Please estimate the Spring Festival to take 7-10 days, from Chengdu to Yunnan via Panzhihua

Just returned to Chengdu via this line. If you want to take the circular route, you can take the Zilu Expressway to Zigong on the first day, then transfer to Yibin, and then go to Kunming via the Chongqing-Kunming Expressway. Since the Zhaotong section is not an expressway, the whole journey including lunch and rest time will take about 12 hours. Stay in Kunming overnight. The next morning, we set off from Kunming to Dali along the Hangrui Expressway, which takes about 4 hours. After lunch, we can visit Erhai Lake, visit Dali Ancient City in the afternoon, and stay in Dali Ancient City in the evening. In the morning of the third day, you can visit Chongsheng Three Pagodas and Cangshan Mountain. After lunch, take the Hangrui Expressway through Baoshan and then transfer to Baoteng Expressway to Tengchong, and stay in Tengchong at night. Personally, I prefer Tengchong. It is recommended to visit Tengchong for at least 2 days. On the fourth day, you can visit Diexi Waterfall, National Memorial Park, Volcano Park, and Beihai Wetland. On the fifth day, you can visit Heshun Ancient Town, Volcano Geothermal Park, and soak in hot springs in the Bath Valley. Early in the morning on the sixth day, drive along Tengrui Road to Ruili. The whole journey is a second-class highway with good road surface. It takes about 3 and a half hours to reach Ruili. After lunch, you can visit Yizhai Liangguang and Jiegao Port. If you have enough time, you can visit Ruili on the second day. For seven days, you can participate in a one-day two-city tour in Myanmar, namely Muse and Nankan. On the eighth day, you will go from Ruili to Panzhihua. You will first walk along the 320 National Highway. Along the way, you can visit Jile Jin Pagoda and a forest of trees, and pass through Mang. After the city, take the Hangrui Expressway to Chuxiong. From Chuxiong, take S214 to Yuanmou. S214 is a secondary highway with good road surface. From Yuanmou, take the Beijing-Kunming Expressway directly to Panzhihua. The whole journey takes about 11 hours. You can stay in Panzhihua for a day according to your needs. , on the tenth day, we returned to Chengdu from Panzhihua along the Beijing-Kunming Expressway. The whole journey took about 7 and a half hours. My personal suggestion is that if Ruili does not participate in the one-day two-city tour in Myanmar, you can stay in Yuanmou for one day and visit the Yuanmou Museum and the Earth Forest. The scenery is very beautiful. The conditions of such loops are very good, and there are no problems for cars. However, there are many curves on the Hangrui Expressway in Yunnan. If you are a novice driver, it is recommended to drive slowly, as the time spent may increase. Personal advice, I hope it will be helpful to your trip. .