What are the fun places in Yiliang? What are the fun places in Yiliang?

Introduction: What are the fun places in Yiliang? What are the fun places in Yiliang? 1. What are the fun places in Yiliang? 2. What are the fun places in Yiliang? 3. What are the fun places around Yiliang? 4. The most fun places in Yiliang 5. What are the fun places in Yiliang County 6. What are the fun places in Yiliang 7. What are the fun places in Yiliang

1. What are the fun places in Yiliang?

1. Jiuxiang Scenic Area, 2. Underground Stone Forest; 3. Jingshun Gorge; 4. Male and Female Waterfalls; 5. Dashaba Scenic Area; 6. Yangzonghai Tourist Resort, among which Jiuxiang Scenic Area, male and female waterfalls, Yangzonghai Tourist Resort, these attractions must go to Toutiao Laiba

2. What are the interesting places and attractions in Yiliang?

The Yiliang Canyon Scenic Spot is very popular. It was once an underground river cave and was praised as the real-life “Yunnan Worm Valley”. It is called Yincui Gorge and is located in Yiliang County. Compared with mountain scenic spots, the natural scenery of canyon scenic spots is actually better. In ancient times, it was popular to build temples on mountains with better views, so mountain tourism became popular. Nowadays, natural scenery is more favored.

Yiliang Yincui Gorge is a scenic spot with great potential in Kunming. This canyon is only about 1 kilometer in length. Compared with the domestic grand canyons that are often 20 to 30 kilometers long, it appears to be quite compact. It is often said that concentration is the essence, and what this means is Yincui Gorge. In the early days, it was actually an underground river cave connected by mountain walls. As the top stone walls continued to erode and weathered, they gradually broke apart, forming a long and narrow canyon landscape. So the environment is very quiet.

The interior of the canyon scenic area is covered with vegetation, and the cliffs on both sides block it. The light is darker and the green of the vegetation is thicker. There are also many trees dotted on the cliffs, making it more obvious that the trees in the valley block the sun. The water flow in the canyon is relatively fast and it is a tributary of the Nanpan River. The river channel is narrow and the water is very powerful. It rushes away in a mighty way. The narrowest point is only more than 8 meters. It is recommended to experience canyon rafting, which is actually a boat ride. The 1-kilometer canyon is 700 meters long and can be visited on the water. The environment is very superior.

Yiliang Yincui Gorge is praised as a real-life version of “Yunnan Worm Valley”. The environment here is similar to the description in the novel. There are underground rivers and cave wonders. Fog can easily occur in the early morning and evening, but the air is very refreshing. Yincui Gorge is more accurately a peak valley, and the entire scenic area is a masterpiece of nature. Many stalactites can be seen on both sides of the canyon, which are traces left by early caves. Now they have become surface water. However, the shapes of these strange stones have been well preserved and have become a scene in the scenic spot. Tiao Lai Ke Tou

The flora and fauna in the canyon are also very interesting. You can see flowers blooming all year round, and there are also patches of ancient trees growing. The branches of trees that have been growing for hundreds of years have become the nest sites of countless birds. In the woods, there are sounds of birds, water, and The sound of the wind echoes, and if coupled with the morning fog, it becomes even more like a dream scene. Yincui Gorge is the signature of Yiliang County and the “Yunnan Worm Valley” not to be missed in Kunming.

3. What are the fun places around Yiliang?

We recommend Kunming Tanghai Hot Spring Water Park. The water park is equipped with children’s entertainment pool, fish therapy pool, swimming pool, multi-functional pool, wave pool, special hot spring pool, etc. Toutiao Laibian

Pool type: including private bath, open-air bath and other facilities, Toutiao Laixian

Special bathing pools: medicinal baths, flower baths, rose baths, milk baths, etc.

Number of pools: 20-40 Toutiao Laixian

Public transport stations nearby Toutiao Laixian

Yiliang Road 31-Tangchi Passenger Transport Station

Walk 714 meters to reach Tiao Lai Temple.

4. The most interesting places in Yiliang

Yiliang County is a county under the jurisdiction of Kunming Region, and Tangchi is a township in Yiliang County. There are no interesting scenic spots here, but because it is close to Yangzonghai, you can go to Yangzonghai. Tangchi is rich in geothermal resources, so you can soak in hot springs. I recommend a place, OCT Hot Spring Water Palace Park, where you can soak in hot springs and play in the park. In addition, in addition to the abundant geothermal hot springs in Tangchi Town, Tangchi Old Sauce is also very famous. You can take a can or two back with you.

5. What are the places to visit in Yiliang County?

Erhai is in Dali, Jiuxiang is in Yiliang, Erhai is beautiful, Jiuxiang is also beautiful, but the beauty is different and each has its own characteristics. The former is characterized by lakes, while the latter is characterized by caves. Besides the caves, there are many beautiful scenery. , there are waterfalls, canyons, caves, and ropeways. Local residents have a saying that if you don’t come to Jiuxiang, you will miss Yunnan. You can imagine how important Jiuxiang’s tourist attractions are in the hearts of local people.

Jiuxiang is located in Kunming City, Yunnan Province. It is in Yiliang County in the eastern part of Kunming. The terrain structure here is mainly mountainous. Jiuxiang belongs to an ethnic minority, but it is now Chinese. The main attractions here are caves, canyons, and waterfalls. host.

1. Yiliang Jiuxiang Cave

The karst caves here are widely distributed and numerous in number. The caves are very old and can be traced back hundreds of millions of years. There are fossils, caves and other natural wonders in the caves. Playing here feels like traveling back hundreds of millions of years. The dreamlike feeling in front of you, the unique landscape, is really rare. Toutiao Laibian

2. Terror Gorge and Waterfall

Jinghun Gorge is an underground canyon. Entering the canyon, it is eerie. It is similar to the Yuwang Cave in Shanxi. The narrowest part is only a few meters wide, which is frightening. The waterfalls are divided into male and female. It is a rare double waterfall. There are two waterfalls under the waterfall. In the deep pool, when the waterfall falls vertically, the sound is deafening. I am not only amazed that nature has such beautiful magic! Toutiao Laibian

3. Charming Yincui Gorge

The canyon is long, the scenery is charming, and the water is clear. You can choose to go hiking or boating. The scenery is different and depends on personal preferences. Bian Toutiao Lai

There are also other scenic spots, such as the Bat Cave lined with stalactites and the Jiuxiang Cableway, which looks like a flying rainbow. Each has its own characteristics and is so beautiful.

6. What are the fun places to visit in Yiliang?

There are many interesting places in Yunnan that are close to Kunming, such as Chengjiang Fuxian Lake Scenic Area in Yuxi, Stone Forest Scenic Area, and Dongfeng Charming Town in Maitreya, etc., but I still recommend my hometown Qujing first. There are many interesting places in Qujing, with magnificent mountains and beautiful rivers. There are thousands of acres of cauliflower and Jiulong Waterfall in Luoping, Shizong Junzi Mountain, colorful sand forests in Luliang, and the source of the Pearl River in Qilin District, etc. In addition to various beautiful scenery, Qujing also has various special delicacies that are worth tasting. .

7. What are the interesting places in Yiliang?

Jiuxiang is fun

Jiuxiang is located in Jiuxiang Yi and Hui Township, Yiliang County, Kunming City. It has a warm and cool climate and a series of peaks and mountains. It is world-famous for having hundreds of large and small caves, and is known as the “Cave Museum”. There are a variety of hydrogeological wonders such as edge stone lakes, underground square halls, dark canyons, fish back stones, curling stones, and vortex caves, as well as typical sections and scenic spots such as three-dimensional layered caves and multi-layered cave landscapes. And because it is located in a mountainous area, there is no severe cold in winter or scorching heat in summer, and the weather is cool. It is definitely a summer resort not to be missed in midsummer.