Xuzhou summer travel guide Where to go in Xuzhou in summer

Introduction: Xuzhou Summer Travel Guide: Where to go in Xuzhou in summer 1. Where to go in Xuzhou in summer 2. Where to go in Xuzhou in summer 3. The best places to go in Xuzhou in summer 4. Places to visit in Xuzhou in winter 5. Suitable for summer in Xuzhou Places 6. Where to go during the Spring Festival in Xuzhou 7. Where to go in Xuzhou in the summer 8. Where to go in the winter in Xuzhou

1. Where to go in Xuzhou in summer

As a serious Xuzhou native, I would like to recommend you some tourist attractions suitable for summer travel.

The first one is Yunlong Lake, the most representative 5A scenic spot.

At the beginning of Yunlong Lake, you are first shocked by its scenery. It is a depression, divided by water, divided into water scenery and waterside scenery. There are eighteen scenery, each scenery faces each other, and each has its own merits. On Hudong Road, which is surrounded by mountains and rivers, the flowers are in full bloom at this time. Walking among the flowers is like walking in a sea of ​​flowers. Looking at the lake, the blue waves are rippling, and the waves are sparkling, reflecting the green mountains and green water in the distance. The mountains and rivers are connected and integrated into one, forming a beautiful landscape splash-ink painting. At this time, I feel so relaxed and happy, with a kind of A sense of freedom and contentment. Yunlong Lake is not only the pride of Xuzhou people, but also the soul of Xuzhou people. After returning from wandering, they all like to take a walk here, enjoy the breeze blowing in the face, and feel the sense of peace in their hearts that they have never had before.

The second one is the Chu King’s Tomb at Lion Mountain (representative of the Han Dynasty Tomb in Xuzhou)

Xuzhou has a look at the culture of the Han Dynasty. As the gathering place of the culture of the Han Dynasty, there are of course many Han tombs. The Tomb of the King of Chu in Lion Mountain has long been famous as the representative of the Han tombs in Xuzhou. The Chu King’s Tomb in Lion Mountain is famous not only for its golden jade clothes, but also for its architectural features and cultural relics and treasures, which have attracted countless people’s attention. In order to build the Chu King’s Mausoleum, the corridor went straight into the deep belly of Lion Rock, and the construction of the mausoleum almost hollowed out the entire Lion Rock. Despite this, the mountain is still very strong, which makes us have to admire the exquisite craftsmanship of the craftsmen at that time. .

The third one is the Huaihai Campaign Memorial Hall (it is indispensable to visit Xuzhou to pay homage to the revolutionary martyrs)

The memorial hall was established to commemorate the great victory of the Huaihai Campaign (1948.11.6 ~ 1949.1.10), one of the three major battles during the War of Liberation, and to promote the great achievements of the older generation of revolutionaries and the revolutionary spirit of the heroes. In 1959, the State Council decided to build the Huaihai Campaign Martyrs Memorial Tower. The foundation stone was laid in 1960 and it was completed and opened to the public on November 6, 1965.

The fourth one is Xuzhou Paradise Caribbean Water World

It is the most expensive, largest and latest theme water park in the Central Plains, allowing you to enjoy the summer passionate water carnival in extreme dynamics and quiet leisure.

The fifth one is Pan’an Lake Wetland Park

Xuzhou Pan’an Lake Wetland Park is a national 4A-level tourist attraction, a central film and television shooting base, a shooting base for the Central International Micro Film Channel Alliance, and a shooting base for the Micro Video (Micro Film) Committee of the China Television Artists Association. It is also a key modern service industry gathering area at the municipal level.

Let me recommend these five first. There are many others, leaving you to slowly discover the beauty of Xuzhou!

Traveling across five continents, Xuzhou is the most beautiful! !

2. Where to go in Xuzhou in summer

As the only national 5A-level tourist attraction in Xuzhou, Yunlong Lake is definitely the most photographed in Xuzhou, but if there is any scenic spot with the highest photographic rate, I think it should be Sugong Pagoda.

Sugong Pagoda is located at the intersection of Hunan Road and Hudong Road in Yunlong Lake, at the foot of Yunlong Mountain. The hill where the tower is located is also called Xiaojin Mountain, so it is also called Jinshan Park.

Jinshan Park has Sugong Pagoda as its core attraction, but it is also surrounded by mountains, Yuelao Blessed Land, Xiaojinshan Han Tomb, Big Yellow Duck, arch bridge, lotus pond, etc. From a distance, you can see the rippling blue waves and the urban landscape of Xuzhou City.

Su Gong Pagoda

Su Gong Pagoda is an imitation of the ancient Song Dynasty pagoda built to commemorate Su Shi. The pagoda is located on the top of the hill beside the lake (Xiaojin Mountain). It is a five-story octagonal garden pagoda covered with golden colored glaze. The tower is more than 20 meters high and has an observation deck on each floor. Climbing the tower can overlook the sparkling waves of Yunlong Lake, as well as the entire urban architectural landscape of Xuzhou. It is the commanding height of the lake besides Yunlong Mountain.

Climbing up the steps from the west side of the tower, you can see the three gilded characters “Su Gong Pagoda” inscribed by Mr. Wei Tianchi, and the pillars on both sides of the tower door have the words “On the tower, the wind blows the piano and the sound of the crane echoes the green.” The couplets “Willows, the moon galloping in front of the pavilion, the shadow of the tower merges with the yellow tower”, are the same for the east and west pagoda gates.

If you shoot Sugong Pagoda with a drone lens, the lakes and mountains and the city landscape will be integrated into one, and the simple and vicissitudes of history will be combined with the modern feeling of high-rise buildings.

Tips: Sugong Pagoda Shadow has become one of the new eight scenic spots in Yunlong Lake and is a landmark attraction in Yunlong Lake.

Xiaojinshan Han Tomb

Going down the steps on the east side of Sugong Pagoda, there is also a stone tablet from the Xiaojinshan Han Tomb site. This is an ancient tomb from the Han Dynasty discovered during construction work in 1989. The Han Dynasty tomb is a vertical cave tomb with two coffin chambers. The cultural relics excavated by archaeology include bronze mirrors, copper incense smoke, copper belt hooks, small copper rings, pottery tripods, pottery boxes, pottery cocoon-shaped pots, pottery francium and animal bones. Although The identity of the tomb owner may not be high, but it provides important physical evidence for the study of Han Dynasty tombs and customs.

Yuelao blessed land

Walking along the plank road along the lakeside of Xiaojin Mountain where Sugong Pagoda is located, there is a lakeside pavilion, called the Viewing Pavilion, also known as the Yuanmeng Pavilion.

The viewing pavilion is very easy to understand. Of course it is a place to view the scenery of Yunlong Lake and the towering Sugong Pagoda, but what is the meaning of Yuanmeng Pavilion?

In fact, Yuanmeng Pavilion is also called Yuelao Pavilion because behind it is Tongxin Pond. There is a statue of Yuelao beside the Tongxin Pond directly opposite the pavilion. Since its construction, it has become a place for lovers in Xuzhou to swear their love. Many young people even hold meaningful courtship ceremonies here, allowing Yue Lao to witness their loyal love.

As for the origin of this moon-old sculpture, I checked a lot of information and could not find the reason.

summer breeze in lotus pond

If you visit Sugong Pagoda in the summer, on the southwest side of the tower, that is, along the direction of Hudong Road, is a large lotus pond. At that time, the green trees, the fragrance of lotus, and the red and white lotus flowers are blooming. I couldn’t help but blurt out the poem “The lotus leaves touching the sky are infinitely green, and the lotus flowers reflecting the sun are uniquely red.”

The Sugong Pagoda and Yunlong Mountain in the distance have the faint charm of the ancient sacred mountain temple. The breeze blows and the blue waves ripple, which makes the mood in the hot summer feel more comfortable.

Spring flowers are blooming

The summer breeze at Su Gong Pagoda is beautiful, but it is even more colorful in spring.

There is a ten-mile apricot blossom corridor in Yunlong Lake. This corridor is located on Hudong Road under the Sugong Pagoda and at the foot of Yunlong Mountain. One side of the road faces the lake and the other side is adjacent to the mountain. When the jasmine flowers bloom, the apricot blossoms, pear blossoms, and magnolia blossoms will appear. Flowers, plum blossoms… all bloom with great effort. Jinshan Park is the best place to enjoy flowers. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the most beautiful place to enjoy flowers in Xuzhou in spring. The mountains, lakes, towers and flowers complement each other, as if All seasons can be missed, but this spring cannot be missed.

Yunlong Lake is the most beautiful scenic spot in Xuzhou, and Sugong Pagoda has become the most beautiful scenic spot on the bank of Yunlong Lake because of the beauty of spring flowers, the sanctity of summer lotuses, and the legend of Su Dongpo. It is also the only place not to be missed when traveling to Yunlong Lake!

3. Where is the best place to go in Xuzhou in summer?

About three months.

Xuzhou is located in the northwest of Jiangsu Province and the southeast of the North China Plain. The old Yellow River runs through it, and the climate has four distinct seasons. Summer in Xuzhou generally begins after the Beginning of Summer in June and ends after the Beginning of Autumn in August, which is quite consistent with the 24 solar terms. However, autumn tigers also occur from time to time, and high temperature weather may also occur in September, but overall Xuzhou is still very Habitable.

4. Places to visit in Xuzhou in winter

Yes, I feel that this winter will be very cold. Because the weather was not cold on the day of the heavy snowfall, it was a bit warm. Therefore, it is predicted that the winter in Xuzhou will be very cold, and it may be late in spring. The weather has not been normal this year. It’s not cold when it should be cold, and it’s not hot when it should be hot. This summer has been the longest, and the air conditioner is still on until October. This shows that winter may be very cold.

5. Places suitable for summer fun in Xuzhou

You can go to Huangshan City in Anhui Province. Along the way there are Xiaochuan-Tibet Line, Moon Bay, Huizhou Ancient Town Hongcun, and you can also climb Mount Huangshan… The scenery is beautiful, with mountains and rivers, and concentrated attractions. It takes six or seven hours to drive one way, so time is not tight. Not slow is just right. It’s also a good place to escape the heat in summer.

6. Where to go during the Spring Festival in Xuzhou

The Xuzhou Zoo is open during the Chinese New Year. Due to the epidemic in the past two years, especially during the severe epidemic, the zoo is closed. When the epidemic is light, it is open to the public, but you need a health code and a travel code. No two codes are the same. Those who are not allowed to enter the zoo are allowed to enter the zoo only if they have the correct two-digit code. It is open normally during normal times, especially during holidays.

7. Summer fun in Xuzhou

In view of the geographical location and climate characteristics of Xuzhou, it is more suitable to plant albizia julibrissin, crape myrtle, tulip tree, osmanthus, torch tree, crabapple, Japanese evening cherry, mountain vitex, peach, pyracantha, nandina, weigela, magnolia, Yellow thorn rose, tree caragana, forsythia, winter jasmine, lilac, red rosewood, meadowsweet, elm leaf plum, knotweed, trachelosperm, ivy, aphrodisiac, rhododendron, camellia, gardenia, hibiscus, hibiscus, Honeysuckle and so on.

Xuzhou has a temperate monsoon climate with four distinct seasons and abundant rainfall. There is no hot weather in summer and no severe cold in winter. The spring and autumn seasons are relatively short and the winter and summer seasons are relatively long. Therefore, for most plants, Xuzhou is more suitable for growing. plant.

8. Where to go in Xuzhou in winter

On January 7, some cities in Jiangsu received the first snow of the New Year. Although the snow did not last long and was not large in scope, it still brought romance to this winter.

Wind and rain send spring home, and snowflakes welcome spring. The first snow that the people of Xuzhou had been waiting for for a long time finally fell in heavy torrents around 10 a.m. on the 7th. The snowflakes covered the flowers, plants and trees in Yunlong Lake with a silver coat, making Yunlong Lake look particularly beautiful. This first snow brought a big surprise to the people of Xuzhou in the cold winter.