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1. Baoji Guanshan Ranch Visitor Center Telephone Number

Long trousers. It’s now the end of August, and it’s cold at night at Guanshan Ranch. You have to wear long-sleeved clothes and even a thin woolen sweater.

Clothes such as sweatshirts and pants are more suitable for Guanshan Grassland. Guanshan Grassland is located in the plateau area, and the temperature is about 10 degrees lower than in ordinary cities, so you should bring clothes such as sweatshirts and pants. If you still feel cold when wearing sweatshirts and pants, you can add a coat outside, or autumn clothes and long trousers inside.

2. Baoji Guanshan Ranch Area Phone Number

Guanshan Ranch is a place with unique natural scenery and long history and culture.

It is located in the green hills of Guanshan Mountain in Long County and Zhangjiachuan County at the junction of Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. It is 134 kilometers away from Baoji City and 300 kilometers away from Xi’an City. Shaanxi Guanshan Grassland Tourist Scenic Area is a natural scenic area developed and constructed by Shaanxi Tourism Group Corporation and the Long County People’s Government. At an altitude of about 2,200 meters, it is the only provincial-level scenic spot with European style and mainly composed of alpine meadows in the inland northwest of my country. There are 1.04 million acres of natural forest and 350,000 acres of grassland in the scenic area, with an altitude of 2,200 meters and an average annual temperature of 5.4°C.

The mountains are beautiful, the creeks are dense, the trees are towering, and the pastures are endless. The forests are distributed radially from top to bottom along the rounded and soft mountains, alternating with the vast and fat grasslands, forming a unique geographical form. The mountains that make up the pasture are overlapping and winding, and they are closely connected with the gentle and wide valley slopes and stretch continuously. Secluded streams and swamps travel through the hinterland, or accumulate in patches on large and small grass slopes, or among forests, making the surface of the pasture extremely moist all year round. In spring and autumn, tourists flock here in an endless stream, stepping on the verdant green grass, and are often surprised by the softness of the ground and the water slowly overflowing from around their shoes. Due to the influence of vertical zonal geographical conditions, the temperature is low all year round, spring and autumn are connected, and winter is long without summer. It is known as “Guanshan is still covered with frost in June”. Because its landform resembles the Alps in Central Europe, some tourist information calls it a “tourist destination with European style”. scene.

3. Baoji Guanshan Ranch customer service phone number

Guanshan Ranch is located in Long County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. It was built by the company at that time. The Guanshan area has been the northwest gateway and barrier of the Guanzhong Plain since ancient times. It is crossed by ancient roads and has many passes. Military strategists must fight for it, politicians patrol, and merchants come and go. It is rich and rich. border culture. The locals call it Xiaotianshan. It is an alpine meadow and a pasture. The altitude of the mountain is about 2,200 meters.

The ancestors of the Qin people herded horses and rested here, and sugary horses were born here. Emperor Qin and Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu of Tang Dynasty, visited the west, merchants came and went from postal stations, Huo Qubing conquered the Xiongnu in the west, Zhang Qian sent an envoy to the Western Regions, Xuanzang of the Tang Dynasty traveled to Tianzhu to learn Buddhist scriptures, Princess Wencheng entered Tibet for marriage, and the “Middle Road” of the ancient Silk Road all passed through Guanshan. The mountain is named after the pass, and the name is famous all over the world. “Guanshan” has become synonymous with the border pass.

It’s about 300 kilometers by car from Xi’an, and there are road signs along the way, making it easy to find. However, private cars can only drive to the entrance of the scenic spot. You have to transfer to the unified scenic spot bus. After getting on the bus, you will go all the way to the winding mountain road. I remember that the speed limit seems to be 30 or 40, but it is a slow speed anyway. It is quite slow. Let’s go. It lasted for more than an hour. At this time, we came from the city and looked around in the car, and some people were sleeping.

There are many hotels in the scenic area, including houses built by locals and mature hotels developed by hotel groups. They all provide breakfast, which is very convenient.

There are many places to eat, and the hotel also has a restaurant. The specialties are Baoji’s local dough, which is also a type of cold noodle, some wild vegetables, and the must-have roast leg of lamb at the bonfire party in the evening.

By the way, the temperature difference in mountainous areas is large, and ultraviolet rays are very strong at noon. You need to protect yourself from the sun. It is very cold in the morning and evening. I went there in July, the season of fire in the mainland, so I brought a cotton-padded jacket. It was just right for neither cold nor hot. I wore short-sleeved ones. My friends all envy my wit.

4. Telephone number of Baoji Guanshan Ranch Visitor Center


I just went to Baoji from Xi’an in July. I recommend the following itinerary: Day 1: It takes half a day to get from Xi’an to Baoji. You can spend half a day shopping in Chencang Old Street. Day 2: It takes 1.5 hours from Baoji to Guanshan Grassland. Then start touring the scenic spots and stay overnight at the Ranch B&B. Day 3: Continue to visit Guanshan Grassland for half a day and return to Xi’an at noon, which will take half a day. The following is a guide to visiting Guanshan: With an average altitude of 2,200 meters, Guanshan Grassland is the largest grassland in central and eastern China and the only alpine meadow landscape in the northwest inland region.

5. What is the phone number of Baoji Guanshan Ranch Visitor Center?

The attractions open during the Spring Festival in Baoji City include: People’s Park, Xifu Old Street, Chencang Old Street, Diaoyutai, Zhougong Temple, Fengxiang East Lake, and Guanshan Ranch.

6. Baoji Guanshan Ranch Service Telephone

First of all, the first thing to pay attention to when visiting Guanshan Ranch is to try to buy tickets online in advance. This has two advantages. One is that it can save about 10 yuan compared with buying tickets in the hall. The other is to avoid the on-site consequences due to some force majeure such as heavy rain. If you don’t go, the ticket price in the lobby here is 60.

The second point is that self-driving friends should refuel in advance before entering the scenic spot, because the ticket purchase hall is nearly 40 kilometers away from the grassland area, the area is relatively large, and there is no gas station. If you want to go all the way, it may be troublesome to not have enough gas. At the same time, It should be noted that although there is only one main road in the scenic area, there is a relatively long section with a speed limit of 40 kilometers. You must pay attention to this to avoid receiving fines in the future. When it comes to parking, basically everywhere you can park is free, so parking is not a problem.

The third point is the issue of food and accommodation. The cost of food and accommodation here is one to two times more expensive than outside the scenic area, so it is recommended that you bring your own food and water. If you want to stay, it is recommended to sleep in a yurt, but the yurt does not have an independent bathroom. One night in the hotel It starts at least 300, may go up to 1,000 on weekends, and 100 per night in a yurt, so it’s up to you to decide where to stay. If you have the conditions, you can of course bring your own tent and sleep in your own tent at night. Friends are more concerned about the issue of roasted whole lamb. The one I ate was one pound and eighty, and two people were still not full after eating four pounds. There were more bones and less meat, so the friends decided for themselves whether to eat it or not.

Finally, it is very cold in Guanshan at night. It is recommended that everyone bring thicker clothes to avoid catching cold at night and needing to see a doctor. Especially in Baoji, it has rained a lot in recent days and the weather will be even colder. This is also something you need to pay attention to.

7. The specific location of Baoji Guanshan Ranch

The scenery of Guanshan in autumn is still very beautiful. There is no development in Zhangchuan, Gansu, and the scenery is still relatively primitive. As Zhangchuan people, we welcome everyone to visit Guanshan, but don’t litter everywhere, pay attention to safety, pay attention to fire prevention, and don’t damage trees and grasslands. ,Thanks.

8. Baoji Guanshan Ranch Travel Guide

Gaohanchuan is fun

Gaohanchuan is located at the junction of Guanshan Mountains, Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia, Guguan Town, Long County, Baoji. It is an alpine scenic spot dominated by alpine meadows in Longshan. It is the only typical alpine meadow landform with European style. The air is fresh and natural, and the scenery is very charming. . It is very primitive and natural. Standing on the mountain ridge and looking at it at a glance, it is like a painting. Cows and horses are running around wantonly. The endless meadow is like a grassland. The blue sky and white clouds give people a unique feeling. Unique beauty.