Please help! Yunnan specialties on the Kunming-Hekou route! Don’t be detailed

If you take the Stone Forest route: Maitreya, Kaiyuan, Mengzi, Hekou Specialties: Maitreya braised chicken, Maitreya grapes, Kaiyuan sweet pit head, Kaiyuan roasted tofu, Kaiyuan peach, Mengzi pomegranate, Mengzi pipa, Hekou Fruits are basically available all year round. When buying Vietnamese food, you must pay attention to the date, otherwise you are likely to buy expired products. Usually it’s coffee, sugar removal, fruit, etc. I remember there is a Vietnamese specialty supermarket, it seems to be on the road by the river. It has a relatively complete range of items, the prices are not expensive, and the dates are OK. You can go and have a look. If you go through Tonghai, I don’t know. There is a sweet liquor, pickles, etc., right on the roadside. When you pass by, you can come down and take a look.