Unmanned cruise ship discovered Unmanned cruise ship incident

Introduction: Unmanned cruise ship discovered Unmanned cruise ship incident 1. Unmanned cruise ship incident discovered 2. Unmanned cruise ship found its owner 3. Unsupervised cruise ship 4. Unmanned cruise ship discovered in the East China Sea 5. Unsupervised cruise ship 6. None Unsupervised cruise ship 7. Unedited unsupervised cruise ship 8. Video of the unmanned cruise ship incident discovered 9. Missing persons incident on the cruise ship

1. Discovery of unmanned cruise ship incident

1. It is strictly prohibited for “three no’s” ships to sail, berth, or operate in the waters, ports, terminals, and rivers under the jurisdiction of our city.

2. Owners, operators and other rights holders of “three no’s” ships shall actively cooperate with the local party committee, government and relevant functional departments in the investigation and handling. Headlines Laibian

3. Administrative measures such as sealing, detaining, fines, confiscation and dismantling will be taken in accordance with the law for the “three noes” ships investigated.

4. “Three No’s” ships that have been announced as unclaimed will be handed over to relevant functional departments for handling according to law, and the resulting losses will be borne by the ship owner.

5. Ships that use legal or forged ship names, ship numbers, ship inspection certificates, registration certificates and other relevant supporting documents will be treated as “three noes” ships. Those who violate public security management shall be subject to public security management penalties; if a crime is constituted, criminal liability shall be investigated in accordance with the law. Bian Toutiao Lai

6. In the process of investigating and dealing with “three noes” ships, those who obstruct state agency staff from performing their duties in accordance with the law by means of violence or threats shall be punished by the public security organs in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China”; if it constitutes a crime, Investigate criminal liability in accordance with the law. Tiao Lai Ke Tou

7. Encourage and welcome all sectors of society to actively report “three noes” ships, keep the information of whistleblowers strictly confidential and reward them, Toutiao Laiba

2. Unmanned cruise ship finds owner

Ghost Ship/Ghost Ship/Frightened The Bering Strait is far away and cold, and no one has set foot there.

On May 21, 1962, the Italian luxury liner Antonia Grazza mysteriously disappeared off the coast of Labrador, Canada. This most luxurious passenger ship at the time had a ballroom that could accommodate hundreds of people, a live band that could dance until dawn, a large swimming pool for tourists to play, and authentic Italian cuisine prepared by senior chefs. It is said that there is also a considerable amount of gold and jewelry on board. But all this disappeared together with the passenger ship in the icy Bering Strait. Forty years later, Canadian Air Force pilot Jack Freeman accidentally discovered a lonely ship floating in the waters of Alaska during a flight. The shrewd Jack soon realized that this was the legendary Antonia. According to the law of the sea, any ship discovered on the high seas belongs to the discoverer. So Jack found Sean Murphy, the captain of the rescue ship, and asked him and his salvage team to tow the Antonia back to the coast. Murphy boarded the Italian passenger ship with the crew of his “Arctic Warrior”, rescue team leaders Epps and Greer, technicians Dodge, Mendel, Santos, Mound and Jack. The ship is no longer what it was before. In addition to the traces caused by time, weird things are also happening one after another. But soon, they discovered the gold they had dreamed of in the warehouse. Just when they were about to transport the gold, the “Arctic Warrior” accidentally exploded, and Santos also died in the accident. Others can only stay on the Antonia and wait for rescue. However, members of the rescue team discovered that they had been deceived by the illusion. Greer and Murphy died successively. Epps saw a little girl named Katie. The little girl took Epps back to the night of the accident. Epps saw what happened that night. A group of bandits brutally murdered everyone on the passenger ship for gold. Later, the group of bandits started fighting among themselves and killed each other. And the behind-the-scenes instruction turned out to be exactly the same as the pilot Jack Freeman. Epps immediately became wary of Jack Freeman, but Jack Freeman killed the remaining rescuers. It turns out that Jack Freeman is not a human being, he is a devil who plays with human souls. He imprisons the souls of his victims on this ship so that they cannot ascend to heaven. In the final contest, Jack Freeman did not defeat Epps, but he was not completely eliminated.

3. On an unsupervised cruise ship

The Princess cruise ship docked at the Shanghai pier on August 11. All passengers on board have disembarked and no one was injured. Today is August 16th, and the cruise ship will soon start a new round of sailing.

4. Unmanned cruise ship discovered in East China Sea

The islands in Shanghai Yangshan Port Area belong to Zhejiang. Shanghai leased these islands and built Yangshan Port. Shanghai Yangshan Port is under the jurisdiction of Shengsi, Zhejiang Province and is not a district of Shanghai.

To put it simply, the islands in the Yangshan Port area belong to Zhejiang. Shanghai leased these islands and built Yangshan Port. The management agencies on the island are also from both Shanghai and Zhejiang. Port-related affairs are managed by Shanghai, while public construction, passenger transportation systems, etc. are mainly responsible for Zhejiang.

Originally, the Yangshan Mountains belonged to Zhoushan, Zhejiang. The conditions of Shanghai’s port were too poor. It was a shallow water port and had to be cleaned up every year. Since Shanghai is an economic center, how could it not have the world’s number one port? In order to maintain Shanghai’s appearance, from Zhejiang Zhoushan just leased the Yangshan Mountains to build Yangshan Port.

Shanghai should be built into a world shipping center. The Yangtze River Estuary where Shanghai is located is not deep enough due to sediment accumulation and cannot meet the navigation and docking needs of large container ships and luxury cruise ships. There is an urgent need to build a deep-water port. After the completion of Yangshan Deepwater Port, Shanghai has become the busiest container port in the world.

Shanghai Yangshan Deepwater Port is located in the rugged archipelago outside the mouth of Hangzhou Bay. It consists of Xiaoyangshan Island, Donghai Bridge and Yangshan Bonded Port Area. It opened on December 10, 2005. It belongs to the Shanghai Port Area in terms of business and administration. The district belongs to Shengsi County, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province. The total planned area of ​​Yangshan Port is more than 25 square kilometers, including four port areas in the east, west, south and north. According to the principle of planning once and implementing in phases, it will be constructed in four phases from 2002 to 2020.

5. Unattended Cruise Ships

In the 8th generation, Mia is no longer a normal person. He has been deeply infected by the virus.

Mia Winterson is a character in Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 8. He is the guardian responsible for guarding the biochemical weapon Evelin, and plays Evelin’s mother to the public.

He lied to his husband that he was working as a nanny. He fainted and lost his memory during the cruise incident three years ago. He was later rescued by the Baker family. However, he had been infected by Evelyn and sometimes showed extremely violent tendencies, so he was Lucas is locked up in the basement.

6. Unregulated cruise ships

Typically lifespan is up to 40 years.

The average price per cruise ship exceeds $1 billion.

It is estimated that the starting price of a cruise ship with a capacity of 500 passengers is US$550 million, while the average starting price for 2000-3000 passengers is closer to US$1 billion. The construction cost of a cruise ship carrying more than 5,000 passengers is no less than US$1 billion.

Construction could take more than 18 months, with companies signing contracts years in advance.

7. Uncut Unsupervised Cruise Ship

At 21:32 on June 1, 2015, the passenger ship “Oriental Star” owned by Chongqing Oriental Shipping Company was bound from Nanjing to Chongqing. When it sailed to the Damazhou Waterway of the Yangtze River in Jianli County, Hubei Province, the ship tilted and entered the water. It capsized within minutes. There were 454 people on board at the time, of which 12 survived and 442 died. After the incident, the State Council approved the establishment of an investigation team for the capsizing incident of the “Oriental Star” passenger ship, and invited domestic academicians and experts in meteorology, shipping safety, ship design, water traffic management and informatization, and law to participate.


Rare severe convective weather caused

With the approval of the State Council, a State Council investigation team led by the State Administration of Work Safety was established, and academicians and experts from relevant fields were invited to participate. After investigation, it was determined that the capsizing and sinking incident of the “Eastern Star” was a particularly major catastrophic event caused by strong winds and rains caused by a sudden and rare strong convective weather (squall line accompanied by downbursts).

The passenger ship “Oriental Star” suddenly encountered a squall line accompanied by a downburst when it sailed to the Damazhou waterway of the Yangtze River. The extremely strong winds reached level 12-13 in an instant and was accompanied by extremely heavy rain. Although the captain took measures to stabilize the ship and resist the wind, under the action of strong wind and rain, the maximum wind pressure heeling moment reached more than twice the ultimate wind resistance capacity of the passenger ship. The ship continued to retreat and was out of control. It tilted and flooded for more than a minute. The bell overturned.

8. Video of unmanned cruise ship incident discovered

The price of an unmanned cruise ship in the East China Sea exceeds 10 million yuan.

The yacht picked up by fishermen in December 2018 is about 10 meters wide and 30-40 meters long. It has a three-story structure and the bottom floor is the engine room. The inside of the boat looks like it is being renovated, and some places have not yet been renovated, but it can be seen that this is a very luxurious yacht. The mystery yacht has three floors and a luxurious interior. The price is over ten million.

Equipped with four Mitsubishi units with 1,300 horsepower, the cockpit is similar to that of an airplane. No one was found, but a business card was found that said “Daya Express Shipping”. Most of the text on the business card was written in Korean, but there were two pictures. The pictures were marked “Busan-Fukuoka” and “Busan-Taiwan”. “Ma” route information.

9. Missing persons on cruise ship

On June 1, 2015, which was supposed to be the day when the whole country celebrated Children’s Day, a huge shipwreck occurred on the Yangtze River. The Oriental Star Cruise, a tourist ship owned by Chongqing Oriental Shipping Company, sailed from Nanjing to Chongqing on June 1, 2015. Before the cruise ship reached its destination, a shipwreck occurred in the Damazhou Waterway of the Yangtze River in Jianli County, Hubei Province. One minute the cruise ship capsized. All 454 passengers on the cruise ship fell into the water. After many days of rescue, only 12 people survived and 442 people died.

memories of survivors

On June 3, Zhang Hui, a 43-year-old travel agency worker, was found by a rescue team after drifting in the Yangtze River for more than ten hours. After Zhang Hui was sent to the First People’s Hospital of Yueyang City, Hunan Province, he even suspected that he was hallucinating. Zhang Hui said that he had been floating in the water for more than ten hours. He thought he would die in the Yangtze River several times. Recalling the capsizing of the Oriental Star cruise ship still made Zhang Hui feel frightened.

On May 28, a cruise ship of Chongqing Oriental Shipping Company, the Oriental Star, set sail from Nanjing. The cruise ship was originally scheduled to sail for 10 days and arrived in Chongqing on June 7. Zhang Hui, 43, is from Shanghai Concord International Travel Agency. staff member. Most of the tourists on the boat were elderly people between the ages of 50 and 80. On June 1, the tourists visited Chibi, Hubei Province as originally planned. After the day’s trip, the tourists all went back to their rooms to rest. According to the original plan, on June 2 Arrive in Jingzhou on the same day.

After 9 pm on June 1, most tourists were resting in bed, and these elderly tourists went to bed very early. As the leader of the travel team, Zhang Hui and his colleagues are discussing the itinerary for the second day. Starting at 9 o’clock, it was windy and rainy outside, with lightning and thunder, and the weather conditions were very bad. The Oriental Star cruise ship was converted from an ordinary passenger ship. The windows were not tightly sealed, and rainwater slapped on the windows and entered the ship through the cracks in the windows.

Zhang Hui clearly remembers that at 9:20, many tourists got up from their beds and moved their wet quilts and TVs into the lobby. Zhang Hui came to the bedroom from the office on the right side of the second floor. He wanted to put the quilt in a dry place in advance. When Zhang Hui walked to the bedroom, he found that the Oriental Star cruise ship was tilting, and the tilt was getting bigger and bigger. Before he reached the bedroom, the tilt was close to 45 degrees, and some decorations on the ship fell to the floor.

The boat was about to capsize in less than a minute. Zhang Hui grabbed the life jacket hanging on the boat and climbed up through the window. Zhang Hui couldn’t swim, so he could only hold on to his life jacket and float on the river. There were dozens of people around Zhang Hui floating on the water like him, calling for help. It was windy and rainy at night, and the cries for help around Zhang Hui became smaller and smaller. After a few minutes, the cries for help could hardly be heard. Zhang Hui tied the life jacket to his belt and floated along the river while calling for help.

Zhang Hui floated from Jianli, Hubei to Yueyang, Hunan. Along the way, he tried every means to catch obstacles on the roadside. After floating on the river for more than ten hours, Zhang Hui finally grabbed the reeds and branches on the water and paddled to the river. On the shore, he climbed up hard and was rescued. After Zhang Hui was rescued, he called his wife and son. When he heard their voices, he began to cry uncontrollably.

Actively launch rescue

The cruise ship capsized so fast that no one called the police. It was not until a survivor swam ashore and contacted the fishermen on the shore that the relevant departments of Hubei Province received the call from the people who fell into the water and launched rescue operations for the accident. After the cruise ship capsized, more than 400 tourists on board fell into the water. The sinking incident attracted close attention from higher-level departments. The relevant departments immediately organized rescue teams to carry out rescue operations. Media and reporters also reported near the sinking site.

After the Oriental Star cruise ship capsized, the entire hull floated on the river. Because the capsizing accident occurred at night, the capsizing speed was very fast, and there were almost no people calling for help on the river. The rescuers didn’t know if there were any survivors in the cabin, so they could only use cutting tools to completely cut open the bottom of the boat to find survivors in the cabin.

The rescue team found a ship carrying a large search and rescue tower and completely lifted the Eastern Star cruise ship. After the Eastern Star cruise ship was turned over, the rescue team entered the cruise ship and found an old lady who still had vital signs. The old lady was like this Fortunately, she was rescued because she was hiding in a closed room.

From the evening of June 1st to June 2nd, Huarong County received the most severe rainstorm in a century, with more than 250 mm of precipitation. The local water level rose sharply, making rescue more difficult. Many passengers on the Eastern Star cruise ship fell into the water and were washed downstream, and the rescue team could only conduct a large-scale search nearby. As of the afternoon of June 2, a total of 12 people had been rescued, and the remaining passengers were missing.