What real-person escape rooms are there in Shenzhen? Which ones are cost-effective?

Introduction: What real-life escape rooms are there in Shenzhen? Which ones are cost-effective? Which tourist cities are close to Shenzhen? April is the most beautiful day in the world. Recommendations for the most beautiful travel routes in early summer in China.

Every price is different. Prices are also different on weekends and weekdays. If you have time, it is recommended to go there from Monday to Friday. There are fewer people and there is no need to queue up, and the price is much cheaper. It’s cheaper if you buy in group. The prices of several real-life escape rooms I have played so far:

1. Real-life decryption of MR Mystery Road located at Huadu Garden Building, No. 3002 Dongmen South Road, Luohu District, price: market (100 yuan) group purchase (68 yuan on weekdays/88 yuan on weekends)

2. DeMax is located in Room E, 25th Floor, Building A, Modern Window, No. 1058 Huaqiang North Road, Futian District. Price: market (120 yuan) group purchase (68 yuan)

3. MR.

4. STORY is located in Room 316, 3rd Floor, Jiale Building, at the intersection of Zhenhua Road and Yannan Road. Price: market (120 yuan) group purchase (68 yuan). Located at 08-23rd Floor, East Building, Dongmen Department Store Plaza, No. 3020 Shennan East Road, Hu District MIX No. 09, price: market (78 yuan), group purchase (65 yuan) Among them, in terms of cost performance and playability, I recommend MR Mystery Road Reality Decryption.

Which tourist cities are close to Shenzhen?

The cities closest to Shenzhen are Dongguan, Huizhou City, Zhongshan City, Macau and Hong Kong.

1. Dongguan, also known as “Guancheng”, is a prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province and one of the five prefecture-level cities in the country without districts. It is located in the southeast of Guangzhou and on the east bank of the Pearl River Estuary, adjacent to Shenzhen in the south. It is an international garden city, a national civilized city, and a national basketball city.

2. Huizhou City is a prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province. Today’s Huizhou City was included in the national administrative divisions starting from the Qin Dynasty. On January 7, 1988, the State Council approved the abolition of the organizational structure of Huiyang and divided it into four prefecture-level cities: Huizhou, Dongguan, Shanwei, and Heyuan. Huizhou City is located in the southeast of Guangdong Province, belonging to the northeastern Pearl River Delta and the middle and lower reaches of the Dongjiang River.

April is the most beautiful day in the world. Recommendations for the most beautiful travel routes in early summer in China.

“The spring breeze of March has passed! How much do you know about the scenery in April?” The spring of March has entered the final stage, and April is the beginning of summer. If you don’t have time to sigh about the beautiful spring scenery, then you should cherish this most beautiful April day in the world. Because in April, the land of China has turned green again. The green mountains and green waters are the most beautiful scenery. What’s even more rare is that April is the traditional off-season for major scenic spots, with not many tourists. Many places also launch various preferential promotion policies, and the consumption is low. This kind of itinerary with few people, beautiful scenery and low consumption is very worth cherishing. So here comes the most important question, where is the most beautiful place to go in April? Here are my personal recommendations:

1. Guangxi landscape

The cold winter has passed, and Guangxi’s beautiful karst landscape has once again seen its most beautiful appearance. April is the most tranquil and beautiful time for Guangxi’s mountains and rivers. If you yearn for it, it is worth making it your first choice for travel. Among them, the following two routes are the most classic:

1. Yangshuo Guilin Landscape + Maoer Mountain + ~ Mountain (Bajiao Village)

Speaking of Guangxi, there is no place more attractive than the landscape of Guilin. If you are yearning for it, the most worthwhile places on this route are:

Famous attractions in Guilin + Grand Li River Yacht + Essence scenery around Yangshuo + Xing’an Lingqu + Resource Bajiao Village (called ~ Mountain Scenic Area in the direction of Hunan)

Guilin’s landscapes are the best in the world, and Yangshuo’s landscapes are the best in Guilin.

Hidden at the junction of Guilin, Hunan, the mountain scenery is infinitely beautiful

2. China-Vietnam border crossing route

This is a very natural and beautiful scenery. Those who have enough time can start from Beihai City and follow the China-Vietnam border road. Now, the most perfect check-in routes are:

Beihai – Weizhou Island – Dongxing Golden Beach, Guomen – Pingxiang Friendship Pass – Chongzuo Landscape and Pastoral – Detian Waterfall – Tongling Grand Canyon (Gulongshan Grand Canyon) – Jingxi Landscape – Lingyun Landscape – Leye Tiankeng Group – bama

The most original and natural scenery in Guangxi is undoubtedly the Sino-Vietnam border

2. Mountain villages in southeastern Guizhou + beautiful scenery in western Hunan

In early summer, the major Miao villages in Guizhou are quiet and beautiful, and the adjacent Xiangxi is endlessly charming. It is very worthy of travel enthusiasts who love ethnic customs. The most recommended routes are:

(Guiyang) ~ Qianhu Miao Village ~ (Basha Miao Village) ~ (Zhaoqing Dong Village) ~ Zhenyuan Ancient Town ~ Fanjing Mountain ~ Chadong Ancient Town ~ Fenghuang Ancient City ~ (Dehang Miao Village) ~ (Aizhai Bridge Scenic Area) ~ Furong Town~Tianmen Mountain~Zhangjiajie Forest Park~ (Changsha)

The travel destination with the richest Chinese ethnic customs is undoubtedly Qiandongnan

Xiangxi has endless charm

3. South of colorful clouds with high sky and pale clouds

Beautiful Yunnan attracts us all year round, and the most recommended Yunnan walking routes in early summer in April are:

1. Shangri-La Line

If you start from Kunming and walk into Shangri-La, you will pass by:

Kunming – Dali Ancient City, Erhai Lake – Jizu Mountain – Lijiang, Suhe Ancient City, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain – (Lugu Lake) – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Baishui Terrace – Shangri-La – Feilai Temple, Meili Snow Mountain

2. Southeast Yunnan + Xishuangbanna

If Yunnan is the most beautiful and welcoming in this season, it is the scenery in southeastern Yunnan and the famous Xishuangbanna tropical rainforest. If you start from Kunming, you can consider:

Kunming – Fuxian Lake – Jianshui Ancient City – Tuanshan Village – Mengzi – Pingbian – (Yuanyang Terraces) – Xishuangbanna stores – Pu’er – Kunming

4. Hakka Tulou + Southeast Coast

In early summer in April, if you are yearning for it, the scenery of Gulangyu Island in Xiamen and the nearby Hakka earth buildings are also very charming and highly recommended; recommended walking routes:

Xiamen-Gulangyu Island-Dongshan Island-Nanjing Tulou-Yongding Tulou

5. Chongqing Hot Pot + Enshi Landscape

Chongqing in April will not be a hot pot, and the surrounding mountains, rivers and ancient towns are very beautiful and worth a walk;

Suggested walking routes:

Chongqing urban area and suburbs-Wulong-Youyang-(Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang Ancient City)

6. Magnificent Western Sichuan

As we enter April, the flowers in Tibet gradually come to an end, and what is left is the most authentic face of Western Sichuan. This season, Western Sichuan is extremely pleasant and beautiful, and it is well worth a trip for Tibetan travel enthusiasts. Since there is currently no news about the opening of Seda Buddhist College, it is most recommended to walk along 318 into Daocheng Yading. The walking route is as follows:

Chengdu – Ya’an – (Emeishan – Leshan) – Hailuogou, Moxi Ancient Town – Luding – Kangding – Mugecuo – Danba Zangzhai – Moshi Park – Tagong Temple – Xindu Bridge – Yajiang – Eighteen Bends of Tianlu -Kazila Mountain-Litang-Daocheng-Aden Sanshen Mountain-Xiangcheng-Benzilan-(Towards Shangri-La, Yunnan)

Western Sichuan is always so beautiful

7. Red Jinggang Mountain + Wugong Mountain

Entering April, it is also the time when the red Jinggang Mountains are full of azaleas. At this time, the Wugong Mountain not far away is also exuding endless charm and calling all travel friends. If you like this feeling, then cherish the opportunity and go!

8. Luoyang Peony + Songshan Shaolin Temple

“Only peonies are the true national beauty, and they move the capital when they bloom.” In April, the most graceful and luxurious peonies in the world bloomed, and Luoyang ushered in its most beautiful moment. If you like this kind of scenery, then come to Luoyang and be intoxicated! Of course, you can also check in at the Songshan Shaolin Temple not far away.

9. Guangdong with enthusiasm

The Pearl River Delta, which is the most prosperous urban area in China, is so lively all year round. If you yearn for Guangdong, Guangdong is relatively quiet and beautiful in April. In addition, the weather has not yet fully entered summer, and the time and climate are suitable for walking, so it is worth visiting. look. My suggested route is:

Guangzhou – Panyu Changlong Paradise – (Shenzhen) – Zhuhai, Ocean Kingdom – Zhongshan Cuiheng Village (former residence of Sun Yat-sen) – Kaiping Watchtower – Shangxiachuan Island (Yangjiang Hailing Island)

10. The misty and rainy ancient water town in the south of the Yangtze River

The last recommendation is one that appeals to many ancient town enthusiasts; the misty rain in the ancient towns in the water towns south of the Yangtze River in April is very poetic and charming. If you like it, the person’s suggestion is to look for those places where commercial development is not too excessive and there are not many traces of man-made activities. Spending a few slow days in the relatively small ancient water village town and letting your mind relax is the most beautiful journey!

No matter which route you choose from the above recommendations, you will be able to experience the different scenery of different places in China in April. Very worthy of collection and reference. Of course, if you have plenty of time, financial ability and health, there is no more attractive trip in April than visiting Xinjiang and Tibet. But many people can’t stay out for long periods of time during this time! I can only regret waiting for a more suitable time.