What are the fun places to visit in Pingtan?

What do you want to do when you go to Pingtan? where to have fun? Many people are confused, and many people don’t understand. To be honest, there are many places to play in Pingtan. A beach can surprise you, and a stone can make you obey. But if you have time, don’t miss these 18 attractions.

1. Shipaiyang Scenic Area

Looking at the sea more than 500 meters west of Ao Village in the northwest of Pingtan Island, Fujian, you can see a large disc-shaped reef from a distance, supporting two monument-shaped sea stacks, one high and one low. This is the most famous natural landscape in Pingtan – Shipaiyang. Also known as “Half Ocean Stone Sail” and “Double Sail Stone”.

【Attraction Guide】

Take a ferry from the shore of Kan’ao Village and reach the reef in ten minutes. The ticket price of 40 yuan includes a round-trip boat ticket. If you go to play, you can visit it for free if you know someone who knows Ao Village and brings it with you.

【Recommendation Index】★★★★★

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Pingtan’s iconic attraction, two rocks standing tens of meters above the sea, you can still hold on. You can also take a boat to the small island. Just think about it and you will know how beautiful it is.

2.East China Sea Wonderland

The East China Sea Wonderland is located at the southern foot of Wangye Mountain. Here, there is a natural sea erosion shaft with a diameter of nearly 50 meters and a depth of more than 40 meters, called the “Immortal Well”. The walls of the well are steep, and there are three small holes at the bottom that are connected to the ocean. Next to the “Immortal Well” there is a large canyon that looks like a split in the middle of the mountain, which is called the Immortal Valley.

The East China Sea Wonderland consists of the Fairy Well, Fairy Cave, Fairy Valley, Fairy Peak, Fairy Pillar, Fairy Terrace, Fairy Spring, Wang Ye Zhang Valley, Golden Guanyin, Oyster Reef and other landscapes.

【Attraction Guide】

The entrance fee for this attraction is unknown, but I know how to get it for free. I followed the path to the lower village first, and observed carefully that there was a “green channel”, boo! It’s best to do it in the late afternoon, as the photography effect will be better.

【Recommendation Index】★★★★★

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Donghai Wonderland, don’t you have any thoughts about this name? Take another look at his landscape composition. Don’t you want to feel a little bit fairy-like? The Dragon King of the East China Sea and Li Tieguai once fought here. Don’t you want to visit here today?

3. Thirty-Six Foot Lake

Thirty-six Foot Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in Fujian Province. It is the life lake of Pingtan people, with a total area of ​​2.1 million square meters, a water storage capacity of 12.9 million cubic meters, and a maximum water depth of 16 meters. Among them, lakes, seas, mountains, and forests complement each other, and rocks, reefs, monuments, and islands are intertwined. The lake is as flat as a mirror and is beautiful and delicious. It is called the Pearl of the Island.

There is a stone reef deep in the “foot of the lake” called “Longyu”, which looks like a blue dragon with its head raised, and the ancient villagers worshiped it as a god.

Pingtan Shipaiyang Scenic Area

There are only two things like sails standing in the middle of the sea. Whether you see them or not, they are there. This is the largest granite sea stack in my country. This strange and spectacular sight is quite shocking and worth a visit.

Speaking of Banyang Shifan, Pingtan locals affectionately call it “Shipaiyang”. These two huge sea stacks are like the legendary “artifact” of the Dragon King of the East China Sea – the golden cudgel pushed out of the sea from the bottom of the sea, with the momentum of thrusting straight into the clouds and the night sky. They stand on the sea in Kanao Village, Suao Town. There are two natural sea stacks, the one on the east side is 33 meters high and the one on the west side is 17 meters high. The bottoms of the two stone pillars are shaped like “seals” covering the reef.

When you first hear it, you may think that these are just two stones. I am sure that its peculiar shape, magnificent scale and beautiful legend will fascinate you.

This story may have originated from the origin of Shipaiyang. It is said that in the early years there was a mute boy in the local area who lived with a widow. He has been fond of paper-cutting since he was a child, and commanded paper soldiers to charge into battle, so he was known as the Mute Emperor. One day, Penglai Immortal passed by and gave the mute boy three pieces of fairy paper. He cut out some soldiers, generals, horses, and bows and arrows from the paper. He wanted to shoot the emperor to death. The emperor was furious and sent troops to chase him. The uncle and his sister-in-law took the fairy paper. The transformed boat fled to the Shipaiyang Sea, but unfortunately encountered wind and waves and sank, killing both of them. The ship turned into this huge ship-shaped reef, and its two sails turned into these two pillars for future generations to admire.