What should you pay attention to when traveling to Beijing? A family of three will be there in a few days

Introduction: What should I pay attention to when traveling to Beijing? In a few days, a family of three will be able to travel to Beijing. What fun things are there to see in Beijing?

Be aware that the one-day tours to Beijing offered by unguided tour guides are all scams and do not show any quality. When traveling with a group, you should also look for a group from a regular travel agency, and be careful not to shop in tourist areas as the quality is difficult to guarantee and the prices are often high. In fact, if you plan your route and book accommodation in Beijing’s scenic spots in advance, you can travel freely. Group tours are often just a quick tour, which is very hurried and not meticulous.

About Beijing Tourism

The hotels in Dashilan Qianmen are relatively cheap. You can rent an ordinary double room with air-conditioned bathroom for less than 100 yuan. The hygiene is still very clean. But you need to find it yourself, and don’t go to the hotels at the station to attract guests. When.
Bus No. 120 on Qianmen Street goes directly to the Workers’ Stadium.
The bus lines in the Qianmen area are relatively concentrated. You can transfer to buses wherever you go. The Beijing Tourism Distribution Center can be trusted to lead to various scenic spots in Beijing. The premise is certain. You have to go to the Beijing Tourist Distribution Center to buy tickets at the special ticket sales point to ensure the safety of your trip. Those who solicit tourists on the street are all fake.

What is there to do in Beijing?

1. Jiankou Great Wall:

a) Located in Huairou, it is the most steep Great Wall near Beijing and the most beautiful, surpassing the Great Wall that Jinshanling-Simatai crosses.

b) It takes about 10 hours to travel through Jiuyanlou-Zhenbeilou, and you must be energetic. Most people need to bring ropes, and some places require rope protection to pass. The reason for the slow travel speed is that many parts of the Great Wall have collapsed and many places require crawling;

c) After September 1, 2003, the Great Wall Protection Regulations came into effect, and casual climbing of the Great Wall is no longer allowed;

d) The sunrise and sunset here are perfect for photography. A good place;

e) Beijing Festival, Ladder to Heaven, and Eagle Flight are relatively dangerous places;

f) People who climb here can basically take away their own garbage and have a strong awareness of environmental protection.

2. Five buildings:

a) On the way to Heilongtan, it is about 3 kilometers away from the Heilongtan Scenic Area;

b) The top of the fifth building of the five buildings is an excellent place to view the Miyun Reservoir. 2nd floor) There are also the ruins of the residence of the educated youth when they opened up wasteland;

c) It takes about 2-3 hours to climb to the top, with a height of 1020 meters. The pond area formed by the two creeks in the middle is relatively easy to rest, but the road to the 5th floor It is difficult to climb, so you need a pair of better shoes;

d) There are very few tourists in this scenic spot, and the Huaxi Village at the bottom of the mountain is also good.

3. Wuling Mountain:

a) It is located at the junction of Hebei and Beijing. It takes about 3 hours to drive from Beijing to Nanmen (Xinglong County, Hebei). It is very good to watch the sunrise. The altitude of the top of the mountain is about 2100 meters;

b) You can watch the cars from the South Gate. To go up to the top of the mountain, you cannot drive up the mountain from the west gate and north gate (within Beijing);

c) It is divided into 4 scenic spots, the west gate and the north gate enter one of the scenic spots respectively, but the four scenic spots are connected;

d) The best scenic spot is the top of the mountain The Waitaofeng Scenic Area for viewing the sun and the scenic area near the south gate, followed by the scenic area near the west gate, and finally the scenic area near the north gate;

e) If you want to visit all 4 scenic spots here, you need to stay overnight here.

4. Yunmeng Mountain:

a) Located in Huairou, there are not too many tourists in the scenic spot. The top of the mountain is 1413.7 meters high and is often shrouded in clouds and mist; b

) This scenic spot has mountains, water and waterfalls, and the overall feeling is good;

c) Drive from Beijing to Huairou Then take Huaifeng Road (Huairou to Fengning), and it takes about 2-3 hours to reach the ticket office. The height here is more than 700 meters;

d) There are garbage baskets along the way, and there are people buying water, food, etc., so you don’t have to buy too many things. .

5. Ziyun Mountain:

a) On the way to Yunmeng Mountain, this scenic spot is not well known, with very few tourists. The mountain scenery is good, the water view of Tongtian River is even better, and the feeling of jumping along the stones in the river is also good;

b ) The Yaochi water at the end of the scenic spot is very good. I stayed there for a very long time without others. It is an excellent place to rest; c

) The overall difficulty is not high, and the scenery is good and there are few tourists, which is very suitable for falling in love. Young people go;

d) There are no supply vendors along the way, so you must bring everything you need to eat and drink.

e)The chestnut forest here is very good.

6. Fenghuangling:

a) It is located in Haidian, and the characteristics of Stone Mountain are more obvious;

b) It is not difficult and there are many tourists.

7. Balcony Mountain:

a) It is located in Haidian and is connected to Jiufeng. If you are not careful when climbing, it is easier to enter another scenic spot;

b) In fact, you can drive to a higher place on the mountain;

c) Climb back along Balcony Mountain , you can enter Miaofeng Mountain in Mentougou. The ancient road to the back of the mountain is less crowded and has been covered by various shrubs, so long clothes and long trousers are more suitable.

8. Jiufeng:

a) It is located in Haidian, and its characteristics are not very strong;

b) It is not difficult and there are many tourists.

9. Huyu:

a) There is no need to climb the mountain, but you can walk in the ravine, but the water flow is very small;

b) The mountain soil on both sides is ocher red, and it is estimated that under the setting sun, Huyu will appear as one of the eight scenic spots in ancient Yanjing with its golden color.