Sanya tourist attractions (explore the most beautiful spots in Sanya)

This article mainly involves issues and topics about Sanya’s tourist attractions, and introduces you to Sanya’s beautiful attractions and things you need to pay attention to when traveling.

1What are the beautiful attractions in Sanya?

1 There are many beautiful scenic spots in Sanya, such as Tianya Haijiao, Yalong Bay, Big and Small Cave Sky, Nanshan Temple, Betel Nut Valley, etc. Among them, Tianya Haijiao is the iconic scenic spot in Sanya. It is the place at the southern tip of China and has many names such as “Tianya Haijiao”, “Haijiao Tianya” and “Tianya Haige”. Yalong Bay is one of the beaches in Sanya. It has clear water and white sand and beautiful scenery. It is a must-see attraction for tourists.

2What should you pay attention to when traveling in Sanya?

2Sanya has a tropical maritime climate with high temperatures and strong sunlight. You need to pay attention to sun protection and hydration. In addition, there are many beaches and seawater activities in Sanya. You need to understand the local seawater conditions and safety tips before swimming. In tourist attractions, you need to abide by the regulations of the scenic spots, do not litter, do not spit, etc. When shopping, you need to pay attention to price and product quality, and don’t be fooled by merchants’ “promotions.”

3When is the time to travel to Sanya?

3 The travel time in Sanya is from November to April of the following year. This period is the off-season for tourism in Sanya. The temperature is suitable, the flow of people is not large, and the prices are relatively low. However, if you want to experience beach and seawater activities in Sanya, the travel time is May and October. This period is the peak tourist season in Sanya, with high temperatures, large flow of people, and high prices.