Where can you go paragliding in tourist attractions with paragliding?

Introduction: Where can you go paragliding in tourist attractions with paragliding 1. Where can you go paragliding 2. Where can you go paragliding without an instructor 3. Where can you go paragliding the most 4. Where can you go paragliding 5. Where can you go paragliding 6 . Where can I go paragliding7. Where can I go paragliding?

1. Where to go paragliding

It is not allowed to fly, you must report it first and fly at the designated location.

2. Where can you paraglider without an instructor?

C certificate

1. The paraglider A certificate is the most basic certificate. You will be issued this A certificate just after learning paragliding. It mainly refers to ground-skimming flight on a hillside no higher than 100 meters.

2. Paragliding Certificate B means you can fly over mountains above 300 meters, which can also be called high-level gliding, commonly known as flying over mountains.

3. Paraglider C certificate is to learn to fly using the power airflow of the hillside, commonly known as wind flow. If you can grow to this level, your skills are generally good. At this time, I think it is more appropriate to teach others how to fly a paraglider. You will be eligible to take the C certificate exam after half a year with B certificate.

4. In 2014, the China Air Transport Association opened another tandem paragliding flight assessment class. This requires a C certificate or above to take the test. A and B certificates belong to your own flight instructor assessment. Those with C certificates and above must go to the Airline Aviation Association to take the national unified examination. , there are two parts: written test and flying test. It’s really not easy to take the test without some real skills. From the perspective of certification by relevant departments, this certificate is the qualification for paragliding tandem flying.

3. Where is the most fun to paragliding?

Generally speaking, depending on the strength of the wind, the duration is usually 5-20 minutes. I participated in a paragliding activity organized by Leyu and flew in the air for about 10 minutes. It was very exciting and fun.

4. Where is paragliding famous?

Linzhou is relatively famous for gliding. Linzhou Aviation Sports Club has a professional Jiaodingshan International Gliding Base. There are many professional gliding coaches there who have participated in many international gliding competitions. Generally speaking, there are no requirements for learners, as long as they are not afraid of heights and have high blood pressure. The price is around 5,000. The address is Zhongyuan Navigation Sports in the west section of Hongqiqu Avenue, Linzhou City. The park, that is, the road from the city hall goes all the way to the west, and you can see it from the north. It is very conspicuous.

5. Where to go paragliding

It takes about 20 minutes to play once, because the length is relatively long

6. Where can I go paragliding?

The Shanghai Volkswagen Paragliding Club has a paragliding and paramotor flight training venue in Yangcheng Lake, Suzhou, very close to Shanghai.

7. Where to go paragliding

Rafting at Liudie Spring in Liuyang. Liuyang Liudie Spring Rafting has a drop of more than 180 meters. You can experience super excitement and fully experience the charm of rafting.

Liuyang Liudiequan rafting has continuous drops one after another, which not only enhances the fun of playing, but also brings more than ten rafting styles such as dynamic, surfing, and gliding experiences, making tourists who have experienced it have endless aftertaste. The sound kept coming.