Many scenic spots are free during the Chinese New Year. Do you have any during the Chinese New Year?

Introduction: Many scenic spots are free during the Chinese New Year. What are your recommendations for 5A or 4A scenic spots that are free during the Chinese New Year? What are the conscience 5A-level scenic spots in my country that are free of admission?

Jinan, Shandong has become popular on the Internet recently

As an authentic Jinan guy

Let me tell you about some of the free attractions in my hometown of Jinan that are better than the paid ones.

Daming Lake 5A Scenic Area Free

It has been free for about two years. The previous ticket was 40 and now it is free for the whole time.

If you walk around Daming Lake fast (close to running) for one hour, walk slowly for two hours. It is recommended that you enter Daming Lake from the main south gate. After turning halfway, you can rent an electric boat on the other side of the lake, which costs about 120 an hour. The electric one is very comfortable and can seat 6 people. 20 per person is a good deal. After walking halfway through this way, we took a boat ride to rest.

The hotel you rent can be closer to Daming Lake, because the night view of Daming Lake is also great at night, so you can take a walk around the night view.

Furong Street Free

Snack Street, a paradise for foodies, can be reached by walking south from the South Gate of Daming Lake, and passing by Qushuiting Street in Jinan.

Free in kuanhouli

Another paradise for foodies. Just across the road is Jiefang Pavilion.

Jiefang Pavilion is free

Learn about the history and culture of Jinan

Black Tiger Spring, White Stone Spring and many other springs are free of charge

Just below Jiefang Pavilion, Black Tiger Spring is the spring with the second largest water output and is more beautiful than Baotu Spring. Spring water gushes out from three tiger heads. Baishiquan is just opposite. They are all on the edge of the moat, and there are many springs.

There are 10 tourist boat stops about 100 meters to the west. It is recommended to take one stop for 10 yuan and go directly to Quancheng Square.

Quancheng Square is free

There is an observation deck introducing historical figures of Jinan Quanbiao.

Science and Technology Museum is free

It’s on the east side of Quancheng Square, not far from the boat station.

Quancheng Park is free

It used to be called the Botanical Garden. If you like gardens, you can go and see it.

Daming Lake Furong Street is recommended for a day of eating and playing.

Kuanhouli Jiefang Pavilion Black Tiger Spring White Rock Quancheng Square Science and Technology Museum Recommend a day

Botanical garden half day

All parks in Zhanjiang city are open to the public free of charge. Among them, Jinshawan Beach is located on the east coast of Chikan District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of ​​126,000 square meters. It is a national AAAA-level scenic spot, including Jinshawan sea view promenade, bathing beach, Twin Islands, water sports center and other attractions.

What are your recommendations for 5A or 4A attractions that are free?

1: Hangzhou West Lake

If you want to compare the West Lake to the West, it is always better to wear heavy makeup and light makeup. It is the epitome of beauty in Hangzhou. Hangzhou West Lake has also been rated as the most popular attraction in the country. It is among the first batch of national key scenic spots.

2: Nanjing Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum

Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing is the mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. The entire building is built on the mountain and is magnificent.

3: Gulangyu Island, Xiamen

Gulangyu Island is a very famous tourist attraction in Xiamen and even the whole country, and is a world cultural heritage.

5: Tianjin Ancient Culture Street

Tianjin Ancient Culture Street has always adhered to the business characteristics of “Chinese flavor, Tianjin flavor, cultural flavor”. It is one of the ten scenic spots in Jinmen. It is a concentration of time-honored folk handicraft stores in Tianjin.

6: Beijing Olympic Park

The Olympic Park embodies the three major concepts of “technology, green and humanities”. It was the main stadium for the 26th Olympic Games in 2008.

7: Qingzhou Ancient City

Qingzhou Ancient City is one of the nine states and has been newly promoted as a national 5A tourist attraction.

8: Yuelu Mountain, Hunan

It is one of the four major maple viewing spots in China. It is a national key scenic spot and a demonstration base for patriotic education.

9: Sanhe Ancient Town

Sanhe Ancient Town is an ancient town with Chinese history and civilization and one of the four major ancient towns in Jiangnan.

10: Nanjing Confucius Temple-Qinhuai Scenic Belt Scenic Area

Ten miles away from Qinhuai, the golden powder of the Six Dynasties, the Qinhuai River is the birthplace of Nanjing culture.

AAAA Scenic Spot Damushan Cycling Tea Garden in Songyang County, Zhejiang Province

What are the conscience 5A-level scenic spots in my country that are free of admission?

Take stock of 24 conscience-free 5A-level scenic spots across the country

[Foreword: If there are any ticket-free scenic spots not mentioned in this article, or if there are no ticket-free scenic spots mentioned in this article, please tell me, thank you! Others say that tickets for Qu Yuan’s Hometown Cultural Tourism Area in Yichang, Hubei and Baili Azalea Scenic Area in Bijie, Guizhou are free of charge. I checked and found that they are not. ]

1. Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area (Zhejiang)

2. Xiamen Gulangyu Scenic Area (Fujian)

3. Fuzhou Three Lanes and Seven Alleys Tourist Area (Fujian)

4. Longyan Shanghang Gutian Red Tourist Area (Fujian)

5. Beijing Olympic Park (Beijing)

6. Tianjin Ancient Culture Tourism Area ~ Jinmen Hometown (Tianjin)

7. Nanjing Zhongshan ~ Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum Scenic Area (Jiangsu)

8. Nanjing Confucius Temple ~ Qinhuai River Scenic Area (Jiangsu)

9. Nantong Haohe Scenic Area (Jiangsu)

10. Huai’an Zhou Enlai’s Former Residence Tourist Area (Jiangsu)

11. Suzhou Jinji Lake Tourist Area (Jiangsu)

12. Suzhou Wuzhong Taihu Lake Tourist Area (Jiangsu)

13. Shijiazhuang Pingshan Xibaipo Red Tourist Area (Hebei)

14. Changsha Yuelu Mountain ~ Juzizhoutou Park (Hunan)

15. Liu Shaoqi’s Former Residence Tourist Area, Huaminglou, Ningxiang, Changsha (Hunan)

16. Xiangtan Shaoshan Scenic Area (Hunan)

17. Guang’an Deng Xiaoping’s Former Residence Tourist Area (Sichuan)

18. Nanchong Yilong Zhude’s Former Residence Tourist Area (Sichuan)

19. Mianyang Beichuan Qiangcheng Tourist Area (Sichuan)

20. Yichang Three Gorges Dam Tourist Area (Hubei)

21. Shenzhen Mission Hills Leisure and Tourism Area (Guangdong)

22. Guilin Lijiang Landscape Scenic Area (Guangxi)

23. Jinan Daming Lake Park (Shandong)

24. Weifang Qingzhou Ancient City Tourist Area (Shandong)

There are not many free 5A scenic spots in my country, about 20. Compared with attractions with high ticket prices, free attractions are already very conscientious! Below I would like to recommend two very conscientious free ticket 5A scenic spots that I have visited.

The first one is the West Lake. It is also a lake and a 5A scenic spot. The Slender West Lake in Yangzhou charges 100 yuan. In comparison, the Hangzhou West Lake with beautiful scenery and larger area is more worth visiting. Moreover, Hangzhou West Lake is free. There are so many places worth visiting in West Lake. If you want to visit them in detail, I’m afraid you won’t be able to visit them all in three days. West Lake not only has well-known attractions such as Su Di Spring Dawn, Broken Bridge, Leifeng Pagoda, and Lingyin Temple, but also has niche attractions such as Jiuxi and Santianzhu.

2. The other one is Guoqing Temple, located in Tiantai County, Taizhou, Zhejiang. It was first founded in 598, and what we see now was rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty. Compared with other popular 5A scenic spots, Guoqing Temple is obviously less noisy and more peaceful. In addition to seeing temples, the natural scenery here is also amazing. Because it is located in Tiantai Mountain, you can see other forests, waterfalls and strange peaks without spending money. How can it not be cost-effective?

Of course, there are many free 5A scenic spots in China that are very cost-effective. I won’t list them all here. I hope you can leave a message and share them!