Is Dragon Nest fun? Is Dragon Nest 2 fun?

Introduction: Is Dragon Nest fun? Is Dragon Nest 2 fun? Is Dragon Nest mobile game with magician skill points fun? Is Dragon Nest 2 fun? How about the Dragon Nest game? Is Dragon Nest fun? Is Dragon Nest fun? Does it cost money?

Is Dragon Nest mobile game fun to add magician skills to Dragon Nest mobile game?




I haven’t played Dragon Nest mobile myself, but I can give some general advice

Add points to magic skills: Magic, your main goal should be support and output, so it is recommended to add skill points to the following skills: 1

Poison damage: Causes poison damage to enemy units, with a certain chance of poisoning them.


Freeze: Causes a freezing effect to enemy units, making them unable to move and attack.


Fire damage: Causes fire damage to enemy units, with a certain chance of causing them to burn.


Light attack: Causes light damage to enemy units. It is a powerful output skill for demons.


Treatment: Restores the health of friendly units, which is the core support skill of the devil.

Is Dragon Nest mobile game fun? This may vary from person to person, but most players think Dragon Nest mobile game is very fun.

It is a role-playing game where users can create their own characters and join other players in battles, completing quests and exploring the world

The game also provides rich social functions, users can join guilds, make new friends and have fun together

If you like role-playing games and want to play with other players, you might like Dragon Nest Mobile

Is Dragon Nest 2 fun?

Dragon Nest 2. Many players of the previous game are very concerned about this game, but they are not sure whether the game is fun or not. Below, the editor will bring you a detailed game review of Dragon Nest 2. Friends who have not played the game, come and take a look. .

You can make a fortune through your life and career, and you can also dig for treasures and find adventures in the wild. If you like to explore the plot, it is better to look through the adventure manual, which contains clues to guide you to find the answer. If you can’t stand it anymore and prefer hearty battles, wild PK, world bosses and union competitions can satisfy you.

In Dragon Nest 2, the team is no longer limited to 4 people. The adventure group system will be able to accommodate a fixed team of 8 people. There are also 12V12 PVP competitions, 30V30 union battles, and free PK in the wild. Advanced dungeons are open to 8-person teams. model. Here you can find like-minded friends, invite them to adventure together, and explore the continent of Altria together.

A deeper plot line, another story in the same time and space

Dragon Nest 2 is not the parallel time and space of the previous game Dragon End, but two years after the adventurers defeated the Green Dragon in the previous game. The second half of the prophecy left by the great sage Arono unfolds the plot, and players no longer Playing as Sean, Ethan and others, but yourself, you will awaken the fallen prophet to prevent the destruction of the world through the ancient artifact left by the great sage – the Philosopher’s Stone.

Outside the big world, there are new areas

The new area here refers to Tenumara, an ancient ruins in a desert oasis. Adventurers can enter and explore, appreciate the past glory of the ruins, and explore the mysterious stories behind the ruins.

In addition to differences, we also have inheritance

Although Dragon Nest 2 focuses on the MMO gameplay, it is still “Dragon Nest”. It not only retains the original skills, dubbing, and part of the combat sense, but also retains the memorable stories and music.

How about Dragon Nest game?

I personally think Dragon Nest is quite fun. I started playing it from its second anniversary to its seventh anniversary now. It can be said to be the game I have played for the longest time.

First of all, I think its operation is relatively simple like a general RPG game, and it is relatively easy to get started. If you want to play PVP well, you must have awesome operations, but its lower limit is also relatively high, and it is not like FPS games also have such high requirements on players’ operations. Even if your operations are not very good, you can still excel in PVE with the help of equipment and the like.

Now it happens to be the 7th anniversary event, with experience bonuses and upgrades happening very quickly. If you don’t do the missions and only grind the map, you can reach full level after about three days of fatigue grinding. And now it seems that you can create side story characters. Side story characters seem to have experience bonuses, and they can be upgraded very quickly.

When I spend money, I mainly spend it on appearance. The very attractive thing about Dragon Nest is that its appearance is very good, whether it is clothes or mount hairstyle. However, now in the seventh anniversary event, you can exchange event points for old Halloween costumes without spending any money.

As for equipment, if you are willing to spend money to get it, it is naturally the fastest and most convenient. If you don’t want to spend money, you can also use the gold coins in the game to find a driver to take it. Generally, a trip can take a few hundred gold. The gold coins in the game It’s quite profitable, just do some research and pick up things and list them on the exchange. If you swipe the ordinary version, the equipment you get when you upgrade is enough.

In PVP, you don’t have to think about equipment at all because the arena will balance the attributes of your equipment. Even if you go into battle, you can still be the most shining boss in the arena. If you don’t want to play the tiring competitive game, there are two more casual modes you can play, namely Ghoul and Captain Protection.

At the end of the day, even if you are maxed out, have top-notch equipment, are invincible in PVP, or don’t want to play anymore, you will be rich in game gold coins and have access to all dungeons. You can also stand on the street and chat! It is not without reason that some people call Dragon Nest a massive online chat dress-up game.

Is Dragon Nest fun?


The skills are gorgeous and the operation feels very strong, much better than Sword and Spirit. It’s also very interesting to follow the plot. When I first started playing, I followed the plot completely, including clearing all the side missions.


Dragon Nest has gone through several eras, capping at level 40, 50, 60, and 70. I’m at level 70 now. I don’t know if there will be a new one. I haven’t played in two months.

Personally, I feel that before the age of 50, there were many friends who could go to dungeons to upgrade together. But now, people reach full level in a week or less, and then start getting equipment. Lost the fun of the game. After all, it is an online game, and you must work hard to get equipment in the later stages, otherwise you will not be able to enter the same level of lair. Moreover, few people are willing to play low-level maps. There is nothing to do in the later stage except spend money to get equipment. Unless you like PVP, personally I like PVE. It once became the 30th ranked DPS in the East China Region.

The imbalance between professions will extremely weaken or strengthen a certain profession in each version. This makes players who love a certain profession unable to play. Because of the weakened professions, such as dragon slaying, no one is willing to form a team, and they are all decisive and quick to kick.

Upgrading is slow, although it is much faster than before. But for me, it’s almost 1200 comprehensive level, which makes me feel sick even after I level up a level. There are specially brushed pictures for the upgrade. Brushing it repeatedly will make people sick.

If you don’t spend money, you can play any profession and have gorgeous skills.

If you plan to spend money, first understand which professions are currently powerful, and then choose the one you like from these.

A profession that is not great, even if you spend tens of thousands (full ultimate, ultimate tycoon), it is not great. I went to the private server and spent less than 100 to achieve the effect of spending tens of thousands on the national server. I am playing a profession that has been weakened (Thor), and I am not very powerful at all in decisiveness. That equipment is the most explosive in the national server.

I guess I spent thousands of dollars on the national server. I don’t know if it all adds up to tens of thousands. In short, when times change, you have to update your equipment, which is really boring. I don’t want to invest money anymore. There are also many top-quality coupon equipments, but as long as new ones are released, the attributes will definitely be better than the previous ones. For example, I quit the game in October last year. I sold all my equipment in December and bought more than 100,000 gold. Then, in February of this year, I went up to see the equipment. All the equipment added up was only 10,000 to 20,000 gold. Of course, you can also stock up on things and then sell them. For example, my friend stocked up a few Tibetan Clouds and Blue Dragons, and then sold them all and made a few hundred dollars. Fortunately, he sold it then, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to sell a single flower in another month. Now he has gathered more than a dozen black dragons and plans to do it again. A group of us collected eggs, but unfortunately, the eggs are not worth much now. We said 500 eggs each. I also have a bunch of wings stored there, so I’m too lazy to look at them. He said he was no longer interested in this game.

Is Dragon Nest fun? Does it cost money?

how to say? Dragon Nest is really fun. It is a large-scale 3D game introduced from South Korea by Shanda 2010. I am currently playing it. But if you want to play well, as the level increases, you will find that a good set of equipment is necessary for you. The importance of a character requires recharging at that time, but it is not very expensive. A good set of equipment only costs a few dozen yuan.