What are the fun attractions in Zaozhuang? What are the fun attractions in Zaozhuang?

Introduction: What are the fun attractions in Zaozhuang? What are the fun attractions in Zaozhuang? 1. What fun attractions are there in Zaozhuang? 2. What are the fun attractions in Zaozhuang that are free? 3. The best tourist attractions in Zaozhuang. 4. What fun attractions are recommended in Zaozhuang? 5. What are the fun places and tourist attractions in Zaozhuang? 6. What are the fun attractions in Zaozhuang? 7. What are the fun places or attractions in Zaozhuang? 8. What are the most fun attractions in Zaozhuang? 9. Are there any fun attractions near Zaozhuang?

1. What are the interesting attractions in Zaozhuang?

Shanting Longtang Reservoir is not far to the west from Banhu Township, Shanting District, Zaozhuang, and there is a hill. It’s said to be a hill, but it’s actually just a large mound. The mountains are covered with chestnut trees, cherry trees, peach trees, and apricot trees, and the fruits are fragrant in three out of four seasons. There are cherries in spring, apricots and peaches in summer, and in autumn, the tall chestnut trees all over the mountain offer big and bright chestnuts.

There is another hill to the south of the hill, which is also covered with fruit trees. There is a deep stream between the two mountains, with a lake of turquoise water rippling in it. This is Longtang Reservoir.

2. What fun attractions are free in Zaozhuang?

Jinan City, Shandong Province, is known as the “Spring City”. Jinan has three major scenic spots, namely Baotu Spring, Daming Lake, and Qianfo Mountain. Among them, Daming Lake is open for free and is popular among tourists.

2. Qingzhou Ancient City

Among the ancient cities in Shandong, Qingzhou is the best, because the ancient city in Qingzhou not only has a long history, but is also a free and open AAAAA tourist attraction, which is really rare and valuable. After all, the tickets for other ancient cities are expensive, or the traces of reconstruction and commerce are too obvious.

3. Rushan Silver Beach

A considerable part of Shandong’s charm lies along the coast.

Rushan Silver Beach is a famous seaside tourist resort in northern my country. It is located in Weihai and is known as “the best beach in the world”. It is crowded with tourists every summer and is a good place for summer vacation and leisure.

4. Taierzhuang War Memorial Hall

Looking past the dust of history, there is an unforgettable period, that is, the Battle of Taierzhuang.

The Battle of Taierzhuang is in the textbooks and in the hearts of every Chinese. It is a battle of great significance and deserves everyone to remember and be grateful!

As a patriotic education base and a famous red tourist attraction, the Taierzhuang War Memorial Hall is open to the public free of charge. The museum was established in 1992 and is located in the southwest suburb of Taierzhuang City, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province. It is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction.

5. Island Jinshan Temple

Many people may not have heard of Haidao Jinshan Temple. In fact, it is a large-scale Pure Land monastery in North China. It is located in Qingyun County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province and is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction.

Shandong’s tourism pattern, popular tourist attractions and routes are basically in the Shandong Peninsula, the provincial capital, southern Shandong, southeastern Shandong and other places. Relatively speaking, northwest Shandong is little-known and lacks popular attractions with high visibility and influence, so those who know it Even less.

Fortunately, Jinshan Temple on the island is not bad. It is a national AAAA tourist attraction and is open for free, attracting many local and surrounding tourists. It has a long history. Master Xuanzang, an eminent monk in the Tang Dynasty, once became a monk at Jinshan Temple on the ancient island. In the early Ming Dynasty, , the ancient island Jinshan Temple was destroyed. The current temple was rebuilt on the old site, and it is magnificent with carved beams and painted buildings.

3. The best tourist attractions in Zaozhuang

  Zaozhuang is located in the south of Shandong Province. It is the fourth prefecture-level city established by Shandong Province. It is bordered by Yimeng Mountain to the east, Weishan Lake to the west, Xuzhou, a cultural resort of the Han Dynasty, to the south, and Jining, the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, to the north.
During World War II, the Battle of Taierzhuang broke out here.
Zaozhuang is a modern city built and prospered because of coal. It has 7,300 years of ancestral culture, 4,300 years of city-state culture, 2,700 years of canal culture, and 130 years of industrial culture; it
is located in the “one mountain, one water, two Han dynasties” , Three Holes” golden tourism line, it is a vibrant and unique emerging tourist city. It has the boldness of northern cities and the beauty of Jiangnan water towns. It is called “Jiangbei Water Town·Ancient Canal City” and is known as “Jiangbei Water Town·Ancient Canal City”. It is known as the “Pearl of Lunan”.
  Zaozhuang has a long and splendid history and culture and many places of interest.
It can be summarized as “four numbers”:
First, the ancestral culture of 7,300 years.
As early as 7,300 years ago, humans thrived in Zaozhuang, creating the splendid “Beixin Culture”, which is the oldest culture discovered by archeology in the Huanghuai region so far, and is also the source of Dongyi culture.
The second is the city-state culture of 4,300 years.
During the pre-Qin period, there were seven ancient city-states distributed in Zaozhuang, which was one of the two areas with the densest distribution of ancient capitals in my country.
The third is 2,700 years of canal culture.
The earliest canal in the territory was excavated in the Spring and Autumn Period, and the ancient city of Taierzhuang has the most distinctive features of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, where the cultures of the north and the south, and the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures, are the most distinctive.
The fourth is 130 years of industrial culture.
Zaozhuang is the birthplace of modern national industrial civilization. ZTE Corporation, the largest Chinese-owned enterprise in my country’s history, was born here and issued the first stock in my country’s history.
  Zaozhuang is also a hot spot for the Red Revolution.
In modern times, there was the Taierzhuang War that shocked the world, the world-famous railway guerrillas, the heroes of the Canal Detachment, and the glory of the Lunan Battle. Zaozhuang earned the reputation of “China’s Red Classic City”.
Today, the railway guerrilla monument and sculptures stand majestically by the beautiful Weishan Lake.
The Taierzhuang War Memorial Hall, located on the banks of the picturesque ancient canal, recreates the magnificent scene of the bloody battle of the patriotic soldiers who participated in the Taierzhuang War.
In 2005, the Railway Guerrilla Memorial Park and the Taierzhuang War Memorial Site were included in the country’s 100 key red tourist attractions. Zaozhuang City, together with Jinggangshan, Xibaipo and Yan’an, was identified by the National Tourism Administration as one of the 20 key red tourist cities in the country.
  The best of Zaozhuang, Zaozhuang has a glorious history and culture and is one of the cities with the deepest historical heritage in Shandong Province; the
  god of cars, Xi Zhong, invented the world’s first car in Zaozhuang;
  it has the world’s largest pomegranate orchard – Guanshi pomegranate orchard. ;
  The largest national capital enterprise in Chinese history was born in Zaozhuang, and “Zhongxing Company” means national rejuvenation;
  the first stock in China’s industrial history was born in Zaozhuang Zhongxing Company;
  The Taierzhuang War in 1938 was the first major victory on the frontal battlefield during the Anti-Japanese War;
  the ancient city of Taierzhuang It has preserved the largest number of World War II relics in the world, and walls with bullet holes record the glorious years of the Anti-Japanese War; it
  has preserved the most complete ancient Grand Canal in ancient China, known as the living canal; on
  December 17, 2009, the country’s first strait The cross-strait exchange base was established in Taierzhuang District, Zaozhuang City; In
  2009, the State Sports General Administration awarded Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, the only “National Fitness Yangko City”; In
  2010, the CCTV Economic Life Survey Zaozhuang was rated as the city with the highest happiness index in Shandong Province

4. What are the recommended interesting attractions in Zaozhuang?

There are many fun places, it depends on what you want to do!!

KTV is the most common. If you want to have fun with Xiaoni, go to Oriental Rome, Celebrity Event, Kaiyang, these places!! If you want to sing, go to True Colors, Golden Earth!

If you want to take a walk with your girlfriend, go to Fengming Lake in Xincheng. The scenery is nice and perfect for falling in love!!

You can also play billiards, go to King’s on Kepin Street, and Apollo on Qingtan Road!! If you are hungry, you can go to KFC or Dicos in Triangle Garden!!

5. What are the fun places and tourist attractions in Zaozhuang City?

1. Taierzhuang Ancient City | Taierzhuang Battle Site. Taierzhuang Ancient City is located in the southeast of Zaozhuang City, at the center of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Taierzhuang is a famous water town and ancient canal city in the north of the Yangtze River. Here you can stroll in the quiet alleys or stand on the ancient bridge and watch the boats passing by.

The Ancient Canal City is located in Taierzhuang District, Zaozhuang City. It is not only a symbol of the national spirit, a historical monument, but also the carrier of canal culture. It still retains many relics and is praised by the World Tourism Organization as the “Living Canal” and the “Beijing-Hangzhou Canal”. Canal’s last remaining heritage village”.

2. Weishan Lake Wetland Red Lotus Scenic Area | Tens of thousands of hectares of red lotus. Weishan Lake Wetland Red Lotus Tourism Area, also called Red Lotus Wetland, is located in Binhu Town, Tengzhou City, northeast of Weishan Lake. It is the largest lotus viewing site in China and the largest natural wetland in the north.

3. Baodugu Forest Park | Natural wood forest. Baodugu National Forest Park is located in Shanting District, Zaozhuang City, 20 kilometers northeast of Zaozhuang City, with a forest coverage rate of 96.8%. It is divided into four scenic spots: Chaoyun Bamboo Forest, Taoyuan Wonderland, Junshan Wanghai, and Fengluo Ancient Cliff. It is a rare gathering area of ​​natural miscellaneous trees, which is also rare in China.

4. Guanshi Liuyuan | Nature and humanity are integrated. Zaozhuang Pomegranate Garden is located in the west of Yicheng District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province. It is famous at home and abroad for its long history, large area, large number of plants, complete colors and excellent fruit quality. It is currently the largest pomegranate garden in my country, so it is known as “Guanshi Liuyuan” is listed as the “Flower Road” tourist hotline and a provincial scenic spot.

5. Xiong’er Mountain National Geopark | Steep Rift Valley. The trend of the mountain system is generally northeast and arranged in the shape of a flying geese. Relying on Xiong’er Mountain and Baodu Gu, it integrates Shuanglong Rift Valley, karst caves, Longzhu Cliff (collapse), mountain springs and the most typical Gu-shaped landforms. Baodu Gu is the highest peak with an altitude of 584 meters.

Since ancient times, it has been known as the first of the 72 peaks in southern Shandong for its unique “majestic”, “wonderful”, “dangerous” and “beautiful” features. It is known as the “Little Mount Tai in southern Shandong” and is now known as the “No. 1 mountain in the world”. “One Gu”.

6. Xiantan Mountain Hot Spring Town | Xiantan Xiaocui. Located in the valley between Xiantan Mountain and Yanzhi Mountain, it is the “Xiantan Xiaocui” valley, the first of the eight scenic spots in Guyi County. It is endowed with unique natural environment, cultural heritage and natural water resources. “The fairyland on earth”.

7. Xinyingtai Ecological Hot Spring Village | Beauty and Health Soup.

8. Yiyun Stone Tribe | Exploring Shibanfang Mountain Village. The area is backed by Yiyun Mountain, the highest peak in southern Shandong, and is connected to Yiyun Lake, known as the Pearl under the Mountain, to the east. Between the mountains and rivers lies the largest and best-preserved folk house in the southern Shandong mountainous area in our province – the stone house. ancient village.

9. Taierzhuang War Memorial Hall | Commemorative video. The exhibition hall has three exhibition rooms with a construction area of ​​1,400 square meters. The museum displays more than a thousand pieces of materials and cultural relics from both China and Japan during the Taierzhuang War. The calligraphy and painting hall collects nearly a thousand calligraphy and painting works by soldiers and relatives who participated in the war, as well as famous calligraphers, painters, and politicians. pieces.

10. Canal Wetland Park | Beautiful Lake Bay. Taierzhuang Canal Wetland Scenic Area is located on the west side of Taierzhuang Canal Bridge. It is built along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and complements the ancient city of Taierzhuang. It stretches for 13 miles and covers an area of ​​more than 20,000 acres. It is the first canal wetland-themed scenic area in China.

6. Introduction to interesting attractions in Zaozhuang

Baodugu, Pomegranate Garden, Turtle Mountain, Taierzhuang Ancient City

7. What interesting places or attractions are there in Zaozhuang?

Zaozhuang is rich in tourism resources, including the “No. 1 Gu in the World” Baodugu National Forest Park, a coveted natural ecological oxygen bar; the Guanshi Liuyuan Garden, nestled between mountains and rivers, is an ecological sightseeing and leisure resort; the majestic ancient canal has the style of an ancient canal town. Rich; Yanma Lake with beautiful lakes and mountains is the largest reservoir in Zaozhuang City; Xiong’er Mountain National Geopark has stunning scenery; Tengzhou Weishan Lake Wetland is known as the “No. 1 Wetland in Jiangbei” and the “Lotus Capital” in China; it is known as the “Wonder of the Dry Sea” The famous Lianqing Mountain is lined with sea-like trees and strange rocks; the provincial geological park Guishan has charming natural scenery.

8. What are the most interesting attractions in Zaozhuang?

1. Zaozhuang is most famous for its spicy chicken. It uses local young roosters and is paired with thin-skinned chili peppers. It tastes great.

2. Xiji mutton soup has no extra ingredients and is made from pure big bones.

3. Yicheng large pomegranate, large, thin-skinned, small seeds, rich in moisture and sweet.

4. Shanting Flame Cherry is big, sweet and very delicious.

5. Shanting Zanthoxylum bungeanum, there are large swaths of Zanthoxylum bungeanum trees on the mountainside, full of numbing flavor.

6. Zaozhuang vegetable pancakes, with a wide variety of dishes and charcoal-fired pancakes.

7. Zaozhuang large walnuts with thin skin, firm flesh, large and fragrant oil.

8. The chestnuts from Zaozhuang Mountain are large and thin-skinned, with full flesh, fragrant and doughy.

9. Tengzhou potatoes have yellow hearts and a lot of starch, and are very noodles when stewed.

10. Ground pot chicken, served in a big pot over pure firewood, with a big pancake on the side, absolutely delicious.

9. Are there any interesting attractions near Zaozhuang?

There are also Honghe Wetland in Binhu Town, Tengzhou City, Liucun Liyuan in Chaihudian Town, Tengzhou City, Hulutao Film and Television Base in Chaihudian Town, Xiazhuangxi Zhongche Ancestral Temple in Taozhuang Town, Xuecheng City, Yangyu Scenic Area in Zhangfan Town, Xuecheng City, Tengzhou Tengzhou National Ancient City, Tengzhou Han Dynasty Statuary Museum, Tengzhou Longquan Tower and Mozi Memorial Hall (in one place), Tengzhou Yingtai Hot Spring Center (mainly hot spring bathing), Shizhong District Xiantanshan Hot Spring Town (hot spring bathing), city East Lake Park in Central District (National Fitness Center), Fengming Lake in Zaozhuang New Town (directly opposite the city government building), Shibanfang Village in Shanting District, Yanma Reservoir in Shanting District, Xueshan in Shanting District, Longtang Reservoir in Shizhong District, etc. .