What are the newly opened tourist attractions in Wuhan City? What are the newly opened tourist attractions in Wuhan City?

Introduction: What are the newly opened tourist attractions in Wuhan City? 1. What are the newly opened tourist attractions in Wuhan City? 2. What are the tourist attractions in Wuhan City? 3. What are the fun tourist attractions in Wuhan City? 4. What other attractions are there in Wuhan? 5. What other attractions are there in Wuhan? 6. What are the newly opened attractions in Wuhan? 7. What are the famous tourist attractions in Wuhan? 8. What are the main attractions in Wuhan? 9. What are the newly opened tourist attractions in Wuhan? Which places 10. Which scenic spots in Wuhan are open to the public

1. What are the newly opened tourist attractions in Wuhan City?

Ranking of the top ten must-visit tourist attractions in Wuhan

1. Canglong Island Wetland Park

Canglong Island Wetland Park is a great place comparable to East Lake. It covers an area of ​​6,000 acres and has a wetland rate of 82.33%. The negative oxygen ion content is several times higher than that in the central city. The wetland park under the blue sky and white clouds is as beautiful as the summer in Hayao Miyazaki’s cartoons. There are reed marshes and lotus ponds, which are very beautiful.

2. Wuhan University

Wuhan University, founded by Zhang Zhidong, the governor of Huguang in the late Qing Dynasty, is a business card of the city. Wuhan University is a relatively famous scenic spot in China. The school is located on Luojia Mountain and surrounded by the East Lake. The palace-style buildings that combine Chinese and Western styles are simple, elegant and majestic. It can be called a masterpiece and model of modern Chinese university campus architecture. It is known as It is one of the most beautiful university campuses in China.

3. East Lake

Wuhan East Lake is the largest urban lake in China. It is divided into four areas: Tingtao Scenic Area, Moshan Scenic Area, Luoyan Scenic Area and Chuidi Scenic Area. Each of the four scenic areas has its own characteristics: Tingtao Leisure, Moshan Flower Appreciation, and Luoyan Bird Watching. , playing the flute and traveling in the mountains.

4. Yellow Crane Tower

The Yellow Crane Tower is located on the Sheshan Mountain Peak in Wuchang on the south bank of the Yangtze River in Wuhan, Hubei Province. It is a national 5A tourist attraction. It is known as “the first tower in the world” and “the most beautiful scenery in the world”. It is also a landmark building in Wuhan. It became famous all over the world because of the poem by Cui Hao, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, “In the past, people have gone on the Yellow Crane, and the Yellow Crane Tower is empty here.” Li Bai, Mao Zedong, etc. all left poems about the Yellow Crane Tower. Climbing the Yellow Crane Tower, you can see the rolling Yangtze River and the scenery of the three towns of Wuhan.

5. Xiaozhu Bay, Jiangxia

Xiaozhu Bay is known as the “Chinese Photography Village” and is an outdoor paradise far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The houses in Wanzi are antique, well-proportioned, and have lush courtyards. It is unimaginable that such a small place is hidden in Wuhan. It’s perfect for a weekend getaway with friends and family.

6. Shangshehu Wetland Park

A great place for bird watching in winter. A typical freshwater lake flooded swamp wetland, the lake spans Anshan Street and Fasi Street in Jiangxia District, covering 12 administrative villages. From November to April every year, a large number of winter migratory birds inhabit and breed here.

7. Wuhan Science and Technology Museum

It is a national 4A tourist attraction with a strong sense of science and technology and is very suitable for parent-child tours. It is divided into multiple exhibition halls, including the Universe Exhibition Hall, Mathematics Exhibition Hall… The Universe Exhibition Hall is very dreamy and romantic. The venue design is full of details. If you look up from time to time, you might find a new world.

8. Hubei Provincial Library

The new Hubei Provincial Library is very beautiful and very popular with Wuhan citizens during the summer vacation. You will never get tired of staying in the library all day long to escape the heat, read, surf the Internet, or eat. The library has a rich collection of books. Friends who like reading must not miss the Hubei Provincial Library when visiting Wuhan.

9. Qingchuan Pavilion

Qingchuan Pavilion, also known as Qingchuan Tower, is a national key cultural relics protection unit and a national AAA tourist attraction. Together with Yellow Crane Tower and Guqintai, it is also known as the three major scenic spots in Wuhan. The Qingchuan Pavilion Scenic Area faces the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuchang across the river. The towers and pavilions in the south and north of the Yangtze River stand opposite each other and set off each other. It is a spectacular sight and is known as the “Mirror of Three Chus”. The famous pavilions face each other across the bank, the only one on the Yangtze River.

10. Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge is the first bridge built on the Yangtze River and a landmark building in Wuhan. The bridge spans between Snake Mountain in Wuchang and Guishan in Hanyang. It was completed in 1957. There are national-style bridgeheads built at both ends of the bridge. The construction of the bridge received help from the Soviet government, and the entire bridge is full of thick Russian style. The bridge is divided into two levels. The upper level is a highway with sidewalks on both sides; the lower level is a railway.

2. What tourist attractions are there in Wuhan?

The tourist annual card includes the main attractions in Wuhan, Yellow Crane Tower, Guiyuan Temple, Haichang Aquatic Biological Exhibition and Management Botanical Garden, etc.

3. What are the fun things to do in the newly opened tourist attractions in Wuhan?

Hanzheng Street is not as good as Jianghan Road. You can go shopping in Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street. There are many old buildings on the road. Close to the Yangtze River is Wuhan Pass. The Hankou River Beach is also a scenic spot, and you can see the Second Yangtze River Bridge. There are also many old buildings along the riverside avenue, which are comparable to those on the Bund in Shanghai. The former site of the “August 7th Conference” is also in Hankou, No. 139 Poyang Street. There are all old buildings nearby. The February 7th Memorial Hall is also located on Jiefang Avenue in Hankou, but it is far away from Wuhan Pass. The only rail transit in Wuhan is also in Hankou. I don’t remember anything special near the Provincial Museum. If you travel to Wuhan, you should go to Hubu Lane specifically. Hubu Alley is indeed quite far from the Provincial Museum, but there are buses. Take the 578 bus at Hanyang Gate (just near Hubu Alley) and you can go directly to the Provincial Museum. However, there are two directions from the museum to the airport. Wuhan Pedestrian Street is definitely the Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street with local cultural charm. It is located in the center of the old city of Hankou. It starts from Jiefang Avenue in the north, CCCC Jinghan Avenue and Zhongshan Avenue, and ends at Yanjiang Avenue in the south. It has smooth traffic and rich style. It is 1210 meters long. After its opening, it reproduced the Greek classical architectural art style, and four groups of sculptures condensed the local characteristics of Wuhan. Visitors on Jianghan Road can not only see the prosperity of business, but also smell the cultural atmosphere of ancient and modern times, both at home and abroad. You can go to some famous scenic spots outside Hankou District nearby: Yellow Crane Tower, together with Yueyang Tower in Hunan and Tengwang Pavilion in Jiangxi, are known as the “Three Famous Towers in Jiangnan, China” and are known as “the most beautiful scenery in the world”. Climb the tower and look out into the distance, you will have a panoramic view of the river city, which makes you forget to leave. East Lake is another beautiful scenery of Wuhan. It is located on the outskirts of Wuhan. Its water area is five times that of West Lake in Hangzhou. East Lake is rich in a variety of freshwater fish, among which Wuchang fish is the most valuable. Visitors can come here not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also to taste the local delicacies. The newly opened Hongshan Square is undoubtedly the most beautiful and refreshing place in Wuhan right now. You can enjoy the green space, reliefs, and pigeons. However, the night here is the most charming. The colorful fountains, warm lights, and floating music will make you intoxicated and a rare place to visit Wuhan.

4. What are the attractions in Wuhan?

Wuhan scenic spots include:

1. East Lake Scenic Area: Luoyan Scenic Area, Baima Scenic Area, Flute Scenic Area, Ma’anshan Forest Park, Luohong Scenic Area, East Lake Birdsong Forest, Wuhan Botanical Garden, Hubei Provincial Museum, Hubei Provincial Art Museum, Jiufeng Mountain Forest Park, Guan Gong Zhuodao Spring, Eagle Tower, East Lake Ocean World, East Lake Meiling.

2. Qintai scenic spots: Yuehu Guqintai, Qingchuan Hotel, Guiyuan Temple, Mok Lake Wuhan Zoo, Qingchuan Pavilion, Qintai Grand Theater, Hanyang River Beach, Zhangzhidong Hanyang Iron Factory Museum.

3. Yellow Crane Tower scenic spots: Snake Mountain, Yellow Crane Tower Park, Shouyi Square Shouyi Garden, Wuhan famous snack street Hubu Lane, the former site of the Hubei Military Governor’s Office of the Republic of China Military Government, the Red Building, Uprising Gate, Changchun Temple, and Huangxing General Worship Platform , Ziyang Lake Park.

4. Mulan Ecological Tourism Scenic Area. There are the largest urban ecological sceneries in Central China, the National Geological Park, the Millennium Religious Scenic Spot Mulan Mountain, the National Forest Park Mulan Tianchi; the only grassland scenery area in Central China, Mulan Grassland; Mulan Cloud Mist, the tourist resort in Central China; Mulan Lake; Tusi City, ancient town agriculture The themed tourist parks include Farming Years and Shengtian Farm; if you want to appreciate strange rocks, here is Wuhan’s only ecological strange stone scenic spot, Mulan Ancient Gate; here is Wuhan’s number one rafting course, Tianzhai Valley Rafting, which “travels through three sceneries in one place and allows you to experience it all in one stop”.

5. What other attractions are there in Wuhan?

There are many tourist attractions in Wuhan. Now here are a few famous ones for reference.

1. Ranking of the top ten tourist attractions in Wuhan, the Yellow Crane Tower. The top ten tourist attractions in Wuhan. The Yellow Crane Tower is located on the top of Wuchang Snake Mountain on the south bank of the Yangtze River in Wuhan. It is a national 5A-level scenic spot and has the reputation of “the first building in the world”. It is one of the landmark buildings in Wuhan City. Together with Qingchuan Pavilion and Guqintai, it is known as the three major scenic spots in Wuhan. The entire building has a unique ethnic style and exudes the temperament and charm of traditional Chinese culture.

2. Ranking of the top ten tourist attractions in Wuhan in East Lake Scenic Area, the top ten tourist attractions in Wuhan East Lake Ecological Tourism Scenic Area is a national 5A tourist attraction, a national civilized scenic tourist area demonstration site, one of the first batch of national key scenic spots, located in Wuhan City The eastern part of Wuchang is one of the lakes with the largest water area in China. Each season has different scenery. In autumn, it is also the most beautiful place to watch red maples in Wuhan.

3. Ranking of the top ten tourist attractions in Wuhan for Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area. Ranking of the top ten tourist attractions in Wuhan. Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area is located in Huangpi District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. It covers an area of ​​approximately 18.6 square kilometers. It is a national 5A-level scenic spot. It is composed of Mulan Tianchi, Mulan Grassland, Mulan Mountain, and Mulan Yunwu Mountain are composed of four major scenic spots. Whether you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the valley, see the grassland or appreciate the flowers, you can come here.

4. Wuhan University Ranking of the top ten tourist attractions in Wuhan, the top ten tourist attractions in Wuhan Wuhan University is a key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education, one of the first batch of “double first-class” construction universities, and has also been rated by “Sxience” “One of the most outstanding universities in China”, Wuhan University also attracts tourists from all over the country due to the annual cherry blossom season. The campus has a beautiful environment and picturesque scenery, and is also known as “the most beautiful university in China”.

6. Newly opened attractions in Wuhan

1. Qingshan River Beach is not only a good place to take a walk while enjoying the river breeze, but also the literary and artistic scenery of green forests and white pagodas. It is said to be Wuhan’s “Little Kenting”. If you want to shoot the same style as an internet celebrity, it actually tests your photography and post-production skills. Although it is very artistic, it is difficult for ordinary people to make films.

2. Jiefang Park, where there is a leisurely and leisurely life. Under the blue tiles and white walls of the Chinese garden architecture, there is the elegance and romance of oriental classics. It is beautiful to take pictures. However, for families who want to take their children out, there are many grandparents exercising in Jiefang Park, so it may be difficult for children to find playmates. Although it is easy to take pictures and make movies, it is difficult to shoulder the task of walking a baby.

3. Recommended routes for checking in at Wuhan attractions: Yangtze River Bridge – Hubu Lane – Yellow Crane Tower – Xinhai Revolution Wuchang Uprising Memorial Hall – Hubei Provincial Library – Optics Valley Square (Optics Valley Pedestrian Street) – Wuhan Botanical Garden – Wuhan University – East Lake Ecological Scenic Area – OCT Happy Valley – Chuhe Han Street – Shahu Park – Tanhualin. Of course, if you come from afar. In addition to checking out the scenic spots in Wuhan, the surrounding Taoist holy land Wudang Mountain and the summer resort Shennongjia are not to be missed.

7. What are the famous tourist attractions in Wuhan?

There are many scenic spots in Wuhan. Basically, there are scenic spots in the three towns of Wuhan. There are Yellow Crane Tower, East Lake, Hubu Lane, Wuhan Pass, Guiyuan Temple and other scenic spots in the city alone. Each district also has its own unique scenic spots. . Today I mainly recommend Hankou’s River Beach Square. It is the largest river beach square in the world. The nearby Hankou River Beach, Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge and Guishan TV Tower complement each other, and the night view is particularly charming.

8. What are the main attractions in Wuhan?

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge There are currently three bridges on the Yangtze River (Wuhan, Chongqing, and Nanjing), of which the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge was the earliest built (completed in 1957). It is 1,670 meters long and 80 meters high. It is divided into two floors (the upper floor is for driveways and sidewalks, and the lower floor is for railways). It is the same type as the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. Due to the completion of this bridge, direct trains from Beijing to Guangzhou can pass.

The Yellow Crane Tower built the Yangtze River Bridge but also left regrets, that is, the Yellow Crane Tower, one of the three famous towers in the south of the Yangtze River located at the foot of Snake Mountain in Wuchang, was demolished. The Yellow Crane Tower was sung in Li Bai’s poem “Farewell to Meng Haoran in Guangling”. It is a shame after all that it no longer exists. However, in 1981, a new Yellow Crane Tower was rebuilt in the park at the foot of Snake Mountain, allowing people to see its splendor again. The current Yellow Crane Tower was rebuilt after the model of the Qing Dynasty. It is 51 meters high and has 5 floors.

Transportation: Take bus No. 10 or 64 and get off at “Yellow Crane Tower”. Ticket price: 20 yuan East Lake Wuchang East Lake is a tourist attraction covering an area of ​​33 square kilometers. It is as famous as the famous West Lake in Hangzhou. Many poets have come here since ancient times and left many beautiful poems.

Outside the lake, there are also unique Chinese buildings such as Changtian Tower, Huguang Pavilion, and Lakeside Gallery. If you want to go to Moshan on the opposite side of the lake, there is a tour boat you can take on the west bank. There is Zhubei Pavilion here, and the scenery is very good! Transportation: It takes about 25 minutes to take bus No. 14 from Hanyang Gate to the East Lake Gate. Ticket price: 2 yuan

9. What are the newly opened tourist attractions in Wuhan City?

A summary of Wuhan’s tourist attractions within a five-hour drive is as follows:

1. To the west of Wuhan are: Hubei Enshi Grand Canyon, Zigui Bamboo Sea, Xingshan Chaotian Roar Rafting

2. To the east of Wuhan are: Jiangxi Wuyuan Rape Flower, Lushan Mountain, and Anhui Jiuhua Mountain

3. To the north of Wuhan are: Shiyan Wudang Mountain, Xiangyang Gulongzhong

4. To the south of Wuhan are: Xianning Jiugong Mountain, Hunan Zhuzhou Fangte Garden, Hunan Hengshan

10. What attractions are open in Wuhan?

Specifically, Wuhan has three urban areas, namely Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang. Each urban area has its own central area. For example, Wuchang’s central area is in Simenmen, Hankou’s is in the Jianghan Road area, and Hanyang’s is in Zhongjia Village. Of course, there are many prosperous places in various regions now. Theoretically, the central urban areas of Wuhan are: Jiang’an District, Jianghan District, Qiaokou District, Hanyang District, Wuchang District, Qingshan District, and Hongshan District. Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, East Lake Ecological Tourism Scenic Area and East and West Lake Evergreen Garden are subject to the central city policy.