Grab attractions tickets for one yuan and travel tickets for free

Introduction: Grab attraction tickets for one yuan and grab tourist tickets for free 1. Grab tourist tickets for free 2. Where to grab tickets 3. How to grab free tickets 4. Grab tickets to scenic spots 5. How to grab free tickets on Ctrip 6. How to grab free tickets to tourist attractions 7. Scenic spot ticket grabbing software 8. Free attraction ticket grabbing software 9. How to grab free travel tickets 10. Scenic spot ticket grabbing 11. Ticket grabbing strategy

1. Free travel tickets

List of free tourist attractions across the country for seniors over 60 years old:

1. Huangguoshu Scenic Area

This is a national 5A-level scenic spot, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Huangguoshu Waterfall. There are large waterfalls, water curtain caves and bonsai gardens in the scenic area. There are mountains and rivers here, lush trees, and the air is very fresh. Going there in the summer can also cool you down. Seniors over 60 years old can visit for free with their ID cards.

2. Pingyao Ancient City

Shanxi is the cradle of Chinese civilization and a large province with rich historical and cultural heritage. The ancient city of Pingyao here is famous. It is the most complete old county town in my country. The terrain here is flat and suitable for the elderly to visit, and it is free for those over 60 years old.

3. Mount Wutai

Mount Wutai is one of the top ten famous mountains in China. It is located in Shanxi and has long been included in the World Cultural Heritage. Elderly people generally like to worship Buddha. There are tens of thousands of Buddha statues on Wutai Mountain, and there are local delicacies nearby. Seniors over 60 years old can enjoy free admission.

4. Mount Tai

Mount Taishan can be said to be a very well-known tourist attraction. It is the first of the five mountains and the highest mountain in the world. Seniors over 60 years old can enjoy free admission with their ID cards.

5. Other attractions

As long as you are over 60 years old in Shenzhen, you can enjoy free admission to various attractions, and you can also enjoy free subway and bus rides. This is the advantage of living in Shenzhen.

In Henan Province, starting from April 1, 2020, it will be free for seniors over 60 to visit all scenic spots in the province.

Most A-level tourist attractions in Shanxi Province offer free admission to all seniors over 60 years old across the country, including Datong Yungang, Xinzhou Wutai Mountain, Taiyuan Jinci, Pingyao Ancient City, Hukou Waterfall, etc.

At tourist attractions in Guizhou Province, tickets for those over 60 years old are free with ID cards.

2. Where to grab tickets

First fill in the identity and address of the person who needs to rob on your behalf

3. How to grab free tickets

It’s not easy to grab, there are too many people making reservations, there are too few tickets, and the reservation system is basically paralyzed by 9 o’clock.

4. Grab tickets to scenic spots

You can ask someone to grab tickets for the concert. If you don’t have enough ability to grab the tickets for the concert, you can ask your friends and some family members to grab the tickets with you. This will increase the chance of success. It is a relatively large one and there is no rule saying that you cannot ask someone to grab a ticket for you. As long as the ticket is formal and a real ticket, then you can go in and watch it.

5. How to grab free tickets on Ctrip,,

6. How to grab free tickets for tourist attractions

 2021 Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area Free Ticket Reservation Guide

  1. Activity time

  December 15, 2021

  2. Appointment time

  December 11, 2021 – December 14, 2021

  Tickets for the day will be released at 20:00 every day

  3. Reservation quota

  Dujiangyan Scenic Area issues 7,775 reserved tickets every day;

  Qingcheng Qianshan Scenic Area issues 3,875 reservation tickets every day;

  Qingcheng Houshan Scenic Area issues 2,325 reservation tickets every day.

  The unsold tickets on the same day will be accumulated to the next day, and the unsold tickets on the 14th will be extended to December 15th.

  4. Reservation channels

  Ticket-free reservation entrance: click to enter (open on WeChat)

  5. Reservation rules

  The reserved play date is valid and can only be entered once, and will be invalid upon expiration;

  Each WeChat account can reserve up to three tickets. If you can visit three scenic spots in one day, you can also reserve three scenic spots. Each person (per ID card) can only reserve one ticket for each scenic spot, so please arrange your itinerary reasonably.

7. Scenic spot ticket grabbing software

Don’t download any software to grab tickets, just use the railway system’s 12306 official website to book train tickets correctly and you can grab the tickets. There are many methods and techniques for grabbing tickets. As long as you master them, you can easily grab tickets.

There is no need to download other ticket-grabbing software, which may be more difficult to use and make it impossible to grab tickets. It is recommended that you learn more methods.

8. Free attraction ticket grabbing software now supports automatic ticket grabbing software. When someone refunds a ticket, it can help you grab the ticket as soon as possible. Next, let’s take a look at how to grab train tickets on

1. First enter the APP on your mobile phone or directly search for on the web page.

2. Then enter the official website

3. Click on the train ticket option

4. Then enter the departure and arrival cities and times, and click Search Now

5. There will be many trains, click to buy

6. Add passenger information

7. Make seat selections

8. Select the method of collecting tickets,

9. Just submit the order.

9. How to grab free travel tickets

Mount Wutai Scenic Area

The reporter learned from the Wutai Mountain Scenic Area Management Committee that starting from January 1, 2021, the Wutai Mountain Scenic Area will resume first-pass ticket fees for tourists during the working days from Monday to Friday, with a full ticket of 135 yuan/person and a half ticket of 70 yuan/person; for the whole country The ticket-free policy for medical staff and their immediate family members has been extended to March 25, 2021.

In line with epidemic prevention and control, Wutaishan Scenic Area still implements a real-name system for time-based reservation and ticket purchase. At the same time, the density of people entering the mountain is monitored in real time. The tentative daily reception capacity does not exceed 35,000 people. If the number of people exceeds the limit during the specified time period, tickets will not be purchased.

Pingyao Ancient City Scenic Area

The reporter learned from Pingyao Ancient City Scenic Area that starting from January 1, 2021, Pingyao Ancient City Scenic Area will resume its working day ticket charging policy for tourists from all over the country. Pingyao Ancient City full-price tickets are 125 yuan each, and half-price tickets are 65 yuan each; Shuanglin Temple fares Each ticket is 35 yuan, half-price tickets are 15 yuan each; full-price tickets to Zhenguo Temple are 25 yuan each, and half-price tickets are 10 yuan each. Tourists can make real-name reservations for tours through the “Pingyao Ancient City Scenic Area Official Service Platform” WeChat public account, or purchase tickets through platforms such as Ctrip, Lvmama, and Meituan. Since there are many attractions in Pingyao Ancient City, you need to check the QR code separately when visiting. Each attraction can only be visited once.

In addition, the Pingyao Ancient City Scenic Area’s free ticket policy for medical workers nationwide will be implemented until March 25, 2021. Visitors only need to bring relevant valid documents. If you have any questions, you can consult 0354-569 0000.

Scenic spots in the Imperial City Prime Minister’s Mansion

The reporter learned from the Imperial City Xiangfu Ecological and Cultural Tourism Area that various scenic spots in the tourist area (including Xiangfu Scenic Area, Xiangfu Manor, Jiunu Fairy Lake, Guoyu Ancient City, Manghe Scenic Area, and Haihui Academy) will be opened from January 2021. From 0:00 on March 1st, the first ticket fee will be resumed for tourists across the country. Tourists who plan to visit the Imperial City Prime Minister’s Mansion next year should go to the scenic spot public platform “Imperial City Prime Minister’s Mansion Ecological and Cultural Tourism Zone” or Meituan, Ctrip, Tongcheng and other online Buy tickets with your real name on the platform.

The tourist area tentatively plans to continue to implement the free ticket policy for medical staff across the country before April 30, 2021. Medical staff across the country can visit for free with valid certificates such as their qualification certificates or practice certificates.

During January 2021, tourists who take the high-speed rail to Jincheng can enjoy half-price discounts with high-speed rail tickets at Jincheng East Station.

10. Grab tickets to attractions

The tickets purchased from Douyin cannot be found in Hello Dear. Why can’t the travel tickets purchased from Douyin be found?

That’s because you’re not looking in the right place. Open Douyin, open this software, click on the lower right corner and there will be a mine, and then click on mine. From now on, there will be three horizontal bars on the upper right corner. Click on the three horizontal bars. In the future, there will be my order in it. You can check it in my order and you will find the tickets you bought. Generally, anything you buy on Douyin, whether it is items or travel tickets, can be found in My Orders.

11. Guide to grabbing tickets

Joker Xue’s concert can be purchased on But it’s difficult.