The appearance of a cruise ship The appearance of a cruise ship

Introduction: The appearance of the cruise ship The appearance of the cruise ship 1. The appearance of the cruise ship 2. The description of the appearance of the cruise ship 3. The wheels of the cruise ship 4. Is this a cruise ship 5. A collection of pictures of the interior of the cruise ship 6. Pictures of the appearance of the cruise ship

1. What the cruise ship looks like

1. Inner cabin: There are no windows in the inner cabin, and the area is about 15 to 20 square meters. The location and the size of the area will directly affect the price of the inner cabin. The lowest price is the inner cabin on the lowest floor, which is closer to the motor.

2. Sea view room: Sea view room has windows. The shape of the sea view room windows may be round or square, but they are all closed. The sea view room can see the scenery outside the ship through the window, but its area is not much larger than the inner cabin. In terms of price, the sea view room is 50 to 200 US dollars more per person than the same level of inner cabin.

Among the sea view rooms, there is also a sea view room called a lifeboat-shaded sea view room. As the name suggests, the windows of this room are blocked by the lifeboat, and the outside scenery is almost impossible to see. This kind of sea view room is usually much cheaper than ordinary sea view room.

3. Sea view room with balcony: commonly known as balcony room, it has floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors and a balcony ranging from 3 to 5 square meters. The room area is more than 20 square meters. Taking a 5- to 7-night cruise as an example, the price of a balcony room is usually $200 or more more than an interior room. Balcony rooms are usually located on better floors, usually above the 5th or 6th floor. Of course, the scenery from the balcony room is the best. Many people choose the balcony room because it can bring their own sea view.

2. Description of the cruise ship’s appearance

1. The two sides of the Huangpu River gather the essence of Shanghai’s urban landscape, and the Huangpu River under night vividly renders Shanghai’s luxurious, romantic and atmospheric unique style, showing the seductive and charming profound connotation of Shanghai’s sleepless city.

2. At the beginning of the lanterns, the late autumn evening wind blew my hair and cheeks, swaying the hope and passion in my heart. The skyscrapers along the Huangpu River are gradually becoming clearer. They are colorful and dazzling.

3. The night in Shanghai is a sea of ​​lights and a world of light. The night scenes on both sides of the Huangpu River are gorgeous, dreamy and beautiful.

4. The gorgeous neon lights highlight the splendor of the Oriental Pearl Tower. The bungalows on the Bund make people feel lost in the city, but the dazzling light on the Huangpu River has a modern vicissitude.

5. At night, from the cruise ship rolling on the Huangpu River, the stars on the Pearl Tower are shining, the light and shadow flow, and the changes are wonderful.

6. The Pearl Tower stands elegantly on the bank of the Huangpu River among modern buildings. With its unparalleled elegance and majestic demeanor, it affectionately tells people the long history of the Yellow River and Yangtze River and the beauty and magic of Huangshan Mountain and the Great Wall.

7. The urban sculptures on the Bund use vertical water waves and water droplets to combine, like jumping notes on a staff, and play the music “Sail” of the Huangpu River, Shanghai’s mother river, with a relaxed and cheerful melody to show that there are many sails on the Huangpu River and the fleet is sailing. To all places, foreign exchange and tourism flow in this economic river; the connection between sails and the floating of multiple curves add to the three-dimensional dynamic!

8. Shanghai also has such a century-old mother river, the Huangpu River that meanders through the city. This is a historical river full of classics and memories, carrying Shanghai’s solid confidence to attack world cities.

9. This is a future river full of opportunities and hope, filled with Shanghai’s vitality to enter the world city.

3. Cruise ship wheels

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4. Is this a cruise ship?

The ending is that this reincarnation is over. After the heroine gets into a car accident, she stands in front of the car. This is the end, and the reincarnation stops. Every time, the God of Death would come to her and tell her: “It is a waste of effort to save this child. There is no way to revive him.”

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If she looks away and chooses to follow Death, reincarnation will be over. If she still insists on wanting to go to the port, Death will still give her another chance to ask her, will she come back?

If the heroine comes back to make peace with the God of Death after seeing the man for the last time, reincarnation will stop and the soul will rest in peace.

If the heroine still chooses to get on the ship and try to change everything, she will be punished by death, punished for breaking the promise, punished for her stubbornness, and what awaits her will be an endless reincarnation.

5. A collection of pictures of the interior of the cruise ship

This generally depends on the model. Different models have different prices. The price of a luxury yacht depends on the size you need. It ranges from 2 million to tens of millions. Yachts are roughly divided into large and small and medium-sized. The large ones are about 90 to 90 in length. They range in size from 160 feet to 3 to 7 floors. The top floor is the cab and satellite communication system. The interior space is divided into various luxurious bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms, master studios, reception rooms, and study rooms according to the needs of the owner. Think of the Shuishen yacht brand under Yihong Yachts. The internal space facilities can be fully customized 360° according to customer needs, so you can take a look. If you are not sure, you can consult us.

6. Pictures of what the cruise ship looks like

Based on my experience of taking cruises many times, a solo cruise is very feasible and enjoyable.

When you want to think alone or want to be alone, or you want to have a dreamy and magical encounter, a cruise trip alone can be a good opportunity. Of course, it is also completely away from the hustle and bustle, and throw away the noisy or poisonous mobile phones. Addiction – There is no signal at sea, so you can completely relax and let yourself go.

You can party, shop, and dine like a gentleman on a cruise ship, and you can even try your luck and gamble for fun. You can enjoy solitude and play with various facilities like a child. In addition to eating, drinking and having fun, you can also go to the gym for fitness and entertainment.

In short, as a person, you don’t have to look at other people’s faces or take into account other people’s emotions, and you don’t have to worry about your own identity. You can do whatever you want within the rules.

(Cruise pictures are all self-portraits)