Where are the more interesting places to visit in Changsha? Where to visit in Changsha? Must-visit places in Changsha

Introduction: Where are the more interesting places to visit in Changsha? Where to visit in Changsha? Must-visit places in Changsha 1. Where to visit in Changsha? Where to park in Changsha Hisense Plaza? 2. Must-visit places in Changsha. Where to visit in the early morning in Changsha? 3. What are the fun things to do when traveling to Changsha? Changsha 51. Where can you travel that is fun and cheap? 4. What is there to do in Changsha? What is there to do in Changsha? 5. Where is the cheapest place to travel from Changsha? Where is the cheapest place to travel from Changsha? 6. Must-visit places when traveling to Changsha. Must-visit places when traveling to Shaanxi? 7. Where can you go to Changsha for fun? Where can you go for fun when traveling to the grassland? 8. Can you recommend any interesting places in Changsha? Can you recommend any interesting places in Lechang? 9. Where is the most cost-effective place to travel in Changsha? Where can I take the bus from Changsha to Shaoshan? 10. Where to go in Changsha? Where to go in Changsha on a rainy day?

1. Where to go to Changsha?

Where is the best place to park when visiting Hisense Plaza in Changsha?

No. 36, Section 2, Xiangjiang Middle Road, parking lot entrance: There are currently 2 entrances open, one of which is on Renmin West Road (the entrance and exit are integrated), and the other entrance is on the road between Huayuan Huicheng and Hisense Plaza. Enter and turn right. There are etiquette at the entrance. The staff is a feature that is neither big nor small.

Inside the parking lot: The overall environment is bright, the floor height is high, the space and parking spaces are relatively large, and the overall parking experience is relatively comfortable. The area is divided into ABCD and VIP areas. The car-finding service in the Hisense parking lot is relatively good, and there are dedicated etiquette staff to ride The balance car serves customers and is more user-friendly. Overall, it is considered a relatively high-end parking lot in Changsha, and it is currently free~

2. Must-visit places in Changsha

Where to play in the early morning in Changsha?

Phoebe Bar (Changsha Branch), Changsha S2 Bar, Changsha Margarita Bar.

3. What’s fun to do when traveling to Changsha?

Where to travel in Changsha 51 is fun and cheap?

  At the head of Orange Island, looking at Yuelu Mountain to the west and Changsha City to the east, it is surrounded by water and stretches for dozens of miles. It is about 40 meters across at the narrowest point and 140 meters across at the widest point. It is shaped like a long island and is one of the important scenic spots in Changsha. Orange Island is one of the important scenic spots in Changsha. The continent lies between famous mountains and cities, floating on the waves, and is known as “China’s First Continent”. When you come to Changsha, of course you have to go to Juzizhou Head to take a photo with Grandpa Mao!

  Reminder: During the May Day period, you must make a reservation to enter the Juzizhou Park, and reservations will be made at different times.

4. What is there to do in Changsha?

What is there to do in Changsha?

Answer, there are many interesting places in Changsha.

Nearby are Juzizhoutou, which surrounds the Xiangjiang River, and Fisherman’s Wharf! Fund town! Wangyue Park, Huangling Park! Meixi Lake Entertainment Center

Surrounding the Liuyang River are the Wedding Park and Kuitang River Ecological Civilization Park!

Wanjiali Plaza

Watch the sunrise and climb Yuelu Mountain!

5. Where is the cheapest place to travel from Changsha?

Where is the cheapest place to travel in Changsha?

There are many cheap places to travel to Changsha, such as Orange Island. There is no entrance fee. In addition to eating and drinking, you can spend a whole day without spending a penny. Yuelu Mountain is also cheap. You don’t need to spend money. You can just climb the mountain and enjoy the scenery by yourself. Martyr There are no tickets required for the park, and it doesn’t cost anything to enjoy the scenery.

6. Must-visit places when traveling to Changsha

A must-visit place when traveling to Shaanxi?

Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Huashan, Huaqing Palace, Tang Furong Garden.

7. Where to go when traveling to Changsha?

Where to go for fun when traveling to the grassland?

Inner Mongolia prairie. As long as you go there, you will know the beauty of the grassland. The fragrance of pure milk

8. Can you recommend any interesting places in Changsha?

Can you recommend any interesting places in Lechang?

Interesting places about Lechang include:

Longwangtan Ecological Tourism Area

Longwangtan Ecological Tourism Zone is located in Longshan Village, Langtian Town, Lechang City, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province (22 kilometers northeast of Lechang City). It integrates hot springs, green lakes, and strange mountains into one, and is composed of three major subdivisions: Longquan, Longhu, and Longgu. Therefore, it is also called the Sanlong Valley Ecological Tourism Zone. It is a combination of superior resources in Guangdong Province. Longquan is Longshan Hot Spring, which is soda-type warm water and is the best among hot springs; Longhu is Longshan Reservoir, with clear green water and surrounded by mountains. The lake spreads along the mountains and looks like an eagle with spread wings, which is extraordinary and spectacular; Dragon The Huanglong Valley is rich in animal and plant resources. It has green mountains and green waters all year round, with butterflies flying and bees dancing, cicadas chirping, and the waterfalls returning to the pools are wonderful. There are nine waterfalls and eighteen pools. It is an excellent place to find peace and health in the valley. .

Jiufeng Town

Located in Jiufeng Town, Lechang City, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province. There are many peaks in Jiufeng Town, so it is named because of its nine peaks. It is said that the nine peaks represent the nine immortals, namely Wuzhi Peak (Rainwater Immortal), Xiangri Peak (Lingkun Immortal), Tiefeng (Feilai Immortal) Immortal), Qingyun Peak (Qingyun Immortal), Taiyi Peak (Taiping Immortal), Ziweifeng (Wuyun Immortal), Yangjiao Peak (White Crane Immortal), Ma Yunzu Peak (Yinzi Immortal), Sanxing Peak (Shilong Immortal), Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty In 1383, Pan Zhi, the inspector of the Jiufeng Department at that time, once wrote a poem describing the Jiufeng: the three-star map depicts the peaks, and the five commanders are facing the sun. The whirlwind of sheep’s horns suddenly rises, and the hooves of horses gallop to chase the snow that has just melted. Ziwei immediately walked to Qingyun Road, and Taiyi people returned to Baishi Palace. Why do you need money to buy beautiful scenery? The skillful use of pen and ink is amazing. Every spring, flowers bloom here, making it an excellent place for many people to go out and enjoy the flowers.

9. Where to travel in Changsha is cost-effective

Where can I take the bus from Changsha to Shaoshan?

1 You need to take a bus from Changsha to Shaoshan. 2 You can choose to take a bus or train to Shaoshan at a bus station or train station in Changsha, or book a taxi to Shaoshan from a taxi company or online ride-hailing platform in Changsha. 3 If you want to go to Shaoshan more conveniently and comfortably, you can also choose to charter a car or carpool, but you need to book and arrange your itinerary in advance.

10. Where to go in Changsha

Where to go on a rainy day in Changsha?

1. Hunan Provincial Museum

This is not just a trip, but also an inheritance of Hunan’s history and cultural knowledge.

Hunan Provincial Museum is the largest history and art museum in Hunan Province and one of the first batch of national first-class museums. The venues are all indoor venues and have two permanent exhibitions – Changsha Mawangdui Han Tomb Exhibition and Hunanese·Sanxiang History and Culture Exhibition, both of which are open to the public free of charge.

Mawangdui Han Tomb is the tomb of Changsha Prime Minister Li Cang and his family members in the early Western Han Dynasty. It is located in Changsha City, Hunan Province, central China. From 1972 to 1974, archaeologists excavated three tombs from the Western Han Dynasty here. The structure of the tomb is grand and complex. The coffin chamber is built at the bottom of the tomb and consists of three coffins, three coffins and cushion wood. The sides and upper part of the wooden coffin are filled with charcoal, and the outside of the charcoal is filled and sealed with white plaster mud. The grave goods in the tomb are very rich, with more than 3,000 relics including silk fabrics, silk books, silk paintings, lacquerware, pottery, bamboo slips, seals, mud seals, bamboo and woodware, agricultural and livestock products, Chinese herbal medicines and other relics unearthed.

The Hunanese·Sanxiang historical and cultural display displays the history and culture of Hunan from the first-person perspective of the “Hunanese” themselves, divided into “Homeland”, “Where I Come from”, “Dongting Yumi Township”, “Footprints of Life” and “Hunan”. The five parts of “Soul” respectively explain to the audience the natural environment and development outline of Hunan people’s life, the process of group formation, the way of obtaining life resources, the living conditions of different historical periods, and related living customs and spiritual temperament. The five parts progress layer by layer and integrate with each other, achieving the exhibition’s purpose of “seeing people, seeing things, and seeing spirit” very naturally.

2. Changsha Underwater World

This is not just a trip, but an invitational event of ocean knowledge.

Changsha Underwater World is a national 4A-level tourist attraction, a base for marine science popularization education in China, and a large-scale marine science popularization education center in Hunan. The tourist area consists of seven functional areas including the Polar Oceanarium, Science and Education Museum, Water Park, and Children’s Park. In Changsha Underwater World, the bright and elegant park atmosphere, colorful marine life, thrilling water park, colorful life stories, and profound marine culture make people full of surprises and lingering.

Changsha Underwater World is an indoor venue. No matter it is windy or rainy outside, you can still enjoy the exhibition of more than 300 species and nearly 10,000 aquatic creatures inside. And the indoor temperature is constant at 25°C, so you don’t have to worry about being frozen, all year round. Warm as spring, making people feel very comfortable.

It has the country’s first beluga whale bred in captivity and the first little penguin born in Hunan. You can also enjoy the mermaid dance performance in the undersea tunnel, watch the dolphins and sea lions in the ocean theater, and challenge the handstand walking and Thomas pirouettes. , rocket push, trapeze and other difficult action performances.

3. Hunan Provincial Library

This is not just a trip, but an experience of perceiving the world.

Hunan Provincial Library is a provincial comprehensive public library organized by the state. It is the first provincial public library named after a “library” in China and is a national key protection unit for ancient books.

The collection contains many rare books, genealogies, certificates, calligraphy and paintings, manuscripts, etc. It is especially famous for its rich local documents. The main building of the library covers an area of ​​23,000 square meters, and the training building covers more than 6,700 square meters. It has a collection of more than 4.5 million physical documents, including more than 3.08 million books, more than 800,000 ancient thread-bound books, more than 550,000 newspapers and periodicals, and 20 audio-visual and microform products. More than 10,000 pieces. There are more than 3.3 million e-books. There are more than 1,570 reading seats.

It has a comprehensive lending office, a literature and art book lending room, a Chinese newspaper and periodical lending room, a foreign language lending room, a Chinese reference book lending room, a local literature reading room, an ancient books reading room, an electronic reading room and other service windows, and has also successively set up unique The unique Hunan Character Information Center, Mao Zedong’s Works Edition Room, Xu Teli Collection Reading Room, Genealogy Collection Center, Shiga Library, Image Lending Room, Library for the Blind, Hunan Library Children’s Branch, Elderly Library, Women’s Library, etc.

4. “Three Pavilions and One Hall” in Changsha City

Changsha’s “Three Library and One Hall” building complex is located in the Binjiang Cultural Park in the Changsha New River Delta, including the Changsha Library, Planning Exhibition Hall, Museum and Concert Hall. Overlooking the entire “three pavilions and one hall” from the air, each pavilion is a three-dimensional polygon, just like piles of sand and gravel accumulated by rivers, rising majestically from the land of Star City.

Changsha Library has a collection of approximately 3 million volumes and 3,000 reading seats. Its books can “see”, “listen”, “smell” and “speak”. Introducing the visually impaired “touch reading” technology of the International Library, allowing visually impaired readers to “read” books in a touch form. A large number of audio books are also purchased to allow visually impaired readers to read by “listening”. In addition, there are some tactile picture books for young visually impaired children that use different materials and even scents and sounds to stimulate children’s other senses and allow children to acquire knowledge.

Changsha City Planning Exhibition Hall revolves around the urban characteristic spatial pattern of “Shanshuizhou City”, with the theme of “My Changsha, My Home”, and sequentially displays “Impression of Star City·Entering Greater Changsha”, “Long History·Exploring Old Changsha”, There are four major sections: “Planning Corridor·Imagine New Changsha” and “Personality·Fantasy City 2050”.

The logo of the Changsha Municipal Museum is transformed from the image of the Shang Dynasty elephant-patterned bronze cymbal, the treasure of the museum, which means that the museum is a palace for preserving and displaying historical material culture and memory. There are basic exhibitions that are free and open all year round: Changsha History and Culture Exhibition, which is divided into Changsha Ancient History and Culture Exhibition and Changsha Modern History and Culture Exhibition. It is the first general history exhibition to systematically display the history and culture of Changsha region. And from time to time, some special exhibitions are held for tourists to visit.

Changsha Concert Hall is built according to pure concert hall standards and is the soul building of Binjiang Cultural Park. The pattern on its exterior wall is based on the famous guqin song “Xiaoxiang Water Cloud” of the Southern Song Dynasty. The unique exterior wall pattern fully expresses the cultural connotation of the concert hall.

5. Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Museum

The content of the Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Museum is divided into four parts: first, popular science exhibitions, including permanent exhibitions and short-term exhibitions; second, popular science reports, lectures and training education; third, scientific experimental education; fourth, special effects film and television (including a ball with an inner diameter of 18 meters) 3D scientific and educational films and 4D three-dimensional dynamic scientific and educational films)

The permanent exhibition is free and open to the public and is the most basic and important education method of the Science and Technology Museum. It has 9 exhibition areas: Manufacturing World, Material Space, Energy World, Information Harbor, Earth Home, Life Experience, Mathematical Enlightenment, Space Exploration, and Children’s Science Park. , a total of 351 exhibits/sets.

For services with an entertainment nature (such as dome theaters, 4D theaters, children’s fun centers, etc.), appropriate ticket fees are charged