What are the places to visit in Chaohu? What are the places to visit in Chaohu?

Introduction: What are the attractions to visit in Chaohu? What are the places to visit in Chaohu 1. What are the places to visit in Chaohu 2. What are the places to visit in Chaohu 3. What are the places to visit around Chaohu 4. What are the places to visit in Chaohu Recommendations 5. What are the places to visit in Chaohu? 6. What are the places to visit in Chaohu 7. What are the places and attractions to visit in Chaohu 8. Are there any places to visit in Chaohu 9. What are the places to visit near Chaohu 10. Are there any interesting places in Chaohu?

1. What are the places to visit in Chaohu?

Attached is a ride I took around Chaohu Lake when I first started riding. Before setting off, I was thinking about what to prepare but had no idea where to start. I was also hesitating whether I could persist and whether I should ride for one day or two days.

After constant hesitation and without any actual preparation, I decided to set off alone one weekend, covering 180 kilometers in a single day. There was no special feeling at the end, but I just had one more experience to brag about. Therefore, there is actually no need to prepare for a two-hundred-kilometer ride. Just go if you want.

2. What is there to do in Chaohu?

Natural scenery: Shushan Forest Park, Botanical Garden, Lakeside Wetland Park, Ring City Park, Chaohu Laoshan Island, Zipeng Mountain, Daishan Lake, Chaohu Lake Shore Grassland

Cultural scenery: Xiaoyaojin, Bao Gong Temple, Li Hongzhang’s former residence, Liu Mingchuan’s former residence, Three Kingdoms Heritage Park, Dujiang Battle Memorial Hall, Sanhe Ancient Town, Celebrity Wax Museum, Mingjiao Temple, Kaifu Temple

Modern entertainment spots: Huiyuan, Oceanarium, Emirates Water Park, Happy Island, Lakeside Wanda Mao Amusement Park, Science and Technology Museum, Wildlife Park, Swan Lake, Pearl Plaza European Style Street

Commercial restaurants: Pedestrian Street, Sanli’an Guogou Plaza, 1912 Block, Lei Street, Swan Lake Business District, Swan Lake Wanda, Binhu Wanda, Wuhu Road Wanda… (I am not interested in shopping and eating, so I know less about it)

Educational scenery: University Town (Anda New District, Jianzhu University New District, Hefei University New District, Hefei University, Hefei Normal University), Huangshan Road (the old campus sites of University of Science and Technology and Anda)

The above attractions

Pedestrian Street, Xiaoyaojin, Wuhu Road Wanda, Li Hongzhang’s former residence (center of the pedestrian street), Mingjiao Temple (center of the pedestrian street), Bao Gong Temple, and Huancheng Park are relatively concentrated. If you go quickly, you can visit them all in one day

Shushan Forest Park, Botanical Garden, 1912 Block, Kaifu Temple, Wildlife Park, and Swan Lake Business Circle are relatively concentrated and can be visited in two to three days.

Pearl Plaza European Style Street, Huiyuan Garden, Aquarium, Emirates Water Park, Happy Island, and University Town are relatively concentrated and can be visited in one day

Lakeside Wanda, Chaohu Shore Grassland, Chaohu Laoshan Island, Wetland Park, Dujiang Battle Memorial Hall, Celebrity Wax Museum, and Wanda Mao Amusement Park are relatively concentrated and can be visited in two to three days.

Other attractions are relatively scattered, and it basically takes a day to get there and back.

Old Hefei recommends:

Under the pedestrian street business district: Xiaoyaojin (Zhang Liao made a big fuss in Xiaoyaojin), Li Hongzhang’s former residence, Mingjiao Temple, Bao Gong Temple, and Huancheng Park

Travel from north to south. From Xiaoyaojin, come out of the main entrance and cross the road to the pedestrian street. Mingjiao Temple and Li Hongzhang’s former residence are all on the pedestrian street (recommend Luzhou Roast Duck Restaurant at the west end of the pedestrian street, duck oil soup dumplings, duck oil sesame cakes, and Zhanji Taosu King, or you can try the small Fengbo Village in the alley), then continue south across Changjiang Road, from the path in front of the Provincial Hospital, and across the small moat bridge, which is the Huancheng Park and the back gate of Bao Gong Temple. If you are familiar with the road, the whole journey can be walked in two hours.

If you like shopping, you can spend a few days shopping at Wanda, Intime, Shinchi and Vientiane City in the Swan Lake business district.

If you like petty bourgeoisie, you can go to 1912 Block and Lei Street at night. I don’t know how the European style street in Mingzhu Square has been doing in recent years. Anyway, many people in Hefei liked to take wedding photos here in the past few years.

Chaohu Lakeside Gathering Circle, those who like natural scenery can take a walk, but it is not recommended in summer.

The wildlife park is more recommended. You can also climb Dashu Mountain by the way. Instead of walking on the winding road, take the stone steps to the top of the mountain in half an hour. You can overlook the entire old city of Hefei.

Although Huiyuan, Emirates Water Park, Aquarium, and Happy Island are only two or three kilometers away from Pearl Square, they are not recommended. After all, every city has these things. (If you are a student with limited financial resources and cannot afford to go to Wanda Amusement Park, you can try Happy Island)

Old Hefei likes to be a homebody. That’s all I know. I’ll add the rest when I think of it.

3. What is there to do around Chaohu Lake?

Attractions around Chaohu:

1. Yinping Mountain, the scenery is very good;

2. Gushan has a particularly high forest coverage rate;

3. Ziwei Cave is very ornamental;

4. Laoshan Island has all kinds of natural and cultural landscapes;

5. Shum Yip Ban Tang Yuquanzhuang Hot Spring is a good place to soak in hot springs.

6. Furubandang Ruins Park,

7. Anhui Sophora Forest Wetland Park

8. Anhui Chaohu Peninsula National Wetland Park,

9. Yunshuiwan Park Lazy Garden

4. What are the recommended places to visit in Chaohu?

Chaohu beach fun

Chaohu. Located in the middle of Anhui Province, Chaohu Lake has mountains and islands in the lake, coupled with the lake and mountains, sparkling water, under the sunlight, it is absolutely beautiful, like a fairyland on earth. As the fifth largest freshwater lake in the country, although it is not as well-known as the first four, it has a clean place. For Anhui locals, if they don’t have time to see the sea, they should come to Chaohu to feel the breath of the sea. Especially Chaohu Beach. In fact, it is a beach, a vast sea of ​​grass and a shoal. Many children can happily play in the water.

Chaohu is also rich in tourism resources, and there are many parent-child B&Bs around it. Under the setting sun, you can take a photo anytime you want

5. What are the recommended places to visit in Chaohu?

To be honest, there are no interesting water sports in Chaohu Lake. There is only one place to go, Laoshan.

My hometown is on the shore of Chao Lake, less than 10 meters away from the lake shore. When I was young, the water in Chao Lake was relatively clear and worth a visit. Now the water in Chao Lake is more polluted, Category 4 water, and it smells very bad in summer.

To enjoy the water sports in Chaohu Lake, first go to the Zhongmiao Temple (it should be the Zhongmiao Temple, but it was written incorrectly by a rumor). There is a Phoenix Terrace with an ancient temple on it. It was originally built to commemorate Guan Yu and Sun Shangxiang. Now it is occupied by monks and renamed Worship the Tathagata.

There is a pier next to the temple, and there are boats going directly to Laoshan. There are four islands in Chaohu Lake, Laoshan, Gushan and two Shoeshan. Only Laoshan has been developed. There is a pagoda on it – Wenfeng Pagoda, which was built by Li Hongzhang. This is also the symbol of Chaohu tourism. Laoshan has good greening, but I left my hometown after serving in the army and have not been to the island for thirty years.

Strictly speaking, there are only so many water sports in Chaohu Lake, and one is enough.

6. What are the fun places to visit in Chaohu?

Chaohu Scenic Area is a national key scenic spot and is known as the “Pearl in Anhui”.

800 miles away, the vast mist of Chaohu Lake is like a “treasure mirror”; Laoshan Island and Tianmen Mountain are like “two gems”; the three hot springs of Bantang, Tangchi and Xiangquan are like “three strings of pearls” scattered; Taihu Mountain, The four national forest parks of Tianjing Mountain, Jilong Mountain and Yefu Mountain are like the “four pieces of jade”; Wangqiao Cave, Ziwei Cave, Xianren Cave, Huayang Cave and Boshan Cave are known as the “Five Dragon Palaces”.

The mountains, islands, springs, forests, and caves within the territory highlight its beauty. Pagodas, temples, temples, tombs, and pavilions each have their own characteristics. There are more than 130 natural and cultural landscapes, including more than 80 natural scenic spots and more than 50 cultural landscapes.

The ancient Zhaoguan, Baochan Mountain, Bawang Temple, Hawful House and other places of interest have a profound heritage, and the beautiful legends such as Silver Screen Peony, Banzhimei, Xiaoquan, Xier Pond, Chugeling and Gusao Pond are famous far and wide.

The city’s six major scenic spots, 13 tourist routes and the annual “China Chaohu Tourism Festival” attract tourists from all over the world to visit, and it receives more than 1.5 million tourists every year.

Chaohu has a long history.

The excavation of the skull fossils of “Hexian Homo” and “Yinshan Homo” shows that the Yangtze River Basin is also the birthplace of the Chinese nation. The archaeological discovery of the Lingjiatan site is a milestone in the evolution of humans in the Neolithic period.

In addition, in the land of Chaohu, legendary stories such as “Yao ordered Xu You from Kyushu to wash his ears”, “Shang Tang released Jie in Nanchao”, “The overlord of Chu committed suicide in Wujiang River”, and “Wu Zixu crossed Zhaoguan” have been staged in history. .

7. What are the places and attractions that can be visited in Chaohu?

In early spring, the feeling of spring is getting stronger. In the past few days, thousands of acres of plum blossoms have been blooming in Qingshuiwan, Miaogang Township, Chaohu City, which is so beautiful. Tourists in small and large groups wander in the sea of ​​flowers and admire the ecological beauty of the blue sky, clear water and red plum blossoms.

Red like fire, pink like clouds, white and elegant, against the backdrop of clear water and blue sky, the entire plum garden is colorful and picturesque. The breeze blows, and the fragrance blows on the face, refreshing the heart and mind. Citizens come together one after another, either stopping to admire the plum blossoms, or taking photos, as if they are in a painting, lingering and enjoying the good time of “plum blossoms”.

The Plum Garden covers an area of ​​about 1,000 acres and is built along the mountain to the south. It takes forest tourism and leisure as its core resource, supplemented by interesting fishing projects, and integrates sightseeing, leisure and catering. There are currently about 100,000 plum blossoms, and the operating varieties are: 15, such as Gulihong, Green Calyx Plum, Beauty Plum, etc.

8. Are there any interesting places in Chaohu?

An interesting place in Chaohu is Baochan Mountain. Baochan Mountain has a long history and pleasant scenery. 450 million years ago, Baochan Mountain was originally a vast ocean. With the movement of the earth’s crust, the sea rose into land, and the land sank into the sea. This cycle repeated again and again, and finally rose out of the sea during the last Yanshan orogeny.

Baochan Mountain, known as Huashan in ancient times, is located 7.5 kilometers northeast of Hanshan County. To the east is Ganoderma lucidum mountain, with towering trees. It was named after its abundant Ganoderma lucidum in ancient times. In the middle is Qiyun Peak, which towers into the clouds. “When the sky is about to rain, the mountains are covered by clouds and fog.” To the west is Wan’erling, where it is said that an Arhat was born. Here, after eating and drinking, he threw a bowl on the ridge, and traces of sitting and lying can still be seen to this day.

Climbing Baochan Mountain has a far-reaching view, surrounded by green peaks. The beauty of the mountains and wilderness, the joy of enjoying the scenery, the danger of exploring the secluded places, and the joy of climbing make people linger and forget to leave.

Ziwei Cave Ziwei Cave is located in the northern suburbs of Chaocheng City. It is also called Shuangjing Cave. It is named after the cave has two natural well-shaped exits. The total length is 3,000 meters, and the main cave is more than 1,500 meters long. It is a typical underground river-shaped cave. The cave is in the shape of an outline. It is famous for its majesty, strangeness, danger, and secludedness. It integrates natural and cultural landscapes, and is the “largest cave in the north of the Yangtze River.” .

Ziwei Cave has 10 caves, 36 main scenes and 72 auxiliary scenes. You can visit it by land first, then by boating.

Next to Ziwei Cave, there is Wang Qiao Cave, which is the only cliff grotto in Anhui Province. All the statues in it have no heads except for a slightly larger one with a head. What caused the formation of the “Headless Buddha” has never been known.

Transportation: Ziwei Cave is located on Jingting Mountain, 4 kilometers away from Chaohu City. In the city, take bus No. 1 and walk to the end of the station for about a kilometer. (Taxi costs about five yuan)

Huayang Cave Baochan Mountain Huayang Cave Tourist Area is located 7.5 kilometers northeast of Hanshan County. During the Zhenguan period of the Tang Dynasty, the eminent monk Huibao traveled here and fell in love with its scenery. He stayed at the foot of Mount Lu, hence the name.

Huayang Cave is the main landscape of the Baochan Mountain tourist area. The cave is 1,600 meters deep. “There are caves in the caves, and there is a river in the caves. You can go boating on the river, and the caves are connected.” The natural landscape in the cave is full of dazzling beauty, each with its own unique features. Its wonderful. Wang Anshi, a famous writer in the Northern Song Dynasty, visited the famous place, held a fire to explore the cave, and wrote the famous poem “A Journey to Baochan Mountain” that has been passed down through the ages, adding brilliance to the history of literature.

Baochan Mountain is surrounded by green peaks, green smoke from the farmhouses at the feet, and the shepherd boy playing the flute. The joy of the mountains and fields, the joy of the countryside, the danger of exploring the secluded mountains, and the excitement of climbing up. What a joy! After the Revolution of 1911 in Hexian and Hezhou Archway, Hezhou was changed to Hexian and was directly under the provincial governor. In 1948, the Hehan patriotic democratic county government was established. In November, Hehan and Han were separated. The Hexian Democratic Government was established in January 1949 and was later changed to the Hexian People’s Government, which belongs to the Chaohu area. In December, it was placed under the jurisdiction of Nanjing City. In the spring of 1950, he returned to Chaohu area. In 1952, it belonged to Wuhu area. In 1958, He County and Hanshan County were merged to form Hehan County, which was placed under Ma’anshan City. In April 1959, it still returned to Wuhu area. In May, it was separated from Han County. In 1965, it came under the jurisdiction of Chaohu District, and in 2011 it was assigned to Ma’anshan City. Xianhe County belongs to Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province, and has jurisdiction over 10 towns, 107 village committees, and 32 community neighborhood committees. Yinping Mountain is a majestic mountain in the mountains south of Chaohu City. It is named “Yinping Mountain” because there is a huge stone on the mountain that is as white as silver and shaped like a vase. In the south of Yinping Town, Chaohu City, on the south bank of Chaohu Lake, it is famous for its limestone caves and stalactites. It is a majestic mountain among the Chongyan Mountains. There are nine peaks in the Yinping Mountains, which are shaped like lions. It is named Jiu Shi Mountain. The nine lions have different seats, lying, standing and walking. The ancients had the saying “Nine Lions”. “For the Lord” and “Nine Lions Silver Screen”.

There is a cliff in the south of the mountain. In the middle of winter, it is covered with snow and ice, and is covered with silver. It is shaped like a natural silver screen, which is very spectacular, so it is commonly known as “silver screen” by later generations. Transportation: Yinping Mountain Scenic Area is located in Yinping Mountain, about 10 kilometers southeast of Chaohu City, Anhui Province. There is a high-grade highway in the scenic area that leads directly to the Chaohu-Wuwei Highway, and the transportation is very convenient. There are shuttle buses from Chaohu City to the scenic spot every day. Zhongmiao Zhongmiao, also known as Shengmu Temple and Zhongmiao, is 48 kilometers away from Chaohu City. In ancient times, it was located between Chaozhou and Luzhou, so it was called “Zhongmiao” and is known as “the most scenic spot in the lake and sky”. Due to the strong incense in the past dynasties, it is known as “Jiuhua in the South, Zhong Temple in the North”. The middle temple was built in the second year of Chiwu in the Eastern Wu Dynasty. It has been repeatedly demolished and repaired in the past dynasties. The temple rebuilt in the first year of the Dragon Age of the Later Tang Dynasty is “with mandarin duck tiles and hollow tiles, and the painting is extremely beautiful”. It was rebuilt in the second year of Baoda in the Southern Tang Dynasty, with a total of 6 rows and 24 rooms. The statue of Taimu with “red face, pink eyebrows and willow green eyebrows” “stands in the treasure room and is arranged in the incense altar.” In the 19th century, the base circle of the temple was arched into a bridge, which was called “Aobei Cave”, and a temple was built on the cave. In the Qing Dynasty, the temple had “Jie Pavilion, a worship hall, a pavilion, and a pavilion.” In the 15th year of Guangxu’s reign, Li Hongzhang advocated for reconstruction. It was divided into three halls, namely the front, middle and back halls, with more than 70 rooms. The back hall has a three-story Buddhist scriptures pavilion with eight windows, cornices at the four corners and bells at the corners.

9. What are the places to visit near Chaohu Lake?

Top ten tourist attractions in Chaohu City

1. Bantang Tulip Highland Scenic Area

2. Zhongmiao Laoshan Island Scenic Area

3. Chaohu Ziwei Cave

4. Chaohu City Gushan Scenic Area

5. Chaohu City Museum (Fangwanggang Han Tomb)

6. Chaohu

7. Chaohu Peach Blossom Island

8. Xiangyin Temple

9. Chaohu City Nanshan Martyrs Cemetery

10. Chaohu Yinping Mountain Scenic Area

10. Are there any interesting places in Chaohu?

A complete list of Chaohu’s famous tourist attractions: Chaohu City Bantang Real Person CS Base, address: Chaohu City Guishan CS Field Base, Bantang Town Park, Chaohu City, Anhui Province, address: Chaohu Tangcadre Hot Spring Sanatorium, Marshal Building Open Air, Chaohu City, Anhui Province Guishan Wetland Park Hot spring, address: 20 meters inside the dry therapy gate of No. 92 Tangshan Road, Chaohu City, Anhui Province Chaohu Scenic Area (Laoshan Island), address: Gushan, Zhongmiao Town, Chaohu City, Anhui Province, address: Gushan Scenery, Changjiang East Road, Juchao District, Chaohu City, Anhui Province District Management Office Golden Peacock Tourist Resort, Address: Golden Peacock Hot Spring Tourist Resort Xiangquan, Tangchi Town, Lujiang County, Chaohu City, China, Address: Chaohu County, Anhui Province Xiangquan Anhui Shenye Bantang Yuquanzhuang Hot Spring (Bantang Yuquanzhuang Hot Spring), Address: No. 128-A, Tangshan Road, Chaohu Economic Development Zone (near Wuhe Expressway Exit)

Yinping Mountain, address: Baochan Mountain Scenic Area in the southern suburbs of Chaohu City, Anhui Province Address: Ziweidong, Huayang Administrative Village, Huanyang Town, Huanfeng Town, Hanshan County, Chaohu City, Anhui Province, address: Ziweidong Tourist Area in the northern suburbs of Chaohu City, Anhui Province