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Introduction: The main attractions of Beihai Silver Beach Visiting Beihai Silver Beach 1. Visiting Beihai Silver Beach 2. An essay about visiting Beihai Silver Beach 3. A 300-word essay about visiting Beihai Silver Beach 4. A 500-word essay about visiting Beihai Silver Beach 5. An essay about visiting Beihai Silver Beach 400 words 6. Feelings of visiting Beihai Silver Beach 7. Translation of visiting Beihai Silver Beach 8. Attractions of Beihai Silver Beach 9. 350 words essay on visiting Beihai Silver Beach

1. Visit Beihai Silver Beach

In the alluring swimming season of Silver Beach, which lasts for seven or eight months, you can bathe in the bright sunshine under the blue sky and white clouds, play on the white sandy beach, swim in the gentle waves, and meditate in the slightly fishy sea breeze. ; Soaring in the blue sky with a sea parachute, riding the wind and waves on a thrilling motorboat, leisurely and relaxing beach sports, enjoyable bird performances, pleasing exotic songs and dances, and looking to the far end, the sea and the sky are connected, and the fishing sails are dotted.

Tan Changping

Beihai Silver Beach is wide and long. The Silver Beach is more than 100 meters wide and stretches for more than 20 kilometers. Its area exceeds the combined beaches of Xiamen, Qingdao, Dalian, Yantai and Beidaihe. The beach is wide and can accommodate 100,000 to 150,000 tourists bathing at the same time every day.

fine white sand

The sand of Beihai Silver Beach is soft and white. The beach is made of high-grade quartz sand. Under the sunlight, the white and delicate beach will glow with silver.

The water is warm and clean

The sea water in Beihai Silver Beach has a natural circulation due to the slow rising tide and fast ebbing tide, making the sea water extremely clear and blue.

Soft waves

The terrain of Beihai Silver Beach is gentle. Because the beach is flat and the tide is flat, the water changes from shallow to deep. You can swim more than 100 meters away and the water is still deep. It is a good beach for swimming.

air is fresh

High negative ions. Negative ions in the air can regulate the excitement and inhibition of the human central nervous system, improve the function of the human cerebral cortex, eliminate fatigue, and promote body metabolism. The air of “Hawaii” can be sold in bottles, and the same is true for the North Sea, known as the “Hawaii of the East”.

No sharks

Sea swimmers who come here are safe and don’t have to worry.

2. An essay on visiting Beihai Silver Beach

I have been to many places and seen many seas. There is a bad-tempered Dahai, and there is a gentle Dahai. Let’s take a look together!

The sea in Qingdao is very pitiful, with a lot of seaweed floating on the surface and the water is very turbid. Because people litter there and don’t care for it at all, I think it must be crying sadly.

The sea in Weihai is very gentle, and the waves there gently lap on the beach.

I built a wall of sand to surround myself. When the wall was almost completed, a big wave came over and my wall was destroyed. I’m so sad!

The sea on Weizhou Island is also a bit dirty because there has just been a typhoon and there is a lot of garbage on the beach. At three o’clock in the morning, we went to catch the sea. I was very excited. I picked up a lot of shells there, and when I returned to the inn to clean them, I found hermit crabs. I was happy and scared at the same time.

As soon as I hear the name Beihai Silver Beach, I know that the sand there is very beautiful. When I arrived at Silver Beach, I saw the sand sparkling in the sunshine, it was so beautiful!

There are many small crabs on the silver beach. Their names are sand crabs and they feed on the sand.

The sea at Silver Beach is like an irritable old man. Big waves rushed towards us one after another. I couldn’t stand still and even drank several mouthfuls of sea water!

I tasted the sea water, salty and bitter.

How I want to go to the beach again and feel the vastness of the sea!

3. A 300-word essay on visiting Beihai Silver Beach

Silver Beach is situated south of Beihai City. It is famous for its long beach, white sand, clean water, soft waves, and unpolluted air. Silver Beach has natural attributes, including its length, abundant and gorgeous sunshine, fresh air, and clean water. Beihai Silver Beach is located at the southern end of Beihai City, facing the vast Shanda Sea, stretching 24 kilometers from east to west. It is famous for its long and flat beach, fine white sand, clean sequence, soft waves, no sharks and no pollution.

4. A 500-word essay on visiting Beihai Silver Beach

Full score composition for the third grade Chinese language volume: write about a scenery: the beautiful silver beach

5. A 400-word essay on visiting Beihai Silver Beach

If I were a young tour guide, I would take tourists to visit Silver Beach and Beihai in Guangxi. The sand there is particularly silvery white, and the beach is clean and vast. Lying on the sand and basking in the warm sunshine is a kind of enjoyment, and then running into the sea and surfing the waves to your heart’s content is so enjoyable!

There are many snacks on the shore, the best one is the seafood barbecue. It’s fresh and delicious, and very affordable. Let people have fun and have fun.

6. The experience of visiting Beihai Silver Beach

It is very fun, the site is really beautiful, the water flow is not fast, very fast, and very clear. You can sit directly in the water and play, and you can have a picnic by the creek, but there are bugs and mosquitoes, so remember to bring insect repellent water. There is also a large cement flat area for tents, picnics and barbecues are also available!

There are the following scenic spots: Weizhou Island No. 1 No. 18 Yintan Tourist Area, Haicheng District, Beihai City Beihai Yintan Tourist Resort No. 2 Beihai Yintan Scenic Area No. 12 East Gate Functional Island AAAA-level scenic spot Beihai Lao Street No. 3, Zhuhai Road, Haicheng District, Beihai City, AAAA-level scenic spot in Beihai Old City, Crocodile Mountain Scenic Area, No. 4, Beihai City, Haicheng District, Beibu Gulf Sea, Weizhou Island Volcano National Geological Park, AAAA-level scenic spot!

7. Visit Beihai Silver Beach with translation

As far as I know, there is currently no university in Yintan, Rushan City. Silver Beach in Rushan City is a scenic tourist resort with rich cultural and natural landscapes and a beach as white as silver. It is known as “Oriental Hawaii”. It is an investment, tourism, residence and vacation destination. The scenic area includes the Tidal Lake Yacht Resort Center, Pearl Bay, Bailang Bay, Gongjia Island International Club, Sanguan Pavilion, Xianren Bridge, Furudonghai Cultural Park, golf course, international racing circuit, marine playground, Haiphong Pine Forest, China The largest football training base in the north, the China Scientific Research Promotion Center, the International Health Center and other natural and man-made landscapes.

8. Beihai Silver Beach Attractions

Silver Beach is located in Yintan District, Beihai City. It is a 4A scenic spot and enjoys the reputation of “Beihai’s No. 1 Beach”. It stretches 24 kilometers from east to west and is like a silver chain inlaid on the coast of Beibu Gulf. There are many tourists in the summer tourist season. Here you can enjoy the waves and play in the water, and the various entertainment activities in the beach area are also very popular.

The latitude of Beihai is higher than that of Hainan Island, but its climate is similar to that of cities such as Haikou and Sanya in Hainan Island. It is even hotter than Sanya in the same summer months, but many Northeasterners have adapted to the climate here.

9. A 350-word essay on visiting Beihai Silver Beach

As the saying goes: “The west pearl is not as good as the east pearl, and the east pearl is not as good as the south pearl.”

“Beihai is the hometown of Nanzhu and the hometown of pearls. There are many famous scenic spots in Beihai, such as: Silver Beach, Nanzhu Palace, World Shellfish Museum… Beautiful scenic spots are like the stars in the sky, and they can be counted. Not sure. Let me introduce to you my favorite Beihai Silver Beach. Beihai Silver Beach has a reputation as “the best beach in the world”. At the same time, it has also been rated as a national 4A tourist attraction. Scenic spots, these reputations have made Beihai Silver Beach famous at home and abroad. With this mysterious yearning, let us browse it together. Walking into the gate of Beihai Silver Beach, a small bridge paved with pebbles comes into view. Under the bridge, a The crystal clear river flows slowly, and the river is full of happy little fish. Follow the bridge to the end, and you will reach the beach, where you can see the endless sea. Walking barefoot on the beach , waves of salty sea breeze blew softly, flowing quietly between my toes. Ha! This sea breeze is really like a naughty little brother, playing with me on such a beautiful beach! Looking deep and shallow I couldn’t help but sigh in my heart: The sand on the beach is so fine! As fine as soft and bright salt; the sand on the beach is so white! As white as the heavy snow on the ground; the sand on the beach is so soft! So soft that you lie on it for a long time and don’t want to leave… On the beach, coconut trees sway in the wind, making the blue sky more colorful; little boys are picking up shells on the beach; tourists are enjoying themselves lying down, Or sit and enjoy the comfortable sunbathing… However, the most attractive thing here is the sea. When we happily threw ourselves at the sea with joy, our hearts were immediately intoxicated… Ah! The sea is so beautiful Big! She is so majestic and vast. In the distance, the sky and sea are connected in a line, with white clouds and white sails. Nearby, the sea water is clear, the sand is soft and the tide is flat. The blue sky, clear water and silver beach complement each other beautifully. , is really an ideal beach for bathing. The sun gradually sets on the sea, and the remaining light reflects the sunset, giving the sea a golden halo. Standing quietly beside her, I don’t want to leave for a long time. Beihai Silver Beach, you It is an eternally bright pearl. I am proud and proud to be a Beihai native! Please come to my hometown, Silver Beach will always welcome you!!!