Shenzhen Food Guide Futian (Shenzhen Futian Specialty Food Recommendations)

Introduction: Shenzhen Food Guide Futian (Shenzhen Futian Specialty Food Recommendations) Shenzhen Specialty Food What are the recommended restaurants in Futian District? Must-eat food in Shenzhen Shenzhen Food Guide What is delicious in Shenzhen

Shenzhen specialties

1. Braised bright pigeon

Braised bright squab is a traditional specialty dish in Shenzhen, known as “one of the best pigeons in the world”. It is also one of the three famous specialties of Shenzhen. It uses a unique secret recipe. The squab is first pickled, then boiled and then air-dried, and finally oiled. Exploded. This braised squab is the most delicious when eaten hot when it is torn with hands. The juice bursts when you tear it. The skin is crispy and the meat is tender. It exudes a faint aroma of pigeon sebum. The meat is firm but not woody. It is plump and juicy with a rich taste that makes you appetite. open.

2. Gongming roast goose

Gongming roast goose is a traditional dish in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It is also the signature delicacy in the hearts of every Gongming person. The freshly cooked roast goose has a golden and bright skin, crispy and delicious, and the meat inside is tender, juicy and not too raw. You can eat it. The flavor of the sauce in the gravy.

3. Songgang Cured Duck

The cured duck in Songgang Town, Shenzhen can be said to be famous far and wide, and it is also a top-quality tonic. It adopts the most traditional ancient methods. The cured duck is rich in cured aroma, with white skin and thick meat. It has a delicate texture and fragrant taste and is exported to Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia.

4. Xiasha Pot Choi

Xiasha Big Poon Choi is an intangible cultural heritage food widely spread in Xiasha Village, Shatou, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong. This dish can be said to include 15 different main dishes, including chicken, duck, fried oysters, celery, radish, etc. The ingredients are cooked layer by layer in a large wooden basin in a certain order. When you eat it, you eat it layer by layer. The texture is rich and it is very refreshing.

5. Shajing oysters

Shajing Town, Baoan, Shenzhen is known as the “Oyster Town”. The oysters here are plump and the skin is thin and crispy. It is known as the “treasure among oysters”. Whether it is stir-fried or steamed, the taste is particularly delicious, crispy and smooth, and is deeply loved by the public. Loved by diners at home and abroad.

What delicious restaurants are recommended in Futian District?

The locations of gourmet restaurants in Futian District are as follows:

Bashu style

Futian Zhenxing Road

Sichuan cuisine (Sichuan), Chinese restaurants, boiled dishes, suitable for large groups

¥41-¥100 per person

Good job

Futian Huaqiang North Zhenzhong Road

Cantonese cuisine (Guangdong), Chinese restaurants, seafood, suitable for large groups

¥41-¥100 per person

Ningbo Restaurant

Futian Shangbu Road

Zhejiang cuisine (Zhejiang), restaurants

¥41-¥100 per person


Futian Binhe Avenue

Hong Kong style, restaurants, seafood, shark fin, dim sum

¥41-¥100 per person

Sawadagawa Sushi

Futian Fuhong Road


*** vegetable

Three visits to the shrimp and frog

Futian Zhenxing Road

hot pot

Hongli Village

Futian Shennan Middle Road

Fast food/simple meal

shabu shabu

Futian Yannan

hot pot

Northeast style dumpling shop

Futian Zhenhua Road

Northeastern cuisine, Chinese restaurants, wontons/dumplings

Below ¥40 per person

Ming Xiang Restaurant

Futian Huafa North Road

Cantonese cuisine (Guangdong), Zhejiang cuisine (Zhejiang), restaurants, seafood, shark fin, dining with guests, suitable for large groups, family restaurants

¥41-¥100 per person

Old Shaoxing Restaurant

Futian Shennan Middle Road

Zhejiang cuisine (Zhejiang), restaurants

¥41-¥100 per person

Little Sheep

The junction of Futian Zhenhua Road and Yannan Road


Mongolian cuisine, restaurants, dim sum, hot pot

¥41-¥100 per person


Futian Yannan Road

***/New strong dishes, Chinese restaurants, fast food/simple meals

Below ¥40 per person

Blue White food China Enterprise

Futian Yannan Road

Taiwanese cuisine, fast food/simple meals

Below ¥40 per person

old courtyard

Futian Zhenhua Road

Sichuan cuisine (Sichuan), Chinese restaurants, restaurants

Below ¥40 per person

Must-eat food in Shenzhen

Introduction: Many college students want to work in Shenzhen after graduation, because first-tier cities will have more opportunities, more luxury, and higher wages. Of course you can’t miss the local food when you come to Shenzhen. The following content is a must-eat food guide in Shenzhen. Let’s take a look!

1. Roast goose

The cooked roast goose has golden skin, crispy, tender skin and rich flavor. Fragrant and crispy, the taste is really delicious. You can also eat delicious roast goose in ordinary barbecue restaurants on the street.

2. Beef balls

Chaozhou hand-beaten beef balls are the absolute staple of Shenzhen’s street food. Super chewy beef balls and beef balls, paired with a pot of beef hot pot, it tastes really good. There are many Chaoshan people in Shenzhen who cook here. When traveling to Shenzhen, you can’t miss the delicious beef balls. You can eat beef balls in Shenzhen commercial snack streets.

   3. Pork belly wrapped with chicken

Pork belly wrapped with chicken is a famous Cantonese Hakka dish. The thick chicken soup is permeated with the flavor of pork belly. Added with white pepper, it is especially delicious. Start with a bowl of thick soup, followed by pork belly and chicken. It tastes extremely delicious. You can eat delicious pork belly and chicken at Fuxinji near Shenzhen Middle School.

4. South Australia abalone

Abalone is mainly produced in the dangerous places on the sea cliffs of Nan’ao Bay, especially Luzui in Dongchong. Abalone has well-developed muscles, smooth, crisp and tender meat, and is extremely nutritious. It has been regarded as the top delicacy of the four seas including “abalone, ginseng, wings and tripe” since ancient times.

5. Longgang Three Yellow Chicken

The chickens produced in Longgang, Shenzhen, have a very special appearance. Among the Longgang three-yellow chickens, the “three yellows and one beard” are yellow mouth, yellow hair, yellow feet and beard; its body is larger than other types of broiler chickens, and the meat is rich, tender and smooth. Easier to absorb flavor.

6. Xixiang Jiwei shrimp

Jiwei shrimp is the main aquatic product that earns foreign exchange in Xixiang Town, Shenzhen. It looks like a middle finger, and the whole body is transparent and slightly pitted. The skin of Jiwei shrimp is particularly thin, the meat is very tender, delicious and nutritious, and its protein content is comparable to that of Shajing oysters. Regular consumption has the effects of improving eyesight, cleaning teeth, nourishing the skin and keeping fit, and prolonging life.

7. Poon Choi

In “A Bite of China 2”, Poon Choi from Xiasha, Shenzhen plays the leading role. “Pun Choi, many foods are cooked separately and then put together in a pot. The flavors penetrate each other, conveying the concept of ethnic clan clan that you are in me and you are in me. Cantonese people eat Poon Choi every festival. Festive joy.

   8. Bright squab

Guangming Squab is one of the four delicacies of Guangming Farm. It is famous both at home and abroad for its four characteristics: moist, smooth, sweet and tender. It has a fresh and rich taste. The crispy skin, smooth meat, fresh and delicious taste is loved by the general public and has become a Shenzhen specialty food.

9. Fukunaga aquill

Wutou, also known as “new fish”, is small and round in shape, weighing no more than half a catty at most, with only one spine in the whole body. It has more meat and less bones, making it easy to eat, and the meat is delicious and rich in nutrients. Shenzhen’s mullet is mainly produced at the intersection of salt and fresh water in the Helan Sea in the west, and Fuyong’s mullet is the most famous.

10. Songgang Cured Duck

Duck meat is warm and tonic, tender and delicious, and rich in nutrients. It is a top-quality nourishing product. Songgang Town is located in a water town and has a history of raising ducks on a large scale. The cured ducks produced in Songgang are of very good quality, with white skin, thick meat, tenderness and delicious taste. They are exported to Hong Kong, Macao and East Asia. Songgang cured ducks are even more popular. It is a famous traditional dish of the Han nationality in Guangdong Province.

   11. Guanlan Dog Meat

Guanlan dog meat shop business is booming all year round, and most of them are run by Hakkas. Guanlan dog meat is available in hot dishes and cold dishes. The hot dishes are made with dog meat as the main ingredient, supplemented by nearly 20 kinds of seasonings, including raw dog meat, clay pot dog meat, steamed dog meat, braised dog meat, stir-fried dog meat, dog meat jiuzi, dog meat soup, etc.; the cold dishes mainly include dog offal , white-cut dog meat, etc.

   12. Soy sauce chicken

Soy sauce chicken can be regarded as a special home-cooked dish in Guangdong. It uses chicken as the main ingredient, flavored with flavored soy sauce, cooking wine and sugar. It is simple to operate. There is a saying in Guangdong that “there is no feast without chicken”. Soy sauce chicken is One of the very typical dishes.

The above mainly introduces 12 kinds of Shenzhen specialties. Friends who come to Shenzhen must try them all. I hope this sharing can give you a better understanding of Shenzhen food.

Shenzhen Food Guide: What’s delicious in Shenzhen?

 Food Street Recommendations:

The famous food streets in Shenzhen include: Yantian Seafood Street, Shekou Food Street, Nanyuan Road Food Street, Huaqiang North Food Street, Railway Station Food Street, Xiangxi Village Food Street, Fenghuang Road Food Street, Leyuan Road Food Street, Nan’ao Shuitou Seafood Street, Bagua Road Food Street, OCT Food Street and Dongmen Food Street.

Yantian Seafood Street, Futian Food Street, Bagua Yiyi Food Street, and Xiangmihu Food Street are the four most unforgettable food streets in Shenzhen. Dongmen Food Street is more casual than Huaqiangbei Food Circle, and the snacks are very authentic. You can taste delicacies from all over the world at Shekou Food Street.

Futian Food Street:

Frequently visited by old Shenzhen residents, the famous food street is located on Jingtian North Road, Futian District. It mainly serves Cantonese, Hunan, Sichuan and Northeastern cuisine, and also has delicious Chaozhou cuisine. The cuisine is comprehensive, covering east, west, north and south. On a food street, you can taste delicacies with distinctive characteristics and flavors from various places.

Transportation guide: No. 104, No. 25, No. 316, No. 323, No. 325, No. 45, No. 6 express, No. 6 slow, No. 73, No. B689, No. E12, No. N13