Attractions around Shangzhi What tourist attractions are near Shangzhi

Introduction: Attractions around Shangzhi What tourist attractions are near Shangzhi 1. What tourist attractions are near Shangzhi 2. What are the fun attractions in Shangzhi 3. One-day tour of tourist attractions around Shangzhi 4. Fun places near Shangzhi 5. What are the tourist attractions near Shangzhi Attractions to visit 6. What are the tourist attractions in Shangzhi? 7. Are there any tourist attractions near Shangzhi? 8. Travel around Shangzhi 9. What tourist attractions are interesting near Shangzhi? 10. Self-driving tourist attractions around Shangzhi City

1. What tourist attractions are near Shangzhi?

Mao’er Mountain Scenic Area is the best. The mountain is high and the scenery is beautiful. The most distinctive thing is the glass plank road on Mao’er Mountain. People who are timid really don’t dare to go up. People who go up don’t dare to look down. They feel dizzy. The jungle leaps and rafting in Ershan are very unique, and there are many activities worth doing. The via ferrata is very thrilling. Those who are brave can try it. In short, Maoershan is worth a visit. I will never regret it. Scenic spots

2. What are the interesting attractions in Shangzhi?

Attractions near Suzhou Museum include: Jinguli Art Museum, Prince Zhong’s Mansion of the Taiping Rebellion, Humble Administrator’s Garden, Jiang Road Kunqu Opera Theater, and Suzhou Arts and Crafts Museum.

Introduction to attractions near Suzhou Museum:

1. Jin Guli Art Museum

Jinguli Art Museum is located in Gusu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The venue is open and full of artistic atmosphere. There are many art works in the exhibition hall, all of which are unique, novel and interesting. The second floor of the exhibition hall is a performance venue for Kun Opera. Visitors can change into costumes and go on stage to experience the charm of Kun Opera in person. This is a good place for you to relax and enjoy art.

2. Prince Zhong’s Mansion of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Zhongwang’s Mansion is located on Northeast Street in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, adjacent to the Humble Administrator’s Garden. It is the palace of Li Xiucheng, the representative of the peasant uprising regime of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in the Qing Dynasty. It is a relatively complete building that survived the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and is one of the most complete buildings in Chinese history. The relatively complete remains of the Prince’s Palace of the Peasant Rebel Army was announced by the State Council as a national key cultural relics protection unit in 1961.

3. Humble Administrator’s Garden

The Humble Administrator’s Garden is a famous garden in Suzhou. The whole garden is centered on water, surrounded by well-proportioned rockeries and exquisite courtyard buildings, with luxuriant flowers and trees. This model of Jiangnan gardens is known as the “Four Famous Gardens in China” together with the Summer Palace in Beijing, Chengde Summer Resort, and Suzhou Lingering Garden, and is included in the World Cultural Heritage List.

4. Pingjiang Road Kunqu Opera Theater

It is located in the business district of No. 189 Pingjiang Road, the famous Pingjiang historical district known as the “miniature of Suzhou’s ancient city”. It is adjacent to the zoo to the east, Guanqian Street to the west, the Humble Administrator’s Garden to the north, and the Xiangmen City Wall to the south. It has a simple and elegant Suzhou flavor. The outdoor environment of the museum is very elegant and pleasant, with its traditional theater, courtyard winding corridors, flower shadows and treetops.

5. Suzhou Arts and Crafts Museum

It is a special museum that comprehensively reflects Suzhou’s arts and crafts culture. It was opened on January 16, 2003. The original site of the museum is the “Shangzhitang Wu House” built during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. It covers an area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters and is an ancient building under controlled protection in Suzhou.

3. One-day tour to tourist attractions around Shangzhi

Maoer Mountain is fun

Maoer Mountain is located in Maoershan Town, Shangzhi City, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. The main peak of Maoer Mountain is 805 meters above sea level, making it the highest peak around Harbin City. With its unique peaks and natural secondary forests all over the mountains and plains, the scenery is unique and beautiful all year round. Winding up the mountain road is like being in a hanging garden. The vegetation in different flowering periods from early spring to late autumn is in full bloom.

Mao’er Mountain Jurassic Dinosaur Park is located on the mountain road of Mao’er Mountain Scenic Area. It is a comprehensive amusement park with dinosaurs as the theme, integrating museum, science popularization, entertainment, leisure and performance. All the park’s are highly simulated dinosaurs. Enter In the park, you can appreciate the mysterious atmosphere of ancient times and unveil the mystery of prehistoric animals – dinosaurs. Children who love popular science knowledge will definitely hear the call from ancient times in the mysterious dinosaur park.

4. Fun places near Shangzhi

The following are not must-go places, but they are interesting places in my opinion. I think that the humanity of a place often lies in places that cannot be shown to “outsiders”, and it is these places that are worth a peek.

【Central Avenue】

It is a great place to go in Harbin on weekends. The flagship stores of restaurant chains are usually located on this street. Madier Popsicles are popular all year round. During the annual Harbin Summer Concert, there will be a live performance on the open-air balcony of Madiel Hotel in the evening. During the concert, there will be different open-air performances throughout the street, which is very atmospheric. In winter, there are ice and snow sculptures on the streets. This street is very beautiful at night.

(During Harbin Summer Concert)

(Night view of Central Street)

【Sophia Church】

I have never been inside, but sometimes I go there specifically to watch the pigeons in the square. In the summer afternoon, there is a musical fountain that does not last very long, but the people in the square will be very high. Although there are many people, it is very pleasant. There is a tree on the street of Sophie Square. There are often patrol cars or blood donation vehicles nearby. This tree is very spectacular when it is in bloom.

【Flood Control Memorial Tower】

During the Harbin Summer Concert, there are open-air performances and most of them are large-scale events. I usually go there when shopping on weekends and look across the river at the other side of the river. In addition, I can see a nearby railway bridge. I don’t know if the building at the head of the bridge is… The former blockhouse, now the bridge has become an attraction and can be passed through. The Stalin Park on the riverside where the Flood Control Memorial Tower is located is the most “rich” among all the parks on the riverside. In addition to tourists, local residents also exercise in this park, including roller skating, unicycling, dancing, Xinjiang dance, singing, and playing. Kites and fishermen will appear in this park. It’s beautiful in the afternoon and at sunset.

【Ice and Snow World】

I have only been to this unique winter attraction in Harbin once, and it is a place that most winter tourists will definitely go to. In the summer, it is probably where the Oktoberfest is held (drinking, skewering and watching performances).

[Sun Island + Science and Technology Museum + Polar Museum]

The three are all in the same area, focusing on Sun Island. Sun Island Scenic Area has a paid area and a free area, which are actually inside and outside the park. I have been to the park several times and it was very exciting, especially in the summer, but outside the park may be It has been ignored. Although the outside of the park is not big compared to the park, it is still worth visiting. For example, the Northeast Anti-Japanese Allied Forces Memorial Park. In summer or October, many families come here to have picnics and rest on the grass. It is very popular. It’s comfortable, and it’s free. Squirrels can be seen on Sun Island in summer.

(Northeast Anti-Japanese Allied Forces Memorial Garden in October)

【Harbin Grand Theater】

I have never been inside or watched a performance, but there are many people in the square here on holidays. What has always puzzled me is why there are so many cyclists here, as if they have made an appointment. It’s like gathering here or having to come here to check in every time, although I don’t always ride here. People who come here generally include tourists, families with children, cyclists, and students from nearby universities. In fact, the transportation here is not very convenient. You can usually get there by bike or car. Very expensive bicycles are seen in this place, and more folding bicycles are probably brought in the trunk of the car.

(Harbin Grand Theater)

[Direction from Jiangwan Road to Harbin Grand Theater]

If you take the road from the highway bridge to the Grand Theater, you will pass by this road. The riverside is beautiful, and sometimes you can see some horses or people flying kites.

[Gogol Street + Gogol Bookstore]

There is a twist shop on this street, and the twists they make smell very good. In my opinion, this street is more subtle than Central Street, but more interesting than ordinary streets. The Gogol Bookstore on this street is very famous. I went there several times and wondered whether this bookstore is for buying books. The bookstore is on the second floor and the environment is very good. Classic coffee is sold here, and the second floor is the members area. There are usually some activities here. In my opinion, this is the most artistic place in Harbin. This bookstore has a WeChat official account, and information about activities or lectures is often released. Some activities are free. of.

【Yangmingtan Bridge】

It is very long, connecting Jiangnan and Jiangbei. It is a very famous line if you are cycling, but I feel that this bridge does not have non-motorized lanes.

【Dog Island】

I discovered it by chance under the Matsuura Ohashi Bridge and it felt like a good ride. I felt like there was something special about this island.

(Isle of Dogs)

[Music Corridor, Jiuzhan Park, Stalin Park, Riverside Park]

The Music Promenade is a great place for jogging. In principle, cycling is prohibited. The park is long enough for walking. It is a relatively new park, and the area it is located in is also a new district. There are incredible many high-rise buildings, but the road surface is super good. There is a square in the music corridor that is a place to bring children to play and take wedding photos on weekends. In principle, cycling is prohibited. In principle, cycling is prohibited in the parks along the river.

(Overview of Jiuzhan Park)

(Music Corridor Walkway)

Jiuzhan Park, this is a park that I love very much. If Stalin Park can be regarded as a tourist area, in my opinion, this is a leisure area for local residents. It is much quieter than Stalin Park. Most of them are people walking along the river. There is a hydrological station in this park. In summer, many old men swim in swimming trunks.

Jiangpan Park feels a little strange to me. Although it is also an old park, the scenic spot is less leisurely and the taste is less leisurely. In the summer, I sometimes see many families coming here for picnics. This should be considered one of these four parks. It’s “unique” here and has more of a family feel.

[Daowai Flower, Bird and Fish Market + Old Daowai Chinese Baroque]

In the Jiangpan Park area, the Flower, Bird and Fish Market is a market spontaneously formed by Lu Tian. There are many people on weekends, even more people than Central Street. This place can be regarded as the place with the strongest flavor of old Harbin. If you go there, it is recommended not to bring too much. Things and be optimistic about your own things, there are too many people in this market. Some of the buildings in the Laodaowai Baroque District have been renovated, but their original style is very unique, the style before the founding of the People’s Republic of China. This is also considered to be in the scenic area, but the parts outside the scenic area are more worth seeing, which are the dilapidated buildings around it. This area is bikeable.

(Lao Taoist Chinese Baroque)

(Lao Taoist Chinese Baroque)

[Heilongjiang Forest Botanical Garden + Daixiu Lake Park + Songjiang Ecological Park]

The Forest Botanical Garden is not open in all seasons. There are some recreational facilities but they are not the main part. It is very pleasant to walk around in summer or autumn. There are bicycles for rent in the park. The park is very large and is considered an old park. Daixiu Lake Park is also an old park. It is divided into three areas and is a free park. This park is quite large in Harbin and is usually a place for residents to relax. Songjiang Ecological Park seems to be called the “Labor Park” again. This park is also very large and is still under construction. The park is free and open. Riding is prohibited in this park. Mid-October is when these gardens are at their most beautiful, when the leaves of the trees turn either red or yellow.

(Heilongjiang Forest Botanical Garden)

(Heilongjiang Forest Botanical Garden)

Opposite is Daixiu Lake Park

Sculptures in Songjiang Ecological Park

【Qunli Lilac Park】

new park

【Qunli National Wetland Park】

It’s amazing that there is such a place in an area surrounded by high-rise buildings. It’s free here.

【Zhaolin Park】

It is close to Central Street and the Flood Control Memorial Tower. The park is not open in all seasons. The ice lanterns in winter are very famous. In other summers and autumns, it is free. The park is actually not too big. There are some recreational facilities but they are not the main ones because it is a “scenic spot” It’s one of the “Family Buckets”, so it’s nice to stop by and have a look.

【Jingyu Park】

The park near Matsuura Bridge is not very big, but it is also a somewhat famous park. free

【Jianguo Park】

free. I have always known about this place but have never been inside. There are many local elderly people inside.

[Cultural Park + Kek Lok Temple + Confucian Temple]

The three are in the same area. The cultural park is not open in all seasons. The park is dominated by large-scale entertainment facilities. There is probably a fee for Kek Lok Temple. The Confucian Temple is a different place from Kek Lok Temple inside Harbin Engineering University. I just walked around the periphery.

[Shangzhi Park] (Xiangfang Park) + Xiangfang Night Market

People in each area of ​​Harbin have their own characteristics. For example, Daowai has the flavor of before the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Jianguo Park has the flavor of the riverside, and Shangzhi Park has the flavor of the old factory area after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The factory area is a unique existence. This park has a certain size. The old park has been around for a long time. This park is very lively and crowded. It seems that there are very lively people in the square at any time. In the summer evening, yangko dances in the square come one after another. There is a rockery in the park. There are some entertainment facilities, and these facilities can be regarded as part of this old park. They have a strong presence and are not minor embellishments. In the evening, there will be a night market next to the park. The night market has a very different feel from the general night markets selling vegetables or buying food. It has a bit of a small business before 1999, which can be regarded as a specialty of Xiangfang.

(Xiangfang Park)

[Fax Factory Family Area + Residential Area near Starlight Hospital]

Ordinary residential areas, but these two places have a very special attraction for me. To me, these two places reflect the decline of old factory areas after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Now when I pass by these communities, all I see are old people. Before the establishment of the factory area, people were ordinary people. After the establishment of the factory area, these people lived what is now considered a magical realist life. They became gods and had a sense of superiority unique to the people in the factory area. After the factory area declined, these people became gods again. A mortal, and this feeling is thought-provoking. There is a portrait of Lenin in the community near Starlight Hospital. The gardens in the community are a bit dilapidated, but you can still read books. It was prosperous and superior at that time. Visiting these communities is like being in the relics of a certain civilization.

(Residential area near Starlight Hospital)

[Hulan District Xiao Hong Memorial Hall + Church]

At least 30 kilometers away from the main urban area of ​​Harbin

I’ve never been inside, but there is a square next to this church. On weekends, there are many casual people in the square, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

5. What tourist attractions can be visited near Shangzhi?

The Loushan town you are talking about should be called Loushan Village. Loushan Village is an administrative village under the jurisdiction of Qingyang Town, Shangzhi City, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. The urban and rural classification code is 220, which means it is a village. The postal code is 150000, the long-distance area code is 0451, and the license plate number is Black A. Loushan Village is adjacent to Yimahe Village, Xiangmo Village, Shuinan Village, Pingyang Village, Baijiangpao Village, Qinglong Village, Qingbei Village and Qingyang Village.

Near Loushan Village are tourist attractions such as Yew Scenic Area, Yabuli Ski Resort, Zhao Yiman Memorial Park, Harbin Sports Institute Alpine Ski Resort, Yabuli Forest Park, etc. There are Shangzhi Black Fungus, Shangzhi Red Raspberry, Shangzhi Black Fungus, and Yabuli Sha Cigarettes, Yimianpo hops and other specialties.

6. What are the tourist attractions in Shangzhi?

There are many interesting places along the line from Jiamusi to Harbin, mainly forest tourism, including Xianglushan Forest Park, Fenghuang Mountain Forest Park, Jinlongshan International Tourism Resort, Changshou Forest Park, Shangzhi Maoer Mountain, Erlong Mountain, and Songfeng Mountain etc. In addition, Changling Lake is also very beautiful.

At the same time, there are Sifeng Mountain and Shuiyuan Mountain Park in Jiamusi City, and there are Sun Island Scenic Area, Volga Manor, Central Street, etc. in Harbin City. Each scenic spot will make you linger.

7. Are there any tourist attractions near Shangzhi?

Shangzhi City has rolling mountains, dense forests, criss-crossing rivers, beautiful scenery, and rich tourism resources. It has blooming flowers in spring, green mountains in summer, frosty leaves in autumn, and snow-covered winter; internationally recognized forests, ice and snow Shangzhi owns two of the three major tourism resources: Yabuli Ski Resort, Maoershan Scenic Area, Baliwan Villa, Yimianpo National Forest Park, Shizuishan Park, Wujimi Snow Resort, Harbin Wei River Forest Villa and Wanfo Mountain Scenic Area. In addition, Shangzhi’s cultural landscape is also relatively rich. It is the place where the anti-Japanese heroes Zhao Shangzhi and Zhao Yiman prepared for the war and sacrificed their blood. It is also the literary hometown of Zhou Libo’s novel “The Storm”. Scenic spots built based on history and culture include the Northeast Anti-Japanese Memorial Forest, China’s First Land Reform Cultural Village, Forest of Cultural Steles, Wuji Palace Ruins, etc.

8. Tour around Shangzhi

Forest Geopark has it. Nearby are sports gyms, routine fitness clubs, billion-yuan one-day bets, health clubs, self-service mountain building, today is the Shengxuandong International Kart Club, Knights Castle Chuanchuan Park Lottery Sales Point, Sunlight, King Sun Dragon, and the Internet Guild player Hongpai.

The west gate of Wanglibao Park, Shangzhi Park, and the west gate are the most touching. The south gate of the park is the most moving. Last time, the southeast gate of the park was the most popular park. The east gate of Chaoyang People’s Park. The west gate of Chaoyang People’s Park in the seventh year of AD. Wander the north gate of People’s Park, and wander the east gate of People’s Park. Door.

9. What are the interesting tourist attractions near Shangzhi?

The best spring in the world is located on Yuquan Mountain in the western suburbs of Beijing.

Beijing Yuquan is located on Yuquan Mountain in the western suburbs. Water gushes out from the rock gaps in the mountains. There were sixteen scenic spots in the garden before, and sixteen more were added during the Qianlong period. Most of them were destroyed by the invasion of the British, French and Eight-Power Allied Forces.

Development History


It is said that in order to verify the quality of the water, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty ordered a eunuch to make a silver bucket to weigh samples of famous spring water sent to Beijing from all over the country. The result was that each silver bucket of Beijing Yuquan water weighed one tael. It is the lightest; Jinan Pearl Spring water weighs one, two, and two qian; Zhenjiang Zhongzhi Spring water weighs one, two, and three qian; Wuxi Huishan Spring and Hangzhou Hubao Spring both weigh one, two, and four qian. It proves that the key to Qianlong’s self-identified spring is light water quality. Yuquan water contains the least “impurities”, the water is clear and of the best quality. Long-term drinking can cure diseases and prolong life. Therefore, on the bank of the “Split Silk Lake” where “the water is clear and blue, as clear as jade”, the imperial “Yuquan Mountain’s No. 1 Spring in the World” was engraved: “…Anyone who comes out of the mountain and has a chill will have no fault.” The Jade Spring of the Capital. Therefore, it is designated as the No. 1 Spring in the World.” Jade Spring was officially named “The No. 1 Spring in the World” by Emperor Qianlong, a celebrity in tourism and spring tasting.

10. Self-driving tourist attractions around Shangzhi City

The total mileage of driving from Harbin to Shangzhi is 148.3 kilometers, the driving time is 1 hour and 27 minutes, the fuel cost is about 171 yuan, and the total toll through the expressway toll station is about 135 yuan.