Is it fun to take a one-day trip to Phoenix Valley Lohas Town in Xinxiang City?

Introduction: Is it fun to visit Phoenix Valley Lohas Town in Xinxiang City? Where is the best place to go for a one-day trip to Xinxiang? Is Lohas Town in Phoenix Valley fun in Xinxiang City? What are the fun places in Xinxiang Phoenix Valley? Is Living Town fun? In Xinxiang, where is the best place for a family to take a walk and watch the night view? Is Xinxiang Lohas Town open now? Which hot spring is better in Xinxiang city? I am a girl.

Where is the best place to go for a one-day trip to Xinxiang?

Most of the scenic spots in Xinxiang have water. The scenic spots in Hui County such as Baligou, Wanxian Mountain, Qiugou, and Baoquan Reservoir are all good and not far away. It is a good day trip. It is also the season. Since you don’t like water, then go

1. Jinghua Garden in Xiaoji, free of charge

2. The Yellow River Forest Park is directly accessible by bus, and there is an entrance fee, which is not expensive.

3. People’s Park, Makino Park, Makino Lake, and Central Garden, these two parks are enough for one day. Although they don’t have the wonders of mountain climbing, they are suitable for a leisurely visit and can still relax your mind.

4. Traveling with a caravan or hiking team in Xinxiang, you can meet a few more friends at no cost, and you can get fit again

5. Wear headphones and go shopping in Dapang, Xiaopang, Denny’s, New Mart, Qiansheng Department Store, Department Store, Second Department Store, New and Old Pedestrian Street, Pingyuan Shopping Center, etc. It’s both exercise and eye-catching.

6. In the end, it all depends on what you like. I’m very busy at work right now, so I have one day off a week. If I can do something I like on this day, that’s actually the happiest thing.

Is Xinxiang City’s Phoenix Valley Lohas Town fun?


Phoenix Valley Lohas Town is located on the north side of the Fengquan section of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project on Tuanjie Road, Fengquan District. It covers an area of ​​4,100 acres and has a project investment of 5.1 billion. On August 19, 2017, Alice Paradise and CC Resort Hotel were officially opened to the public.

The town is divided into five major sections: wedding industry, sports and leisure, travel and health care, specialty agriculture, and cultural creativity. It is surrounded by Rose Spring, Yugong Spring, King Lu’s Tomb, Fenghuang Mountain Forest Park, Xishan Forest Park, and the South-to-North Water Diversion Canal Scenic Belt. , deeply loved by travelers, and also a popular choice for people to travel during the holidays.

What fun places are there in Xinxiang City?

Xinxiang Huixian Wanxian Mountain Scenic Area

Xinxiang Jinghua Garden Scenic Area

Baligou Scenic Area in Hui County, Xinxiang

Baoquan Tourist Resort

Jiaoding Mountain Scenic Area

Huilong Tianjie Mountain Scenic Area in Huixian County, Xinxiang

King Lu’s Mausoleum Scenic Area

Jiulian Mountain Scenic Area

Xinxiang Bigan Temple Garden Scenic Area

Longwoyan Scenic Area

Xinxiang Huixian Baiquan Scenic Area

Plains Museum

Qiugou Scenic Area

Old Yellow River Forest Park

Weihui Paomaling Leisure Ecological Park

Qiwangzhai Scenic Area

Of course, there are also urban park attractions such as People’s Park, Makino Plaza, Harmony Park, Pingyuan Park, Dingguo Lake, Pingyuan Lake, etc.

Is Xinxiang Phoenix Valley Lohas Town fun?


Xinxiang Fenghuang Valley Lohas Town is located at the intersection of Liangquan Road and Tuanjie Road in Fengquan District. There is an amusement park in the town with discounted tickets, which is very fun. The environment in the town is beautiful, and the items sold are at discounted and cheap prices. brightly lit at night

In Xinxiang, where is the best place for a family to take a walk and enjoy the night view?

Many people admire the moon in Xiahe Park at night. A pool of clear water is rippling with blue waves, and half of the lake is filled with colorful lotus flowers! This was once the beautiful scenery of Xiahe Park that made people linger and forget to leave. However, times have changed. A few years later, due to lack of water, Xiahe Park, which once had pleasant flowers and green water for boating, has now completely dried up, leaving only the shocking cracked lake bottom and the meandering pavilions that were once reflected in the water. And the cloister is amazing and lamentable. Perhaps, the grand scene of Xiahe will never happen again.

Is Xinxiang Lohas Town open now?

Xinxiang Lohas Town is now open

Through the query, we can know that Chengcheng Fenghuang Valley Lohas Town is located in Chengcheng Fenghuang Valley Lohas Town and is open for normal business, so it is open.

Which hot spring is better in Xinxiang city? I am a girl.

Go to Yuanrun Tianmu Hot Spring in Xinxiang City. It is very good. Starting from December 2016, a ticket is 69 yuan, including 24 hours of hot spring bathing and free overnight stay. The luxury buffet is unlimited in 24 hours. *** Contact Also discounted