Travel guide from Wuyuan to Hainan How to travel to Wuyuan

Introduction: Wuyuan to Hainan Travel Guide How to get to Wuyuan Travel Route 1. How to get to Wuyuan Travel Route 2. Wuyuan Travel Guide Self-driving Tour Route 3. How to get to scenic spots after arriving in Wuyuan 4. Route to Wuyuan 5. Travel to Wuyuan Route Guide

1. How to travel to Wuyuan

First of all, most people go to Wuyuan in spring or the beginning of the year, because Wuyuan’s rapeseed flowers are in full bloom.

If you take a plane: you can fly to Nanchang or Jingdezhen: then take the high-speed rail to Wuyuan. There is a high-speed rail station in Wuyuan.

High-speed rail: You can transfer to Nanchang or Shangrao, or there is a high-speed rail from Guangzhou South to Wuyuan.

2. Wuyuan Travel Guide Self-driving Tour Route

Driving route: The total distance is about 486.6 kilometers

Starting point: Wuxi City

1. Wuxi city driving plan

1) Start from the starting point due west, drive along Jiefang South Road for 20 meters, then turn around and enter Jiefang South Road

2) Drive along Jiefang South Road for 340 meters, pass Wanghu Gate on the right for about 160 meters, then turn right into Nanchang Street

3) Drive along Nanchang Street for 510 meters, cross Kuatang Bridge, and turn left into Yongle East Road

4) Drive along Yongle East Road for 2.1 kilometers and turn right into Changjiang North Road

5) Drive along Changjiang North Road for 430 meters and turn left into Taihu Avenue

6) Drive along Taihu Avenue for 220 meters and go straight into Taihu Avenue

7) Drive along Taihu Avenue for 70 meters and turn slightly right into Taihu Avenue

8) Drive along Taihu Avenue for 3.4 kilometers, cross the Longjian Bridge for about 1.3 kilometers, and go straight to the Taihu Avenue Elevated

9) Drive 480 meters along the Taihu Avenue Elevated Road towards Shanghai, turn slightly right and enter Wuxi East Interchange

2. Drive along the Wuxi East Interchange for 670 meters and go straight into the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway

3. Drive 35.7 kilometers along the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, cross the Lumu Bridge, head towards Hangzhou/Nantong/Suzhou/G15W, turn slightly right and enter Suzhou North Hub

4. Drive along Suzhou North Hub for 1.3 kilometers, cross Huxiao Bridge for about 920 meters, and go straight onto Changtai Expressway

5. Drive 56.6 kilometers along the Changtai Expressway, toward Shanghai/Huzhou/Hangzhou West/S12, turn slightly right and enter the Guanyinqiao hub

6. Drive along the Guanyinqiao hub for 1.1 kilometers and go straight into the Shenjiahu Expressway

7. Drive along Shenjiahu Expressway for 25.0 kilometers towards Hangzhou, turn slightly right and enter Lianshi Hub

8. Drive along the Lianshi hub for 1.3 kilometers and go straight into the Shenjiahuhang Expressway

9. Drive 50.0 kilometers along Shenjiahuhang Expressway, toward Huangshan/Qiandao Lake/G2501 West, turn slightly left and enter Chongxian Hub

10. Drive along Chongxian Hub for 660 meters, cross the stone bridge for about 560 meters, and go straight into the Hangzhou Ring Expressway

11. Drive along the Hangzhou Ring Expressway for 2.1 kilometers and go straight into the Changshen Expressway

12. Drive along the Changshen Expressway for 19.5 kilometers, cross the Rizha Bridge, head towards Lin’an/Huangshan/G56, turn slightly right and enter the left hub

13. Drive along the Liuhu hub, and after passing Rizha Bridge for about 900 meters, go straight into the Hangrui Expressway.

14. Drive 206.5 kilometers along the Hangrui Expressway towards Wuyuan/Huangshan Scenic Area/Quzhou/Urban Area, turn slightly right and enter Tunxi Hub

15. Drive along Tunxi hub for 1.5 kilometers and turn right to enter the Beijing-Taiwan Expressway

16. Drive along the Beijing-Taiwan Expressway for 16.3 kilometers towards Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, and turn slightly right to enter the Hangrui Expressway

17. Drive 47.5 kilometers along the Hangrui Expressway, at the Wuyuan/Tsinghua/Dazhangshan exit, turn slightly right and enter Wuyuan North Interchange

18. Drive along Wuyuan North Interchange for 900 meters and go straight

19. Shangrao city driving plan

1) Drive 1.7 kilometers and turn left

2) Drive 800 meters and turn right to enter Wengong North Road

3) Drive along Wengong North Road for 3.6 kilometers and go straight into Wengong South Road

4) Drive along Wengong South Road for 540 meters and turn left into Tianyou West Road

5) Drive along Tianyou West Road for 250 meters and go straight into Tianyou West Road

6) Drive along Tianyou West Road for 810 meters and turn left

7) Drive 220 meters and turn right into Xingjiang Road

8) Drive along Xingjiang Road for 150 meters and turn right into Gongcheng Road

9) Drive along Gongcheng Road for 20 meters, pass Tengda Electric on the left for about 60 meters, and reach the end (on the left side of the road)

End point: Wuyuan County

3. How to get to the scenic spots after arriving in Wuyuan

Wuyuan Station now has a tourist shuttle bus directly to Huangling Scenic Area. The one-way fare is 15 yuan and it takes 45 minutes to reach the Huangling Scenic Area Ropeway. One trip to Huangling Scenic Area takes 2 and a half hours. The shuttle bus usually does not return at 16:00.

Wuyuan Railway Station, also known as Wuyuan High-speed Railway Station, is a medium-sized railway hub station on the Beijing-Fuzhou High-speed Railway and Jiujing-Qu Railway. Wuyuan Station is adjacent to Zhanbei 1st Road to the north, Zhannan 1st Road to the south, Zhanqian Avenue to the west, and the railway station building to the east.

Huangling, located in the northeast of Wuyuan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, is the origin of the famous “Autumn Sun” culture and an ancient Huizhou village with a history of nearly 600 years. Huangling is a typical mountain village, with residential houses arranged in a fan-shaped ladder shape around the water mouth.

Huangling is famous for its “Autumn Sunshine”. The village’s “Tianjie” is like a jade belt connecting classic ancient buildings. There are many Anhui-style shops, with front shops and back squares, a moving abbreviated version of “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”. Surrounded by thousands of ancient trees and thousands of acres of terraced fields, the sea of ​​flowers displays stunning “land art” throughout the four seasons. The unique tourism experience takes you across a rope bridge, slides on a zipline, rides on a high-altitude ropeway, and overlooks the unique autumn wonders.

4. Route to Wuyuan

If you are interested, have time and extra funds, you can go to both sides. Although they are separated by provinces, they are actually not far away. It takes 300 yuan to rent a taxi from Wuyuan to Huangshan, and 50 yuan per person in a bus (it costs 10 yuan more during the Spring Festival, and the number of flights is less, 2013 Went during winter vacation).

If you don’t want to rush, just choose one spot, or go to Wuyuan Scenic Area. The routes there are scattered and composed of many small scenic spots, such as Jiangwan, Xiaoqi, Wangkou, Rainbow Bridge, Big and Little Likengs, Sixi Yancun, etc. , the directions are not consistent, and you can usually only choose one route to walk around. When I went there, the pass cost about 200 yuan for three days. The scenery is not bad, and I avoid the famous small scenic spots like Jiangwan. There will be unexpected gains. Because of my aunt’s personal interests, last time I chose a remote place with a thousand-year-old camphor tree. It felt great ~ Yes, if there are many people, you can choose to charter a car. Public transportation there is not very convenient.

If you go to Hongcun, it is recommended to visit Xidi and Huangshan together. You can see the Hui-style architecture in Hongcun, the archway in Xidi, and the sunrise and snow scene in Huangshan. If the above are played together, it would be “when you return from Huangshan, you will not see the mountains, and when you return from Wuyuan, you will not see the village.”

5. Travel guide to Wuyuan

Life is an endless topic. Throughout the ages, how many people have been talking about this issue, and how many articles have been explaining the principles of life. In fact, life is very simple, it is just a one-way trip.

Wuyuan is most suitable for a day trip on the east route and a day trip on the north route.

The scenic spots on the east line are Qingyuan, Huangling, Jiangling, Shangtan, Jiangwan, Xiaoqi, Wangkou, and Likeng.

North line attractions: Zhangcun, Sixi Yancun, Yantian Ancient Camphor, Rainbow Bridge, Wolong Valley, Lingyan Cave.

If you have enough time, there are also in-depth tourist attractions, such as Yuanyang Lake, Yaowan, Xiyuan, Chapingping, Changxi, Likeng, Longtian Tower, etc.

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