild pepper is purely natural and its fragrance is stronger. Different processing methods of beef jerky produce different flavors of beef jerky, and you can buy some of each. Produced in Jinshan Town, Wenchang County, the meat is crispy, sweet and delicious. Mainly exported to countries and regions in Southeast Asia. Tropical preserved fruits and fresh fruits mainly include dried mango, puzzle fruit, etc. Tourists leaving Hainan by plane may wish to carry some fresh tropical fruits such as coconuts, jackfruits, mangoes, and guavas on their backs as gifts for relatives and friends back home. Dried seafood products include various types of dried fish, dried squid, shellfish, sea cucumbers, shrimps, dried sea snakes, agar, etc. Deer products include beauty series (facial cleanser, skin cream, bath gel, etc.) and nourishing series (including deer antler slices, deer blood wine, deer bone wine, deer fetus paste, deer whip, dried deer meat, etc.). Such specialties can be purchased at Hainan Deer Farm in Qiongshan County and Fengmu Deer Farm in Tunchang County. Specialty Teas Hainan’s teas include traditional black tea and green tea, including Shuiman tea, partridge tea, Kuding tea, pandan tea and betel nut tea, etc. Green tea and black tea are traditional bulk export products produced in Hainan. Especially black tea, with its pure and mellow aroma, is loved by foreign users, especially European users. Wuzhishan black tea is rated as top-grade by experts and exported to more than 40 countries and regions. Green tea from Baisha County is also very popular. Shuiman Tea is a wild tea from the Five Finger Mountains. It is grown in the clouds and mist for many years and obtains the essence of heaven and earth. It is mellow and sweet and has the effects of preventing colds, diarrhea, strengthening the stomach and refreshing the mind. There are more than 10,000 acres of wild tea in Wuzhi Mountain, and transplantation is now available. The legend of water-filled tea spreads in Wuzhi Mountain, which is magical and beautiful. Partridge tea is mainly produced in Dongshanling, Wanning. It has round leaves and a sweet taste. It is a unique wild tea. This tea is sweet and refreshing, and has a pleasant medicinal aroma. It has the effects of lowering blood pressure, losing weight, strengthening the spleen, and nourishing the stomach. It can also prevent and treat colds. It has been praised as Ganoderma lucidum grass by literati of all ages. Dongshan goat has no fishy smell and is delicious. It is generally believed that it is caused by eating the young leaves of Dongshan partridge tea. Pandan Tea Pandan Tea is a new tea product successfully developed by combining Vanilla, known as the world’s king of natural food spices, and high-grade red and green tea as raw materials, with advanced tea-making technology and modern adsorption theory. It has international Popular scents. It has various health effects such as refreshing the brain and nourishing the liver and kidneys. Pandan black tea has a sweet and pure aroma, a strong and refreshing taste, and a bright red color. It tastes better when added with milk, and is especially effective as a cold drink. Pandan green tea has a fresh, pure and timeless aroma, bright yellow-green soup color, and a mellow and sweet taste. Add ice to make it even more refreshing. Betel nut fruit tea is a natural health drink produced using betel nut and famous tea produced in Hainan. It contains a variety of human amino acids and is rich in iodine, calcium, iron, carotene, etc. It has the functions of disinfecting and relieving coughs, digesting and sobering up, refreshing, diuretic, and preventing cancer. and metabolism-boosting functions. Kuding tea has therapeutic and health-care functions, and honey chrysanthemum tea, winter melon tea, cool and refreshing, are all unique. The above local specialties can generally be purchased in major shopping malls and tourist shopping spots in Hainan, but the prices will be cheaper in the main producing areas of the local specialties, and the local specialties sold in small shops and markets can be bargained. Haiyi 1�3