Is Yanling Private Hot Spring Yanling Hot Spring open now?

Introduction: Is Yanling Private Hot Spring open now? 1. Is Yanling Hot Spring open now? 2. Is Yanling Hot Spring real? 3. How are the hot springs in Yanling County, Henan? 4. Which Yanling Hot Spring is the best? 5. Where is Yanling Hot Spring Town? Where 6. Which hot springs are there in Yanling 7. Which hot spring is best in Yanling, Xuchang 8. Henan Yanling Hot Spring Resort

1. Is Yanling Hot Spring open now?

I think both have their own merits. Huadu is a time-honored brand with great reputation. The hot spring water is crystal clear. There are not many recreational activities and the environment is good. Huaxi has been open for only a few years. It has advanced facilities, novel decoration and recreational activities. The hot spring water is hazy. , very artistic, the ticket price in Huadu is slightly higher in Huaxi, I recommend Huaxi overall.

2. Is Yanling Hot Spring real?

Yanling Huadu Water Park is located in the middle section of Huaxi Avenue, Chenhuadian Town, Yanling County, Xuchang City, Henan Province, covering an area of ​​2,000 acres. It is a hot spring resort, business hotel, hot spring therapy center, ecological restaurant, water park, scientific retirement center, and bicycle station. It is a comprehensive leisure, tourism and health resort. Huaxi hot spring water is produced from 1,500 meters below the ground. It is a self-emerging type with a water temperature as high as 63°C. The spring water is rich in strontium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iodine, hydrogen, calcium, chloride, bromide and other mineral trace elements. It is a low-sodium, double calcium carbonate and magnesium type hot spring, and the water is golden yellow, hence the name Golden Hot Spring.

Tickets for Yanling Huadu Water Park are 40 yuan per person.

3. How about the hot springs in Yanling County, Henan?

Hello, Huadu Hot Spring Address: Huadu Hot Spring Resort, Yanling Chenhuadian, Xuchang, Henan

The scenery is infinitely gorgeous, and you are intoxicated by the hot springs in Huadu. Huadu Hot Spring Resort (four-star standard) covers an area of ​​1,036 acres, with a total investment of 170 million yuan. “Huadu Hot Spring” is a hot spring culture-themed hotel that integrates hot spring bathing, hotel catering, business and leisure, conference and vacation, health care, SPA, fitness and entertainment.

Walking into “Huadu Hot Spring” is like walking into a world of springs where people, flowers, and water blend together. The artificial swan lake has rippling blue waves, swarms of swimming fish, and wild ducks playing in the water…; the waves of the surfing pool hit the shore, and the waves are splashing. Splash, various water toys, wonderful structures…; Huatuo Herb Garden, Exotic Flower Garden, Wintersweet Garden, etc., all seasons are colorful, thousands of flowers are swaying, competing for beauty…; various flavor dishes and folk snacks in the tea restaurant , Green plums are boiled into wine, and they sing to the wine… A resort that integrates water culture, flower culture, tea culture, wine culture, and hot spring culture, and combines forest bathing, flower bathing, and hot spring bathing in a clever and natural way. Huadu Hot Spring.

Personally, I think it is of higher quality and has a better environment. It is also very famous in the Henan area. If you want to visit, you can reserve discounted tickets on Meiyou in advance!

4. Which hot spring in Yanling is the best?

There are 1. Fengxiang Hot Spring

Address: South end of Wangcheng Avenue, Luoyang City, Henan Province (7 kilometers south of the New District Gymnasium)

Ticket price: 118 yuan from Monday to Friday; 148 yuan on Saturday and Sunday

Ticket discount policy: Children under 1.2 meters (inclusive) are free of charge; children between 1.2 meters (inclusive) and 1.5 meters in height and full-time primary, secondary school students can purchase discounted tickets with their student ID cards

Bus lines: You can take bus No. 62, 63, or 65 to Fengxiang Hot Spring

Business hours: 9:00-24:00

2. Luoyang Yawen Hushan Hot Spring

Address: Yawen Hushan Hot Spring Area, Dahuling Agricultural Park, Taoying Town, Ruyang County, Luoyang City, Henan Province

Ticket preferential policy:

1. On hot spring day every Wednesday, hot spring bath is 59.9 yuan;

2. On shower day every Friday, tickets, guest rooms, and swimsuits are all half-price;

3. Seniors over 60 years old (relevant certificates are required) and children under 1.4 meters are free of charge. Both groups above need to be accompanied by an adult of the same gender to soak in the hot springs for free.

Self-driving route: Get on the bus at any highway entrance in Luoyang and get off at Ruyang Industrial Cluster. Turn right and go straight for 9 kilometers. Turn right at Landscape Avenue for 3 kilometers and you will reach Yawen Hushan Hot Spring.

3. Luoyang Lingshan Lotus Water City

Address: Lingshan Lotus Park, 4 kilometers west of Yiyang County, Anhu Line, Yiyang County, Luoyang City, Henan Province

Ticket price: 98 yuan

Self-driving route:

Starting from Luoyang: Take Luoyi Expressway, Luoyi Road to Yiyang County, then drive west along Hongqi Road for about 8 kilometers.

Starting from Zhengzhou: Lianhuo Expressway – Ningluo Expressway – Zhenglu Expressway – Exit the expressway at Yiyang Station and drive west along Hongqi Road for about 8 kilometers.

Luoyang bus line:

Bus No. 602: Luoyang Railway Station-Luoyang Lingshan Lotus Water City

Bus No. 603: Guanlin Bus Station—Luoyang Lingshan Lotus Water City

Business hours: Monday to Friday 9:30-21:30; Saturday to Sunday 9:00-21:30

4. Mengtaoyuan Resort Hot Spring

5. Ginkgo Villa Hot Spring

6. Kowloon Hot Spring Resort

7. Yanling Huadu Resort Hot Spring

8. Yaoshan Fuquan 8. Huanggu Bath Hot Spring

9. Jinxiu Yuntai Hot Spring

10.Huaxi Hot Spring

5. Where is Yanling Hot Spring Town?

Yanling was called Little Nanjing in ancient times. In ancient times, the east gate of Yanling City was topped by Mount Tai, the south gate was overlooking the Miluo Yangtze River, the west gate had two views of the West Lake, the north gate had a seven-mile long bridge, the Qianming Temple Tower in the northwest outside the city, and the Tomb of the Military Department of Liang in the north, the ancient Yan Kingdom Old city ruins, Sanli Tomb, Northwest Huanglong Temple, Huanglong Temple Tower, Ganluopai, Ganluo Temple, Ganluo Tomb, Southwest ancient scholar Xu Youzhai, Xu Youzhai, Nanxingguo Temple, Xingguo Temple Pagoda, Donggengliang Tomb ,,,,,, there are many cultural relics and historic sites, and there are also three place names with the word “ling”, such as Anling, Leling and Huangling. Archaeologists say that there must be a large tomb around any ancient place name with the word “ling”. In particular, there is a legend in Leling: There is a golden bull in Lelinggang, not in the south but in the north. In ancient times, many treasure hunters came to visit, but none of them gained anything. Finally, a treasure thief came from the south of the Yangtze River and found a treasure in Leling. A golden bull was found hidden on the tombstone. It turns out that the south end and the north end are the tombstone’s stele.

Now there are more fun places, such as China Flower Expo, Colorful Earth, Heming Lake, Jianye Green Base, Golden Rain Rose Garden, Hot Spring Resort, Changshou Mountain, Tang Yun, and a large number of tourist attractions are looking forward to tourists.

6. Which hot springs are there in Yanling?

Jiangnanchun Hot Spring in Xingyang is not in Zhengzhou. In my own opinion, Jiangnanchun Hot Spring in Xingyang is better than Yanling Huadu Hot Spring and Nanzhao Lianhua Hot Spring. 1. Close, it is in Guangwu Town, Xingyang, not far from Zhengzhou;

2. There are 3 indoor hot springs and nearly 30 hot springs;

3. There is also a swimming pool;

4. There is a gym;

5. There is a rest hall;

6. There is a buffet for meals;

7. You can also bring your own food;

8. There are also outdoor hot springs; in winter, the surfing and tsunami stops, which is very uncomfortable.

7. Which hot spring is best in Yanling, Xuchang?

1. Miss Guolingyue Hot Spring

Si Nian Guo Ling·Yue Hot Spring is located in the Si Nian Guo Ling International Community in the northern suburbs of Zhengzhou. It is the only top-level resort hot spring hotel in the Central Plains, with a construction area of ​​6,900 square meters, 15,000 square meters of outdoor landscape, 28 open-air themed hot spring pools, and complete resort facilities. Guest rooms, cafeterias, leisure centers, and multi-functional halls provide excellent conditions and diverse choices for high-end business meetings, family leisure vacations, and suburban travel.

2. Huangdi Palace Hot Spring

Huangdi Palace Royal Hot Spring Scenic Area is a three-dimensional health hot spring with hot spring health as its core, integrating food therapy, music health, tea ceremony health, imperial health and beauty. The hotel is composed of five major sections: Chinese health culture hot spring area, Southeast Asian style hot spring area, Japanese hot spring hot spring area, hot spring house area, and functional leisure area. There are 104 indoor and outdoor hot spring pools and 18 sets of hot springs. Features of the Chinese hot spring area: It takes imperial culture as its connotation, gathers the aura of the emperor, and contains the essence of Chinese health care. It is perfectly integrated with the hot spring by creating a quiet valley environment.

3. Xiangdiwan Hot Spring

Xiangdiwan Hotel, the first European-style hot spring hotel in Central China, is located in Xingyang City, which is known as “the belt of the Eastern Capital and the throat of Sanqin”. It is adjacent to Opalala Water Park and Li Shangyin Park, and is adjacent to Zhongyuan West Road. , Zhengshang Highway and Yulong Exit of Zhengzhou Ring Expressway, nearly half an hour’s drive from Zhengzhou City, with excellent transportation conditions, beautiful natural environment, and profound cultural heritage. Discover the spirituality of natural health hot springs and absorb the essence of European hot springs, architecture, and culture. , a European-style hot spring hotel that integrates hot spring health care, theme weddings, business meetings, elegant guest rooms, special food, fitness and entertainment and many other projects.

4. Xuchang Huadu Hot Spring

Huadu Hot Spring Town is located in Yanling County, Xuchang. It is the first open-air original hot spring in the Central Plains. It is the only “health hot spring among flowers” in the Central Plains. It is a comprehensive hot spring cultural health care center integrating hot springs, catering, guest rooms, conference centers, and recreation. Vacation destination. Including: open-air hot springs, SPA health centers, VIP clubs, high-star hotels, resort residences, international conference centers, outdoor theme sports parks, European-style commercial streets, famous flower sightseeing parks, children’s theme parks, and elderly leisure and health parks.

5. Xuchang Yanling Huaxi Hot Spring

Huaxi Hot Spring is located in Chenhuadian Town, Yanling, known as the “Flower Capital of the North”. A million acres of plain forest sea, with dense bamboo and green forests, unique landscape; more than 2,000 original ecological plants, colorful and blooming in all seasons; contains more than 20 trace amounts of strontium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, etc. needed by the human body The element’s ground water has long been renowned for its health benefits. The project focuses on ecological leisure and vacation, highlights the highlights of hot springs, and creates a leisure tourism resort that integrates leisure agricultural industry picking, catering and accommodation, hot spring health care, water entertainment, business meetings, health care, SPA, fitness and entertainment.

6. Longmen Fengxiang Hot Spring

Longmen Fengxiang Hot Spring is a 200-acre inspired work built with great planning. It is located in the Longmen Grottoes Scenic Area. It is named after the spirit of the mountain and the water. It is a “world cultural heritage, 5A-level scenic spot, forest park, and high-mineral hot spring.” Four rare resources in one form a unique and charming Central Plains hot spring vacation dreamland! Because the hot spring originates from volcanic activity in the underground fault zone, it overflows to the surface through fissures. The water temperature at the outlet is 96 degrees. The spring water is rich in more than 30 kinds of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. It has magical properties such as cellulite and greasy removal, beautifying the skin, refreshing and refreshing, and prolonging life. effect

7. Nanyang Lotus Hot Spring Resort

Lotus Hot Spring Water City is a hot spring bathing entertainment resort based on Nanyang’s historical culture and hot spring health culture as the main line. It is built in accordance with the 5a-level green scenic spot standards. The temperature is 52°C and the daily inflow is 2,800 tons. It is rich in metasilicic acid, bromine, There are more than 30 kinds of minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to human health, including iodine, radon, and sulfur. The construction area is 20,000 square meters, with more than 100 large and small spring pools, including beach surfing, children’s paradise, rainbow drift, acupuncture bath, supreme soup, Zhongjing culture, jade culture, zodiac culture, constellation culture, flower culture, tea Culture 6 major cultural areas. There are 26 hot spring garden island villas, two family apartment-style hotels, three VIP buildings built to five-star standards, and four floating business hotels built to four-star standards. In terms of water quality, flow, scale, taste and service, it ranks first in the Central Plains and is the first in Henan and the first-class hot spring water city in the country and even Asia.

8. Zhengzhou Furunzi Hot Spring (formerly Lanyuwan Hot Spring)

The hotel covers an area of ​​50,000 square meters and has multiple theme facilities, including fashionable bathing, health hot spring pools, leisure fitness, dining rooms and other multi-functional leisure and entertainment facilities. The hotel’s large indoor hot spring pools: medicine pool, ginseng pool, flower petal pool In addition, there is a standard constant-temperature hot spring swimming pool, including more than 60 special health-preserving hot spring pools, sulfur pools, Tibetan medicine pools, aloe vera pools, and children’s constant-temperature pools, water bed baths, and cave soaking pools. The main floor has a free rest area, mini cinema, Internet surfing, billiards, gym, guest rooms, chess and card room, etc. to meet your different needs.

9. Yanming Lake Lingyun Hot Spring

Lingyun Hot Spring has a daily water output of more than 3,000 tons and a water temperature of 52 degrees Celsius. It is rich in more than 30 kinds of minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to human health. It is a rare low-radon soda type hot spring and has the reputation of a hot spring noble. It can delay aging and promote metabolism. , enhance the consumption of excess sugar and fat in the human body, thereby achieving the unique effects of skin care, beauty, and physical fitness.

10. Xingyang Sanshan Forest Valley Hot Spring Hotel

Sanshan Forest Valley Hot Spring Resort Manor is located halfway up Sanshan Mountain, with an altitude of 528 meters. It is the only mid-level hot spring resort manor with the highest altitude in Zhengzhou. With an supporting area of ​​more than 1,000 acres, it is a comprehensive ecological hot spring resort estate integrating open-air health hot springs, boutique resort hotels, eco-tourism and medical care. The hotel has a special open-air hot spring pool area, where you can bathe in the hot spring and breathe the freshest and freshest air, which will make you feel refreshed from the inside out. In addition, after soaking in the hot springs, you can also visit the Leizu Temple tourist area!

8. Henan Yanling Hot Spring Resort

is a place. The environment of Huaxi Hot Spring is very good, and the hot spring tickets are very cheap. The environment is very good, the water is very clean, and there are many hot springs inside, which is very cost-effective. However, there is also Yanling Huadu Hot Spring not far away. I wonder if you want to ask if these two hot springs are in the same place. I accidentally made a typo. Yanling Huadu Hot Spring and Yanling Huaxi Hot Spring are not in the same place, but they are not in the same place. Not far away. I hope my answer can help you.