When traveling on a cruise, do you have to stay on the cruise ship? Is it possible to travel on a cruise ship now?

Introduction: Can you stay on a cruise ship when traveling on a cruise ship? Can you travel on a cruise ship now? 1. Can you stay on a cruise ship all the time when traveling on a cruise ship? 2. Can you travel on a cruise ship now? 3. Living on a cruise ship 4. Why cruise ships 5. Do you always stay on a cruise ship? English 6. Traveling on a cruise ship 7. Can you still travel on a cruise ship? 8. Questions about cruise ships 9. Why do people like cruise ships?

1. When traveling on a cruise, do you stay on the cruise ship all the time?

The quadruple room with sea view is better. First of all, it is more convenient to be together. There is no signal for mobile phones on the cruise ship and we are not living together. It is difficult to contact each other about anything. Although the phones in the rooms can call each other, it is not as convenient as discussing together because, They are not necessarily on the same floor, and it is very troublesome to find them. Secondly, I recommend a sea view room, because although the inner warehouse is cheap, you can’t see the sea, and the lights are on during the day and night, so you can’t tell the difference between day and night. In the sea view room, our children would lie down by the window to watch the sea every morning and before going to bed at night. From the window, we would watch the waves lapping against the hull of the ship, causing big waves from time to time. It was very exciting. Balcony rooms are at least 500 more expensive per person than sea view rooms. There is no need, because we participate in various activities on the ship during the day and have no time to stay in the bed cabin. We sit on the balcony to kill time and play in various places on the ship. Before going back to bed at night, just watch the waves. There is no need for a balcony. A sea-view window is enough. Moreover, when encountering strong winds and waves, the ship’s hull will shake a lot. If there is no balcony, you will not stand on the balcony. You will only stand on the balcony. It is safer to look at the sea from the window. Moreover, the lower the floor, the cheaper the price. The important thing is that in the event of big wind and waves, the chassis is low, stable and less shaking. This is the difference between standard sea view rooms and superior sea view rooms. It doesn’t matter if the weather is good. , when encountering strong winds and waves, the higher you go, the greater the shaking will be, making you unable to stand firmly. Another point is that the room assigned to the superior sea view room may be blocked by the lifeboat. If it is such a room, it will be depressing, so we chose the standard sea view room on the first floor, which is very good. It is close to the sea and can watch the waves. It’s relatively close. There are lights shining on the sea at night, which feels pretty good.

This is a little suggestion I just came back from the Selena.

2. Is it possible to travel on a cruise ship now?

There is no age limit for people over 80 years old to take a cruise, and no special procedures are required.

Elderly people can also take cruises, and cruise travel is relatively relaxed and comfortable, making it more suitable for elderly people to travel.

Generally, there are no senior citizen restrictions on travel to Japan and South Korea. Most non-Japanese and Korean itineraries are for safety reasons. For reservations made by seniors aged 70 and above, they must be accompanied by family members or friends under the age of 70 before they can travel.

3. Living on a cruise ship

The Fuxi Yongle cruise ship carries 2,222 passengers. That is, it can accommodate 2222 people.

4. Why Cruise?

Cruise ships are one of the means of transport used exclusively by the postal department to transport mail, and they also transport passengers. Most cruise ships are for sightseeing purposes.

Because in the early days of postal services, intercontinental postal services relied on postal ships to deliver letters and packages from one coast to the other. These British ships often had to fly the signal flag of the Royal Mail.

After 1850, the Royal Mail allowed private shipping companies to help them carry letters and parcels on a contract basis. This transformation has transformed some passenger ocean-carrying ships that were originally owned by passenger shipping companies into passenger-carrying ocean mail ships flying signal flags. This is how the term “ocean cruise” was born.

Extended information:

Cruise ships have a history of more than 100 years abroad. At the beginning of the 19th century, because aircraft technology was not yet mature, some people began to board cruise ships to travel across the ocean, and cruise tourism began to develop; but the most important function of cruise ships was to carry mail and immigrants.

As aircraft technology became more and more sophisticated, aristocrats with money and leisure fell in love with the fast way of traveling by air, while immigrants chose air travel as a fast, economical and comfortable way to cross the ocean. In 1985, the French cruise ship France withdrew from the Atlantic route, and cruise ships withdrew from the stage of history, marking the end of a great era of navigation.

Strictly speaking, luxury liner can only be regarded as a cruise ship. The last cruise ship in history was the Queen Elizabeth 2, and another said it was the Queen Mary 2.

5. When traveling on a cruise, do you stay on the cruise ship all the time? English

The international cruise major is divided into many majors! Mainly cruise ship jobs! For example, cruise English, English audio and video, cruise stewardship and management, cruise leisure entertainment and management, business etiquette, catering service and management.

Employment direction: At present, many industries around the world are declining to varying degrees; however, like the shipping industry, the “cruise” industry, which is one of the “food, drink, housing and transportation” necessary for human survival, has not been affected. What is a cruise ship?

Cruise ships were originally used as vehicles for transporting goods or carrying passengers. By the early 20th century, some cruise ships began to provide passengers with limited basic facilities such as room and restaurant services.

The rise of air travel has increased its impact on passenger ships, and cruise companies have developed the concept of cruise vacations.

It also invested in the construction of cruise ships with more luxurious facilities, richer programs, and larger displacements, turning the cruise ship into “a luxury floating maritime resort.” Cruise ships are now an indispensable part of the world’s tourism and leisure industry.

The international cruise major of the Rail Transit School uses an order-based training method to ensure that students can find jobs smoothly after graduation.

6. Travel on a cruise ship

The cruise fare from Sanya to Xisha is about tens of thousands of yuan.

You can go to Xisha by boat. A tour group departs from Sanya and takes a cruise. It costs about 4,000 yuan to 18,000 yuan and takes about 10 hours.

7. Can cruise ships still travel now?

It’s opened. At the beginning of 2020, affected by the epidemic, the Xiamen cruise home port suspended operations; on July 1 this year, the “China Merchants Edon” executed the “Shenzhen-Xiamen-Shenzhen” route and pressed the “reset button” of the home port; this time “Xiamen-Zhoushan- “Xiamen” route will drive a substantial recovery of Xiamen’s cruise economy.

“The voyages in July and August are visit voyages, and the departure and arrival ports are not in Xiamen. The new voyage in September is a home port voyage. The Merchants Edon departs from Xiamen, visits Zhoushan, and then returns to Xiamen. The entire journey 5-6 days.” The relevant person in charge of the Xiamen International Cruise Home Port Group said that the home port voyages are more attractive and driving force, and tourists will gather in Xiamen, which will effectively promote the development of cultural tourism economy. In addition to this route, in October, China Merchants Viking Cruises also plans to launch the “Shenzhen-Xiamen-Zhoushan-Shanghai” route. An insider in the tourism industry said that many routes involve Xiamen’s home port, which shows that Xiamen still maintains a first-class level in the development of the cruise industry.

8. Questions about cruise ships

Under normal circumstances, the current wind resistance of motor ships is very strong, especially ships of more than 10,000 tons. It is no problem to sail with wind force below level 8. The main thing that affects the safety of ships is not the strong wind, but the after the strong wind blows. The formed swell is the biggest threat to ship safety. In the case of a level 10 wind and cold wave, 24 hours after the wind starts, a 4-5 meter swell will form on the sea surface. Ships of less than 10,000 tons are very vulnerable to such wind and waves. Danger may occur.

9. Why do people like cruises?

In a broad sense: liner, cruise ship and passenger ship that sailed on the ocean. Ancient cruise ships were one of the means of transport dedicated to the postal department for transporting mail, and they also transported passengers, but general cruise ships were of a tourist nature. Modern cruise ships are tourist-oriented, like mobile hotels. There are all kinds of entertainment facilities on board, making it a tourist destination. This industry is currently large in Europe and the United States, with 300 to 400 cruise ships taking a large number of tourists every day to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, including the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Alaska, Hawaii, the Gulf of Mexico, the Mediterranean, and Northern Europe.