Attractions in Wanning, Hainan Must-visit attractions in Wanning, Hainan Travel Guide

Introduction: Attractions in Wanning, Hainan Must-visit attractions in Hainan Wanning Travel Guide Must-visit attractions in Wanning, Hainan Must-visit attractions in Wanning Hainan Travel Guide Must-visit attractions in Wanning, Hainan What fun tourist attractions are there in Wanning, Hainan Attractions Ranking What are the fun attractions in Wanning? Must-visit attractions in Wanning Travel Guide. Recommended must-see attractions in Wanning Travel Guide.

Must-visit attractions in Wanning, Hainan Travel Guide

Speaking of Wanning, it is most famous for its beauty of small islands and endless beaches. When you come here, you may not want to go back. It has a world-class sea view, and the water is comparable to the Maldives. Everyone who comes here Everyone who has been there praises it. It is also famous as a surfing town.

It has a Chinese version of Highway 1 and a beautiful uninhabited island. You don’t have to go to Greece to see the same “Shipwreck Bay” here. It is also a famous surfing town. You don’t have to go to Hawaii to have beautiful beaches suitable for surfing, so you can experience the excitement of surfing at home!

recommended places

shan qin bay

Shanqin Bay is the northernmost bay in Wanning, located on the northeast coast of Longgun Town, adjacent to the famous Boao Town both at home and abroad. The characteristics of Shanqin Bay are also very different from other bays in Wanning. Among them, ancient temples, black reefs, and bird nests are the most notable features of Shanqin Bay.

Covered by dense coastal forests, the ancient temple of San Khin has been standing for more than a hundred years and is popular among tourists. Because it has just been renovated, the appearance of the ancient temple looks majestic. Every time before going out to sea, fishermen from the nearby coast will bring various offerings to the ancient temple of Shanqin to worship and pray devoutly, hoping that the gods will protect them and protect them from going out to sea safely and to catch a bountiful fish.

On the beach of Shanqin Bay, there are several shore holes where swallows flock. Every autumn and winter, when the weather in the north gets colder, tens of thousands of swallows fly to Shanqin Bay to spend the winter. The caves on the shore are the resting places for the swallows. The dance of swallows and birds makes Shanqin Bay lively. Yanniao Living Room is a variety of caves formed by volcanic rocks and lava on the shore. The black reefs on the shore are made of volcanic rocks and lava. Some people say that the most appropriate sentence to describe Shanqin Bay is that it is half sea water and half sea water. Flames, volcanic rocks and the sea are so closely integrated that Shanqin Bay is unique among the many bays in Hainan.

The black reefs standing on the beach of Shanqin Bay are some four or five meters high and irregular in shape. The entire reef group stretches for hundreds of meters. In addition to the concentrated reef groups, there are also small clusters of reefs along the beach. The most amazing thing is the shape of the black reefs. From a distance, some look like a turtle lying on the beach, some look like a majestic lion, and some look like a huge whale rising out of the water to breathe. Among the many black reefs, Jade Rabbit Reef is the most vivid, majestic, clever and breathtaking.

You can shuttle and jump among the black reefs, which is not possible on every beach!

The beach here is not as silver-white as other beaches, and there are not many shells to pick up, but there are more beautiful landscapes waiting for you here. In the early morning, if the weather is fine, you can also see a red sun rising from the sea. You can also see fishermen in the offshore sorting their harvested seafood and feel the enthusiasm of local fishermen.

Wanning Outlets Cultural Tourism Zone

Wanning Outlets Cultural Tourism Area is a national AAA-level scenic spot

Wanning Outlets Cultural Tourism Zone is located in Lianhua Village, Liji Town, Wanning City, Hainan Province. It is about 13 kilometers away from the main urban area and about 20 minutes’ drive from Shenzhou Peninsula and Xinglong Tourist Resort. The project construction area is 100,879_. It is divided into indoor boutique cultural experience block and outdoor leisure cultural experience block. The indoor boutique cultural experience block is mainly composed of outlet discount stores and is divided into phases one and two. The outdoor leisure cultural experience block is Haiyun Street with a Southeast Asian style, which is mainly composed of tourist supporting brand stores.

Wanning Outlet Cultural Tourism Zone is the first tourist outlet in Hainan Province with a larger scale, the most diverse business formats, the most well-known brands, and more price competitiveness. The project is a tourist area integrating shopping, dining, entertainment, and vacation. It has created a new model of leisure and vacation consumption, attracted many in-depth holiday vacationers and in-depth consumption, and created the only pure tourism outlet in Hainan Island, forming a world-famous brand. A high-end industrial complex with outlets as its core. The scenic spot has unique tourism resources with “Brand Direct Sales Shopping Center” as its core attraction.

Hainan Dongshanling Cultural Tourism Area

Dongshanling, one of the mountains in Hainan, is located 3 kilometers east of Wanning County, Hainan Province, with an altitude of 184 meters and a radius of 10 square kilometers. It is famous for its “Eight Scenic Spots of Dongshan”, “Fairy Mountain Buddha Country” and “Cliff Carvings”. It is Hainan’s The oldest and oldest Buddhist holy place. Dongshanling has beautiful scenery and a long history. In the mountains, there are strange peaks and huge walls standing in the south sky, dangerous cliffs with towering peaks, strange caves with mysterious and unpredictable features, long valleys with clear springs, and unique cultural landscapes. The uncanny craftsmanship of nature has created the eight scenic spots of Dongshan Ridge: Chaoyun in the Seven Gorges, Lingxiao Zhengwa, Xianzhou Cable, Penglai Fragrant Cave, Yaotai Wanghai, Crown Cover with Flying Clouds, Sea Eyes Flowing Dan, and Clear Water. Ring dragon.

The Buddhist culture in Dongshanling has a long history. Temples and nunneries have been built in the Tang and Song Dynasties. Its Huafengxian Rock, Chaoyin Temple and Dongling Temple are visited by tourists all year round, and the incense is prosperous. In the seventh year of Tianbao in the Tang Dynasty (AD 748), the famous eminent monk Dade Jianzhen made his fifth trip to the East but failed and drifted to Hainan. He led his disciples to make a special trip to Dongshan Ridge to preach and preach the Dharma. Absolutely.

A deity makes a mountain, not its altitude. From ancient times to the present, Dongshan Ridge has been regarded as a fairy mountain in people’s minds. It is not only visited by tourists in droves, but also visited by literati and scholars. They left colorful poems and inscriptions on nearly a hundred jagged rocks. The cliff stone carvings, filled with the strong fragrance of ink, are meticulously crafted and majestic. The calligraphy is solemn and dignified, the brush strokes are flying and the phoenixes are dancing, and the charm is vivid. The dazzling array of cliff stone carvings is so colorful that it is dizzying to see. The four-style calligraphy of Li, Kai, Xing and Cao is dazzling. The number of stone carvings, the high calligraphy skills and the long history make it a vivid book on the art of calligraphy. It has become The long-famous “Cliff Carvings” group in Dongshanling. On the Lingyun stone wall to the south of the cave entrance are the four large Chinese characters “Dongshan Shucui” engraved in block letters, with a height of 1.7 meters. They are the largest stone carvings in terms of calligraphy and length among the stone carvings on the cliffs of Dongshanling; “Huafeng Xianyan” is on the east side of the stone house. The 88-character poem on the stone wall is carved in linear style and the characters are 6 centimeters high. It is the smallest stone carving among the cliff carvings in Dongshanling. These calligraphy and brocade verses vividly shape and reveal the profound heritage of the “Fairy Mountain Buddha Country”, add to the beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers, and leave a rich cultural heritage to Dongshan Ridge.

Dongshanling’s delicacies are famous throughout China. Dongshan goat, Hele crab, Hou’an mullet, Dongshan pancakes, and Dongshan partridge tea are known as the “Five Wonders of Dongshan”, so there is a saying of “eating in Dongshan”. The “Eight Scenic Spots of Dongshan”, historical sites, temples and nunneries, rich cultural heritage and unique local specialties constitute the unique charm of Dongshan Ridge. Throughout the ages, Dongshanling has been known as “One of the Mountains in Hainan”, “One of the Ten Thousand Mountains”, “Fairy Mountain Buddha Country”, “Penglai in Antarctica”, “Xiaoyingzhou” and “Hainan Peach Blossom”. It is a famous tourist attraction and is well-known. at home and abroad.

spring garden bay

The coastline of the cities and counties in eastern Hainan is the most beautiful coastline in the hearts of Hainanese. However, many Hainanese don’t know that there are many undeveloped small bays on the eastern coastline, which are the kind that most young people are unaware of. For example, Chunyuan Bay in Wanning is one of them.

Chunyuan Bay Scenic Area is located 12 kilometers east of Wancheng Town, Wanning City. It is an ideal tourist resort. To the east of Chunyuan Bay is Dahuajiao, a provincial nature reserve, to the southeast is “Yanwo Island, one of the islands in Hainan” (also known as Dazhou Island), and to the north is Wanning Xiaohai, “one of the lagoons of the treasure island”.

There are five ridges along the coast, and three crescent-shaped bays are formed between the ridges. Chunyuanhai is located in the middle, with Dachangling in the east, Xiaowuchangling in the west, Sugar Cane Island in the south, and Xiaohai in the north.

The neighbors in Spring Garden Bay are all beautiful, and I am no less beautiful. Compared with the famous Clearwater Bay and Yalong Bay, Chunyuan Bay’s personality and characteristics are even slightly better and more exciting. The coastline of Chunyuan Bay is 4.2 kilometers long, and the bay area is nearly 2.5 square kilometers. It is like spring all year round, with abundant sunshine and an average annual temperature of 24

.5 degrees Celsius, the water temperature is 25_30 degrees Celsius, the beach width is moderate, the beach slope is gentle, the sand is clean, the water is pollution-free, there are no aquatic plants, and it is transparent up to 15 meters. You can imagine how clear the water in Chunyuan Bay is. Swimming in this place is simply a human enjoyment.

Spring Garden Bay is not only suitable for swimming, as the beaches here are gentle and the sand is clean. You can also enjoy comprehensive water activities such as snorkeling, windsurfing, beach netting, and reef fishing. The most prominent feature of Chunyuan Bay is that it is exquisite, small but not vulgar, delicate but not charming, and contains deep cultural essence and “Fragrant Bay” potential. Every year in August and September, sea pheasants, sea ducks, seagulls and the like come to play in the small sea, making it very lively.

If playing in the water doesn’t satisfy your needs, you might as well go to Dalingling on the east side of Chunyuan Bay. Walking on Dachangling, you will see a clear spring at five steps, and a water stream at ten steps. It is crystal clear and the spring flow is tinkling, just like the resonance of the waves, washing away the dust in the heart. Next to a small spring pond shaded by flowering trees and surrounded by bamboos, two stone ledges are nestled side by side. There seem to be two pairs of footprints on the ground under the stone ledges. Although the surrounding azaleas are not in full bloom, they are straight and straight. The spreading branches and leaves are not droopy or withered at all.

All visitors to Chunyuan Bay must visit Dachangling, and all visitors to Dachangling must visit Xiaoquantang. The two stone steps next to the small spring pond are known as the “Stealing Stones”. Turning out of the small spring pond and then climbing up, the mountains and ridges become more and more exquisite: the stones are like living bodies trying to speak, and the trees are like green umbrellas. , the flowers are in full bloom, and they are intertwined along the winding path. They do not appear obscure or trivial at all, but appear cohesive and meandering.

Recommended beach activities

Shimei Bay Shimei Bay is known as the most beautiful undeveloped bay in Hainan. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the sea on one side, with a 6-kilometer-long blue sea and silver beach. The location here is relatively remote and few tourists arrive, so it still maintains the beautiful original ecological scenery.

The biggest feature of Dahuajiao is that there are thousands of pebbles of different sizes, some round and some flat, scattered on the beach of Dahuajiao. There is no large white sand beach here, the pebbles are connected to the sea, and you can go to the cliff to overlook the scenery of the entire bay.

Jiajing Island Jiajing Island is an uninhabited island located in Shimei Bay. You don’t have to go to the Maldives to see the same sea view, and the island resources here are very rich. Starfish, corals, and sea cucumbers can be seen everywhere. When you come to this uninhabited island, the most important thing you can’t miss is snorkeling and deep diving.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, Wanning also has many special delicacies worth tasting, such as Dongshan goat, Hele crab, Hou’an noodles, Xinglong coffee and so on.

Must-visit attractions in Wanning, Hainan Travel Guide

Must-visit attractions in Wanning, Hainan: Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, Dongshanling Cultural Tourism Area, Bali Village, Riyue Bay, Dazhou Island, etc.

1. Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden covers an area of ​​42 hectares, 176 kilometers from Haikou City and 97 kilometers from Sanya City. It is divided into five major functional areas, namely plant viewing area, experimental demonstration area, science and technology research and development area, three-dimensional planting area and ecological leisure area. The park includes vanilla experimental demonstration base, coffee experimental demonstration base, pepper experimental demonstration base and cocoa experimental demonstration base. It is a comprehensive tropical botanical garden integrating scientific research, science popularization, production, processing, sightseeing and germplasm resource protection. It is also one of Hainan’s most comprehensive tropical botanical gardens. Wanning’s more interesting attractions.

2. Dongshanling Cultural Tourism Area

Dongshan Ridge has a radius of 10 square kilometers. To the southeast is the vast South China Sea, and to the northeast is the small sea rich in Hele crabs. The natural scenery on the ridge is beautiful, the caves are mysterious and unpredictable, the valleys are clear and the springs are long, and the cultural landscape is unique.

The uncanny workmanship of nature has created the eight scenic spots of Dongshan Ridge: Seven Gorges Chaoyun, Zhengfang Lingxiao, Xianzhou Cable, Penglai Fragrant Grotto, Yaotai Wanghai, Canopy Feixia, Haiyan Liudan, and clear water. Ring dragon. The Buddhist culture in Dongshanling has a long history. Temples and nunneries have been built in the Tang and Song Dynasties. Its Huafengxian Rock, Chaoyin Temple and Dongling Temple are visited by tourists all year round, and the incense is prosperous.

3. Bali Village

Bali Village is based on the culture of returned overseas Chinese in Xinglong Nanyang. It connects the lives of returned overseas Chinese in Xinglong Nanyang after returning to China through Nanyang style, customs, scenery and flavor. It is a scenic spot with the culture of returned overseas Chinese as its theme, and it is also a fun tourist attraction in Wanning. Bali Village consists of five functional areas, namely the Nanyang Cultural Center, the returned overseas Chinese living area, the Nanyang Style Street, the returned overseas Chinese Roots Hall, and the product experience area.

Among them, Nanyang Style Street is a stage with Southeast Asian characteristics, featuring singing, dancing and singing performances by returned overseas Chinese to entertain themselves. Visitors can also participate interactively, listening to cheerful music, watching charming dances, wearing bright floral shirts, and tasting delicious snacks. , experience exotic customs.

4. Riyue Bay

Riyue Bay is half-moon shaped, surrounded by mountains to the north and surging waves to the south. The beach is white and soft, the sea is calm and the water is blue and clear. It is known as Hainan’s golden coast.

Haimen Tourist Area is divided into Haimen Park and Taiwan Strait Folk Culture Tourist Area (Taiwan Village). There are Haimen Wonders, Mazu Statue, Coconut Grove Leisure Plaza, Chinese Dragon, Alpine Paradise, Alpine Dwellings, Formosan Nationalities Cultural Center and other attractions, which can be used for beach entertainment, You can enjoy recreational activities such as camel riding on the beach, and you can also watch the traditional sea ceremony every morning.

5. Dazhou Island

Dazhou Island, also known as Bird’s Nest Island, consists of two islands and three peaks, with an area of ​​approximately 4.36 square kilometers and a peak of 289 meters. It is the habitat of swiftlets, and the oriental treasure Dazhou Bird’s Nest is produced here.

Dazhou Island is also a sea-viewing tourist destination. Not only can you enjoy mountains and rocks, and the sea and beautiful scenery, but you can also go diving, which is suitable for underwater fishing and photography. The best tourist season for Dazhou Island is from November to September of the following year. The climate is warm and dry, especially from November to July of the following year. Groups of swiftlets fly to Dazhou Island to build nests to escape the winter.

For the above content, please refer to Baidu Encyclopedia – Dazhou Island Baidu Encyclopedia – Riyue Bay

Must-visit attractions in Wanning, Hainan Travel Guide

Must-visit attractions in Wanning, Hainan include Shenzhou Peninsula Lighthouse, Shimei Bay, Shimei Bay, Jiajing Island, Riyue Bay, and Boundary Island.

The Shenzhou Peninsula Lighthouse is a landmark attraction in Wanning. The lighthouse standing on a piece of land is the watchman of the harbor. It makes people feel like they are in Hayao Miyazaki’s animation world. It has a sense of atmosphere just by taking a look. Shimei Bay has the most beautiful harbor in Hainan, with waves on the beach, clear water and fine sand. On one side is the endless sea and on the other side are layers of woods. It is a very unique scenery.

Shimei Bay Jiajing Island is an original uninhabited island with crystal clear water. It has a mature outdoor diving base and rich seabed resources. Snorkeling allows you to get close to tropical fish and corals, making it a diving paradise. Riyue Bay is one of the top ten surfing spots in the world. The water is as clear and transparent as the sea of ​​glass. It is the same style as the variety show King Yebo in “Summer Surf Shop”. There are many sports, in addition to surfing, there are also skydiving and so on. .

Hainan food recommendations

Hainan is the hometown of coconuts, so it’s natural to try coconut chicken. Hainan’s coconut chicken is a special delicacy of Wenchang. Fresh coconut juice is used as the soup base. Freshly killed Wenchang chicken is chopped into small pieces and boiled in coconut juice for 5 minutes. It is ready to eat. The characteristic of Wenchang chicken is that it cannot be cooked for a long time. , otherwise the meat will become old. Use coconut water as the soup base. The meat will be fresh and tender without any fishy smell, and the soup will be fresh and tender.

Many people know that roast suckling pig is a specialty of Lingao. But in fact, the roasted suckling pig in the East is also very famous. Personally, I think the roasted suckling pig in the East has a crispier skin. The characteristics of roasted suckling pig are crispy skin, tender meat, bright red color, fragrant but not greasy bite, very chewy, and the more you eat, the more delicious it becomes.

Reference for the above content: Baidu Encyclopedia—Hainan

What are the fun tourist attractions in Wanning?

Wanning City is located on the southeastern coast of Hainan Island. It has a tropical monsoon climate. It has an advantageous geographical location, unique climatic conditions, rich tourism resources, and numerous attractions. Here you can enjoy the vast sea, strange mountains and rocks, and enjoys the reputation of “Oriental Hawaii” , very worth visiting. The best time to visit Wanning is from November to April. Let’s find out the details below!

Shimei Bay

Shimei Bay is located near Haitian Road, Xinglong Town, Wanning City, about 24 kilometers from the urban area, about 24 kilometers from Wanning Station, and about 11 kilometers from Shenzhou Station. It has convenient transportation and convenient travel. Shimei Bay is composed of two bays shaped like a crescent moon. It has a unique landscape. The surrounding scenery is beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, the vegetation is dense, the ecological environment is well preserved, and there are no traces of excessive development. It is known as the most existing tourist attraction in Hainan. The most beautiful undeveloped bay.

Attraction location

Near Haitian Road, Xinglong Town, Wanning City, Hainan Province

Kajing Island

The beautiful scenery of Jiajing Island changes with the seasons, so it is called “Spirit Island”. Undersea coral reefs can be seen everywhere, and the scenery is unique. The charming scenery here has attracted film and television crews to come here for filming, and “If You Are the One 2” was filmed here. The surrounding services and charity are complete, there are many entertainment projects, and there are many clubs established by outsiders, and there are many people building groups. There are many scenic spots here. You can not only see the vast sea, but also see strange rocks of different shapes, and you can also dive and see coral reefs here.

Attraction location

In Shimei Bay, south of Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm on Jiajing Island, Liji Town, Wanning City, Hainan Province

Dazhou Island

Dazhou Island is the only national-level marine natural ecological reserve along the southern coast of Hainan, and it is also the largest desert island along the southern coast of Hainan. Dazhou Island is composed of two islands and three peaks. It has a beautiful ecological environment, superior climatic conditions and rich species resources. It is the habitat of the Chinese canary. The scenery here is also very beautiful. The surrounding water is very clear and you can see underwater creatures. It is also a diving resort. The charming scenery here attracts many tourists every year, making it a paradise for photography lovers.

Attraction location

The sea surface in the southeast of Wanning City, Hainan Province

Ranking of attractions in Wanning, Hainan. What are the fun attractions in Wanning?

Wanning, Hainan is adjacent to the South China Sea and borders Lingshui and Qionghai. It has dense vegetation, a prosperous tropical botanical garden, Qingpi Forest Reserve and other places. The natural beauty has given birth to seaside attractions such as Riyue Bay and Shimei Bay.

Wanning Attractions Distribution Map TOP.1 Jiajing Island




Jiajing Island is currently undeveloped and has inconvenient transportation. You can participate in the one-day tour of Jiajing Island, and the price is about 100 yuan to 500 yuan;

The speedboat price is about 300 yuan to 500 yuan, and it takes about 8 minutes to arrive;

The price of a diesel engine boat is about 100 yuan to 300 yuan, and it takes about 20 minutes to arrive.

Attraction location:

In Shimei Bay, south of Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm, Jiajing Island, Liji Town, Wanning City, Hainan Province (2 kilometers south of Le Meridien Shimei Bay Resort Hotel)

Whether it’s raining or sunny, it can give me a different taste. The color of the water is beautiful.

I booked Jiajing Island snorkeling + deep diving + transfer + barbecue + fruits online in advance.

The service was great and so was the food. I experienced diving and snorkeling and saw many beautiful corals and poisonous sea urchins. We arrived at Shimei Bay about an hour later.

We are going to take a speedboat to Jiajing Island. After the tour, return to the hotel at 6pm. Floating in the water for half a day is really tiring.

TOP.2Shimei Bay

The natural scenery of Wanning Shimei Bay Tourist Area is a combination of blue sea, green mountains, white sand, strange rocks, islands, coconut groves and streams. It is hailed as “the most beautiful undeveloped bay in Hainan” by experts from the World Tourism Organization.

Shimei Bay is located at the exit of Hainan Xinglong Expressway on the east line of Hainan. It consists of two crescent-shaped bays. The six-kilometer-long Blue Sea Silver Beach is surrounded by low and gentle hillsides with dense vegetation. The natural and simple lifestyle of the Li people is unforgettable. After the release of the film “If You Are the One”, Shimei Bay became more famous as a set location.

The perfect place to watch the sunset on the six-kilometer-long blue sea and silver beach

Beautiful mountains and rivers, pleasant scenery, full of original tropical ecological natural scenery

How to get there:

Self drive:

Take the East Expressway to Exit 14 (Xinglong Shimei), and it takes 2 minutes to drive towards the seaside.

By car:

Take the provincial express train from Haikou to Wanning, and then take the local minibus to Shimei Bay.

Shimei Bay ticket price:


TOP.3 Dazhou Island

It is an undeveloped island and very pristine.

The two mountains are connected by a beach in the middle. Good for snorkeling. While snorkeling, you can see many sea urchins and colorful fish. Being lethargic on the island and catching crabs passed quickly. I remember to protect the environment of the island, bring garbage bags, and bring back what I ate and drank on the island.

Better time to visit:

The best tourist season for Dazhou Island is from November to May of the following year. The climate is warm and dry, especially from November to March of the following year. Groups of swiftlets fly to Dazhou Island to build nests to escape the winter. June to October is the typhoon and thunderstorm season in Hainan, and the wind and waves are relatively strong.

How to get there:

Take the shuttle bus from Haikou East Long-distance Station or Sanya Bus Terminal to Wanning. After arriving in Wanning, you can take a “motorcycle taxi” to Xinqun Pier. After renting a speedboat, you can go to and from Dazhou Island.

Dazhou Island ticket price:


TOP.4 Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

It was an eye-opener to see all kinds of colorful tropical plants, never seen before. The entire park is full of green and has a strong visual impact. While touring the scenery, you can learn about many strange varieties from the tour guide, such as the precious Hainan huanghuali, the blood-throated tree, etc.!

The whole park is too big. This time it’s limited. Many of them have not yet had time to conduct detailed assessments.

There will be free tour guides to explain, which I think is necessary, otherwise the plants themselves really can’t understand it.

Scenic spot qualifications:

National 4A level scenic spot

Tropical Botanical Garden ticket prices:

60 yuan/person

Scenic spot opening hours:

7:30~18:00 (7:30~17:30 in winter)

Scenic area services:

The park provides free tour guide service, battery car: 20 yuan/person.

TOP.5 Riyue Bay Haimen Tourist Area

Surfing resorts, coconut groves, shadow beaches, and big waves are all elements of the beauty here.

Next to mountains and water, it is a famous surfing destination. On the promontory, there is a statue of Mazu.

Scenic spot qualifications:

National 3A level scenic spot

Riyue Bay ticket price:

168 yuan/person

Scenic spot opening hours:


How to get there:

From Haikou, take the Provincial Express or the East Ring Train to Wanning, and then take the local minibus to your destination.

TOP.6 Dongshanling Scenic Area

Semi-open viewing cable car in the 4A scenic area of ​​”Hainan Mountain”

The oldest and most ancient Buddhist holy place in Hainan.

Scenic spot qualifications:

National 4A-level scenic spots, provincial scenic spots

Dongshanling ticket price:

Mountain climbing ticket: 15 yuan/person.

Dongshanling Cableway: 20 yuan/person.

Scenic spot opening hours:


TOP.7 Xinglong Asian Style Garden

Gather the culture and architecture of various Asian countries to experience the exotic customs

Reasons for being on the list: Xinglong Asian Style Garden is located in the picturesque Xinglong Overseas Chinese Tourist Resort City, a national 3A scenic spot, adjacent to Xinglong Hot Spring Golden Day Hotel, covering an area of ​​200,000 square meters. It is a collection of Asian cultures, architectural styles, ethnic songs and dances cultural tourist attractions.

Asia Style Garden ticket price:

38 yuan/person

How to get there:

Xinglong Asian Style Park is located in Xinglong Overseas Chinese Tourist Resort City, Wanning City, Hainan Province. It has direct high-speed access to the scenic spot from Haikou and Sanya.

TOP.8 Xinglong Tropical Garden

A large comprehensive scenic spot integrating nature and man.

Tropical Garden ticket prices:

Ticket: 50 yuan/person

Battery car: 20 yuan/person

TOP.9 Dahuajiao

There are only a few fishermen living on the pristine island near Dahuajiao. Every morning, we go out to sea to fish, and eat fresh local seafood soup from the sea at noon. In the evening, we can generate electricity to play mahjong on the island, set up a tent to barbecue, and watch the stars – you can prepare clothes for a few days, like diving and Fishing friends, bring your equipment and let us sail the boat together for a real island vacation! Experience the original island life~

TOP.10 Wanning Mountain Qinwan

The scenery is really beautiful. The sky is blue and clear, the sea is turbulent, the seagulls are flying, the waves are sparkling, the beach is soft and delicate, the rocks are rugged, and the trees are lush and green. All the beautiful scenery is better than other bays. What comes into view is a beautiful big stone on the seaside. It looks like a couple standing side by side looking at the vicissitudes of time on the stone.

Wanning Travel Guide: Must-Go Attractions Wanning Travel Guide: Must-Go Attractions Recommendations

1. Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden was founded in 1957 and has quite a history. It is located in the eastern suburbs of Wanning, with beautiful scenery and rich tropical plant species. You can also see rare plant resources such as “blood seals the throat”. The lush green sea and the faint fruity fragrance make it very comfortable to walk in it. Walking into the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden is like opening an encyclopedia of tropical plants, and there are many exotic flowers and trees that cannot be seen in ordinary botanical gardens, such as cocoa trees, iron watermelons, etc. There are also tropical cash crops such as pepper and vanilla orchid, as well as fruit trees such as durian and mangosteen.

2. Dongshanling Cultural Tourism Area

Dongshanling is located on the outskirts of Wanning City, with an altitude of 184 meters. Although the mountain is not high, the scenery is very strange. There are strange caves, deep valleys, and cliff carvings. It is also a Buddhist holy place with a long history in Hainan. It is known as “one of the mountains in Hainan”.

3. Shenzhou Peninsula

Shenzhou Peninsula is located in Dong’ao Town, Wanning City. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides and connected to the land on one side. It has original ecological seaside scenery. Nowadays, with the construction of star hotels, luxury villas, golf courses, etc. on the island, it has become even more beautiful. Modern beauty. Shenzhou Peninsula has two seas, both inside and outside. Each bay has its own style. The graceful coconut groves on both sides of the strait, the tall and delicate casuarinas, the undulating green mountains, and the infinite scenery.

4. Xinglong Asian Style Garden

Romantic style, coconut breeze and sea charm intoxicate tourists. The scenery is picturesque and the hot springs are unique. In Xinglong Overseas Chinese Tourist Resort City, the natural landscape is used to build an Asian style garden. Visitors can learn about the architectural styles of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and India and other countries in the park. Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm has received and resettled returned overseas Chinese from 21 countries and regions around the world.