What are the tourist attractions with seagulls on the seaside?

Introduction: What are the tourist attractions with seagulls on the seaside? Where there are seagulls in tourism 1. Where there are seagulls in tourism 2. Where are the attractions with many seagulls 3. Where can you see seagulls in tourism 4. What is the name of the place where there are seagulls in tourism?

1. Travel to places with seagulls

The Hai Pole Wild Fishing Spot is located at the north end of Haiou Bridge!

Seagull Island is located in the eastern suburbs of Panyu District, Guangzhou City. It is an important part of Guangzhou New City. It is expected to become a new highlight of the tourism system in the entire Pearl River Delta region. Toutiao Laibian

Seagull Island is located in Shilou Town, Panyu District, with an area of ​​34.61 square kilometers and a coastline of 37.96 kilometers. There are four administrative villages on the island, including Shabei, Shanan, Jiangou, and Haixin, as well as the Shilou Town Agricultural Development Corporation.

2. Where are the places where there are many seagulls?

Wanniao Island, also known as Cheyou Island, is located in the east-central part of the Changdao Islands. It has an altitude of 73.5 meters and an area of ​​only 0.05 square kilometers. Such a small island is simply an insignificant grain of sand in the vast ocean. However, the sea has its great charm; the island is small and has its own charm. Because there are tens of thousands of seagulls living on the island, it is called “Ten Thousand Bird Island”.

Viewed from a distance, Cheyou Island looks like an anchored landing ship. The coastline of the entire island is 1.25 kilometers long. The coastal landforms are mostly steep cliffs. These cliffs are mostly made of quartzite and pole rock, which are easily broken. After weathering and sea erosion, the cliffs have become pitted, with stone steps and platforms. , grottoes, and caves are connected to each other to form a natural “stone building” for seagulls to inhabit.

There is only a culvert in the middle of Cheyou Island that can lead to the mountainside. It is extremely steep and is known as the “Tongtian Road”. There is no road to other places. Walking on the Tongtian Road, you can touch the wings of birds, as if you are in the kingdom of seagulls; when you reach the top of the mountain, the birds are all under your feet again.

3. Where can you see seagulls when traveling?

1: The best places to watch red-billed gulls in Kunming are Haigeng Dam and Daguan Park.

2: Haigeng Dam is the place with the largest number of red-billed gulls in Kunming and the most ornamental. Accompanied by the Sleeping Beauty of Xishan Mountain, watching red-billed gulls becomes more charming. From about 8 o’clock in the morning, there are flocks of red-billed gulls. Gulls will fly from Dianchi Lake. Daguan Park is also one of the best observation points for gull watching in Kunming. Hundreds of red-billed gulls play here every day. There are many gulls parked everywhere on the lake, on the eaves and brackets, and on the pavilions and rockeries. The white red-billed gull makes the traditional garden suddenly come alive.

3: In the winter of 1985, the first group of red-billed gulls traveled a long distance from Siberia to spend the winter in Kunming, Yunnan. Since then, winter has become a highlight of Yunnan tourism to watch red-billed gulls.

4. What do you call a place with seagulls?

In August, there are so many seagulls around Hailu Island in Weihai, flying all over the sky, it feels magical. The seagulls will catch the food you throw out. You can buy ham sausages on the boat and in the scenic area. The price is not expensive, and you can also bring some steamed buns by yourself. Bread, but I feel that seagulls will prefer ham sausage. Don’t feed other things as it may affect the health of seagulls. Bian Toutiao Lai

Transportation to Haile Island: You can take a bus at Weihai Bus Station. Please ask the bus station in advance. The number of buses is different in low and peak seasons. You can also rent a car or charter a tour bus.