Things to do in the mountainous areas of southern Jinan

Introduction: What are the fun places to visit in Jinan’s southern mountainous areas?

Let’s talk about the places close to the city and within the beltway:

1. Southeast:

Jiangshuiquan Park, Longdong Scenic Area


Huashan Scenic Area, Queshan Scenic Area, Yaoshan Park, Baili Yellow River Scenic Area, Yellow River Forest Park, Queshan Long Lake, Yuqing Lake Reservoir

The scenic spots below need to exit the beltway

1. Licheng District:

1) Eastbound direction of Jingshi East Road and Tourist Road:

Donglong Cave Scenic Area, Panlong Mountain Forest Park, Langmao Mountain Reservoir, Humen Hollow Mountain Park (including Hollow Mountain and Humen Spring, Zhugong Spring, Zhongquan, Yuhe Spring, Gray Spring and other famous springs), Nanquan, Huanglu Spring

2) Yingxiongshan Road and Provincial Highway 103 southbound:

<1> Second Ring Road South – Zhonggong Road Intersection:

Boluoyu (Xiangshan Temple) Leisure Resort, Shuangjing Spring, Wohushan Reservoir (Cuijiaquan)

<2>Go east along Provincial Highway 327 at Zhonggong Road intersection:

Taijia Mountain Stone Carving Statues, Jinxiang Mountain Ski Resort, Big Buddha Temple Statues (Doumu Spring, Baihua Spring, Nanganlu Spring), Hongye Valley (Holy Spring), Jinxiuchuan Reservoir, Huluyu Scenic Area, Ladder Mountain (Nanquan), Qixingtai Tourist resort (belongs to Zhangqiu), Shengquan Temple (belongs to Zhangqiu)

Famous springs include Daquan, Xuanquan, Yuquan and Rouge Spring.

<3>Southbound at Zhonggong intersection:

Wohushan Ski Resort (East and West Laoquan), Jinyunchuan Paradise, Jinyunchuan Ecological Tourism Area, Four Gate Pagoda (Yongquan), Wildlife World, Jiuding Pagoda Ethnic Customs Park (Satin Sliding Spring), Pavilion Shuwan Tourist Resort, Shuilianxia Scenic Area, Yaoxiang National Forest Park, Shanqing World, Liubu Film and Television Base, Changcheng Ridge

Famous springs include Tuquan, Liangwan Spring, Gujing Spring, Shuiquan, Niyu Spring, Dahua Spring, Qinquan, Summer Resort Spring, Shicha Spring, Gucao Spring, Majia Spring, Huanglu Spring, Zhaojia San Spring, and Mouse Cave Spring.

2.Changqing District:

1) Go south along Nanxinzhuang West Road, Jiwei Road, and National Highway 104:

Lingyan Temple Scenic Area (Cassock Spring, Tomb Tower Group), Wufeng Mountain Scenic Area (Wanshou Spring, Longquan, Xinshan Spring, Fuhu Spring), Liantai Mountain Scenic Area, Mantougu Geopark, Fenghuangling Ecological Tourism Area, Wolong Valley Scenic Area District, Wofoshan Tourist City, Guyun Lake Ecological Resort, Helong Temple (Longquan), Qilu Warring States Tourist City

Famous springs include Liangshui Spring, Xiaolu Spring and Beiquan.

2) Go southwest along Jingshi West Road and National Highway 220:

Xiaotang Mountain Han Tombs, Dafeng Mountain Red Revolution Tourist Area, Qi Great Wall Western Head Site

Famous springs include Wuyanjingquan, Huibaoquan, Xiangquan, Shengjingquan, Longquan and Huangliquan.

3. Zhangqiu City

1) urban area

Baimai Spring Park (Baimai Spring, Mo Spring, Meihua Spring), Li Qingzhao Memorial Garden, Zhujiayu Ancient Folk Village

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I just went to the southern mountainous area two days ago. I had a picnic under the Wohushan Reservoir. Then in the afternoon I went to play mahjong and row a boat to play real-person CS. If you take the Bayi Overpass and go straight south, you can see the Wohushan Reservoir. If you don’t want to eat at Wohu Mountain, you can go straight for about one kilometer to a three-way intersection and go left to reach Jinxiang Mountain. Go right to reach Jinxiuchuan and go straight to reach the Big and Small Incisor Four-door Pagoda. There is a bus stop south of Ginza overpass. I forgot how many routes there are. I forgot the ticket price is three yuan. 

It is estimated that cherries will be ripe in May. You can go to Lijiatang to pick cherries. Take bus 67 directly from the city or take bus 65 to Xiying. Digging for wild vegetables is also a kind of fun. You can also eat healthy in your leisure life.

What are the fun places in Jinan?

You can go to the southern mountainous areas such as Jiuding Pagoda, Red Leaf Valley, Yaoxiang Forest Park, Jinxiang Mountain Ski Resort, Wildlife World, and Jinyunchuan Paradise. These are all very fun.

Attachment: Introduction to Jinyunchuan Paradise: Jinyunchuan Paradise is located in Gaoer Township, a mountainous area in the south of Jinan. It borders Jinxiuchuan and Simen Pagoda to the east, and Yaoxiang Forest Park to the south. It takes about 30 minutes to get there from the city. This park is an extreme sports amusement park with steep mountains and beautiful scenery. Around the reservoir, some of the most advanced extreme sports and other recreational projects in the country have been built. Including high-altitude bungee jumping, European bungee jumping, rock climbing, hang gliding, ziplining, paintball fighting, speedboats, battery boats, water bicycles, flying bicycles, etc., it is a new amusement park integrating leisure, sightseeing, tourism and entertainment.

☆☆☆Kimyunchuan Land Transportation Guide

1. Bus route: In the city, you can take bus No. 65, No. 67 or No. 88 and get off at Zhonggong, then transfer to No. 88 branch line bus to Jinyunchuan Paradise.

2. Self-driving guide:

  Jiqing Expressway, Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway? Jinan Ring Expressway? Exit at Jinan South Exit? Provincial Highway 103 southbound? At the intersection of Zhonggong Bridge, go south along the middle road for about 13 kilometers (there are scenic area signs) to reach the scenic spot. After getting off the expressway About 25 minutes drive.

☆☆☆Jinyunchuan Paradise Ticket Price

Jinyunchuan Paradise Gate


30 yuan/person (including Feitian bicycle, ferry, speedboat)

Flying bicycle:

15 yuan/single; 20 yuan/double; 20/single (rotating)

High altitude bungee jumping:

120 yuan/person

Paintball fighting:

50 yuan (30 rounds of paintball, half an hour), 1 yuan/round for additional paintballs



20 yuan/person

Hang gliding:

35 yuan/person; 55 yuan/couple; return trip 15 yuan

European bungee jumping:

15 yuan/person



25 yuan/person



5 yuan/person




40 yuan/boat hour; 25 yuan/half hour boat

Water bike:

25 yuan/boat hour; 15 yuan/half hour boat



2 yuan/person

Apple carousel:

5 yuan/person


Bed 3 yuan/half hour (person)

In China, where infrastructure is booming, the city templates are a number of urban complexes, CBD, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, and one or two antique streets that smell of stinky tofu. This is a modern civilized society composed of reinforced concrete WiFi. But going to a strange place and still visiting the places above seems to be no different from visiting a place. I am here to tell you a unique walking route in Jinan, so that you can fully enjoy Jinan and remember this capital of Haidai.

Thanks to the iron-fisted policies of Wang Wentao, a good secretary in Jinan and now the governor of Heilongjiang Province, Jinan’s dilapidated cityscape has become tidy and spacious under the policy of forced demolition and illegal construction. The most popular thing is that he returned Daming Lake to the citizens, and ordinary people can freely enter and exit Daming Lake within the specified time. Just like West Lake to Hangzhou, Daming Lake has become the citizens’ back garden.

Friends from other places can take bus K98 after getting off at Jinan Station, and it will take about ten minutes to reach the south gate of Daming Lake. Walk around the park and see the unique urban spring lake, as well as the beautiful scenery of willow trees and lotus flowers. By the lakeside, drink a big bowl of tea brewed with spring water, and maybe you will meet your Xia Yuhe.

Go around and go out from the south gate, cross the road, and go west along Minghu South Road. You will encounter a square pool – Wangfu Pool. It was the back garden of Prince De’s Mansion in the Ming Dynasty. There is a small road on its south bank. The stream flows through the hall from south to north. This is Qushuiting Street, where the famous springs in every house in old Jinan are located. This is the original Hutong of old Jinan. The springs in every house are silent and trickle, forming this meandering water trough. Go south along the stream to Qifeng Bridge. This bridge is the bridge that Princess Dewang of the Ming Dynasty walked over when she got married. The surrounding buildings give the feeling of being in the south of the Yangtze River. After crossing the bridge and walking about ten steps, you will arrive at the stinky Furong Street. This antique street that has just been renovated must be crowded and full of customers.

Exiting the laneway is Quancheng Road, Plaza 66, and Quancheng Square where the city logo is located. If you want to have fun and eat, you can do it nearby.

To the north of Quancheng Square is the Jinan Moat. Go east along the river and across the road, you will see the springs gushing one after another, Black Tiger Spring, White Stone Spring, Wulian Spring… Take a sip of the spring water, it is cold and sweet. On hot summer days, this is the best place to escape the heat. In the middle of winter, it’s warm and smoky here.

Walking out of the moat near Jiefang Pavilion is Kuanhouli, the second antique street, where you can have dinner.

The whole journey takes probably less than 20,000 steps. It took most of the day including meals and rest. If you haven’t had enough fun, take a taxi and go to Qianfo Mountain. Night climbing is free. You can take a look at Jinan at night.

A special reminder is that it is best to play the above routes at the beginning of the lanterns. The light show on the lake is as beautiful as jade.

Jinan has three major scenic spots, Baotu Spring, Qianfo Mountain and Daming Lake. Of course this is traditional. Jinan’s moat is also worth a visit. The rising star is Baimai Spring in Zhangqiu. Of course, Jinan is famous for its spring culture.

There are many fun places in Jinan. I personally think the better ones are Baotu Spring and Daming Lake.