Ningbo Travel (Ningbo Travel Agency Putuo Mountain One-day Tour)

Introduction: Ningbo Travel (Ningbo Travel Agency One-day Tour to Mount Putuo) Recommended Tourist Attractions Around Ningbo What are the fun tourist attractions in Ningbo? Are there any places in Ningbo suitable for family travel? What are the must-visit places in Ningbo during the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Recommended tourist attractions around Ningbo

Nantang Old Street and Dongqian Lake Tourist Resort. Nantang Old Street is relatively close to the train station and is located outside the south gate of Ningbo Ancient City. It was once the “South Gate Three Cities” of old Ningbo’s business and cultural gathering place. Ancient buildings line both sides of the street, decorated with red lanterns.

Recommended tourist attractions around Ningbo are as follows: Xitang Ancient Town Xitang is one of the birthplaces of ancient Wuyue culture. It is famous for its many bridges, lanes, and corridors. Many bridges connect the water town into one. In ancient times, it was called “Nine Dragons Holding Pearls” and “The Wind Comes from All Directions”.

The most worthwhile places to visit on a day trip around Ningbo: Shipu Fishing Port Ancient City, Yuehu Park, and Wulongtan. Shipu Fishing Port Ancient City Shipu Fishing Port Ancient City is one of the four major fishing ports in China. It is built along the mountains and faces the sea.

What are the fun tourist attractions in Ningbo?

1. Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park is one of the eight major saline-alkali wetlands in China. Hundreds of species and hundreds of thousands of migratory birds pass through this place every year during their migration. The biodiversity is diverse and precious, and the wetland resources are rich.

2. Interesting local tourist attractions in Ningbo include: Xikou-Tengtou Tourist Area, Tianyige·Yuehu Scenic Area, Xiangshan Film and Television City, Chinese Fishing Village, and Songlan Mountain Seaside Resort. Xikou-Tengtou Tourist Area Xikou-Tengtou Tourist Area consists of two major scenic spots, Xikou Scenic Area and Tengtou Ecological Tourism Area. It is the most worth visiting attraction in Ningbo.

3. Tianyi Pavilion: Tianyi Pavilion, located in Haishu District, Ningbo, has a rich historical heritage. It was built during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty. The shape of the building is very unique, with the characteristics of Jiangnan courtyard garden, and it is particularly ornamental. At the same time, Tianyi Pavilion also collects many precious cultural relics and materials, which is one of the must-visit attractions for tourists traveling to Ningbo.

4. Interesting local tourist attractions in Ningbo include Xuedou Mountain, Tianyige Museum, Xikou, Dajue Mountain, Beilun Phoenix Mountain Theme Park and other places. Xuedou Mountain is a national scenic spot, a national forest park, and a national AAAAA tourist attraction. It is known as one of the Four Ming Mountains and is the ashram of Maitreya Buddha, one of the five famous Buddhist mountains in China.

5. Ningbo tourist attractions are as follows: Ningbo Tiantong Temple Ningbo Tiantong Temple is located at the foothills of Taibai Mountain, 25 kilometers east of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. It was founded in the first year of Yongkang in the Western Jin Dynasty. It is one of the five famous mountains of Zen Buddhism and is known as the “Southeast Buddhist Country”.

Are there any places in Ningbo suitable for family travel?

1. Ningbo Old Bund is located in Jiangbei District on the north bank of Sanjiangkou, Ningbo City. It opened in 1844 and is located in the center of Ningbo. It is located at the confluence of the Yongjiang River, Fenghua River and Yuyao River. It has been one of the prosperous ports since the Tang and Song Dynasties. First, it was the earliest port area opened to the outside world among the “Five Ports for Trade”, 20 years earlier than the Shanghai Bund.

2. Are there any places in Ningbo suitable for families to visit during the Spring Festival? There are kids! Xufuyan Lingyundu Glass Plank Road Xufuyan Lingyundu Glass Plank Road is located in the Xufuyan scenic spot at the western end of Xuedou Mountain, 5 kilometers northwest of Xuedou Temple and 17 kilometers away from the former residence of the Chiang Kai-shek in Xikou Town.

3. Dongqian Lake Heda Water Park Dongqian Lake Water Park is located on the south side of the scenic line at the northwest corner of the Dongqian Lake Hunan Lake shoreline. Relying on the beautiful Dongqian Lake, it naturally and skillfully integrates the natural lake scenery of Dongqian Lake. In one, you can have a panoramic view of Dongqian Lake while playing.

What are the must-visit places when traveling to Ningbo during the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Lomon Global Park Lomon Global Park is located in the southern new city of Ningbo. It is one of the largest urban indoor theme parks in the world.

Amusement parks have always been everyone’s favorite place. During this year’s National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, Ningbo Fantawild will hold the Tang Chao Music Festival, and there will also be a fireworks show in the evening. Ningbo Fantawild Adventure has always been the first choice for tourists, and I believe it will bring a different visual feast during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The new Ningbo City Exhibition Hall in Zhejiang is about to open. Compared with the previous one, the new hall has a superior geographical location, a very large area, and the overall building is very grand. Ningbo City Exhibition Hall will be open normally during the National Day, so what should you do in Ningbo City Exhibition Hall? The editor below recommends a National Day tour guide.

Dragon boat racing can also add to the entertainment atmosphere of the festival. Each race is very lively and worth participating in. If you can meet the temple fair, you will be even luckier.