Lushan Poyang Lake travel guide, complete guide to eating, drinking and having fun, what are the travel attractions not to be missed?

Lushan Mountain and Poyang Lake are one of the tourist attractions in Jiangxi Province, China, with magnificent natural scenery and long history and culture. The following is a travel guide to Poyang Lake in Lushan Mountain, which will introduce you to the tourist attractions not to be missed.

1. Wulaofeng

Wulao Peak is one of the iconic attractions in Lushan Mountain. There are five stone towers on the top of the peak, symbolizing the five immortals. Climbing Wulaofeng can overlook the entire Lushan Scenic Area, and the scenery is spectacular.

2. Teng Pavilion

Teng Pavilion is a historical and cultural attraction in Lushan Mountain. It is one of the creative backgrounds of “Climbing the Stork Tower” by Zhihuan of the Tang Dynasty. There are many historical relics and calligraphy works in the pavilion, which is a good place to learn about Lushan culture and history.

3. Immortal Cave

Xianren Cave is a cave attraction in Lushan Mountain. There are abundant stalactites and stalagmites in different shapes in the cave. There are many legends and stories inside the cave, making it a mysterious tourist attraction.

2. Poyang Lake

1. Mingyue Island

Mingyue Island is one of the tourist attractions in Poyang Lake. There are many traditional buildings and vegetation on the island, making it a good place for walking and sightseeing. There are also many delicacies on the island, such as Poyang Lake fish, lotus root noodles, etc. It is a good place to taste authentic Jiangxi cuisine.

2. Lotus Mountain

Lianhua Mountain is the peak of Poyang Lake. There are many vegetation and animals on the mountain, as well as many legends and stories. Climbing up Lianhua Mountain you can overlook the entire Poyang Lake Scenic Area, and the scenery is spectacular.

3. Poyang Lake Wetland Park

Poyang Lake Wetland Park is the core area of ​​Poyang Lake Reserve and a typical representative of a wetland ecosystem. There are many endangered birds, animals and plants in the park, and it is a good place to learn about Jiangxi’s wetland ecology.

The above is an introduction to the Lushan Poyang Lake travel guide. I hope it will be helpful to your trip. During travel, remember to protect the environment and travel in a civilized manner.